Wednesday, September 28, 2022


I am not in the loop enough to know what is going on but I will direct you to a solid post from John Wilder this morning, Flirtin’ With Disaster, And By Disaster, I Mean Nuclear War...

...and also this video from Tucker. 

They are doing shit right out in the open and daring you to notice.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

But Muh Red Wavez!

People just never learn. Not even two years removed from the neo-Bolshevik Left engineering the outright theft of a Presidential election, where a doddering old fool with dementia received 81 million "votes", the usual suspects are out proclaiming an incoming "red wave" that will sweep the Grand Old Party back into control of both chambers of Congress. 

Granted, there should be a red wave and there would be a red wave, provided that the Republican party was led by anyone with an above room temperature IQ. Red hot inflation, unaffordable gas and food prices, the southern border being overrun, black violent crime running unchecked in most major cities. For any competent political party out of power, winning this fall should be an easy lay-up. But we are talking about the GOP after all. 

Have you noticed how un-panicked the Democrats are? 

Almost like they know the results already and are completely confident.

Saw this today:

With six weeks to go until November’s elections, a new public opinion poll in the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania indicates that Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman is ahead of GOP nominee Mehmet Oz in the race for Senate, with Democratic state Attorney General Josh Shapiro leading Republican state Sen. Doug Mastriano by double digits in the gubernatorial showdown.

Fetterman tops Oz, the cardiac surgeon and celebrity doctor, 51%-44% among those likely to vote in the general election, according to a Marist College Poll in Pennsylvania conducted Sept. 19-22 and released on Tuesday. Among a wider pool of all registered voters, the survey indicates Fetterman with a 10-point 51%-41% lead, with 7% of those questioned undecided.

Sure "Dr. Oz" is a terrible, unlikable candidate but Fetterman? The guy lived with his parents most of his life, wears a hooded sweatshirt everywhere and had a stroke fairly recently and can barely talk. Yet he is about to be a freaking U.S. Senator. I wonder if he will get a collared shirt to wear or will keep up his phony "guy who has never had a job populism"?

Expectations are already being tamped down in the serious circles while idiot Boomercons on Newsmax and Fox News social media are still yammering about the "red wave". As for me, I expect to see both chambers of Congress remain in Dem hands, maybe with slimmer majorities. We will see. Either way it will happen without my participation in the farce.

Having cheated once and gotten away with it, why would you think they will ever allow a free and fair election again?

Monday, September 26, 2022

The Border Between Tourism And Conviction

Another of my favorite videos from Paul Waggener of Operation Werewolf.

Paul is a pretty obvious guy. No one is going to see him and think he is an actuary. That is not the case for most of us, we can easily blend in to the surrounding culture, have normie jobs and normie families and pass as normies. Most of us are not covered in tats and riding motorcycles. There is something to be said for that. For now.

I am not here to tell anyone else how to present themselves to the world. Each of us has to make that decision for themselves and with an eye for how it effects their family and friends, their career and their social standing. Many of the most prolific voices on social media from Gab and Telegram to Youtube and Twitter use pseudonyms, something with a long history in this country back to the founding of the nation. Periodically one will get doxxed and usually their voice seems to go silent. 

When I left the corporate world for health reasons in 2014, I was still a corporate drone in good standing. I could have found a new job in some new office somewhere doing some new meaningless bullshit. While I am sure that my old blog torpedoed some job opportunities for me because of saying naughty things about gays and women in the church, it wasn't that offensive. Writing under my real name back in 2016 was a little spooky, things were changing rapidly that year with the election cycle and my eyes were opening up to what I had known all along. I found that I could no longer pretend that what experience had taught me for decades was not really true.

So in November 2016 I started a new blog, using a different profile and an anonymous pseudonym and with a super cringey blog name. I wrote a post titled Welcome and some thoughts on anonymity on the internet and said this:
In general I have never been a fan of anonymous posting on the internet. My position is that if you believe in what you are saying, you should have the courage of conviction to stand behind it publicly. If you are unwilling to say who you are when you say something, maybe you ought not say it. So it bothers me to be putting my opinions and rantings out for public dissemination while seeming to hide behind a pseudonym.

It would be nice to be able to write whatever one wants without concern over retaliation. That isn’t the world we live in. If I were a single guy, a loner with no one to hurt and nothing to lose, it wouldn’t matter much but thankfully I am not. Quite the contrary, I have a wife of many years. a household full of kids and a job. While I don’t think my job would be impacted by using my real name, you never can tell in this world. I am quite certain that writing what I plan on writing using my real name would lead to all manner of threats, harassment and even outright harm to my family. You can do whatever you want to me but I don’t see the value in dragging my kids and wife into the fray. When they get out on their own they can do what they want but while they are in my home their safety and well-being is my top priority and my calling as a father. You might see that as a cop-out or hypocritical. That is your call.

