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The latest indignity, the most recent mile marker on the highway to the end of Western civilization….

The city in question is Hamtramck, Michigan. As recently as 1970 Hamtramck was 90% Polish and has long been famous for pączek to be devoured on Fat Tuesday. Today the city is a very different place.

Hamtramck has a population 28,000. More than half of the residents are of Yemeni or Bangladeshi descent, the Free Press said.

Both Yemen and Bangladesh are renowned for being shitholes full of the kind of people who make anywhere they squat into shitholes. Hamtramck also has a five member City Council, 100% of the members being Muslims. Now they have approved animal sacrifice for religious purposes, the slaughtering of animals to appease their bloodthirsty “god”.

Muslims often slaughter animals, especially goats or sheep, during the holiday of Eid al-Adha or pay someone to do it for them. Meat is shared with family, friends and the poor.

“It’s not something new or novel,” explained Dawud Walid, director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

“This is when Muslims recognize Abraham sacrificing a sheep instead of having to sacrifice his son,” Walid said, in an apparent reference to the Quran and Old Testament passage.

Animal sacrifice to appease Allah. How charming and what a lovely replacement for the once deeply Christian community that built Hamtramck. I don’t have any objection to killing animals, as a hunter, meat eater and livestock raiser, but I have seen Muslims around here buying livestock privately and then making a mess of the killing leading to an animal suffering needlessly because Allah wants it or some other bullshit.

Invite savages who have never advanced beyond primitive, bloodthirsty beliefs into your country and you get a more savage, dumber and grotesque country in return.


  1. Jay L

    Well, I’m sure the reason these people haven’t attained “the American Dream” since migrating from their assorted shitholes is because they haven’t been allowed to sacrifice animals since they’ve arrived. I’m sure now that they can, they’re all gonna learn flawless English, get great paying jobs that allow them to get off welfare, and test scores in schools will go through the roof! They only reason they’re in the state they’re in is cuz YT has been keeping them away from their God through supremacy shenanigans!

  2. Barn Burner

    The land of Wretchen Whitler is a write off boycott zone no matter how much Amish and lake country are missed.
    How about a LQBTBBQ in Hamtramck! (Honk, honk)

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Where the hell is PETA? Those fools made a big stink about the scene in Shawshank Redemption when Brooks fed a live worm to his pet crow in the cafeteria. Yet they go mum when goats are ritually slaughtered (or wooed) by members of the religion of pieces?

    There is a not-insignificant overlap between PETA and radical feminists, which may well explain this ‘silence of the lambs’. Don’t want to agitate our precious 3rd world refugees, because, better rapists than racists, don’tchaknow.

    • Arthur Sido

      There is overlap in all of these groups. The people calling the shots at PETA don’t give a shit about animal suffering, animal rights is just another way to undermine our society.

  4. anon

    Now let’s consider sacrifice…
    There are a lot of feral animals running about ruining the lands that were passed down to us from our ancestors.
    Instead of this constant desecration of their gifts and their legacy, there could be sacrifices to cleanse it since previous generations let in a slew of parasites and their savage minions.
    Bring back that old-timey religion.

  5. Clown car driver

    Well one good thing that’s coming from all the insanity showcased here is the fact that America ain’t coming back, it shows and it’s obvious. We are here, in a Phillip K Dick acid trip future. Or, is it the turner diaries future?

  6. saoirse

    White ethnic groups have given up their urban neighborhoods to move out to a prefabricated existence in the “burbs” for at least the last fifty years. The problem is endemic countrywide.
    In this case, whites in Deetroit cede their turf over to nigs who in turn cede it to sand nigs. Regarding the latter, there was once a robust political system that would have never allowed those sub-humans into this country or the cruel treatment of animals. The other pongoids would be radically culled and sent back to their native lands in Afreaka. The U.S. defeated the wrong enemy and now reaps it’s just reward!

  7. Danny

    Sacrificing animals – how quaint! Yeah those savages should not even be on this continent.

    This shit needs to be put down – put down hard.

  8. Zorost

    This is a great example how religion gets warped to fit the people, although the opposite can happen to a lesser extent. Take a bunch of desert savages who worship rocks and practice animal sacrifice, give them a religion that prohibits worshipping objects or doing pagan shit, and they’ll still worship a rock and do pagan shit. While believing in djinns, devils, etc.

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