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Another Glimpse Into The Crystal Ball

Here at Dissident Thoughts we tend to crap on the blacks an awful lot, it’s is awfully easy because they make it hard to not notice. But never let it be said that Dissident Thoughts discriminates, we have plenty of racism, hatred and xenophobia to go around!

The fall of American won’t be (entirely) because of blacks. Not even close. The rootless cosmopolitan elites bear the greatest burden of guilt but blacks have been replaced by mestizos as Their weapon of choice to eliminate Whites.

We have had a significant percentage of mestizos in America for a long time but they tended to be economic migrants who came here to make more money than they could by doing competitive burro racing or whatever you do in Mexico. Thus they also tended to be more industrious and family oriented as most of their earnings went back to Mexico. They ran little taco stands or worked construction, did landscaping or of course were seasonal farm workers. If you know mestizos, especially if you don’t live where there is a significant concentration of them, they probably seem like decent people. Lots of them live and work around here, many employed by the Amish, and apart from occasionally molesting Amish girls they aren’t bad to have around (although they are terrible drivers).

It is like a reverse NAXALT. In the same way that economic migrants from the Indian subcontinent are not typical of South Asians in general, the mestizos most of us are familiar bear little resemblance to the people that run the narco-state of Mexico and the other basket cases of Central America.

It is always the case that ultimately the problems in all of these countries comes down to demographics. Haiti is a shithole because it is full of Africans. Mexico is a shithole because it is full of Mexicans. We are seeing another example of this unfolding right now in the Mexican state of Sinaloa and it portends what the future of the U.S., first the Southwest but eventually most of the country, will look like….

News reports feature a lot of pictures of buildings and vehicles on fire. Unless El Chapo’s son is released, things could get really ugly down there. Worse, these scenes are going to spill over at some point very soon in American cities near the border, starting with those that already have mestizo majorities.

Mexican cops tend to wear masks to disguise their identity and the police are often as corrupt as the cartels, the few honest cops seem to get killed on a regular basis with little done about it. American criminals have some fear of the police but in Mexico and Central America that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Unlike black gangs in America, many of the cartels are run by people who seem to be pretty smart or at least far more organized than the Crips and the Bloods. Men like Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán and before him Pablo Escobar ran enormous, sophisticated criminal empires that generated billions in revenue and moved drugs by the ton into America. They are also vicious in ways unimaginable to normal people. The stories of violence carried out by drug cartels is chilling. While blacks shoot rivals in drive-bys, often missing their intended target and riddling by-standers, the cartels torture and dismember their victims to strike terror into the hearts of law enforcement and rivals alike.

It might be tiresome but it is necessary to continue to point out that mestizos passed blacks in terms of population around 2000 and have been rapidly expanding.

As mestizos increase in number, they seem to be replicating the behavior that made their home nations into shitholes in the first place. One of the early mass shootings in 2023 happened in Dallas….

3 Killed, 2 Injured in Shooting at North Dallas Apartment Complex: Police

Normally one would assume this was black on black violence, but in the story we see a lot of mestizo names among those interview including the aunt of one of those killed:

Resident Marie Revolongo said in Spanish that her 23-year-old nephew was one of the victims. She said she asked him not to go out Thursday night, then went to wake him for work Friday morning and he was not in his room.

This sounds more like a targeted killing of mestizos likely by other mestizos.

Police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman said detectives were working hard to identify the people responsible, but that the general public was not believed to be in danger from the shooters who may have had a dispute with the people involved.

It is hard to see how this sort of thing is not going to be increasing in the very near future. The city of Dallas is already well over 40% mestizo and as Whites continue to move into the distant suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the urban inner core will become more like Tijuana with each passing year. Along with these demographic changes, cultural and social changes are inevitable and high on that list will be the northern shift of the cartels into the states bordering Mexico. At the same time, mestizos are flexing their identity muscles and fewer of them are interested in trying to pass for and identify as White….

I am starting to think that we should build the Trump Wall but maybe move it a bit to wall off Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and much of Texas from the rest of the U.S.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    My working theory on why the cartel soldiers seem so fearless of the police, and unafraid of shooting it out with the police, is that they come from 3rd world poverty, and thus they literally have nothing to lose. They either achieve prosperity with the cartel, or else go back to the barrio where they live in a dirt floor shack and have nothing. And the way to achieve prosperity with the cartel is by being its soldier. There isn’t really an American correlation to this because our “poor” people are much, much better off than the Mexican poor. You don’t know what a slum is if you’ve never been south of the border to see one (or to Africa, south Asia etc.).

