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In The End, The Good Guys Win

It is pretty easy to get black-pilled being a dissident. It isn’t like you have to search high and low for bad news and ominous portents of civilizational collapse and racial genocide. You have to almost actively avoid seeing the news or be continually marinating your brain in sportsball or Netflix to avoid it.

It also doesn’t help when you are like me and constantly writing what amounts to doomporn every day. Hey some blacks committed a horrific crime! Again! Oh look, a new horrifying degeneracy just became mainstream! The Usual Suspects are doing the usual things!

What makes it even worse is that we really can’t do anything to stop what is happening on a macro scale. We have few allies and friends in the halls of power. No one with the power to do so will stop the border from being overrun, or keep the trannies away from children, or deal with the traitorous aliens that control so much of our society. What can one man or even 100 of us to right now to stop them other than some empty and futile gesture that ends with us dead or in prison and does nothing to harm our enemy?

Believe me, I get caught up in the we’re-doomed-spiraling as much as anyone but the thing is, I really believe in the end, our people win. I believe that because at every point in our history when we have been challenged….we win.

Right now we seem to be in a very bad place, because we are. We have allowed our nations to be overrun and in many places, more each day, they are dominated by people who had no hand in creating this civilization. Every institution we built, from our government to our schools, sports leagues to churches, have been infiltrated and mutated to turn against us. Everywhere we look, we are beset. You can understand why our enemies might seem triumphal at this point but there was a line from the decidedly average Top Gun sequel that I thought applied nicely to our situation.

For all of their arrogant posturing, there remains a strong undercurrent of fear. More about that to come but suffice it to say that as long as our people still live, They are not safe. It is because of that fact that I describe myself as immediate short term black-pilled, intermediate term white-pilled. I just finished a 2 1/2 hour podcast with The Zman and Gregory Hood from American Renaissance where they covered a lot of topics but closed out with a very positive message that comes down to both men believing that in the end, we win. Hood goes so far as to say that he believes we win in his lifetime, he is a bit younger so maybe so while I am not sure I will live to see our ultimate triumph.

The podcast can be found here: Yes, We’re Going to Win and I recommend downloading the whole file and putting it on your phone for when you have some time on your hands, I listened to it over 4-5 segments. Both guys are pretty bright and the conversation is pretty free-wheeling although Gregory Hood did seem to talk over The Zman a few times. The end was really encouraging to me at a time when I needed some encouragement and that is why I wanted to share it with you.

We are in for some tough times but every time in our history when we have faced tough times, we have risen to the occasion and triumphed. For hundreds of years White men have rarely faced a non-White external adversary that was much of a challenge, Japan being the notable exception, so we spent our time killing each other. For the last 75 years we haven’t even done much of that, mostly being content to kick around low effort enemies and becoming gluttonous and indolent as our nations were first infiltrated and then inundated. Now we have our backs against the wall and it seems hopeless. For the short term that is probably true but this war isn’t over, not by a long shot.

Like I said, when the times got tough, the tough got to killing.

When the Ottoman Turks seemed on the verge of capturing Vienna in 1683? My Polack bro Jan Sobieski led the winged Hussars to smite the infidels and despite being outnumbered around 2-1, they eventually drove them from the field.

When 150 Brits were faced with 3,000-4,000 Zulus at the battle of Rorke’s Drift? They stood tall and fought them off. I loved this scene, back when the British had some backbone.

“Because we’re here lad and nobody else. Just us.”

When the Japs sank all of our battleships at Pearl Harbor, conquered much of the Pacific and seemed to hand us defeat after defeat? We kept coming at them, then won at Midway and island hopped our way toward Japan until we nuked them into submission.

Things might seem bleak now and they are but the worst is yet to come. Each of us has a responsibility to prepare ourselves and those who share our blood to survive what is coming and then to conquer once more.

Yesterday belonged to us and someday soon, tomorrow will once again belong to you and to me.


  1. Danny

    Alright – I’ll say that in the US, there are 21st Century Minutemen who will respond to tyranny. They are everywhere and they are ready. The ones “in charge” – ha ha ha – know this and it’s an irrefutable impediment to the plan to roll over the citizenry with shock troops. “Say when”

  2. Anonymous White Male

    Without the divine component, I would think we lose. If the universe was just physical laws in which nature develops randomly, you have entropy. Everything decays. But, there is a God and the end already exists according to his plan. There is nothing in the last 50 years that I have seen in the West that says we will get anything besides what Sodom got. And it was 50 years ago that Roe v. Wade was enshrined. There is one thing I saw that bodes well for us. That was when the Russian army stood down and didn’t enforce the State’s will on the Russian people. Even then, the Russian people went through several years of hell before they began to pull out. We will be punished, but not destroyed. However, we will be humbled and lose a lot of our racial kinsmen before we see that time. It will also require hunger. Not the, “I’m hungry. I think I’ll get a burger.” The hunger that results from not eating for days at a time. When the White men of the West have nothing left to lose they will begin to fight back. How successful we are depends on how much we submit to God.

