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Don’t Let The Witch Doctor Near Your Hoohah

AG: Marion doctor ‘danger to public’; took photos of patients’ privates without consent


The Indiana Attorney General’s Office is moving to strip a Grant County OB/GYN of his medical license after a woman accused the doctor of sexually assaulting her during an examination and taking photographs of her private area without her consent.

Since the accusation, the AG’s investigation reported several other women have come forth accusing the doctor of similar acts with investigators uncovering photographs of patients’ privates in medical files that the patients not only didn’t recollect being taken, but had never given permission for him to take.

The Petition for Summary Suspension — submitted to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office and obtained by Channel 27 News & Entertainment — calls for an emergency hearing to suspend Dr. William David Moore of Women’s HealthCare LLC in Marion.

One would think that after spending all day looking at lady bits, you wouldn’t have a need to take pictures of said bits.

Fortunately we are not left to guess the identity of Dr. William David Moore…..

He is not just a creep who takes surreptitious photos of the undercarriage of ladies but likes to engage in a little sexy talk with them as well.

The patient claimed during the examination Dr. Moore touched her privates in a manner she felt was sexual, performed an examination longer than normal to conduct, and asked her questions about her ability to pleasure herself.

“I felt sexually violated and assaulted,” Patient A wrote in her complaint to the Attorney General’s Office. “Dr. Moore needs to be investigated for malpractice and assault.”…..

…..One patient told investigators that after telling Dr. Moore that she was a virgin, he reportedly responded, “Oh, you’re so pure.”

The patient then claims Dr. Moore told her, “If you aren’t sexually active within the next year, I will have to manually break your hymen because it’s hard for me to see.”

I am not an OB/GYN but I don’t think that sounds accurate. But wait, it gets better!

Court documents reveal that investigators also spoke with a nurse employed at Marion General Hospital about Dr. Moore. The nurse told investigators that she had heard from other nurses who worked with Dr. Moore that he “often had erections” while performing vaginal deliveries and would have assistants cover his lap.

I have been present at the delivery of all 8 of my kids and you would be hard pressed to find a less sexually charged situation but apparently this guy gets excited at a baby’s head crowning. Again I say. W.T.F. Also, why did this go on so long if the “doctor” was getting a stiffy “often” while delivering a baby and it was widely known by the nurses?

The lesson here? Be selective about choosing a doctor, especially near your down-under region.


  1. 3g4me

    In general, certain professions lend themselves to certain innate sex-related characteristics. Engineering, flying, navigating – anything to do with physical space men are naturally superior. Same re upper body strength and general physical strength and stamina. Men are better surgeons. But to me, there is something fundamentally questionable about a man who chooses to be an OB/GYN – looking at women’s genitalia all day. Ever since I was old enough to choose (i.e. college and older) I chose a female OB/GYN and certified midwife. Same reason few men want a woman checking their prostate.

    Any White woman who chooses any non-White OB/GYN is a moron and deserves what she gets. I’d like to assume all of this creep’s patients are black, but there are enough race-blind Whites that one never knows.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I had always figured a guy who became a gyno just because he liked twat should be real careful what he wishes for, but evidently this dude is sick enough to still get turned on

    Tangentially, I’ve heard it said that some women like men gynos better because they tend to be less judgmental about their sex lives than women gynos are

    • Arthur Sido

      It’s a strange choice for sure, I kind of wonder about people who come out of medical school and go into proctology or urology. I can think of lots of less weird specialties that pay as well or better.

      • Jon

        A friend of mine who was in medical school had a joke about introducing himself if he became a gynecologist as “Dr (name) at your cervix…” But then said that the class prof warned them that if they though they would be working on supermodel pussy, to think again. A healthy pussy doesn’t often need a gyno…

      • Greg

        It’s often not a choice. It’s “take this residency or you’re left with Family Practice in Outer Mongolia”. The crapshoot for post med school is a nightmare. I once asked an ER Doc why anyone would specialize in gastroenterology (used to be called proctology), and all he could come up with was “Well, It’s a diagnostic challenge.”
        One of the most hilarious scenes in a microbiology video I saw in school was a doctor walking into an exam room, the woman in the stirrups covered with a sheet. He lifts up the sheet by her feet and reels backward with crossed eyes and a dazed look while the droll narration says “One of the characteristics of anaerobic infections is an intense odor.” No shit.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Nope, nopity, nope. I have no desire to go to a ‘doctor’ who went to medical skoo’ on a bassetball scholarship. I’ve seen all too well how ‘competent’ the homeboys are in every other profession that requires at least a modicum of smarts. Why should medical practice be any different? They may be the talented tenth amongst their own, but that is a mighty low bar compared to every other demographic.

    • Arthur Sido

      It is fair to automatically assume all black doctors are the result of affirmative action, which does seem a bit unfair to those who actually got in on their own merit.

  4. Take Five

    Wow! I’m surprised the AG did anything at all.
    Wouldn’t want to be called a racist.
    Stay away from the Big Pharm abattoir unless you are carried in.
    Get right with your maker if that is the case.

  5. Clown car driver

    Sheeeit mhfuggah, wut rong wid y’all? I gots ta fix dat pussy, yo? Is all busstid up! ‘Ow de fugg ya think to do it? Sheeeeeeit bix nood!

    Be assured your dusky doc is your equal and then some goy!

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