So that leaves me with three options. One is to use my real name and take my chances. As stated above that isn’t feasible or prudent for family reasons. Two is to just keep my opinions to myself and that isn’t palatable given the state of the world in general and America in particular. So that leaves me with this compromise. Maybe someday that will change but given the trajectory of the U.S. I really doubt it.
That blog was spur of the moment and not well thought out, and short lived. Even my wife was giving me some well deserved grief over the blog name so after a few months of sporadic posting I started a new blog in June of 2017 called "Ourselves And Our Posterity", an obvious reference to the Preamble to The Constitution. The new blog was also under a pseudonym and I also was continuing to blog on original site using my real name. I put out 57 posts in 2017 on the new blog (that no one read) and another 132 on my original blog. 

Things took another turn in 2018 driven primarily by a significant religious shift when I walked away from organized religion entirely. It seemed to make sense to shut down my original blog where I had been posting since 2004, posts that were deeply entwined with my former Christian faith. When I started this blog in April of 2018 I knew I was going to take on some of the forbidden topics but some things had changed. I was pretty secure in being self-employed and couldn't imagine going back into the corporate workforce and my kids were older. With that in mind I made the decision to blog whatever the hell I wanted to and do so under my real name. I am an easy person to find, my name combination is unique in the world and even an internet neophyte can figure out who I am without any effort at all. 

My practice for the last couple of years is to archive my posts as soon as they are published while slowly going back to archive older posts. That should preserve my old stuff if my site is nuked but it also means that the path back to normie corporate America is now shut down forever. I am OK with that. Having been liberated from that setting for a number of years, the idea now of going to some soul-crushing job doing meaningless busy work, no matter how good the benefits, makes my skin crawl. 

That provides me with a certain amount of freedom that others don't have. The only thing They hold over my head for now is killing my site, otherwise I am pretty immune to Their standard intimidation tactics. 

Again, I am not here to tell you how to live your life and more specifically how to present yourself to the world via social media. I am saying that the space for being a tourist in the struggle is narrowing quickly. No one is truly anonymous on the internet, not even using a pseudonym behind a VPN. It would be wise now to figure out how to stand for what is right and true even if that means finding new ways to support yourself and even if that means severing relationships. It will come down to that. Better to figure it out ahead of time than to react once it has already happened. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Episode 7,438

All of the elements are here at the Kennywood Phantom Fall Fest. Large crowds of people just hoping to have some fun. Bands of marauding teens looking for trouble. Fight that results in gunfire. Rinse. Repeat.

Police said the shooting escalated from an "altercation" between two groups of teenagers in front of one of the rides inside the park. 

During the course of the altercation, at least one drew a firearm and fired two shots. 

The suspected shooter was described as a Black [sic] teenage male wearing a black hoodie and a COVID mask. 

The most recent census data on Wikipedia is from 2000 and back then West Mifflin, Pennsylvania was close to 90% White. I am sure that has dropped in the meantime. It doesn't matter because events like the Phantom Fall Fest are magnets for groups of "youths" to travel to and generally cause mayhem. What was the squabble that led to the fight and then the shooting? No one seems to know but it is safe to assume it wasn't anything worth shooting someone about. 

We are at a point where people are going to stop going to public places where crowds gather and "teens" are drawn: malls, movie theaters, amusement parks, any kind of fun gatherings. Who wants to load up your kids to go to some crowded event where anything might set off one of the young fellas and cause them to start blasting?

It isn't right that we can't have nice gatherings but that is how it is regardless. Follow the sage advice of Ol' Remus and avoid crowds. 

Saturday, September 24, 2022

What Is The Point Of "Democracy" When The Election Process Is Illegitimate?

From Vertigo Politix, presented without additional commentary:

Not That Kind Of Nostalgia

There is so much that was better about life in the 1980s. It was mostly still a high trust society where kids played until it got too dark to see, where being outdoors was more entertaining than being indoors where we didn't have the internet. The girls were hotter, the guys were more masculine. Entertainment was beginning to be subversive but still was amazing. 

One thing that I don't miss? The looming threat of global thermonuclear war. 

The sword of Damocles hanging over us throughout my school-days was that the Cold War would turn hot, someone would do something dumb and we would have to stop our lessons, crawl under our desks and wait to be incinerated. There were plenty of movies about nuclear war in the 80s, from The Terminator where machines use our nukes to trigger a war with Russia to of course Wargames, based on the idea of a new automated system to prevent human's from failing to "turn the key" that almost launches a global thermonuclear war as a game.

