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Konservative Klown Kar

The Daily Wire vs Steven Crowder kerfuffle is just an embarrassment. I am not going to weigh in on either side because I think both The Daily Wire and Crowder are controlled opposition, whether they each are aware or not (TDW definitely knows as it is run by pseudo-intellectual grifter Ben Shapiro). Crowder has always struck me as an unbalanced goofball that somehow stumbled into this hustle but at least he is occasionally useful as a gateway drug to actual right-wing politics. Either way, neither of them is on /ourside/.

It does serve as a reminder of not only how useless “conservatism” is but also that what passes for “conservatism” in America is actually a stealthy enemy of the people it purports to represent, people who are almost universally White. This is a frequent but critical topic that I bring up over and over as I maintain that the grift-right is the greatest impediment to a truly nationalist populism in America. Other than noticing the They always seem to be behind every anti-White bigotry and also every degeneracy, realizing that Conservative Inc. is a giant hustle is perhaps the most critical red-pill around.

Gab’s Andrew Torba weighed in on this with a mostly decent article titled: Conservative Inc And The Deal With The Daily Wire Devil. While Torba seems to side with Crowder while recognizing that Crowder is also not on /ourside/ (unlike Mark Dice who has done a couple of videos taking shots at Crowder like The Truth About Steven Crowder’s $50 MILLION DOLLAR Feud with Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire), he does make the critical point about Con Inc and gatekeeping (highlights mine):

We live in a time when the Friend/Enemy Distinction is essential to understand. This may be difficult for many of you to accept, but Ben Shapiro and The Daily Wire are not our friends. Nor are Fox News, Prager U, The Blaze, Charlie Kirk, and many others in the “conservative” media landscape. Not even Crowder himself, for that matter, but hopefully, that is about to change.

These people are working on behalf of our enemies. They aim to keep you within a tightly controlled narrative box of what the Regime deems “acceptable oppositional discourse.” Anyone who steps outside that line is blacklisted, smeared, and banned by these “conservative” media outlets for daring to speak the Truth….

….You may think that it’s because he (Ben Shapiro) is paying Facebook millions of dollars, and that would be a very logical assumption, but what is going on here is much bigger than that. Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire, and the rest of Conservative Inc. exist for one reason and one reason only: to keep you from entertaining forbidden opinions. They are a release valve that herds those who would otherwise be genuinely right-wing (and thus a threat to the Regime) into bland, “acceptable” conservatism that threatens nothing.

While there are a lot of reasons why the average normie White guy has been sitting mutely by while trannies expose themselves to children in libraries, degenerates convince children that they should mutilate their genitals and American cities burn whenever some black guy gets himself shot by cops, one major reason is that the controlled opposition “conservative” media does a masterful job of raising and lowering the temperate just enough to keep the money flowing while avoiding heads on spikes and mass graves. While evil, it is also an incredibly successful psyop for those with eyes to see.

Torba calling these guys out and even worse his refusal to wear the little hat and grovel at the Wailing Wall like a good goy boy is why Gab as a website and Torba personally are slandered and blacklisted all over the place. I can share stores from the Daily Wire all day on Facebook, completely unrelated to Ben Shapiro spending millions on ads on FB (See: Facebook Reveals Ben Shapiro Paid Them Almost $3 Million in Advertising) but Gab can’t have an app on the app stores and their Wikipedia page reads like a parody of over-the-top leftist name-calling. Unfortanately Torba has to add this in:

Last summer, I said that to be a leader or influencer on the right, you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and be a Christian. I said in no uncertain terms that people like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson have no place in any serious right-wing movement and resistance to the Regime unless they become Christians. I got a lot of flack for this from the media and many people on the right, but I stand by it, and now you see why.

Many of the best voices on the actual Right in America are not Christians, and many of the rank-and-file people are not either. I would cautiously estimate that the split might be close to 50/50 at this point. Furthermore, Ben Shapiro’s problem is not that he isn’t a Christian, his problem is that deep down he resents and hates White people. Jordan Peterson’s problem is not that he isn’t a Christian but that he is a mentally unstable charlatan. Meanwhile many of the most prominent “conservative Christian” voices over the last quarter century have either turned out to be simple grifters, degenerates like Jerry Falwell Jr. or have cucked completely, such as Doug Wilson. I have taken Torba to task on this repeatedly although I don’t think he cares. As I wrote in 2021 This Is Not The Way:

Religious faith is one of the most important identifiers of a person. I get that and spent many years writing about it. But what Andrew Torba needs to figure out is that your religious faith is not the only important identification. Blood is blood and White Christians often have more in common with agnostic, atheist or pagan Whites than they do with the most devout of their non-White Christian brethren. As a former Christian, my concern in looking at someone else is whether they are on the side of my people, not with their religious preference or lack thereof. I welcome the Protestant and Catholic, the Mormon and the pagan, the atheist and the agnostic, whatever your religious faith, provided we share the desire to protect our blood and preserve our civilization. If you oppose that, if you say that defending my people is somehow “racist”, then you have declared yourself to be my enemy no matter where you spend your Sunday morning.

