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An Appropriate Ending To 2022

It was another violent year by any measure. For the third year in a row, according to the left-leaning Gun Violence Archive, the U.S. experienced at least 600 mass shootings and over 20,000 murders in general with firearms.

In contrast, as recently as 2014 we had “only” 12,346 murders involving guns and 273 mass shootings. What happened?

George Floyd happened.

After a series of high profile, over-hyped shootings/killings of black men (who were generally committing crimes at the time), the death of George Floyd from a drug overdose while resisting arrest led to a nationwide orgy of violence. While it may seem like it has gotten better, what has actually changed is the media coverage. The media has given a great deal of attention to the mass shootings in place like Uvalde (little kids murdered) and Buffalo, a White guy apparently targeting blacks. The same media has turned a blind eye to the hundreds and hundreds of politically useless mass shootings. I often ask people on social media how many of the more than 600 mass shootings a year they have heard about and why do they think they don’t hear about more of them. That usually gets a clever response like “You’re racist!”.

With blacks being let off the leash and cops increasingly being scared to do their jobs, it has led to a perfect storm where blacks, and more and more often mestizos, are acting on their base impulses with little fear of retribution.

Just recently a teen basketball player from “Excel” High School in South Boston assaulted a ref during a game at Cohasset High School in Massachusetts.

Boston 25 News reported that Cohasset Public School Superintendent Patrick Sullivan said the player allegedly punched the referee in the face after thinking he was charged with another foul when the ref called Cohasset for traveling.

Well-known photographer in the area, Dan Leahy, reportedly witnessed the altercation.

“Out of my peripheral I see a South Boston player coming over to the baseline, I assumed to take the ball out. In fact, he launched at an official and gave him a full nelson right to the side of the head. Which brought the ref down, and he kept exercising a physical attack on this poor ref who was bent over and couldn’t defend himself,” Leahy told Boston 25.

The town of Cohasset is 96% White with a six figure median income and a median home value (in 2013-2017) of $852,300! The high school’s webpage is full of pictures like this:

It looks a lot like my high school. On the other hand, “Excel” is significantly less vanilla. According to the school’s annual report from 2020-2021, of the 1,412 students at “Excel”, a whopping 169 are White, only 84 are black and 1,122 are mestizo. This used to be a working class Irish neighborhood, now it is Guadalajara.

Of course no one is showing the video of the actual assault so we are left to our own devices to identify the race of the student but from the behavior you can probably guess and there are several videos of the start of the game. I think we can assume that “Excel” are wearing the red uniforms…

At the tip-off there are four clearly black players for “Excel” and one lighter skinned kid that appeared to be some variation of mulatto. Meanwhile Cohasset started the game with five White players on the court. You can probably figure out the rest. Punching a ref because you thought you were being called for a foul. That is the impulse control they are famous for.

That is “just” a teen basketball-American punching a ref but that is how it starts. This is how it ends:

Mobile is like many deep South cities, majority black with a rapidly shrinking White population. Videos circulating on Twitter show crowds running from the shooting and the crowds are distinctly dark complexed. Earlier yesterday morning, 9 people were shot in Phoenix, Arizona….

Phoenix is majority-minority with mestizos making up the largest percentage of the population. As is usually the case, no suspects, no motive, no ongoing threat to the community; all the hallmarks of a non-White mass shooting.

It is not just the big cities. The small town of Eudora, Arkansas in the southeast corner of the state near the Louisiana and Mississippi state lines, recently declared an emergency curfew after a “rampage of shootings”

The city of fewer than 3,000 residents has recently experienced more than 10 shootings, according to Mayor Tomeka Butler, including one which killed a local resident on Dec. 24. Facing increased crime, few actionable leads, and limited police resources, Butler announced the “civil emergency curfew” on Dec. 27.

The curfew applies from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m. with exceptions for both employment and medical emergencies, officials said.

By contrast, our neighboring town of Hicksville, Ohio just across the border has a population of around 3,500, is 95% White and as far as I know never has shootings.

As you probably can guess, Eudora is pretty “diverse”

Under the stellar leadership of Mayor Tomeka Butler….

