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I Am Sure This Is Somehow My Fault

Local Memphis Looter-American Tyre Nichols, who wuz a good boy and dindu nuffin wrong, was nevertheless beset upon by five fellow Looter-American po-leece who engaged in a little pre-trial punitive action, allegedly beating him so badly that he died a few days later.

This be Tyre, the usual smiling face and dressed up picture families always find.

And this be the police in question, now former Memphis police occifers,

Here are the officers today after they were charged with second-degree murder: Desmond Mills, Demetrius Haley, Justin Smith, Emmitt Martin and Tadarrius Bean

When you take then out of their uniforms and stick them in a line-up, they look a little more looter and a lot less peace officer.

In a case of looter-on-looter violence, you can still be sure that the White supremacy and the legacy of slave patrols and the Klan are what caused these good boys to beat a different good boy to death. Tyre was apparently pulled over for reckless driving and then took off. At some point all five of the fellas got in some licks on Tyre and he was in critical condition when he was taken to a local hospital where he subsequently died. For good measure two members of the Memphis Fire Department were also fired for reasons I haven’t seen yet.

The video of what happened is set to be released tomorrow night apparently. It seems like a great idea to release a video of a black dude being beaten to death on a Friday night, I am sure that famous self-control will keep a lid on things. A local news report quoting an attorney for the family claims he was beaten for three minutes by the cops, which doesn’t sound like a long time unless you are the one getting beaten by five dudes. The same local news story claims that at least some of the cops involved were part of a special police unit….

Some of the officers involved have been identified as belonging to an MPD unit called SCORPION, which stands for Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods.

The unit launched in November 2021 and focuses on preventing auto theft and gang-related violence and was structured to have some coordination with the Multi-Agency Gang Unit.

I guess they restored some peace that night. I expect the video is going to show at least five cops going apeshit on this guy, and while there isn’t an excuse for beating someone to death I do hope that the entire video is played to see what led up to his death.

Regardless of what the video shows, you can be sure this is all somehow my fault.

** Update**

My wife wondered if perhaps they were expecting really bad weather in Memphis and that is why they were releasing the video on Friday night. Nope.

56 and mostly sunny is nearly perfect looting weather, cool enough to wear heavy clothing to disguise your identity without being too cold to carry multiple big screen TVs. Yikes.


  1. saoirse

    Perhaps the victim wasn’t paying the po po their cut of the dope money?
    Never been to Memphis but I would guess that most of the peepo involved with this case – gubment and media – will be negroidals. FUBU – Fo Us By Us!!

    • Clown car driver

      Good point. Saw an another site that these pigz were really gang members themselves. Big surprise, eh? There was supposedly other evidence on their phones about other similar situations, strong arms, collections, etc.
      We back the blew!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Thrilled am I (no, really!) by the fact that this one can be filed under NHI (No Humans Involved). It’s literally a little taste of Wakanda, with nary a pasty-White fall guy anywhere in sight. Whatever will the MSM do when there are no narrative-approved White villains in the script? These are truly some uncharted waters, yo.

    • rto-jerry

      ministry of lies and propaganda do what they do best purposely ignore the identification of the poh leece in their “reporting”. Ape on ape murder aint a thang on chitcago but it matters in memphis for some propaganda peddling and maybe a “mostly peaceful protest” or two.

  3. Locustpost

    Visited Memphis last year. It’s Detroit with hotter temperatures and defunct STAX instead of former Motown Records. A shit hole. Given some street smarts and a car with good locks and a guarded place to park at night these places are very interesting to visit. Always reviving with some sort of renaissance but never coming back. Decay and mayhem. I’d highly recommend it. Cheaper and way more interesting than wasting a week at fake Disney.

  4. Peenemunde

    Let comrade Crump set that precedent of you don’t have to be white.
    Always step aside when not your friends are making mistakes.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Are they seriously charging them with murder 2 when they had guns on their hips that they didn’t fire? You could at least understand some kind of manslaughter charge. But then this is the same country that convicted a cop of murder when a scumbag OD’d in his car.

  6. mike fink

    Well, that is 5 less cops available to do the bidding of local government. It is obvious that kneegrows don’t want to be policed or governed even by their own race. This will accelerate the nationwide exodus from urban police departments and hasten the decline of the cities into true “No go” zones. Good. If they make it impossible to enforce some laws and some crimes there, eventually they will be unable to enforce any laws there and all crimes go unpunished. It is the same dangerous dynamic with the wide open southern border and illegal alien invasion. The Powers that be will grow to regret this enabling of lawlessness when they find themselves completely unable to intimidate anyone with mere uniformed presence or meaningless legislative/executive diktats.

  7. Mikey

    For what it’s worth, I tried to share this link on Facebook and it was immediately rejected as spam. Got around it by alphabetizing the URL.

  8. J. Smith

    I watched all the videos, they’re posted on the city of Memphis vimeo account. Its a half an hour of Tyre resisting arrest and being combative, its likely he was on something, shocker! He gets maced, tased and runs off. Cops in tow eventually catch him, use less than lethal again, same results, same Tyre resisting, eventually cops had enough and lay some fists to his face. The bald cop lays a lump on his head or neck with his asp baton and likely what caused the internal bleeding. Honestly, underwhelming. But, hey its ape on ape magic, Atlanta is burning, lets see what else burns tonight. Any white cops still on the force, leave. You’re probably working for some sheboon police chief, just leave, find new work, let em have it and we will reach south africandom in no time. Its time for Atlas to shrug.

  9. TechieDude

    One would think that after “the talk” negro parents give their kids, they’d show them “the video”, namely the Chris Rock “How not to get your ass kicked by the cops”. One of the rules is “Dont run! if the cops gotta chase you, they’re bringing an ass kicking with them”.

    BTW – I’ve had at least two law enforcement types I’m related to tell me not to brain people with a baton, it could kill them.

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