    • Danny

      Oh most assuredly we must pray to the Almighty each day. And His perfect plan continues to unfold. He is the power and the glory — the rifles and side arms are just backup.

    • Rich

      Jesus said that unless the Lord intervened, all life would cease. I’m not saying that we just sit back and wait for the redemption of the Lord. We are called to fight tyranny and evil, I truly believe it. I don’t believe the pacifist Christian who says, we are not to take up arm against our oppressors. Pray for them, yes, but fight them as well.
      I hope and pray that those who love good and hate evil will have enough soon and rise up in the strength of the Lord and do battle against the evil in this world.
      I am a believer but also so sick of the blatant filth spewed by the left (Gates, Schwab, Biden, Obama et al)
      I will take up arms because the cause is just.

  3. Thebige

    Right On. Being in my mid 60’s, I probably will not see the end result. But I sure hope to contribute some how in the beginning of festivities.

      • Original Grandpa

        brother Art, we must fight so our children will know peace. The duty falls to us because much of this happened on our watch. While we were working and doing the right thing (for the most part) we wrongly assumed TPTB were as well. We didn’t know then what the slimy bastards were doing. But we know now. Their avarice, greed, and selfishness will be their undoing. Had they waited, we may have been gone. Yet here we are. As for the Christian “pacifist”… the Lord is a warrior, do not forget. He doesn’t want nor expect us to let evil triumph. Put on the Armor of God, and get ready to stand.

  4. Jay L

    Thanks Arthur, I needed that. It’s been a rough start to 2023 and the doom and gloom has been hanging over me like a thundercloud about to burst. I guess we can all use a pep-talk from time to time.

  5. Steve S6

    Apocaloptimist: someone who knows it’s all going to shit but still thinks will turn out ok. (me, me!)

    “Middle class America is no less violent than any other people. They seem passive because they’re results oriented. They rise not out of blood frenzy but to solve the otherwise insoluble. Their methods of choice are good will, cooperation, forbearance, negotiation and finally, appeasement, roughly in that order. Only when these fail to end the abuse do they revert to blowback. And they do so irretrievably. Once the course is set and the outcome defined, doubt is put aside. The middle class is known, condemned actually, for carrying out violence with the efficiency of an industrial project where bloody destruction at any scale is not only in play, it’s a metric. Remorse is left for the next generation, they’ll have the leisure for it. We’d like to believe this is merely dark speculation. History says it isn’t.” – The Late Ol’ Remus

  6. Xzebek

    I’m with you on this Arthur. Being a bit older than you I may not see ultimate victory either but I’ll do what I can to move it along toward that end.
    We will win.
    I like the post atom bomb image and caption about fucking around with white men. Reminds me of another saying that when blacks get angry cities burn, but that when White men get angry continents burn.

  7. Mob Rule

    Internal quisling enemies are formidable and even if it all wipes we are the only ones capable of rebuilding.
    Lots of hot air talk about forgiveness and can’t we all just get along.
    Naw, I’ll have to pass.
    Rooftop Koreans is more fun.

  8. saoirse

    I believe all levels of the woke system will implode, thus creating a huge vacuum to exploit. That’s when the maelstrom really starts.
    Those that enter the fray will be from multifarious factions. Muds will obviously be the most easily identifiable enemies, followed by radical white/mischling shitlibs, but then it gets a lot harder.
    The aforementioned can be dealt with and eventually defeated, but then one must realize that there will definitely be various factions of whites remaining that probably won’t get along either.
    This and the fact that there could be hoards of normies and other various non-aligned types that would fight (although halfheartedly) for whomever fed them. These types would be a burden in the long run but could initially supply some psycho warlord(s) (probably military/cops) with enough manpower to cause a lot of harm to racialist, liberty-minded nationalists.
    Whites can indeed prevail but can we coexist amongst ourselves?
    Can we avoid falling back into brother wars caused by greed and religion?
    Something for all to ponder.
    And no, it’s not too early in the game to identify all possible conflict and rebuilding scenarios. There will be many!

    • MN Steel

      Don’t underestimate the effects of going on three years of needles-in-arms. The Happening seems to be Suddenly, and if those doomed fail to take retribution against their murderers, they’ll at least prove less of a burden as they depart.

      Even if 50% of the gullible are White, that’s fewer of those inclined to put a knife in your back, and less mouths to feed as food gets really scarce.

      Probably mostly building pressure until after spring break-up, and an early start to the fighting season this year, lots of bullshit stories and cities catching fire before harvest season. As has been stated, your skin is your uniform, and will be a reliable heuristic that will be followed.

      Come winter will be nut-cutting time as to who gets to stay on the White team and who starves with the remaining muds.