….Eudora has not only an emergency curfew after ten recent shootings, it is under an boil water notice. Like nearby Jackson, Mississippi this diverse community seems to have trouble with keeping the basic infrastructure running.

2020-2022 has seen an explosion in black and mestizo violent crime coupled with laws designed to make it easier for criminals to flaunt the law and then get right back onto the streets in the unlikely event they do get caught, for example the SAFE-T act in Illinois that goes into effect this month (See: Rhodesia 2.0: Now With Even More Murder, Mayhem And Starvation!). This is the same state that saw over 3600 people shot and over 700 people murdered in the past year in Chicago.

This only promises to get worse in the coming year and with the continued global instability caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war and the potential for an invasion of Taiwan in the near future, things don’t look all that positive for the good guys in 2023.


  1. 3g4me

    I am so very, very tired of these people. Not just blacks and mestizos, but the han, the subcons, the various mystery meats. Driving home the other day I again saw a damned gypsy woman begging/’selling flowers’ on the median. And I’m equally sick of the Whites who excuse this as mere ‘environmental’ differences, and think that alien children are all adorable, and lament the lack of diverse restaurants and entertainment in White areas.

    I’ve traveled the world and learned languages and studied history and met interesting people. But I no longer have a home, anywhere I feel an innate connection to the community – by language, culture, religion, social mores. I am no crusader out to proclaim biological truth to the masses – I just want to get away from them all. I want space, and the natural world and minimal contact with other people. Not because of despair or loss of faith in God, but because I just don’t know how He tolerates his aberrant creation, most of whom have chosen to follow Satan into error, evil, and a panoply of vice and sin. I just want out from it all. Let the world burn – it appears God has certainly allowed mankind free will to destroy itself; who am I to disagree?

    • Umglick Goyim

      Could not agree more with your every word, friend. I love my grandchildren, it is no wonder that the Creator loves His children. But by the time mortals get to being adults, they become pretty much worthless or worse. I also can not make connections, humans are like bugs now scurrying around following the stink on the end of their noses… Let it all burn, I will try and survive to rebuild- but not while most of humanity is still in the way…

    • DeplorableGranny

      I am feeling the same way. I am hoping to retire in 5 years and plan to purchase some land in Montana out in the country.

  2. Yankee Terrier

    Arthur, it is always a refreshing pleasure to see and read your work. In an ocean of insanity and delusional babble you supply truth. I grew up in southern California in the 60’s and70’s and watched the destruction and degradation the worship of whatever the years buzzword lately called diversity or equity caused. I escaped from there in the mid 1980 s and have watched the same story replay itself over and over in other locales. The Einsteinian definition of insanity in action, and with few voicing their true observations. Keep at your work Arthur the truth is precious, and I enjoy it .

    • Arthur Sido

      Acquitted of course not being the same as “innocent” but sweet baby Jesus this name: “Ulysses Ke’Andre Wilkerson is the other man charged in Irvin’s death” W T actual F.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    There has to come a breaking point. A point at which even the die-hard leftists understand that they, too, are under attack by the simian hordes. I’d like to think that wealthy White New York City dwellers are going to come around sooner, rather than later. They can no longer hide inside their gated communities now that it is common knowledge that there is little to no repercussion for B&E in that liberal hellhole. It has to start with the AWFLs, for they are the ones who push the liberal line the hardest.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Best as I can tell that never happened in South Africa. Unless it’s happening right now, but now it’s far, far too late. When I was there 15 years ago the white leftists were still white leftists.

    • 3g4me

      Moe Gibbs: New York City is officially 30% White – about half of those are Jevvs, and I’d hazard another 5% are “White Latinos” or subcons and Arabs who call themselves White. So you’re dealing with perhaps 15% at most of legitimate White European heritage people. If they are still in New York, NOTHING will make them leave. Why on earth would you expect them to come around, when even out in other states Whites rush to forgive the rapists and killers who stalk them? The Whites who come up with every excuse for why it’s okay that Susie or Johnny got the crap beaten out of them by Jamal or Juan because rayciss? If your plan is depending on the average Joe Normal anywhere to suddenly wake up and take his own people’s side, then as the old saying goes, “sh&t in one hand and hope in the other, and see which one fills up faster.”

