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Another Glimpse Into The Future

Generally speaking and with some notable exceptions, members of Congress are not only slimy and immoral but also incredibly dumb. Even among this group of dimwits and malevolent morons some stand apart for being exceptionally repulsive and dumb. Someone who would be a leading contender for dumbest member of Congress if not for Maxine Waters is Shelia Jackson Lee. An African woman from Houston, she is both stupid and possessing a reputation for being a vicious, nasty person to work for (Congressional bosses from Hell: Sheila Jackson Lee). The two often go hand in hand.

While you probably already heard about this, I felt like sharing it and recording it for posterity.

The Democrat in question is Sheila Jackson Lee, because of course it is.

The pertinent language can be found on the official House website, archived by me:

It reads like something written by a barely literate child but here is the part that is especially relevant.

That is vague and sweeping enough that virtually every post on my blog would constitute “A conspiracy to engage in white supremacy inspired hate crime”. Notice that it is not just “White supremacist ideology” but also…

…antagonism based on “replacement theory”, or hate speech that vilifies or is otherwise directed against any non-White person or group

If you talk about White people being replaced by non-Whites, something liberals cheer about all the time, that is a conspiracy to commit a “hate crime”. If you “vilify” a non-White, and that could mean any criticism regardless of how warranted and accurate, you can likewise be accused of being engaged in a conspiracy to commit to a hate crime.

This bill also expands and federalization of many crimes by giving the Department of “Justice”…

…the authority to prosecute persons who engaged in actions cited in this section

Let’s see how this might work in practice. Say one of the Fed’s wind-up toys, some poor autistic loner that the FBI has been radicalizing and inciting online, decides to go shoot up a rap concert (assuming he does so before the black attendees at said rap concert start shooting each other). After the shooting the Feds arrest him, as he is of course “known to law enforcement”. They seize his computer and check his browser history and lo and behold he has visited my blog, and American Renaissance and VDare and Gab.

Under the provisions of this law, even though no serious person would read anything I have written or to be found on AmRen or VDare as incitement to commit violence, I could still be arrested and prosecuted for talking about “replacement theory” or “vilifying” blacks by pointing out what they are actually doing. So could Peter Brimelow and Jared Taylor and perhaps Andrew Torba. As I read this bill, you wouldn’t even have to show that any of us actually encouraged this kid to shoot up a rap concert, simply providing materials (even if they are completely factual) that are clearly protected political speech would constitute conspiracy to commit a hate crime.

Of course this bill won’t go anywhere in Congress. It hasn’t received even a single co-sponsor which tells you how outrageous and ridiculous it is and under the GOP House it won’t see the light of day. Even if it were passed in the House it wouldn’t pass the Senate, furthermore it would be immediately struck down by the current SCOTUS. The only thing that should come of this bill would be stripping Sheila Jackson Lee of her committee assignments as someone this malicious and stupid shouldn’t be allowed to sit on the House Committee on the Judiciary much less the Homeland Security or Budget committees. Maybe the House Committee On Selection Of Toilet Paper For The Capitol Toilets but nothing more important than that. For that matter, she is so stupid that she ought to be banned from serving in any elected office anywhere in the country.

The entire thing is silly. The bill mentions mass shootings….

…and there isn’t a lick of truth to that. As I have pointed out ad nauseum some 90% of interracial violent crime is black on White and while there have been 33 mass shootings already in 2023, from what I can tell approximately zero were committed by anyone other than blacks and mestizos. Of the 647 mass shootings recorded by the Gun Violence Archive in 2022, you can count on one hand the number committed by Whites, which explains why the GVA doesn’t track the race of mass shooters.

Again, this thing isn’t going to become law….

….at least not in 2023.

But in the future? This is exactly the sort of thing we will see. As more Congressional districts become majority non-White, more of Congress will look like Sheila Jackson Lee, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Those people have no attachment to the values that are the foundations of our Constitutional Republic, like free speech and expression, and they have an absolute white hot hatred of the people who built this country.