The most vivid part of that movie to me is in the very beginning where the one officer takes his hand off the launch key and the other officer pulls his revolver, cocks it and tells him "Turn your key sir". Not great cinema but it shook me up as a kid. 

When the Soviet Union fell in 1991, the threat of nuclear war evaporated overnight. Russia was our friend now, experiencing all of the joys of unfettered globalist capitalism. Hooray! My children never lived under the low key terror of everything ending. To them nuclear war was something that made for an interesting universe for video games like the Fallout series, but it wasn't anything they really expected to worry about. While we have had manufatcured scares like bogus WMDs in Iraq, a nuclear program in Iran and Rocket Man in North Korea shooting rockets into the Pacific, it wasn't the life-ending calamity of a full scale exchange between the Russkies and the U.S. 

31 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and here we are again and worse, it is more real than at any point in my lifetime. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 has the world been this close to the edge, the edge of nuclear war. All because of a regional conflict that has taken on a life of it's own.

Most Americans don't really think about our nuclear arsenal. It is out of sight, out of mind for almost everyone. You don't see the Ohio-class nuclear submarines prowling below the waves. Few of us live near the strategic air bases where B-52 Stratofortress and B-2 stealth bombers are stationed. Most of our land-based ICBMs are understandably located in thinly populated places like the Great Plains. My first job out of college was in Cheyenne, Wyoming which is home to the F.E. Warren Air Force base, one of the main hubs for our ICBM forces and the base for the 90th Missile Wing operating Minuteman III ICBMs. I had some young enlisted Air Force mechanics working for me part-time, one of their major duties was to be on-call when trucks were moving ICBMs around in case one broke down. Even still, most Americans have at the back of their mind the security of knowing that the nuclear arsenal is out there and still acting as a deterrent. I believe that absent the nuclear deterrent, there would have been a third World War in Europe last century that would have devastated Europe beyond repair. 

While the world's nuclear arsenal is greatly diminished, it is still enormous.

That assumes that the nukes work of course, when you read articles like this: Inside the $100 Billion Mission to Modernize America’s Aging Nuclear Missiles, it makes you wonder if the birds would fly should the order come down from Pedo Joe. 

The entire ICBM fleet runs on less computational power than what’s now found inside the smartphone in your pocket....

....The order would appear on Moffett’s glitching trichromatic monitor via a computer program that still relies on floppy disks, initiating a series of steps to launch the missiles. A terminal countdown sequence would begin after a machine translated the digital signal from the command hub into an analog signal that the 50-year-old receiver inside a missile silo could recognize.

The pictures look a lot like what we saw in WarGames, and it certainly seems like most of the ICBMs anyway are operating on equipment older than me. Even still I assume that if the word came down, most of the birds would fly on both sides. What might that look like? Princeton did a simulation a few years back and the big exchange is pretty grim.

You can watch the whole thing here:

As a "prepper" of sorts, much as I dislike that term, a global thermonuclear war is the grand-daddy of them all. We all have a kind of spectrum in our heads from localized civil unrest all the way to nuclear war. Like the rest of my brethren who anticipate and are planning for TEOTWAWKI, my main goal is to survive along with my family so we can hopefully rebuild. But in the event of a nuclear war of that scale? Princeton estimates initial casualties to be pretty high, all in Europe, Russia and the U.S....

While we are not in a strategically valuable area, the scenario above includes "the countervalue plan" coming after the initial strategic strikes would target the 30 most populated areas and economic centers to "inhibit" recovery. Being in the industrial heartland is bad news and of the 30 largest U.S. cities, Indianapolis (15th) is two hours away (SW). Columbus, Ohio (14th) is about three hours away to the southeast. Chicago (3rd) is 3 1/2 hours away, slightly NW. Detroit (27th) and Louisville (28th) to the northeast and south respectively are three hours from us. In other words we are neatly bracketed by likely strikes.

So even though I ordered some potassium iodide tablets this morning, I am pretty sure that we won't survive for long if there is a full-fledged nuclear war. Nor do I really want to. My wife and I talked about this last night, is there much of a point to "surviving" a nuclear war in order to be "not dead" until the cancer or radioactive zombies finally get you? What children are born will be at enormous risk of birth defects and cancer.

This is not the future we were promised. The end of the Cold War was supposed to mean an endless era of peace and prosperity. Instead we got a "global war on terror" abroad and an utter degradation of our culture domestically, accompanied by a cataclysmic slow moving genocide of Whites in Europe and America. To top it off we are careening toward the brink of a nuclear war. 

