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An Amazing Feat!

Cue up Men At Work: Who can it be now?

600 rounds? That must have been a massacre!


Numerous sources confirmed to Troubleshooters two gangs had fired more than 600 rounds using at least 40 different types of guns and that it was not a New Year’s Eve dangerous practice of shooting in the air.

No one was shot or killed, because of the distance between shooters, some sources explained. Some officers, speaking off the record called the lack a fatality “a miracle.”

It’s in a city, how can you not hit someone even accidentally? Even blindfolded I think I could hit someone if you gave me 40 different guns and 600 rounds.

If they could learn to stand and shoot properly, the murder rate in America would increase 10,000%. Someone should offer them free lessons…


  1. saoirse

    They’re too stupid and arrogant to teach. Just give them grenades. They’re good at throwing things, and if they fumble well…. who gives a shit!

  2. Glorious Enrichment

    A local subdivision sector cookie cutter mcmansion got sprayed with 100 rounds from several different calibers in a case of mistaken identity.
    Luckily the homeowners were away on vacation.

  3. Razorback

    Some officers, speaking off the record called the lack a fatality “a miracle.”

    I call bullshit. If anything, those jaded officers likely concluded, “NHI – No Humans Involved.”

    I’ll bet there is a market for cyanide-tipped ammo among that demographic. When a homeboy does finally get lucky enough to graze a target (other than his bad self), he might at least stand a chance of scoring a kill.

    • anon

      This. Even if they kill more of each other, the survivors will be a lot more dangerous. They already kill too many whites without extra training.
      Comments like giving them training just is another way of trying to make things work, make others put in more effort (in this case nigs nogging) without doing the hard work personally. Just know what each of you has the capability to do, and do it, one day at a time.

  4. Big Country Expat

    Think it was in the Congo, the junglebunnies there thought it was the -bang- of the gun going off that kil’t people… I read about it in one of the bios of Mad Mike Hoare… seems that the Simbas (the cannibal fucking feral revolutionaries) would charge into battle thinking their witch-doctors had blessed them and made them bulletproof and would blindly charge in firing their FALs in the air, to which the Whypeepo Mercs would cut ’em down in wholesale lots…

    Not much different that that above mentioned story Aye?

  5. KDOG

    Hey Arthur …. can you do a post on the shooting at thr Walmart in Evansville, Indiana on Thursday? The shooter was of a swarthy hue.

  6. Danny

    Spear-chucker mentality and firearms do not mix. For God’s sake can’t they just pound on drums and jump around for entertainment?

    • Anonymous White Male

      “For God’s sake can’t they just pound on drums and jump around for entertainment?”

      Well, they do that, too. You can’t restrict the poor oppressed simians to just pounding on drums and jumping around. Their attention span is so short they need the extra stimulation of White man’s pew pew juju.

  7. RomeoCharlieWhiskey

    Whenever watching credentialed/competitive marksman shoot and, you know, hitting their target(s) with a sidearm, I never noticed them gripping it sideways. Hmm…

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