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“Extensive rap sheet”

A quick trip down to Doctor Samizdat’s neck o’ the woods to a couple of looter yoofs in Jackson, Mississippi named Calvin Berry and Leedrick Trim. These fellas are being charged in a mass shooting last April at the Jackson, MS Mudbug Festival. I am guessing that this festival used to be a fun place to go but now is chock full of Africans acting like Africans.

2 teens accused in Mudbug Fest mass shooting plead not guilty

Calvin Berry was 15 when arrested in connection with this shooting (16 now) but hoo boy, it wasn’t his first trip on the wrong side of the glass in a cop car.

A previous investigation by WLBT revealed that Berry had an extensive rap sheet, including carjacking, armed robbery, and attempted armed robbery.

A mere 15 years old and he had already been arrested for carjacking, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery? Those are just the crimes they arrested him for, what else had this little fella been up to in his already extensive criminal career? Now they are looking at serious time.

The suspects are charged as adults with one count of murder, one count of drive-by shooting and eight counts of aggravated assault.

When I was 16 I was excited to be able to drive and therefore would have the opportunity to paw girls in my mom’s Taurus station wagon, and also a bit about sports. I was starting to look ahead to college. What I definitely wasn’t doing was staring at a life sentence in prison. Knowing nothing at all about Calvin Berry or Leedrick Trim or their individual situations, I am confident nevertheless that these two had essentially no chance of ending up any way other than in prison for life or dead.

For every Thomas Sowell or Ben Carson there are thousands of Calvin Berry and Leedrick Trims in America that will never accomplish anything other than reproducing themselves and causing untold mayhem and expense for the rest of us.


  1. Exile1981

    But he was going to be a neurosurgeon or a rap star……..

    I told a relative once that blood tells you can generally tell how someone will turn out by looking at the parents. If the parents are criminal screw ups the kids are very unlikely to be anything but the same.

    Said relative was unhappy with my comment since i was describing their kids.

  2. Doctor Samizdat

    Events in Jackson are decreasingly well-attended and many have moved to the largely white suburbs. I for one spend no money if possible as I want nothing to contribute to tax revenue which is simply corrupted away. The Omnibus bill allocated several hundred million dollars to repair the Jackson water infrastructure, and most of that will likely never be used for the intended purpose. It’s simply a hellhole in further decline. I do little more than drive through on my way to a different suburb to work before 7am on most days, and try to head home in the afternoon via a route that excludes Jackson.

      • Mike Austin

        Not Oklahoma. We have our negroes fairly well corralled. Naturally they raise Hell in their own areas, but they mainly prey upon each other, so who gives a shit. Besides, Oklahoma is 7.8 percent jogger, and while that is 7.8 percent too many, Mississippi is 39 percent jogger. That is a percentage that is extremely difficult too really handle well in this day and age. Lots of George Floyds in that number.

        As for Thomas Sowell, only white folks read his books. I have read most of his works. They are completely beyond the understanding of the average negro, who barely can handle NFL plays and rap lyrics.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    It seems like I can remember a time when a miscreant like Berry would have been locked up in juvie until he turned 18 and then the system would have to decide what to do with him at that point. I don’t think it’s my imagination. But even in Mississippi that’s no longer true. And his victims at the mudbug festival pay the price.

    Speaking of which, those folks in cajun country sure do love to eat those nasty things. I can’t recall another food so awful being elevated to such a cultural status. Maybe those fermented fish they eat in Scandinavia. Unlike the mudbugs I haven’t tried them myself, so I really couldn’t say, but they say the smell of them is enough to make you hurl.

  4. Jay L

    I think we’re getting to where we need to bring the gallows back into vogue. It both solves the current problem and serves as a good deterrent. If you’re seeing your homies corpse dangling for a few days, being picked clean by crows, you might just think twice before pulling some stupid shit. Might. I realize I may be giving too much credit to the fellas… Worth a try anyhow. Nothing else is working, these shitbags are just getting more and more brazen, at younger and younger ages.

    • Steve S6

      Crucifixion (roped only, last longer by a couple of days than nailed) or impalement. Hangin’s too quick even if the neck don’t break. Oh, and armed guards to prevent rescue.

  5. Moe Gibbs

    If you’re gonna have a rap sheet, you might as well have an ‘extensive’ one. Ought to make him quite popular in the joint, with that clean-shaven baby face and those sad, doe eyes (when do the eyes turn ‘dead’ like you see on the usual mug shot monkey?)

  6. Backwoods Okie

    With any luck they haven’t had the chance to reproduce and if that’s the case society will be a better place for it

  7. Captain Coleman

    Every place they go, they ruin.

    The only thing they have enriched our culture with is chaos, mayhem, despair, and pandemonium.

    Those who condemn me for saying such- I just hope that they get to live with them, right in their own fucking houses.

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