We get all of the bad stuff from the 1980s and none of the good. That isn't the kind of nostalgia I was hoping for.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Bet You Didn't Hear About This One

The po-leece in Tarrant County, Texas foiled a mass shooting set to occur at a Homecoming game. When I saw the story on my email alert using the key words "mass shooting" and saw the names, I figured this would be huge news: Brandon Gipson and Isaac Cooper. Sounded like a couple of White guys and the media would be all over it. 

Then I saw the mugshots. Not as frat boy as I thought.

You can feel your IQ drop just looking at those pictures, especially Isaac on the right. Wow.

They had an "AR style pistol" and as usual with the brothers...

Did no one tell these fellas about that whole stabilizing brace thing, or just a regular stock since these two 18 year olds almost certainly obtained this pistol illegally? I haven't shot an AR pistol with just the buffer tube but I expect it loses a lot of accuracy. Not to mention that there are not even iron sights on that pistol so these geniuses were going with the "spray the crowd" tactic. I am admittedly not a certified "shooter" but without sights or some sort of brace I doubt I could hit much with any accuracy very far away.

Some elements are in place: shooting at a school even averted, AR pistol recovered but alas for the FBI they were a couple of colored kids so no one is making a big deal about it.

Meanwhile the Texas Tribune published a story bitching about a judge in Tarrant County, Alex Kim, because he sends too many "youths" to prison instead of to some alternate sentencing bullshit.

Many blame the judge but apparently no one blames the crappy parents and the asshole kids committing the crime. The story calls them "children" more than 25 times or "boys and girls" like they are preschoolers rather than teenaged dangerous criminals. "Boys and girls", GTFOH. Based on those two geniuses above, Tarrant County needs to send more "yoofs" to the slammer where they can't hurt anyone else. 

Yet another story going down the memory hole

Wednesday, September 21, 2022


In a move that has been anticipated for several days, Russia announced a "partial mobilization" of 300,000 troops.

This could be just the beginning.

Shoigu also stressed that Russia possesses an immense mobilization capability and could summon almost 25 million people with some military experience. “So one could say that this partial mobilization is just 1%, or a bit more” of the total number of people that could be mobilized, he added.

The conflict in Ukraine could have and should have ended months ago but the U.S. and our "allies" keep propping up the corrupt regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

To Western ears, the idea of calling up 25 million reservists is crazy. Most American normies watch the news and consume the narrative, believing what they are told to believe. This is just a limited conflict by evil Vodka Man Bad and the noble Ukrainians will drive the heathen from their lands and go back to being a poor, corrupt country in no time! 

That is not how the Russians see it.

While I am not an expert on Russia, you don't have to be to understand that they see this as part of an existential struggle against a hostile West that in large measure seems to be still fighting the Cold War. It is not just an amusing proxy war but a direct conflict. The average American doesn't see this but the people who keep arming Ukraine and providing indirect (and likely direct) military assistance against Russia certainly understand it. Vladimir Putin declared that the West is trying to destroy Russia.

He is deadly serious and added this:

Putin also accused the west of using "nuclear blackmail" against Russia noting that "if its territorial integrity is threatened Russia will definitely use all the means at its disposal." to defend Russian territory. "This is not a bluff."

Are you willing to see American cities turned into radioactive rubble so the American military-industrial complex can have a better profit margin? Putin would sooner see the world destroyed than see Russia subjugated by the West and forced into degeneracy. 

Adding 300,000 reservists into Ukraine is a huge escalation and it might also mean that the restraint Russia has shown so far is coming to an end. What will this mean for us, how will the West respond? If recent times have taught us anything it is that the people pulling the strings are reckless and sociopathic. Also keep an eye on Taiwan and the recent escalation of tensions in the Pacific. It wouldn't take much to set that off and then all bets are off. Add in rising domestic turmoil and we have the makings of a perfect storm of chaos. At least we can't say we weren't warned.

Here It Comes

Put climate change conversations on hold until next year when it warms back up. Looking at a stormy 86 today and then the temps dropping like Biden's popularity. 

I am not quite ready for temps only a few degrees above freezing but ready or not, here they come. It will be interesting to watch what happens in Europe as they start needing to heat their homes with skyrocketing energy prices.

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Little Swine O' Mine

We have raised hogs for a number of years since moving to our little farm but most breeds of hog are a lot to handle and butchering weights are more than we are equipped to deal with. We really like Tamworth hogs, they are slower growing than commercial breeds but the bacon is amazing and the ham is a deep red color with a much richer flavor than that pale, watery commercial ham you buy in the store. The problem is that while killing them isn't a problem, handling the carcass certainly is. 