      Tfat at WRSA always stated 300 million, figure that leaves upwards of 100 million hardened cadre dor the future.

  9. Donald Beair

    I am sorry, I don’t have that much faith in the younger generations. Most notably the Zoomers (and most Mellinals, too).
    They, don’t care, and they are totally clueless.
    While 5 to 6 million people watch Tucker, there are an overwhelmingly number of younger people who absolutely do not give a shit.
    I am in total agreement with all I have read here and would/willingly die for this great Nation. I am, an old man now, so my contribution would be of little importance.

    What we have failed to understand is; the corruption is everywhere in politics. So, when a drug addled son of a President of the United States, gets a total pass, well you know what that means. It is over. I will fight till the end, but. It. is. over. Prepare accordingly.
    Bear in Indy

  10. Jeffrey Zoar

    I am sure that 100 years ago the kulaks told themselves that the good guys win in the end. And 100 years later, looking at Russia today, they were right. But it took almost all of that time, none of them lived to see it, and the suffering along the way was biblical.

    The Russian Orthodox Church, and Christianity in general, was all but eradicated by the USSR. Yet thriving today in Russia. That is a hopeful analogy when one sees the majority of the younger generations of white folks in America today pretty far gone over the rainbow. Thus the reformation will depend on a relatively small number. But it’s happened before. The population of the USA in 1820 was only about 10 million. It doesn’t take a lot of folks to start something great.

    And we’re more likely to see something like Terminator than Braveheart or Red Dawn, if I had to make a movie analogy. But life isn’t a movie. “Good” guys don’t “win” in the “end.” But things do go in cycles.

    To end on a more positive note: I read somewhere that if the Amish keep growing at the rate they have for the last 60 years, doubling every 20 years, then by about 2100 America will be a majority Amish country.

    • Arthur Sido

      I wouldn’t be to sure of that, there is a lot of anxiety in the Amish over the state of their younger people and how long they can maintain their traditions. I had a van load of them the other day and every one of them had a smart phone.

  11. J J

    What do you call 200 Republicans and 200 Democrats hanging from lights poles in DC?
    A good start.
    No victory can be assured without ridding ourselves of the UniParty Swamp Creatures who fancy themselves above the impact of a people embracing the Declaration of Independence to throw off a tyrannical government.

  12. Alex Lund

    The Beltway snipers were active for about 2 months.
    And they were low-level IQ blacks.
    But they had cunning and were hungry.(Let the world burn, I dont care)
    Just sayin…

  13. Bear Claw

    I have said a few times over the years, The American People are a very resilient people and will correct the problems when the time comes. We always have. It is the corrections that will take place in the fourth turning which we are currently in. It will happen on it’s own timeline though unfortunately not the one we want.

  14. Greg

    I have also been reading a whole lot of doomporn, both fiction and non-fiction, and the only thing I want to add to the above discussion is a word about attitude, our own mental health.
    TEPTB (E for evil) want us to live in fear. And if they can’t have that, they’ll settle for depression, because it’s paralyzing either way. I’ve had to back way off from living on doomporn to refocus on living right, here and now. I’m still a news junkie, but only to keep from getting blindsided by events. It is indeed discouraging what we see of our crumbling civilization, but I refuse to let it dictate my attitude. Keep your anger cold, as Sundance puts it, and be of good cheer otherwise.
    I find that looking to my own immediate environment, and prepping for all possibilities, from TEOTWAWKI to the next flat tire, allows me to build resilience in all systems, including my own physical health. And if you take care of the body, the mind will follow.
    I’ve had a couple recent wake-up calls that I think are worth passing on. A couple days ago we found ourselves without water, a bad overnight freeze (only 6F, but a windchill of -14F). I had a six gallon jug in the pickup, but frozen rock solid. Fortunately, a case of bottled water in the garage was not froze, so we got our morning coffee while I pondered next steps. The answer was getting under the house; the only exposed plumbing was a shutoff valve, the pipe to either side was heavily insulated. Placing a heat lamp near the valve, I was back in the house and about an hour later heard the toilets refilling. Phew. The takeaway is that I have all sorts of backup water equipment, none of it readily accessible. Big storage jugs in the garage, all empty.
    The other learning experience was a power outage last fall, for which our RV trailer is a superb backup system. We got breakfast and coffee in the trailer, and when the power remained out more that a couple hours, I got the genny out of storage and fired it up to keep the fridges and freezers in operation. The power was only out about six hours, but the exercise was useful in thinking through the “what if’s” of longer term outages. Again, preps needed some tweeking and improvement. Right now, the RV is winterized, which means a lot more to getting it operational than in summer.
    Thanks Arthur for a very useful discussion once again.

