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Cue The Sad Trombone Noises

Woke up this morning to news of a mass shooting with 10 dead and at least 10 wounded in Monterey Park, California during a Lunar New Year party, some Asian shindig apparently (Monterey Park is over 2/3 Asian, mostly Chinese). A 50/50 killed to wounded ration doesn’t sound like the work of a looter-American so the media was all in a frenzy. The CBS Sunday “news” show this morning was on while I was working out and I could see in the subtitles they were breathlessly wondering what kind of gun was used and if it was a “hate crime”. The clowns on the TV were visibly aroused to think that a White guy might have shot up some Asians.

I took a nap this afternoon and woke up to a potential ID of the shooter (screenshot by me from L.A. Sheriff’s Department Facebook page)

Male/Asian/dark complexion. Another crushing disappointment.

By my reckoning we are at 33 mass shootings so far in 2023 and none have been committed by Whites. Unless a windup toy goes off I am guessing we will get to at least 100 before we get our first White shooter.

Better luck next time!


  1. Galvanic Particle Alien

    Thanks for the reporting as the Bolshevik enemedia will intercept this before it even reaches the memory hole.
    The burn it all down crowd needs to slow down and leave some for Big Mike to destroy in 2024.
    An uncle who went to CA in the 1960’s and struck it rich was shocked an appalled by what Kalifornia has become after coming back from yacht sailing around the world.

  2. Exile1981

    The killer took his own life later. I’m going to guess that this was an attack by someone who got screwed in a business deal. Possibly he was a CPC toy to take out someone speaking out against the party.

    You’ll know if they never release the names of those killed it was the 2nd option.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    This story seems to promise a couple of interesting twists, so it might just have legs. Relatively high body count, respectable kill ratio. No Aloha Snackbar angle, near as I can tell. Possible illegal entry/paid assassin/genuine Manchurian candidate from Manchuria. The beanie is a nice touch, and Asian-on-Asian is unique, at least in my memory. Betting that this one caught the FBI flat-footed.

      • Razorback

        shattered a peaceful Sunday afternoon in Shreveport’s Martin Luther King Jr. neighborhood

        Peaceful. Martin Luther King Jr. neighborhood.

        Guess it was only “mostly peaceful” at that point.

        • why

          I’m from Shreveport, used to work trauma in the 90s. Shreveport ALWAYS had 70-90 murders a year, while across the Red (River), Bossier City would have 2-3. All about demographics.

          IIRC, the majority of the growth of Bossier City (and it has exploded) has been white flight from Shreveport.

  4. 3g4me

    I saw early on it was at a Chinese Lunar New Year’s dance and immediately (and correctly) presumed that both the shooter and victims were Oriental. Not my people. They shouldn’t be here, regardless, and neither their lives nor their deaths matter to me.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Evidently the regime is not as adept at staging mass shootings as some allege that it is, or else we’d have seen more of them perpetrated by whites, to support the regime’s white supremacy terrorism legend.

    The regime has countered this reality, in support of its legend, by instantly acting, loudly, as if every one of them is committed by a white supremacist, and media amplification of this crowds out the reality of who actually did it.

  6. Danny

    Nobody ever said there aren’t crazy motherfuckers running loose in society. Interesting though that they seem to turn up in the “gun control” states.

  7. J. Smith

    And 34 dead in shitcago and its only the 23rd, so the “uban maff be”, -204 future criminals and dragues of humanity. Its turning out to be a banner year.

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