So we decided to get some smaller hogs that would do well on forage and poor quality feed. We settled on the somewhat rare American Guinea hog and bought a few gilts (unbred females). They only get around 200-300 lbs when full grown and hanging weight is usually well under 200 lbs, we plan on butchering for meat when the hanging weight will be under 150 lbs. The Guinea Hog females are technically sexually mature very young but it is recommended they not be bred until they are at least a year old. We didn't get a boar so we selected a different breed, a Kunekune, for the male. When the time was right we put on some Barry White, provided some champaign and they commenced to makin' bacon.

Hogs usually have around a 114 day gestation or about 3 1/2 months. Early summer humping leads to late summer babies, we got 9 piglets out of this sow but lost a couple. Tonight we let the 7 little squealers out of the confined area they had been living in and out onto grass for the first time.

They are super cute right now and are already nibbling at grass as expected from two breeds that are noted for being good at foraging. 

We are trying to focus on livestock that doesn't require a commercial feed to thrive, assuming that at some point large scale commercial agriculture will break down and you won't be able to buy pig food at the local feed mill or Tractor Supply.

Cute now but when they are older and it is time to butcher them, the smaller carcass size will be a lot easier for us to handle. They are small and easy to handle, surviving on grass if need be. I'll let you know how they taste when we get around to butchering them and cooking them up.

Monday, September 19, 2022

The Age Of The Pistol Is Over, The Day Of The Rifle Is Upon Us

It is interesting to look at American history based on the firearms owned by civilians. Americans, and of course I mean the people who built this country and not those that showed up in the last generation or two, have always had a love affair with our guns. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is paired with the right to free speech and religion in the Bill Of Rights.

In much of the first half of the 20th century, a man who was a "sportsman" wasn't a guy in multiple fantasy football leagues. A sportsman was a guy that hunted and fished. Men hunted and fished, it was what they did. For certain, many of these hunting trips were just an excuse to get away from their wives for a week, eat like crap, drink beer and be slovenly. Guys that didn't hunt or fish were considered to be a little soft and effeminate. Back in those days you could order a gun from the Sears catalog and have it sent to your house.

It was a different time. People had a much higher trust in the government. There were essentially no mestizos and blacks were confined to the Deep South and were not rampaging in the streets of major cities. Guns reflected this. Bolt and lever action hunting rifles and double and pump shotguns were most common. I am not sure how many men had handguns in most of the country. Guns were tools used for hunting or to shoot varmints on the farm. It was probably assumed that if you needed to you could shoot the gubmint with them but that wasn't their main purpose, nor was self-defense as high a priority.

Growing up I didn't know anyone that had an AR-15 at home, or a semi-automatic rifle of any sort for that matter. I also didn't know anyone that didn't have some sort of firearm in the home, usually in a glass front gun cabinet. In small town Ohio in the 70s and 80s, that meant most people had a shotgun, usually a pump gun, often a .22 rifle and perhaps a 30-30 or a 30-06 for deer hunting and always some sort of handgun. Most of the time the handgun was a revolver although some guys had small semi-automatics or 1911s. By the time I was leaving childhood behind crime was getting crazy and the migration of blacks out of the deep South mean widespread unrest and chaos in the cities. Young Whites went to the theater to watch Colors and Boyz n the Hood. White people were fleeing the cities into the suburbs. More men definitely were buying handguns to keep at home to protect their family.

This was also when concealed carry laws began to change. As a kid no one I knew carried a handgun in public. In 1976 Georgia passed a law to become a "shall-issue" state for a non-law enforcement individual. My state of Indiana in 1980 was one of the the first "shall-issue" states for regular people (I was living in Ohio at that time). Shall-issue means that anyone not prohibited could get a license to carry, unlike "may-issue" states where you have to have a "good reason". More states followed in rapid succession. Back to that in a moment.

Something major shifted in 1994. That was the year of the Clinton-era "Assault Weapons Ban" that prohibited the manufacture of certain semi-automatic firearms. The effect on actual crime was negligible, something even Wikipedia acknowledges: 

"Criminologists and other researchers found that the ban had little to no effect on firearm deaths or the lethality of gun crimes. Studies have found that the overwhelming majority of gun crimes are committed with weapons which are not covered by the AWB, and that assault weapons are less likely to be used in homicides than other weapons. There is tentative evidence that the frequency of mass shootings may have slightly decreased while the ban was in effect, but research is inconclusive, with independent researchers finding conflicting results."
This holds true today, very few mass shootings are committed with "assault weapons" although those that do and are committed by the rare White shooter get the most publicity, leading to many normies thinking that most mass shootings are committed by White men when in fact most are committed by young black men.