    • Gryphong

      Greg- get a piece of Pipe-Heating Tape and wrap that Valve! If it Cracks, you have No Other Way of stopping the Flooding. Longer-Term outages would likely mean No Water Supply to Freeze. Do you have an Alternate way to Obtain/Store/Purify Water?

      • Greg

        Oh I will be doing just that G. There’s already an electrical outlet nearby in the crawlspace, so it’ll be an easy install. And yes, if that valve cracks, the next shutoff is the meter at the street, under the snow. Our town doesn’t even try to read meters in the winter, they bill us an average of past use, and correct it in late spring.
        There’s much more to the stories, but my point is that preps need practice and tweaking for improvement. The wakeup calls are heeded, not ignored.

  15. Gryphon

    The Real Reason that “Nothing ever Happens” and “Nobody does any Pushback” is really very Simple. The Lights are still On, Food (or some Plastic facsimile thereof) is available at the Grocery Store, and the Internet and Cell Phones work. Until that changes, (and it will) there isn’t much point in starting to “Burn it all Down” ourselves. It’s the principle of “Don’t interrupt the Enemy while they are Making a Mistake”.

  16. Phil (Bustednuckles)

    “When the Blacks get angry, stores and city blocks burn. When The White man gets angry, entire continents burn.”
    I would also like to add my thanks for a small ray of sunshine.
    I get into the DoomPorn spiral myself.
    Once in a while it’s good to be reminded that when it comes down to the facts, we have kicked the living dog snot out of any and all comers throughout history.
    As my friend is fond of saying, it will start when the women folk look at their hungry children and then tell the men to go kill those responsible for it.

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  18. Dan

    ” Spock, I’ve found that evil usually triumphs unless good is very very careful.”

    True words from a fictional character. And the good guys do NOT always win in the end.
    That’s fantasy. Especially when many of them refuse to even accept that they are at war.

  19. C.R.

    this springs to mind
    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

  20. Steve

    If we are postulating about rebuilding post SHTF….I make a motion that we get rid of “water-saving” toilets, showers and dishwashers.
    Toilets that take 2-3 flushes to purge, a shower that takes twice as long as it should and dishwashers that take 3 hours to complete a cycle are really not saving anything.
    I tried to explain, to a millennial, the “Water Cycle” and how we don’t waste water. That poor kid went into a full blown cognitive dissonance episode that was impressive.
    Poor thing; bless his little heart.
    Anywho, for what it’s worth; we really do need to postulate what we really want after the “reckoning “.

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  22. Don

    Jesus, said “Occupy until I come”. As an American I have a duty to work hard, defend the Constitution, protect my family and property — and not ask for a thank you.

  23. Tactless Wookie

    “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

    While that’s a quote from Churchill, I can see that playing out for us Whites I pray we collectively get into gear sooner than later.

    Like a poster above, I’m old. Even though I will do what I can in this coming sporkiness, I want to see this set right before I die.


    If “in the end”, with no civilization and most of what we hold dear and built through the efforts of countless good men that gave it all for the safety and the comfort, WTF do “The Good Guys Win”?

    I know the leftoxenomorph collectivist ant-hill paradise is a unicornian dream of evil lefto-puke poisonous maggots that can’t come to fruition.

    But in the meantime, because we let them, they will destroy human civilization and, at least, begin to depopulate the planet of humans.

    Why? In the name of what kind of stupid tolerance do we allow these leftoxenomorph poisonous maggots to keep breathing?!!

    Wasn’t the genocide of the 20th century due to collectivism enough?

    How many more hundreds of millions of human victims have to be raped, tortured and genocided to feed the Maarx Moloch cult of collectivism?

    For less than 1% of what we are enduring today at the hands of a few corruptocrats in 1776 we stacked up their corpses until they gave up.

    And today we are looking stupid and letting them get away with worse than the german nazis in the 1930s and 40s.

    What the hell is going on?!!!

    “Our people still live” Really?!!

    Have you seen this?:
    and this:

    I would pose all those pilots are “our people” . . . . . . . . .

    And that is (a) murder and (b) high treason!! And I don’t se anybody on trial for it.

    And that’s just one item of many . . . . . . . . . MANY!!!

    The winged Hussars and the Brits didn’t look on in cowardly idleness. They killed their enemies.

    Have you seen this?”

    “there appears to be a pattern of infernos engulfing food production and processing sites” “There appears”?!!

    They are murdering our civilization and we stand idle and look stupid.
    2nd Amendment my @ss!!!
    This is what it is for!!!

    “tomorrow will once again belong to you and to me.” No. It won’t. Not the way things are going.

    When the ship has been broken in half by a torpedo you don’t go to the bridge and report that “tomorrow will once again belong to you and to me.”

    When the enemy has broken through and your guys are fighting hand to hand with knives and shovels you don’t make a call to say that “tomorrow will once again belong to you and to me.”

    FUBAR is FUBAR. Somebody has to call it.

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