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I Think Gout Is The Winner

Based on a comment on my post about starting the year on the injured reserve, I looked into it and am pretty sure gout is the problem. Recommended treatments included anti-inflammatory meds and I just so happened to have a bottle of my wife’s Celebrex on hand so I have been taking those, lo and behold the swelling and pain has all but disappeared (yes Doctor Samizdat, I know I am not supposed to take meds not prescribed to me). Hopefully a couple of days of Celebrex and drinking lots of clear fluids will clear it up. I would say that I am at 90% on that foot as of right now.

I even went this morning and worked out for the first time since last Friday, mild discomfort but I was even able to do most of the leg machines I normally do while skipping the calf extension. I put in a solid hour of hard lifting although when I got home it felt pretty good to get my shoes off.

I was a little worried about how busy it would be on January 4th with all of the New Year’s resolution people showing up and while it was kinda busy, it wasn’t awful. Mostly people I saw all of last year, a few new guys and a handful of fairly hot mid-20s chicks in spandex so that was a bonus. Almost without exception I used whatever weights or machines as soon as I wanted to, and that makes the whole workout much happier for this guy. As an aside, people around here are flat out mental for pickleball, four courts going non-stop with lots of players waiting to get in.

With any luck I can get right back to my workout routine after a four day hiatus, I’m glad it doesn’t seem to be anything serious.


  1. jrg

    I hope you continue to beat down whatever is affecting you at the moment. Exercise is an excellent way to use up spare time. Our bodies are designed to be used and not left idle.

  2. Brutus

    For gout, I know of two remedies that don’t involve big pharma:
    1. Eat cherries. This can be fresh, canned, dried, or juiced. I’ve known personally people helped by this.
    2. Celery is reputed to help.

    • Skipperdaddy

      Grab some fresh bing cherries, walmart or alot of grocery stores got them. Eat the whole bag. Watch the pits, it works, life time gout sufferer here. Also lemon water. Good luck

    • saoirse

      Place your bets on whether the husband finds out if that monkey was part of an Islamic kill squad and nails them – and the politicians that let them in
      Hubbie forgives or is satisfied with putting the monkey away for a couple decades and sulks his life away.

  3. Donald Beair

    Hope you get better soon.
    Hitting 76 and these help me:
    Black Seed, Quercetin complex, tart cherry supplements. I have found these to be effective for me and wifey.
    Bear in Greenwood

  4. John Wilder

    Crap. Had that last year. Changed up something in my diet (can’t remember now) and it went away in a week. I know, this gets the prize for the least helpful comment of the year, but the year is young!

    Maybe it was cutting every oil out but butter and olive? (i.e., no “vegetable” oil or any other seed oil??)

  5. Anonymous

    My personal experience (your mileage may vary)

    1. Dandelion root helps. It promotes excretion of excess serum uric acid and calcium pyrophosphates through the kidneys.

    2. Green tea contains epigallocatechins, anti-oxidants which obstruct the inflammatory response to uric acid crystals within the joint capsules. Notes: Epigallocatechins have low bioavailability and a short half-life. You have to drink a lot of tea to get symptomatic relief.

    3. Krill oil and fish oil seem to have an effect similar to that of green tea.

    4. Restriction of dietary intake of food rich in the amino acid purine helps.

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