While it didn't do anything to reduce crime, the AWB did have the effect of making people want the weapons banned by the bill, before, during and after the bill expired 10 years later. Subsequent to the expiration of the AWB in 2004, the market for "assault weapons", mostly AR-15s and AK variants, has exploded. The names you know began to come together after the AWB expired. Palmetto State Armory started in 2008. Daniel Defense started making their own rifles in 2009. CMMG was founded in 2002, a couple of years before the ban expired. With CNC machining becoming more advanced, the parts that make up AR-15s could be churned out in enormous numbers. In my post about Anderson Manufacturing, Manufacturing Freedom One Lower Receiver At A Time, I noted that Anderson cranks out something like 800,000 lower receivers every year. Add in everyone else, PSA, S&W, Ruger, etc and you have tens of millions of AR-15s in civilian hands since the AWB expired.

After the 2020/2021 chaos, those number have really exploded as lots of first time AR-15 buyers came out of the woodwork. A lot of my buyers in those years told me they were buying their first AR "because it is getting crazy out there". It is safe to assume that few of those ARs have been fired much, if at all, but they also haven't been resold on the private market as far as I can tell so they are out there still in safes and closets. 

Despite all of the AR/AK variant rifles bought in the last 15 years, I classify our current era as the time of the pistol. That might seem odd. 

At this stage, most of us spend most of our time with pistols. While we certainly have lots of rifles and maybe invest a lot of time shooting those rifles, we generally aren't carrying them around with us. I have more long guns than handguns when counting shotguns and hunting rifles but most of them spend most of their time in the safe. We went out to eat with some Amish friends last night but I didn't stow a 6.5 Grendel AR under a trench coat. I carried my Hellcat in an OWB holster under a button down shirt. While I subscribe to the school of thought that a pistol is simply a tool to keep you alive long enough to get to your rifle, right now if I get in a situation where I have to go kinetic it will be with a pistol. 

Consider also that in most of the country, shall-issue is the rule. This map is from the USCCA:
This isn't really accurate in the wake of Bruen but even before the country was mostly a shall-issue jurisdiction. Prior to Indiana becoming a Constitutional carry state there were over 1.12 million concealed carry permits issued in a state of 6.7 million people. Texas has 1.7 million and Florida 2.3 million. In Utah more than 1 out of every 5 residents has a carry permit. There are tens of millions of lawfully concealed carrying Americans and virtually all of them are carrying handguns. 

Not to mention that technological and manufacturing advances mean we are carrying more concealable pistols with greater capacity than ever before. The Glock 19 is perhaps the most popular compact pistol in America with a standard capacity of 15 rounds. Even subcompact pistols have much higher magazine capacity thanks to innovative double stack magazines. My Hellcat is very concealable and carries either 11 or 13 rounds. The Sig Sauer P365 holds 10. The S&W Shield Plus has a 13 round magazine. That is just a lot of firepower in a small package. 

When the rule of law is still mostly in effect, we can be pistol people. Most of us that carry don't really expect to need to use it, even when we are in crappy inner city neighborhoods. Even in rural, gun-loving places like where I live with the sound of gunfire pretty common it is considered a little weird to wander around with a rifle slung on your back unless you are hunting. 

After things go tits up? I'll still carry a pistol, more likely a full size duty pistol rather than something concealed, but the main go-to will be the rifle. The pistol will go back to it's role as what you grab in desperation after you run out of ammo for your rifle. 

Barring a nuclear exchange, life will go on for many people post-SHTF. That is what we prep for, after all I don't think many of us are hoping to die while wearing the coolest tactical gear in the first week. How life looks will be very different of course. Whether around the home or in the neighborhood, people who survive will be people who are armed. I envision life for those who survive will look somewhat like lives for pioneers on the frontier, working gardens and fields with a firearm always close at hand in case of Indians. In Last Of The Mohicans when Nathaniel, his brother and father approach the farm of their friends the Camerons in the dark, they call out and announce themselves knowing perhaps that to approach a farm in the dark without warning is a great way to get shot. Life will not be turning the deadbolt and shutting off the lights, it will be 24-7 on your guard with a firearm close to hand. 

For most of us, that firearm will likely be an AR/AK platform. While defensive shotguns and handguns have their place, in most situations you simply can't beat modern sporting rifles for capacity and lethality especially at the intermediate distances. Get good with your rifle and then get a lot gooder. Don't scrimp on pistol shooting but the need to draw a handgun from concealment is going to be replaced by engagements with multiple hostiles, and the further away you pop them the better. The feral urbanites are deadly when up close but less so from a distance. At 75 yards a Glock held sideways isn't nearly as dangerous as an AR-15 with a decent optic and a trained hand.

