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Adventures In Third World America!

Those wacky vibrantly diverse denizens of the North American continent, always up to shenanigans! It’s been a wild weekend for me so I’m not awake enough for anything serious, fortunately the news always provides plenty of fodder for some cheap point-and-laugh comedy.

First we return to Doctor Samizdat’s ‘hood, the thriving modern metropolis of Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson is a goldmine of third world nonsense as it is full of people from the third world. The water supply has been a regular topic here and it is just getting worse.

Jackson is around 80% black if you count people of mixed race as black, and I do. Who could have seen this coming? More from the story..

Our research shows over 6,000 out of nearly 9,000 businesses have left the city in that same time period.

Businesses leave and the tax base follows, and it tracks neatly along with the flight of Whites from Jackson and every other city in America.

As the subheading shows, Jackson is just further along the path but lots of the infrastructure in the U.S. is crumbling despite the U.S. spending trillions of dollars every year for….well something important I am sure but not infrastructure. Whatever happened to those “SHOVEL READY JOBS” in infrastructure we were promised? It never made it to the roads, bridges, electrical grid, water and sanitation systems, on and on. Perhaps the simplest distinction between the developed world and the third world is that in the developed world you don’t think about things like the lights coming on when you flip the switch or clean water coming from the tap. Pretty soon the whole U.S. is going to look first like Jackson, then like Johannesburg and shortly thereafter like Port au Prince.

Next we stop by Memphis, Tennessee. I have already talked more than I wanted to about the beating death of Tyre Nichols. The Zman commented on his Subscribestar that:

Frankly, if you stripped off the uniforms and set this scene in an airport terminal, it looks like many other videos of the genre. We used to have a term for this. When nonwhites went berserk like this, it was called wilding.

That is spot on. This is the behavior we expect from blacks, ganging up on one other person, beating them when they are down, completely disproportionate violence. I haven’t watched the video and I probably won’t because I just don’t care enough but I did like this story about the powerful stromph blaque wahmen of colour that runs the Memphis P.D., one Cerelyn “CJ” Davis. When she became the chief, everyone was all gaga because she was the first stronk wahmen of colour to be chief of police in Memphis. Whether she was qualified or not was less important than the “historical significance” of her hiring. So then I read this….

Turns out “C.J.” had been fired from a job with the Atlanta PD because she squashed an investigation into the husband of a different blaque wahmen cop who had photos of himself nekkid with nekkid underage girls.

She was fired from the Atlanta police department in 2008 for her alleged involvement in a sex crimes investigation into the husband of an Atlanta police sergeant, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Two detectives accused Davis of telling them not to investigate Terrill Marion Crane, who was married to sergeant Tonya Crane after the police department obtained photos of him with underage girls.

A federal grand jury later indicted Terrill Crane on child pornography. He pleaded guilty to one count of child pornography in 2009, the newspaper reported.

I imagine that Tonya Crane went to Davis to intercede on behalf of her husband…who had pictures of himself with underage girls. So Davis was fired but then, according to Wikipedia, she was rehired by the Atlanta PD and then promoted. The year she was fired for covering up the husband of a cop molesting underage girls, she was honored by Oprah Winfrey….

That same year, O, The Oprah Magazine, identified Davis as one of eighty women forming the O White House Leadership Project, Women Rule!.

I guess protecting black women in positions of prominence was more important than protecting underage girls from a predator. She was eventually promoted to Deputy Chief in Atlanta and then the chief of police in Durham, NC before finally being hired in Memphis. Our cities are mostly run by this same sort of black career grifters and hustlers that run the Memphis PD and the city of Jackson, Mississippi (see also: Looking At Jackson And Memphis Is Like Looking Into A Crystal Ball and also The Power Of The Persecution Myth For Minority Populations and Coming Apart Piece By Piece). From mayors to city councils to police departments, the leadership roles than are supposed to be running these cities are now overwhelmingly run by minorities that seem mostly concerned with siphoning money for themselves. White politicians and appointees did this too but at least the garbage got picked up. I loved this quote, tip of the hat to Doctor Samizdat, from Gab.

Back in the day TV shows like The Sopranos and The Wire showed the corruption and graft in black civil rights leaders, community activists and very often black clergy, a big reason why those shows could never be made today. Corruption and graft are, as the good doctor told me, the one skill blacks have perfected (along with twerking, inaccurate drive-by shootings and wrecking every place they live).

Then a quick look at highlights of African aeronautics!

The Alabama mom in question is one Courtney Edwards….

Picture from same article linked above.

It sounds like she was warned multiple times to stay clear but she don’t need no man telling her what to do and went into the engine. Spoiler alert, you don’t win a fight with a jet turbine….

Big Country has some after-action photos on his post, just of the turbine: Impressive Engineering. Needless to say, it was messy. I suspect they had a tough time getting enough remains to fill a shoebox but according to the NY Post article not all is lost….