Right now we are still in the theoretical stage, as we saw with the results of a study commission in San Francisco that decided that because of racism and some sheeit, all eligible Africans should get a check for $5,000,000 and that is just for starters.

Who could have foreseen that Tinisch Hollins, who looks like the bastard offsping of Barney and a water buffalo, would want five million bucks? Amusingly Tinisch Hollins’ main qualification for serving as Vice Chair of the “San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee” is that she is allegedly “An individual who has been displaced from San Francisco due to gentrification”.

But wait, there’s more!

Next on the wish list: “a comprehensive debt forgiveness program that clears all educational, personal, credit card, payday loans, etc.” The group said this measure will get blacks out of “an inescapable cycle of debt” so they can “build wealth.”

Rivaling the $5 million payment as an eyebrow-raiser, the committee also wants a welfare program that targets a $97,000 annual income for low-income blacks for the next 250 years.

That’s right: a quarter-millennium of near-six-figure per capita handouts. “Centuries of harm and destruction of black lives, black bodies and black communities should be met with centuries of repair,” AARAC chair Eric McDonnell told the San Francisco Chronicle.

As with every leftist agenda item, this one demonstrates a profound obliviousness to the influence of incentives on individual human action: There’s no surer way of guaranteeing an individual will stay “low-income” than promising to round them up to $97,000.

But wait — there’s more: Those who qualify for reparations should also receive payroll tax, business tax and property tax credits, the panel says.

The city should also “create structures and pathways to mitigate tax consequences for recipients of reparations funds.” Sounds like the board of supervisors will get to take a fact-finding trip to the Cayman Islands.

Sheeeeiiiitttt! Can you imagine being a merchant providing services like gold teef, tattoos, expensive rims and overpriced Nike shoes in San Francisco? Can you also imagine what that would do to housing costs and inflation in general in the Bay Area? Poor people who receive a lump sum of money go crazy with it and blacks getting that kind of money? It would be a party for about 18 months until 99% had pissed away that five million and were right back where they started from but now in a city where everything is thousands of times more expensive and their $97,000 “target” annual income won’t cover it. I really like the qualifications:

Their list of criteria applies a “must meet at least two” approach, making it easier for new San Franciscans to sidestep the length-of-residency rules. For example, if you’re a descendant of a slave, and you were personally or a direct descendant of someone incarcerated for breaking drug laws, you’re in.

Now if you are descended from a drug felon, you qualify for $5 million because your daddy (assuming you know who he is) was a damn criminal.

Again, I don’t think this will happen, not least because the initial payment would cost upwards of an estimated $50 billion and the entire budget of San Francisco is only $14 billion. The bigger point is that this is the mindset of the people who are going to be running the whole show over the next decade or so. They see public office not as a way to serve the country but instead as a way to loot the earned wealth, however meager, of the heritage White population to benefit their own racial tribe.

This is the future, laws designed to steal from Whites and other laws aimed at criminalizing political dissent from Whites. We have come to this point because politicians from both parties have elected to replace the people who built America with non-Whites that are easier to bribe and manipulate. As I keep saying, you need to be figuring out right now how to survive and thrive in the environment we are heading into regardless of your age or current financial situation. Don’t wait until it is too late.


  1. Bear Claw

    Be careful with sweeping generalizations. (English teacher in high school loved that phrase). Thomas Massie from Kentucky is a good guy and the only one in my book.

    Early in the pandemic bullshit on the first gargantuan spending bill he was the only no vote.

    He publicly blasts all the CONgress critters for what they are doing even though he is really powerless to do anything about it. You may remember him, he is the one who sent out a Christmas card of his family all holding AR’s. It set off a little storm for the usuals.

  2. saoirse

    There is a saying that goes something like “If you throw enough shit at a wall some of it is bound to stick”.
    You are correct in assuming that as the number of muds increases – in the general population and therefore in local, state and federal repreesentashun – the more draconian anti-white (especially straight male) legislation will appear.
    You fail to mention that their efforts will be heartily bolstered by one; jews that infest every sphere of influence, especially law and media in this case, and two; shitlibs that, thanks to our bastions of “higher learning”, have been brainwashed to genuflect to every type of perverted untermensch imaginable.
    Expect lots more uppity, self-righteous (but hardly self-aware) sheboons and gibs-me parasites to waddle, twerk and jive their way to da big shake-down o’ whitey. And yes, prepare accordingly!