In the days to come, sooner rather than later I fear, our lives will look like a cross between the American frontier and modern South Africa. These will be days that call for a long gun, with range and capacity. The age of the pistol is over, the day of the rifle is upon us.

Sidebar Is Messed Up

Several readers have emailed me about this, part of my sidebar is messed up and is only showing blog names and links to the html code instead of the actual site. I get this error when I try to update the layout:

It looks like lots of people are having the same problem, hopefully Google will fix it soon. Don't hold your breath. 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Book Review: Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine

I finally finished up Dr. Stanley Goldfarb's book Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine. Dr. Goldfarb lays out the irrefutable case that America's medical schools, once some of the finest in the world, are now more expensive versions of our undergraduate colleges and universities, more concerned with woke indoctrination than they are with giving the best possible candidates the best possible medical training to provide the best possible patient outcomes. 

I have referenced this book before, Is There A (White) Doctor In The House?, as have many others who are sounding the warning about the degradation of the medical profession. Goldfarb lays it out early in the book:

Black students with a middling GPA in college and a 50ish percentile rank on the MCAT had a ninefold greater chance of admission than Asian students and a sevenfold greater chance than White students. In other words, while only 20 percent of White applicants with such mediocre grades and scores were admitted to a medical school, 85 percent of comparable Black applicants were.

Goldfarb MD, Stanley. Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine (p. 46). Bombardier Books. Kindle Edition. 

This means that right now there are black and mestizo students enrolled in medical schools that have no business being there and there are Whites and Asians that ought to be in medical school but are not because some black or mestizo kid got their slot. This is not just a case of racial solidarity, these lowered standards mean worse care for everyone. 

It is an accepted fact that most of the university system is overrun with leftist nonsense. This has been true for a very long time, but when I was in college in the early 90s most of it was confined to the liberal arts departments where it could do limited damage. Now we are seeing it spread to the hard sciences and that is a very dangerous trend. This is especially true when it impacts the future physicians in our nation's medical schools.

Dr. Stanley Goldfarb lays out for the reader how deeply the medical school system has been infected, something we as parents have seen for ourselves first hand. In a nutshell, medical schools are lowering their entry requirements for black and mestizo students (underrepresented in medicine is how they are described), giving preference to less qualified black and brown applicants at the expense of White and Asian applicants to achieve a desirable racial mix regardless of how it impacts patient outcomes. A black applicant with mediocre MCAT scores that would disqualify a White or Asian applicant is almost certain to be accepted to a medical school, often the formerly "elite" schools.

As you would expect, these less qualified medical school students struggle mightily so in response the standards within medical school have been loosened to ensure that these underqualified students make it through. From the book:

"The inarguable reality is that Blacks are preferentially admitted to medical school. Once admitted, they are virtually guaranteed to graduate. And once graduated, they are likely to find training programs more than eager to accept them in the name of diversity." 

The result is a new crop of doctors who should never have been in medical school in the first place and only were admitted and pushed through in the name of "equity", a term which can be summarized as guaranteeing results for blacks and mestizos equal to Whites and Asians regardless of their actual performance, effort and ability. In the name of equity, people will receive worse medical care and people will die. As Dr. Goldfarb writes:

"Unlike other social justice programs, this program is lethal. It will tangibly reduce the quality of medical care, and almost every American will suffer its side effects."

The book is full of data and Dr. Goldfarb is doing what most woke medical school administrators refuse to do: asking questions before acting on assertions. As everyone will end up needing medical care at some point, you owe it to yourself to read this book and make your decisions about the medical providers you choose for yourself and your family with the information it provides. 
In a nutshell, and this is something I assume most of my readers as well as everyone with an ounce of common sense already knows, you should avoid black and mestizo doctors under the age of 50 or so. They might be great doctors but they are more likely to be people accepted and pushed through medical school because of their race. This is increasingly true the younger the doctor. You can't tell so the safest route is to avoid them. There are crappy White and Asian doctors as well but at least most of them got into and then graduated from medical school on their own merit and in spite of the barriers erected because of their race. 

The quality of your physician will make a significant difference in your medical care. Choose wisely, especially for those of us in middle age and older. I would recommend avoiding people who have the initials "M.D." after their name solely because of their race.