According to the description of a GoFundMe campaign that was launched to help Edwards’ family, the woman is survived by her mother and three young children. The fundraiser so far has drawn more than $102,000 in donations.

I just checked and it is up to a little over $112,000 because someone stepped in front of a running jet engine that they are trained to stay at least 15 feet away from, the area in front being called “the ingestion zone” which is delightfully vivid. I am sure that the three baby daddies of her three kids will save those funds for her three kids to go to college and not spend the hunnerd grand on new rims and gold teef.

Staying on the topic of blacks and mass transit…..

The football player was black and I suspect the train engineer was as well….

A light rail train operator has been charged in the death of a 17-year-old St. Frances Academy football standout who was killed in a February crash in Linthicum.

Lamar Patterson died Feb. 2, 2022, when his car was struck by a light rail train on his way to school. Tavon Smith has been charged with negligent manslaughter, criminal negligence and reckless endangerment, according to court records.

So some of the lights were going but the arms weren’t down all the way, and that famous impulse control was at work, leading to a dead black kid and soon to be imprisoned black train operator. This all happened almost a year ago and they are just getting around to charging Tavon Smith.

You can just browse news stories all day and find story after story like this, if you can weed out all of the stories about blacks shooting each other that dominate most news cycles. In fact, without black crime stories and with Trump out of office, what would the local media talk about? Little League scores and upcoming rummage sales I guess.

It bears repeating, not because we can do anything about it happening but because the warning bells are sounding all over the place:

If you fill a first world nation with people from the third world, you don’t civilize the third worlders, you inevitably turn that first world nation into a third world nation.

We are seeing this playing out right in front of us and the only thing you can do is try to achieve some level of separation on an individual basis to lower your odds of becoming a victim.

Cheerful thoughts for a snowy Sunday morning!


  1. Anonymous White Male

    The thing that has always gotten me is how the “elite” think that they can maintain the first world standard they live in with third world simians. Sure, they are useful when you want to drive Whites away from real estate so you can buy it at fire sale prices, or terrorize a populace by letting them run wild. And it’s not like the “elite” know how to fix anything or do manual labor. So, they are going to have to maintain a reservoir of White or Asian craftsmen and handymen to keep things running smoothly. Given that I don’t believe that the top tier of the “elite” are unaware of this, you are left with asking, “What is your endgame here? You want to eliminate Whites, but you can’t have a first world standard without them. Haven’t you built your own destruction in with this strategy?” But, you eventually realize that the top tier of the “elite” is Lucifer. He has lost, so he wants to take down God’s creation with him. And the fastest way to do this is destroy or breed the White race out of existence. “If I can’t have it, I will destroy it and myself as well.” Better to rule in Hell than serve in heaven.

    • KDOG

      My friend, that is perhaps the best synopsis/succinct analysis of why we are in the mess we are in. If only at least half the population was as aware as you are …

  2. West South Africa

    How about that Fundamental Transformation.
    Yes we can!
    Thinking about moving to escape the mudslide and black hand of economics?
    The equity in housing act will make sure every county and town in FUSA is vibrant and diverse.
    At least the tweets aren’t mean.

  3. Locustpost

    Here’s a thought experiment. You are in charge of promoting tourism for your big city. Is it better to have an incident where 5 black cops beat a black law breaker to death or is it better to have 5 white cops beat a black law breaker to death?

  4. Mike in Canada

    Now there are stories that three of those Memphis officers were in fact gang members, able to be LE due to relaxed hiring standards. If this is true, that is a very serious situation.
    Ours is a high trust civilization. That critical trust is already under pressure, as more and more aspects of our society are shown to be… well, not entirely as advertised, shall we say. Develop this kind of doubt regarding LE, and you are on your way to a total breakdown in all the hitherto unnoticed social contracts that enable the smooth operation of our way of life…. This is a third-world level of corruption, with a familiar lack of trust in government institutions.
    Once lost, that trust is not easily reestablished; perhaps, it is impossible to do so. Already, there are noticeable cracks in the relationship between LE and ordinary Canadians, stemming from the police actions we witnessed during the convoy action in Ottawa a year ago (especially once the Emergencies Act was in effect).
    I do not know how we come back from this, if that is even an option.

    • mike fink

      I think the desired end goal the enemy seeks is to turn the police into an American Tonton Macoute. They are opening up police work to illegal alien (felony) non citizens while they dispose of as many white heritage American cops as possible. They expect these gangsters to intimidate and violently manage the white population at the local level while the militarized elite SWAT type police will be maintained at the federal level. They probably did not figure on a public black on black incident like this, but they will blame white police culture anyway and continue to hire the criminally inclined as long as they are not white

  5. Xzebek

    We have dumbed down standards, eviscerated them actually, in an attempt to put blacks in positions where the vast, vast majority of them do not belong. It’s is a self destructive and useless quest. It benefits neither side and keeps people from realizing that de facto separation is the best option.