If you are on /ourside/ I don’t care if you worship Jesus or Odin or a tree. If you are not on /ourside/ then I don’t give a shit about how good of a Christian you are.

Being pro-White, pro-liberty, pro-freedom is far more important than what or who you worship on your own time. I respect and even encourage people to explore their faith but never at the expense of our unity as a people. We already have plenty of things dividing us and plenty of enemies looking to exploit and expand those divisions.

That is the biggest weakness to what Torba is doing although to be fair he does allow people who are pagans and outright blasphemers on Gab without censoring what they say but if you are going to have a right-wing movement that excludes half of the right-wing, you are doomed to fail. Torba is still a young guy, around 33 according to his “about” post from 2020 (Andrew Torba: Five Things To Know) and when I was 33 I was still awfully naïve about a lot of stuff. I would never suggest he be less zealous about his faith, just that he needs to understand that the ranks of his co-religionists is shrinking and our side is already outnumbered as it is. Enough about Torba.

As I said, I’m not choosing a side between Crowder and Shapiro but it also exposes another of the main flaws in the Normie-Right movement, and even more so in the Dissident Right/Alt-Right: the tendency to latch on to big personalities who then in turn spend most of their time bitch slapping and pillow fighting over virtual turf with other big personalities. From Richard Spencer to Vox Day this has been an issue since 2016 but the gatekeeping by Con Inc. goes back much further to the days of the Great Purge of the Paleocons and the relegating of Pat Buchanan, John Derbyshire, Steve King and others to Outer Darkness.

The simple fact that Shapiro and the Daily Wire were willing to offer Crowder $50 million tells you that a) Shapiro has turned this hustle into a cash cow and b) they thought that Crowder was safe enough to buy. Crowder is a bit of a loose cannon but still colors within the lines. If the terms had been a little more favorable he would have cheerfully signed on with The Daily Wire. The bigger the platform, the easier they are to control, even someone like Tucker Carlson still walks the line on many issues.

The Conservative establishment never misses an opportunity to beclown themselves while snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    I have a difficult/impossible time believing that Daily Wire generates sufficient revenue on its own to offer somebody like Steven Crowder a $50 million contract. I have a much easier time believing that money comes from somewhere else.

    • Steve S6

      Remind me again how much lost money the military is trying to find in last year’s accounting? I’m sure other branches/agencies have un/loosely accounted funds sufficient to cover it.

    • Arthur Sido

      I am quite sure they are getting a bunch of cash from someone who is calling the strings and I bet that person isn’t really worried about what is best for actual Americans.

  2. saoirse

    Very good post.
    Christ-insanity will never save the white race. On the contrary, it will and already has played a major role to help destroy it. The two are incompatible as the former cannot subordinate itself to the latter!
    How long do you think it will take the likes of Torba to cuck out and go the way of JewTube?

  3. Don W Curton

    I can remember listening to Rush back in the 90’s, man that was crazy for the time and definitely outside of anything we’d ever heard from the conservative side. Later I started reading National Review Online. I can remember when they started to drift, seeing articles where they spent more time calling out the far right rather than going after the far left. After they fired Derbyshire I stopped completely. I remember the Tea Party starting out, then drifting into nothing as grifters came in and claimed to be in-charge.

    The pattern was there for us to see. Every time some grassroots attempt was made, some asshat came in and tried to take over and drive it into the weeds.

    • Arthur Sido

      Rush was so popular because he was unlike anything else. The average truck driving guy wasn’t going to read National Review and thought that people like George Will and Buckley were probably fags.

  4. William Cuthbert

    Ben Shapiro two years ago kept using the phrase “I sleep on a bed of money” line in his arguments. I would always post a comment pointing out that a) this doesn’t prove anything nor help the conservative cause and b) you just set your people back a thousand years by being a living nazi propaganda poster. In my experience the propaganda is too often right and Jews be Jews. Spot on article btw.

    • Arthur Sido

      He isn’t really as smart as everyone seems to think, sure he outwits 19 year old girls on college campuses but so do lots of guys who trick them into sex. You will notice that Ben doesn’t ever seem to debate people who are experienced and smart, just dumb college kids.