    Another reason for it is their odds of winning a shootout with Mexican cops may well be higher than what we think about shootouts with the police in the US. Here, the assumption is that once you throw down with LE then they aren’t going to stop until you are dead or in custody and they will call in all reinforcements necessary to achieve that. And in America that is the way it has long been (but perhaps that era is ending). I can’t speak for Mexico specifically but there are a lot of countries where your odds of winning/getting away from a shootout with police are pretty high. I know in South Africa that is the case.

  2. Chongo's Taco Wagon

    Coming soon to a fading banana republic near you!
    The glorious egalitarian workers utopia is really just a turd filled rainbow piñata.
    Sí, se puede!

  3. Anonymous

    Perhaps you are right, Arthur, but my biggest grievance is still, and will remain, with blacks. I live deeply immersed in “enemy territory” by your definition, down in South Texas, surrounded on all sides by mestizos. Curiously, I have yet to meet up with an unpleasant one, face-to-face. I am sure they exist – the crime blotter is littered with gang-related incidents, sex crimes and DUIs. And I sure do know what you mean about their driving skills, drunk or sober (as well as their very lax attitudes about licensure, registration and insurance). Maybe it’s old age, but I am resigned to having to live among them, and I just try to make the best of it.

    Blacks, on the other hand, cannot be abided. They are a curse, a plague, a source of never-ending trouble and grief for literally everyone else. Scratch the surface just a little and even the meek East Asians are seething about their treatment by this country’s chronic problem children. I don’t like the fact that my demographic is on the wane, but I am heartened by the stats that seem to show the proportion of blacks in the population has stabilized, and will likely end up shrinking over time.

    Unfortunately, however, this will make them even more of a protected species, at least until mestizos gain critical mass and it is decided that the slavery pity party is over. I predict this will come long about the time that the first lettuce-picker is asked to pay reparations to the great-great-great-grandchillen of the last cotton-picker.

    • Yankee Terrier

      Arthur! I am a refugee from Kalifornia having seen the light in 1984. And I escaped without regrets. Your article is well written and correct.One commenter posted some positive things about Tex-Mex and to some extent it applies, including the army that defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto was about half so. But as an overall group the Mestizos are problematic at best. Thank you for good writing.

  4. saoirse

    Pound for pound latrinos/mestizos are much more dangerous than nigs because they’re a lot more ruthless, cunning and bellicose.
    When faced with this type of foe conscious whites must become the rough men standing ready to do violence mentioned by Orwell, and I’m not talking about joining the military.
    Doling out the type of violence necessary goes way beyond being some glory boy firing off a drone or missile or some geared-up hoo ya robocop.
    Provided that they’re even on our side, all that has it’s place but it’s the irregulars and partisans that will drive the muds permanently from our borders
    This will require chucking morality, the Geneva Convention, gelded christ-insane virtue and anything else that gets in the way.
    Look at your women, children, grandchildren, heritage and culture and decide whether a berserker or a saint is what will save them.

    • Zorost

      Morality is for your in-group, with multiple levels of in-group, and a different morality for each level. Family vs. friend, for example.

      Those that are not part of our in-group, and I include many Whites in this category, are not worthy of morality. Extending morality to them is nothing but literal cuckery.

    • saoirse

      Uh huh. I’m referring to the present situation. While some pious fools will offer themselves up as canon fodder and thankfully end their bloodlines, most of your saints will come marching in only when the berserkers have made it safe for them to play their games – so no, they don’t get equal footing… not even close.
      Saints are extremely popular in Latrino America, even amongst the cartel critters. So much for sanctity and providence!

  5. Clown car driver

    So far as blacks go, there seems to have never been an organization outside of the Nation of Islam that has actually been led by blacks. Marcus Garvey went to visit the NAACP , and basically said the offices were full of (((tribal lawyers )))and one negro, that being the Bolshevik WEB Dubois. The NAACP never had a black president until the 1970’s, lol. Always been led by (((tribal leaders))). Anyway, an understanding of why modern blatts be wut dey are is kind of important, know your adversary, etc, etc. the early 1900’s had a host of (((tribal councils))) such as NAACP and the ADL rear their ugly heads to begin to divide and attack the goyim. With out tribal leaders, dem blatts would be quite the problem they are today. But, in the end, it will bad a mess to sort out. And as muh man Saorise says, check your fuckin morality at the door.