  6. Razorback

    Alabama mom…warned to stay black

    Fixed it. That pursed-lipped indignant glare of the unfortunate homegirl in the picture says it all: Y’all owe me a livin’, and don’t y’all tell me to stay back!

    Seriously? That’s the best photo they could scrounge up of the sheboon? Not even a middle school stepping-up picture with cap and tassel? Whenever I see a face like that on a cashier at the grocery store I go to the next register over, or do self checkout. Nothing good ever comes from interacting with a person who presents a face like that to the world.

  7. saoirse

    Separation comes to fruition when conscious whites instigate it by moving away from the cities and taking their resilience, aptitude and tax money with them. The woke gubments and corporatistas aren’t going to lift a finger to reverse the shitshow they created so leave them to their doom. No career is worth risking your or your progeny’s life for!!
    Until then: Turbine engines be rayciss and black cops be white cuz we says dey iz!

  8. Mike Hendrix

    “Pretty soon the whole U.S. is going to look first like Jackson, then like Johannesburg and shortly thereafter like Port au Prince.”

    Oh sure, but after that…WAKANDA!

    Yep, it’s gonna be GREAT.

  9. AZFloyd

    The pictures at BC’s site of Courtney-juice spayed all over the tarmac gave me a big laugh.

    I can just imagine the indignant negress, “sheeeeeeiiit, I aints gotz to lisssinnen to no whitey.” CACHUNK.

    Turbine engine be raycisss yo.

  10. Gryphon

    In forty Years as a Jet Mechanic, I saw that only once. When the Boeing 737/300 model came out, it was the first Low-Wing Jet with Turbofan Engines. The older, “Straight-Pipe” High Compression Ratio Turbojets didn’t move a lot of Air at Idle on the Ground, and while it wasn’t Safe to walk right in front of one, you still had the “Protection” of the Inlet Guide Vanes, a set of fixed Stator Blades in front of the Moving Parts.

    The Turbofan Engines have Big, Forged-Titanium Blades right in front.They are Sharp enough to Cut you if you just Touch them. I wore a Leather Jacket, Gloves and Hat when I climb into the Intake and take the Dremel Grinder to clean up Nicks made by FOD. At Idle Rpm, that Fan is so big it Moves Air in a Volume that will Grab you off your Feet from a good Ten Feet away. If you want a Demonstration of what Happens, take the Rubber Guard out of your Kitchen Sink, turn on the Garbage Disposal, and Drop a Mouse into it. Don’t Blink, you will Miss it.

    • saoirse

      What kind of gelded sick fuck pussy would do that to a mouse? Mice are worth more than nigs, kikes, muds, politicians, corporatistas, religionistas and most people in general! Stick with the Morbark plan and leave the critters the fuck alone!

      • Gryphon

        You forgot the /S/ Tag.
        No, I don’t do Cruel Things to Mice, but they are still Enemy Invaders as far as my Place is concerned. Spring-Traps are quick, and probably less painless than the Woodchipper.

    • KDOG

      Right. Lots O’ truth-spittin’ in the comments to thus post. Perhaps some of the best I’ve read on this blog so far, and the quality was already good.

  11. AZ Bill

    Saying the photographs didn’t show the woman was incorrect. It did show the woman, just not in pieces large enough to identify as being human.

    The score, Jet Engine 1, Black Woman who won’t listen to her White Honkie Boss 0

  12. AZFloyd

    “What kind of gelded sick fuck pussy would do that to a mouse? ”

    He didnt acutally put a mouse in a garbage disposal Did you virtue signal on the real death of your hamburger? You know, if whites were a little bit more psychopathic and a little less virtue signaling, things might turn around.

    Thank you virtue signaller. I admire your strong virtue to stand against a hypothetical.

    The black plauge , carried by vermin like mice, says hello.

    Fucking white people and their fucking paper thin virtue.

    • saoirse

      LOL! Nothing gets the radical conservative court eunuchs riled up more than animal advocacy. Seems Sir Cuckold’s gotta smite those of us who prioritize fauna and flora over useless eaters.

      You ignore the gist of my comment so you can make a bitchy straw man argument but that’s par for the course for you bad-ass-psycho Mitty boys that never go outside. If questioning the cruel treatment of a mouse (be it actual or virtual) whilst advocating for tossing untermenschen into a chipper is virtue signaling then so be it!

      By the way, the theory that the fleas from rats (not mice, but you wouldn’t know the difference) were what caused the black death has been debunked but you may continue to identify with the flagellants and the wholesale killing of cats to temper the wrath of your imaginary jealous gawd.

      Enjoy that double bacon cheeseburger and supersized fries and soda fat boy.

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