  5. Plague Monk

    I’ve thought of opening an account on Gab, and for that matter Twitter, but I’ve held off, as I am not a fan of Isn’treal, and as far as jews and dindus are concerned, well, the Warhammer 40K call for EXTERMINATUS! resonates with me. I’m a white nationalist who wants to either send away the lesser races or use them as fertilizer.
    My wife is still a christian, but after 43 plus years of marriage, love and respect, we agree to disagree on some topics. I was an atheist for most of my life, came to the church for a few years, but dropped out because of the dindu and jew worship. I don’t regard dindus are fully human, and my tolerance for jews ended in high school, because the jewish students couldn’t stand a welder’s son being smarter than they were.
    I spent nearly 40 years as a drafter, starting on paper, and rising to the top of the field. The higher up I worked, the fewer christians I saw. These alleged professional engineers that claim to be christians? It is to laugh. One engineer I worked for said that he thought that christian engineers were rarer than unicorns. With 50 years experience in the railroad business, and some 45 patents, he was in a good position to know.
    Lastly, thank you for not mentioning that Israel Uber Alles blogger who’s gone into hospice. He was an associate of John Lenin, and of pornographer Guccione(Penthouse). If I believed in hell, which I don’t, I’d be advising him to bring hot weather gear, but instead he’ll be like the rest of those who die: in eternal oblivion.

  6. Umglick Goyim

    “ok google, what is jesus’ REAL name?”
    Pretty much everything you think you know about the Truth is a product of Organized Religion INC, and all of it is false. Y’shua is Truth, but over 34,000 denominations of organized religion have produced 34,000 paths supposedly to Truth. No wonder so many walk away from the religion they were brought up in, excellent on you for discovering it is all a lie! But that does NOT mean that there is not Truth that is eternal and knowable. The Gospel of Matthew, from the original Aramaic, (available on amazon in various translation, from the Aramaic Peshitta, older than the bogus catholic greek translations…) is where that Truth can be found, but you must first dump everything you have been taught including that bogus name of jesus. Try communicating with Him the way He teaches and there will be no need for us to communicate anymore. When you KNOW Him better than you ‘know’ your wife, you will understand… Peace

  7. Umglick Goyim

    Also, Saul/Paul is the false apostle/liar of Revelation 2:2. I can prove it beyond any doubt if you are interested. That is why he said in Romans to obey your political leaders. But lucifer offered the power to appoint all political leaders thru all time to Y’shua in the third temptation. Y’shua did not tell him he was offering something that did not belong to him, but declined instead declaring “you are to love Master YHWH your Elohim with all your heart mind body and soul, and Him ALONE will you serve.” So we know that lucifer appoints ALL current world leaders, and Saul/Paul told us to obey them, a command that could NOT have come from Elohim. This is why politicians often use faith as a selling point, because their satanic majesty has appointed them in the first place! It is all a tool to monitor and control those who would, from their own heart and soul, choose to love their neighbor as themself… Peace

  8. The Long March

    There is a CPUSA and a Grand Old Politburo to the Uniparty.
    Everything else is kabuki or grifters in action.
    No vote on WWIII, bugs, pods, zero personal mobility, biomedical security state.

  9. Mike in Canada

    May I take a step back for a moment, and ask you where we go from here? There is so much analysis now, endless circling of the main point (which is that we are in serious trouble as a race/nation/civilisation and our options are becoming increasingly difficult), and this analysis is developing into the usual accompanying paralysis.
    I know I sound naive, and that may be true (I am in no position to judge). The one thing that has always been a critical priority of mine is that of perspective… with sufficient perspective, you can see everything clearly. For now, that perspective shows me a lot of decent, really great people who have the same concerns as I do, who are spending a lot of their time arguing about the finer details, when the task at hand is already abundantly clear.
    This is true on both sides of the 49th, mind you.
    Questions of faith, of ‘where you spend Sunday mornings’, of .45 vs 9mm, on and on and on… these and much more besides are diluting our attentions and eroding the necessary focus that each of us must develop.
    I know that the truth only leads in one direction. I am also equally aware that we do not all get to that point at the same time; this is why consensus is so difficult to achieve (unless it is greased with cash… 100k scientists agree). That being said, there must be some way to cut through all the rearranging of the deck chairs and agree on a course of action…?
    We are running out of time. Enough with the analysis obsession…. although, it may be that those arrayed against us will themselves be overtaken by larger events that are even now inbound.
    This may all prove to be moot.
    In case it is not, I move that we adjourn and figure out how to achieve clarity in our deliberations.
    Thank you for your time and attention.

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