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2023: The Year Of Inequality

For several years now it has felt like we are coming to a tipping point. The pot is bubbling and about to start boiling. Insert your favorite metaphor. Maybe things will kick off in 2023, probably they won’t, but the chances of the wheels coming off are not zero and are higher than at any point in modern history.

If we are being honest, things are not looking rosy for Team /Ourside/. It was a bad year in 2022 and it looks worse in 2023. Jared Taylor broke down just how shitty it was for Whites last year,

As we diminish in numbers and the border will be swamped even more when Title 42 finally falls, vengeance and entitlement are going to create a toxic and violent soup. With more people each day cramming into the country and fewer Whites left to keep the lights on, the roads passable, the water flowing and the garbage collected, the whole country is going to start to look like the South Africa/Rhodesia/Haiti-esque mess in Jackson, Mississippi. Basic services won’t be performed and the response is going to get ugly as tens of millions of entitled minorities that have grown used to the functioning society we built find themselves living back in third world conditions. Add in the rampant violent crime in our progressively less White country and we are looking at a bad time.

This year, like the prior few years but more so, will be one where your choices are going to set you apart from the sheep and the prospective victims.

There is really no need for a list of things you should do this year as the list is the same as every year: eat better, exercise more, train with your firearms, stock up on your preps, read books to inform and keep your mind sharp, harden your heart for what is to come.

I am more interested in the philosophical aspect of setting yourself apart from the pack.

Lots of people die in manmade calamities like civil wars and genocides, but you know who really dies a lot when the SHTF?

Average people.

In the Holodomor, the Kulaks and other Ukrainians who died were farmers and regular people. In the killing fields of Cambodia or the slaughter in Rwanda the people killed were just average people. In World War II the nations with the most deaths were place like the USSR and China. Look at how many civilians died in those places. Civilian deaths among the “Allied” nations were 58% of all deaths and adding in Germany and Japan, 62% of the people who died in WW II were non-combatants.

In other words, just regular people. Nobody makes films or TV series like Enemy At The Gates or Band of Brothers to talk about the regular people who died in WW II, it just isn’t that interesting, but they died in horrible ways nevertheless. The Japanese were especially brutal in stark contrast to the image most people have of Japanese today, meek and harmless. The grandfathers of those soft Japanese men of today were brutal rapists, torturers and murderers without a shred of remorse, fanatics that put Islamic terrorists to shame.

Not to belabor the point but the tens of millions of average, regular people that fill our suburbs and cities will bear the brunt of whatever calamity happens. Poor people are used to deprivation and violence but the soft suburbanites are most definitely not.

It might not be a solution but it is a step in the right direction to be outside of the average.

The average “American” is out of shape, unprepared for any calamity no matter how mild, mentally brainwashed. Weak physically, weak emotionally. That is what “equality” has brought us, hundreds of millions of people who are equally dim and feeble. Why would you think equality is something to strive toward?

I don’t want to be equal to people who are ignorant and frail in body and mind. Only the weak seek for equality.

Let the average desire equality, 2023 should be your year to be inequal, to rise above and be better. You know how to make that happen, whether it happens or not is up to you.

What you do, starting right now, will make an enormous difference in potential outcomes. I won’t guarantee that if you train at the range, workout and eat better and prepare for the worst that you will thrive or even survive. What I do say is that for all of us there are multiple paths from now until the end of 2023 and doing these things means that you will have more avenues to make it to the end of the year in better shape than most people. And if things do go tits up, the average people who embraced equality will die like flies. Maybe you will too, even if you lifted the heavy things and ate the good stuff and shot your firestick every weekend but the odds are better that you will survive if you do those things.

Leave equality and average to the future victims. Be extraordinary. Seek greatness. Become hard to kill and impossible to control.


  1. KDOG

    Great post. I used to be a competitive powerlifter in my early 30s, and your post reminded me of guy in the gym who used to say “Don’t be average!” when he was spotting someone and getting them psyched up to do a big lift.

    Now I’m mid-50s and get my workouts on a construction site. I’m in better shape than many men my age, but as you said, there’s always room for improvement.

  2. Zorost

    “I am more interested in the philosophical aspect of setting yourself apart from the pack.”

    I get what you are saying, and agree. However, part of our goal should be to set up our own pack.

    No one is coming to save us, and no one is getting through this alone.

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