    The aforementioned sub-humans should get “Ye” to get them their 5 million per head from the plethora of jews raking it in from every scam, legal and illegal, imaginable.

    Is this a great cuntry or what?

  3. Anonymous White Male

    “Generally speaking and with some notable exceptions, members of Congress are not only slimy and immoral but also incredibly dumb.”

    I’m thinking it’s pretty much 100%. Maybe you meant, “members of Congress are all slimy and immoral, but some are shrewd and clever. In a slimy and immoral way.” I try to think of anyone in the House or Senate that is not in on the grift and I can’t. I wonder about Rand Paul, but I know he would never have been the Repukelican nominee if he wasn’t at least blackmailable.

  4. 3g4me

    Members of Congress are all of a type – they’d never get past the selection process if they weren’t. People don’t just ‘suddenly’ decide to become a candidate for national office. These types start with the school board or the city council. They don’t win via $10 donations from ‘everyman’ followers – they get some special interest businessman or ‘community organization’ to financially back them. They get sponsors from the existing party organization. Regardless of how popular some candidate may be to the masses, he will get no where without existing financial and organizational support.

    Back when I was still a putative conservatard, I briefly volunteered for the local repuke party and I saw this in real time. Not because I supported the repuke candidate (I loathed McCain but was briefly bamboozled by Sarah Palin), but because I saw immediately the Stalinist impulses/nature of the policies pushed by those backing Obama. I was already fully red-pilled about blacks, but I could see what was coming down the pike. I tried discussing my concerns with friends and extended family members and no one (other than my husband) could see. Well, that ship sailed in ’08. They immediately became former friends and family members – I just don’t waste time with people whose beliefs pose a threat to my children’s future.

    But I saw the blind faith in the ‘party,’ and the club-like atmosphere of the volunteers. The women were all goody-little helpmates to the guys who were already setting the grounds for their own political careers. And they all worshipped the old black guy who they had chosen as the head of the county repuke party.

    tl;dr: It’s all rigged from the get-go. Decent and capable people do not choose a ‘career’ enforcing rules on others while making bank for themselves. And the somewhat less corrupt at the outset are quickly corrupted once elected. They’re shown how the game is played and quickly learn the consequences of noncompliance versus the immense wealth and leisure from falling in line. They all ‘take the ticket.’ They all choose money and power over magic principles.

    And if someone, as a White, feels a moral need to have a non-White take his side or represent him, he won’t take his own side and will never have your back. Jettison the deadweight from your life and move on.

  5. Moe Gibbs

    conspiracy to engage in white supremacy

    Busted. Guilty as charged. My lily-White wife and I conspired to populate our White-privileged famblies with a couple more Aryan additions, knowing full well what we were doing. We did so without regard to the painful reminders of da slabery, Jim Crow and routine Saturday night lynchings that the sight of cherubic little White faces in the baby carriage conjures in the small minds of chronically oppressed KFC-Americans.

    Serious question – after distributing that $5 million bonanza to every outstretched dusky palm, will they still be eligible for SNAP, WIC, EBT and all the rest of the reparations hustles already in place? Asking for a broke nation $31 trillion in debt.

    • anon

      “Serious question – after distributing that $5 million bonanza to every outstretched dusky palm, will they still be eligible for SNAP, WIC, EBT and all the rest of the reparations hustles already in place? Asking for a broke nation $31 trillion in debt.”
      Of course they will still be eligible. It’s all a weapon against the white taxbase while keeping the niggers breeding and relatively satisfied (see the riots that happen when power and/or ebt goes out). Why are you trying to use logic with this? Even with millions they still claim repression and a need for hand outs. Look at the nigger billionaire oprah who pushes hate whitey along with all the other wealthy niggers.
      Fucking parasites, the lot of them, enabled by another set of nosey parasites and their willing goyim pawns.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    Sheila Jackson Lee introducing a stupid bill with no co sponsors is not worth anyone’s attention. What is noteworthy is how much media attention this bill is getting, and why that is happening. They want you to be aware of this bill. And I can’t really say why for sure.