  6. 3g4me

    Arthur: While most focus on the city centers full of mestizos, the bigger problem is their spread out into all the suburbs and then rural towns – and this is primarily facilitated by idiot Whites who are too lazy to do their own work, or too cheap to pay a White to do a better job. Our DFW ‘burb house was built by mestizos, like every other subdivision in the area. No substantial difference between ours and one that cost 3 times as much – oh, the countertops might be granite or the light fixtures a bit better than builder grade, but the underlying construction is generally identical. Not one wall or window or electrical outlet cut square. Not one door properly latching. Not one toilet installed using the correct screws. Nothing to code, despite purported ‘inspection’ done by the city. Sure, the illegals ‘work hard,’ but they are generally unskilled and careless. And it’s the Whites who hire them as contract workers who take your money.

    The DC ‘burb I grew up in is now majority mestizo, from what I’ve read. Regular school shootings and rapes. These aren’t the southwest Mexican mestizos, but the Nicaraguans and Salvadorans who started in the DC neighborhoods in the 1980s under conservatard hero Reagan. The Long Island blue-collar town of a friend I visited back in college is now mestizo. The majority of the construction workers building White people’s ‘rural retreats’ in North Carolina and elsewhere are mestizos. They don’t just take the money and go back home. Everyone who hires a Mexican roofer or worker because ‘No one else wants to work’ is fully responsible for the problem.

    I used to care, but here in Texas I gave up a while ago – there is literally no one else to hire – no matter the White company owners or public face of any company, they ALL hire/contract with Mexicans. But once we move I plan to ‘care’ in a very concrete and utterly inflexible way. Some of the other transplants to the Ozarks are replicating their goddamned suburban golf communities with 3000-4000sq ft mcmansions on 1/2 acre lots – and they’re importing mestizos to do the work. I hope all these old silents and boomers are among the first to be killed by their pets. I will wait as long as necessary, and pay as much as necessary, to hire qualified local craftsmen and tradesmen (we have no building skills/experience ourselves and we’re old). I will not patronize the local ‘mexican’ restaurant, nor the Chinese one. I can cook any cuisine just fine – one doesn’t have to import alien people when there are cookbooks and YT videos galore. It isn’t rocket science – and it’s not haute cuisine, either. My husband and I have made a point of patronizing the local eateries – ask the hotel clerk or the waitress or the gas station attendant where they go for breakfast or lunch.

    Becoming part of a community means prioritizing more than just oneself and/or one’s wallet. People have to stop merely prioritizing “muh private property” and start thinking of the now rare ‘common good.’ Of course, the locals who are selling their homes for as many fiat bucks as they can get and facilitating the influx of Cali/NY/Chicago/Dallas Whites with money but no sense of racial solidarity also bear some of the blame. I don’t have a simple solution, but I refuse to be part of the problem. If you want to live White, then Hire White. Buy White. Patronize White. It’s really not that complicated – put your people first.

  7. anonymous

    I have some experience with this. I speak fluent Spanish and passable Portuguese, have traveled across Mexico, S. America, and the Iberian peninsula, and have operated two janitorial business that hired illegal aliens.

    First: The term Hispanic as it is used is meaningless. So is the term Latino. The entire populations of Spain and Portugal are of White European extraction, excepting the recent immigrant invasions. The majority populations of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay are also of White European extraction. This also applies to Chile, and to many many areas of Mexico, as well as, to a lesser extent, the smaller countries in the northern parts of S. America, Brasil, and the Caribbean. I don’t know how to slice the pie, but the vast majority of the population south of the U. S. border are of mixed non-dot-indian descent. These should not be categorized as White.

    Second: There is a large crime problem with the Latino population within the United States. Even setting aside crimes such as illegal immigration, identity theft, and welfare fraud (while not minimizing those), there are sexual crimes (rape and pedophilia), robberies, theft, and crimes related to alcohol abuse. The vast numbers of immigrants entering and staying in the United States makes these crimes impact more people and become much more obvious.