  4. saoirse

    Happy New Year…… or another Jew Year?

    Niggers rampage
    Mestizos roam
    Whites defile their ancestral home

    Faggots prancing
    Trannies appall
    Whites just love their shopping mall

    Feminists scowling
    Illegals squat
    Whites line up to get their shot

    This all continues
    You cannot abate

    More David Eden Lane and less Tucker Carlson!

  5. Danny

    It’s pretty obvious what’s taking place in the US – the negroes are outnumbered by far and this makes some of them (the more violent types) quite fearful. Many of the African-Americans are content (or should be) with their situation living in the most successful economy a nation has ever produced.

    Problem is the violent assholes are making it difficult to move ahead. They are keeping our society back. And so it will continue until the citizens put a stop to it.

  6. There Is Nothing Left To Save

    Let it all burn to the ground. Shooters practice and get those groupings nice and tight, even with no aim quick draw from forward of the hip.
    Maybe the FIB or Criminals In Action can ship another armaments train through the Vibrancy part of town with a letter from the KKK as cover.
    Central Casting Kabuki will be busy with third rate actors as actual instances of muh racism are as rare as a Dodo.
    Maybe some outsourcing could be done Smollett style with rampaging Amish youth burning down Chimpcongo. (Honk!)

  7. J. Smith

    Here is a story that should have went national, hmmn wonder why? He was a special forces HUMINT Analyst, no not an operator, still support, but he underwent higher levels of training and vetting than your average army, black support function logtoad or personalist, which I think is the shortest school in the services, hmmn🤔.

    Anywho. Crestview is the closest town to me, I live very rural outside of crestview, in crestview they are seeing at least every week or two a shooting or a killing, 90+% done by the 13% club, usually involves drugs or drama. They had a rolling shoot em up where these cretins were driving through town just shooting everything a few months back, cops: uh, we never caught them. This town 20 years ago was like zero violent crime beside bubba getting into a drunken bar brawl which used to be good Friday night fun IMO. When DoD moved 7th SFG here circa 2010 things went downhill. 7th SFG’s AO is south/central America which brought the latin wives club and families in toe, which is fine they dont do this shiite the apes do. Problem is virtually ALL the Army support is black. If anyone wants to challenge that statement I will gladly give you chapter and verse on how I single-handedly got a 99% black army reserve support unit in Mobile disbanded for criminal, racist corruption, thank you. Anyway, not only did it bring thousands of blacks in support, not SF operators, most in 7th SFG are white or latino, but the blacks bring their cuddis, their friends and their extended criminal families with them, in two years after arrival you wouldn’t have recognized this town, thank you Uncle Sugar. Now we have drug problems, gang problems, shootings every couple of weeks and murders frequently. Go look at the crime stats and demographics this summer in Panama City, unbelievable, mostly blacks, over like 500 guns seized, most from Birmingham. I digress. But, out where Im at, they know where the city line is and don’t generally venture to the rural areas which are 99% white, crazy, meth head, gun toting rednecks, or vets that want to be left alone. Either way, we don’t suffer that bs out here. Even the Sheriff’s deputies out here will tell you just post your property and call us to come get the body. Point is, the destruction of decent, even sometimes poor white areas is happening everywhere these evolutionary throwbacks go. Please support reparations so they can buy 40’s of malt liquor, 40 cal glocks with switches, Dodge hellcats and then all of them will destroy each other in 30 days or less or go to jail.

  8. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    “Mayor Tomeka Butler” it’s always seems to be the damn Amish leaders. Okay people how much television do you watch because the tiny percentage of people who make the news are the ones you are commenting on. Good young and old people do not make the news because it doesn’t sell or distract you.

    Turn off the news and change your attitude, years ago I became a fan of young people due to observations of my kids, their friends, friends of mine kids and the public. THEY ARE OUT THERE

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