    There is a whole “conservative” “alt” media complex, just as controlled as the rest of the mass media, that relies on keeping you outraged (not that outrage isn’t warranted) to hook you in. And all these “conservative” sites tend to run the same stories. They were all running this story, about this bill, not because the bill was important, but because it was important to them that you see it. For reasons that could be as simple as keeping you hooked to the outrage machine, or could be more complex.

    I tend to believe they are planting a seed here, nudging the overton window a little bit

  7. Jay L

    As I’ve been saying about pro athletes for decades, you can’t bestow that kind of money on someone that knows squat about budgets or finances and expect a good outcome. If this were to pass, half these idiots would go out and buy a $200k Bentley and spend the rest on a new “crib”, only to lose it all after a year when they can’t pay the property taxes and the car gets impounded for driving without insurance.

    As for the smarter ones that think this will give them an opportunity to elevate themselves into high society…no, it won’t. Folks with generational wealth will still see them all as lower class, and the self-made monied folks will see them as nothing more than parasites. As it should be… Money can buy a lot of things, but it can never buy acceptance.
    Anecdotally… We have some family friends that “hit it big” after 10 YEARS of busting ass, sacrifice and building a company, which they sold for tens-of-millions of dollars. They moved from their modest suburban home to world-famous Pebble Beach, into to a gorgeous home on 17-Mile Drive. They joined the exclusive Pebble Beach country club. Drove Mercedes and Range Rovers… And were never accepted by the neighbors or the posh club people. Why? First, they were considered “New Money”. Even though they EARNED EVERY PENNY they were considered no better the ” the help” by the locals. And second, they had the poor taste to be a mixed couple- one was white, the other HALF white/half Japanese. They sold the house (at a profit!) and moved back to the suburbs.
    Now imagine if L’Quisha and her 4 mis-matched chilluns move in to Poshville? Even with money in the bank, they’ll still be looked upon as unwelcome parasites. And cops in expensive neighborhoods don’t play. The first time DeShawn invites the fellas over for a par-tay and the music starts blasting, the cops will be up their ass for disturbing the peace. You simply cannot get away with ghetto behavior in swanky neighborhoods, cuz those neighbors won’t hesitate to call the top cop in the city-for starters-and they’ll take it all the way to the Mayor if they have to. After all, it’s these folks that get those politicians elected, and the politicians KNOW IT.

    • Razorback

      Ever seen a dindu in first class on an airline flight? They don’t know whether to dab their KFC-greased fingers with the lemon-soaked napkin…or eat it.

    • saoirse

      Nope! If draconian anti-whitey/reparashuns legislation comes to fruition it’ll be the blue bloods moving out. Any resistance by them will be construed as white soopremacisst hate thus bringing the wrath of da law down on their heads complete with lawsuits and jail time. Look at all the various Marxist “revolutions” over the last century if you really need examples – and yes, it can and will happen here!
      They’ll have to put up with gangsta rap and chimping out at the country club or get put out. It matters not if the pongoids blow it all within a year, there’s plenty of flow to extort out there.
      The monied Merkun royalty helped create this monster, let them suffer the consequences.
      Me, I hope they all get served up on a silver platter with an apple in their mouth. Defend conscious whites not traitors and deadbeats!

  8. Exile1981

    The reservation near me got 60k per person in December for having been forced to learn the white mans language and attend his schools 2 generations ago. You even got the money if your grandparent went because the stress of having attended is transmitted geneticly… thats the official reason.

    Since they got the money they have had near 30 OD’s and the local drug delear got a bigger truck.

    • Arthur Sido

      I mentioned this in a different post, but I used to manage banks with lots of Indians as customers and when the young kids got their fat gubmint check, it was breathtaking how fast they blew through that money.

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