    Third: As President Trump said: “They are not sending us their best.” That is very true. We are not getting their successful, well-educated, wealthy and upwardly-mobile tranch of the population. This subsection of people do not need to immigrate. What we are getting is largely the uneducated, poor, uncultured masses who have watched some TV and are hoping desperately to improve their lives. That there is also a significant criminal element within this cohort is to be expected.

    Fourth: How many of the apex gang members, cartels, and other criminal organizations that afflict our country are actually promoted and enabled by our own government? Drug dealing by the CIA, FBI, and the Justice Department? Arms Trafficking, Operation Fast & Furious, the Contras? The reason they could put Noriega in jail in the U.S. was because he had the SSN required so he could receive government checks. Drug money laundered by the banks in our Federal Reserve System? State Department orders to stand down from drug investigations? (I also have personal experience with that!) How about human trafficking? Pedophiles, anyone? How deep does it actually go?

    Having conceded all that, it is my experience that the vast majority of illegal immigration, while overwhelming in numbers and very much needing to be reigned back and even reversed, consists of basically good people. Yes, they broke the immigration laws. Stipulated. However, for the most part, these people are at least culturally Christian, have at least a generic European outlook and base culture (comparable with current circumstances in the modern European nations), and, while being uneducated, poor, and uncultured, they all have the motivation and drive to better their circumstances. They will work extremely hard and are willing to make major sacrifices for themselves, their families, and even their employers. (I actually had one employee offer to share his lunch with me one day, when I casually mentioned I was hungry. His lunch was dry, toasted bread and nothing else!) This is very much in contrast to the American black population, who for the most part refuse to take advantage of their opportunities to better their lives. These immigrants generally live poor lives, work very hard, go to church, build families and communities, and improve themselves with every generation. I am proud to know the ones I have known, and would depend more upon my immigrant friends than any politician, bureaucrat, liberal, or gov’t functionary that I have ever met.

    As I see it, there are two major problems that are Fu*k**g it up for them and America. #1 is that there is a certain marxist cabal that has invaded the universities and pro-immigration factions (including charities and the Democrat party) that is distorting their views as they improve their lives over generations. Absent this influence, I expect that the majority of those who attain some level of success would be acceptably assimilated to our version of European culture. #2 is that the popular media, made up of the same type of people who influence #1, are turning the CHILDREN of these immigrants into the criminals, gang-bangers, and thugs who comprise the most obvious criminal elements of the so-called hispanic/latino populations. I would go so far as to say that easily 1/3rd or even up to over 1/2 of the heavily criminal hispanic/latino population that we see in the news everyday cannot actually speak Spanish, and so, to that extent, have been removed from the “immigrant column,” and need to be categorized as something else. Calling people “carnal,” “essay,” and “vato,” is not speaking Spanish.

    Birth-right citizenship should be abolished retroactively, and the voting franchise needs to be highly curtailed and absolutely verified – for even those who ARE citizens. But moral, hard-working people, with family values, are not likely to be a detriment to any society, especially not one that is as dissolute and depraved as the one in which we are living.


    We have huge problems in the USA. These problems include illegal immigration. But if we could clean out the Media, the Universities, and the Gov’t, we’d be a lot farther along than if we spend our time bitching about who mows our lawn or dresses our chicken.

    • 3g4me

      Anonymous: Nice mix of facts, fiction, and opinion presented as ‘your truth.’ The native, historic population of Spain is, indeed, White European Christian, particularly since the Reconquista in 1492. The Spanish did a fairly thorough job of removing the Mohammedan and Jevvish populations from their land. Today, of course, they are actively inviting back in the Mohammedans, and passively accepting an influx of sub-Saharan Africans (who literally land inflatables on their beaches in front of modern, sun-bathing Europeans).

      Portugal, historically, same thing. Except they made the mistake of actively importing a not insignificant number of sub-Saharans following their explorations of the African coast (their era as masters of the sea was most definitely a double-edged sword). Depending on the specific location and class, a number of Portuguese have a not insignificant percentage of sub-Saharan genetics.

      You carefully limited your statements about Latin America to the cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo. While Argentina had an active program of “Europeanization” of the population back in the late 1800s, that officially ended decades ago. They subsequently had an enormous influx of indios from elsewhere in South America. And, like everywhere else in the world, they have increasing numbers of sub-Saharans. Brazil has always been a genetic mix, and got an enormous number of blacks from the slave trade to work on sugar plantations. Only a small portion of their population is legitimately White.

      For almost all of Latin America, people who are anywhere from 5-40% native indio term themselves White European. Despite more recent protests and programs against evil rayciss, they almost all aim to ‘whiten’ their skin by marrying up. The only genuinely White portion of the population are those descended from European settlers and immigrants who did not intermarry – people like Jair Bolsonaro. I have done a great deal of genetic research – my husband’s mother was the grand-daughter of Italian immigrants, and while the majority who emigrated from her ancestors’ village went to the US, a not insignificant number went to both Brazil and Argentina. How many of them are still predominantly European is open to question.

      You are generally correct that the successful upper class of Latin American society is generally not whom one meets in the US, but there are notable exceptions. As economic uncertainty and the drug crime increases, the wealthy seek to insulate themselves. An enormous number of these people have property in Miami and/or California. My husband had a customer (who died unexpectedly a number of years ago) originally from Argentina. He went home for a wife and brought her to the US. As soon as he died she sold everything (his home, his precious metal, etc.) and returned home with her magic-dirt “American-born” son. But he still has magic paper citizenship and I’d be surprised if she hasn’t subsequently returned here with him.

      For you to claim the ‘vast majority’ of illegal immigrants are essentially ‘good people’ is naive and misleading in the extreme. If they were productive and successful people – even given the innate corruption of their home nations (which is due to the genetics of the people, not imported pathologies) – they wouldn’t be streaming into gringoland for all the free gibs. They bring their cultural attitudes and attitudes to community mores with them. And their kids share those same genetics and attitudes – yes, even if they wear jeans and eat pizza, they don’t magically become
      European Americans. Imagine that!

      I served my time in visa hell in the Caribbean. Almost 95% of the population (which is predominantly descended from African blacks brought into work on the sugar plantations, along with a percent of sub-continental Indians and Han Chinese brought in to run the colonial administration) want to come to magic America. Almost anyone you meet here from there came on a purported ‘tourist visa’ and just stayed. As I’ve tried to educate the general idiots, the sole difference between illegal and legal immigration is TWO DAMNED LETTERS.

      But I digress. For you to blame all our huge problems on White and (((white))) leftists is disingenuous. We could much more easily identify and combat them if they didn’t have MILLIONS of non-White foot soldiers to pit against us. Because of magic dirt and magic equality, they outvote you. And their children are taking your children and grandchildren’s places in colleges, in jobs, and on the land that the settlers conquered and settled for themselves and ‘their posterity.’

      You and others with your attitudes are an ENORMOUS part of the problem.

  8. anonymous

    Just a silly answer.

    I carefully included many areas of Latin America as having a plurality of White Hispanics, while selecting Buenos Aires and Montevideo as prime examples.

    I defined these immigrants as good people, describing them not as “productive and successful” (since those are not immigrating here) but rather as “culturally Christian, have at least a generic European outlook and base culture,…work[ing] extremely hard and … willing to make major sacrifices for themselves, their families, and even their employers,…work very hard, go to church, build families and communities, and improve themselves with every generation.” I do not see how these qualities can be gainsayed by anyone who can look beyond skin color.

    You are correct, and I did state in my comment, that the absolute numbers of them are certainly a problem, and I would reverse that trend in a heartbeat.

    But you and I are not in charge of reversing that trend. If it is to be reversed, it will happen (or not) by the politicians and their media accomplices.

    I wonder what anyone on this blog would think about the results of exchanging the black population of native home-grown citizens for the most poor, uneducated, Latin American Mestizo on a one to one basis? Would Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, or Houston get worse? Or Better?

  9. 3g4me

    Anonymous: Straw man argument. Most readily concede that the mestizos in AINO are generally not as violent nor as criminal as blacks. That does not make them good neighbors, nor does it make them White. Their ‘Christian’ background includes a large amount of Aztec influence and a worship of Santa Muerte. Why do so many push ‘settling’ for one group of non-Whites versus another? Why the refusal to advocate for one’s own people and their own nation and future? You have no answer for this, rather only a defense for mestizo immigrants. I repeat, straw-man argument.

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