As my buddy Doctor Samizdat likes to say, Don't Get Sick. The best way to avoid woke medicine is to stay healthy.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

The Martha's Vineyard Stunt

As usual the memes have been epic in the wake of Ron DeSantis shipping a planeload of Venezuelan "refugees" to Martha's Vineyard. Some of my favorites, I love the AOC one.

It was cute and it enraged all of the right people but on the other hand they should be using that money to dump these illegal aliens back into Mexico with their fingertips marked with indelible ink and a warning that they would be shot on sight if they tried to come back in the country. 

What it did accomplish is exposing that for White liberals "diversity" is a weapon to be used for political power and to punish wrong-thinker Whites. It is a running gag but everyone understands that White liberals don't want to actually live among diversity. I pointed this out a few years back, This Is Kind Of Confusing, when I mentioned that the Obama's bought a $15 million estate on Martha's Vineyard in Edgartown, Mass, a town that is 93% White and less than 2% black. The Obama's could have purchased a home anywhere but they close a secluded seaside estate (what about the rising seas?!). With Secret Service protection they would be secure even in the shittiest black neighborhood in Detroit or Baltimore but nope, they don't want to live around blacks either.

NBC News deleted this tweet but the internet is forever, thanks to Not The Bee.

They "help refugees" but also consider "refugees" to be basically trash. Yikes. 

Martha's Vineyard is like a lot of resort towns, a very large seasonal crowd that only shows up in the summer and a small and generally not well off year round population that mostly services tourists. We lived in resort area in northern Michigan near the town of Petoskey with a small permanent year-round population of residents that mainly worked in the service industry but was crammed full of people in the summer months. Locals called tourists "fudgies" because so many of them buy fudge at the local shops. For 9 months of the year it was a great place to live (if you don't mind six months of snow), scenic and peaceful but once Memorial Day rolled around traffic was out of control. 

It reminded me of the entire Cape Cod/Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket crowd. When my brother was alive he was married to a woman from the Cape, her dad was the police chief of a larger town on Cape Cod. They were married on the Cape when my wife and I were a young couple with only one child at the time. The whole of Cape Cod is lily-White, according to Wikipedia Barnstable County is over 92% White with blacks and mestizos (mostly low wage service industry types I assume) at or below 2% each. That is pretty close to the 97% White demographics of my county in Indiana. The Cape is even segregated from the rest of Massachusetts by a moat:

They call it the Cape Cod Canal but I know a moat when I see one.

The outrage they felt on seeing dirty Venezuelans being dumped on their swanky island was palpable. Of course they don't have facilities to take care of illegal aliens because they don't want them there. Maybe some tame non-Whites to wait tables and do yardwork would be OK, even if they are probably banging every liberal White teenaged girl that vacations there. But not feral, wild mestizos who don't know how to operate a leaf blower or prepare fresh oysters! 

What was really delicious is that so many liberals said that DeSantis was using these illegal aliens as "political pawns" without a shred of shame because that is precisely how liberals use every non-White in America (other than Jews of course): as ethnic and racial weapons of mass destruction to break the ability of less enlightened Whites to achieve political goals. 

If for no other reason that makes the DeSantis stunt useful and amusing but it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things as demographic displacement can't be stopped at this point.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Get Your Pocketbooks Ready

Suddenly over the last few days it seems that ammo prices, especially that generally all-important .223/5.56 caliber to feed ARs, has dropped quite a bit after holding fairly stable. Still not back where it was back pre-pandemic but it is definitely better. I am seeing a lot of $7.99/20 round box and that breaks the psychological barrier of $.40/round. Shipping is still killer but for example at Palmetto State you can get 20 boxes of 20 rounds each (400 rounds total) of 5.56 for $183.83 shipped. 

That works out to $.46/round shipped and that is obscene but it is slowly getting better and I am hopeful that it will keep dropping into the mid $.30s. PSA also has 9mm jacketed hollow point ammo for $7.99 for 20 rounds, also $.40/round and that is pretty cheap for self-defense ammo. 

Gun prices keep dropping as well, Rural King Guns is giving shit away. I saw this a day or two ago:

In 2020/2021 I was selling P365s for whatever price I wanted within a couple of days of getting them from wherever I could scrounge them. Dudes were driving up 2 1/2 hours from Indianapolis to buy them because no one down there could get them. My wholesale price as a dealer from most places is $448 for a P365. RK Guns has a bunch of stuff deeply discounted, Taurus G2C 9mm for $209 and those crappy SCCY for $159.98 after rebate. You shouldn't buy either one of those because they are crap but that is still a huge price drop. Smith & Wesson dropped their prices on the Shield series a month or so back and my manufacturers I have direct relationships with are dumping product like crazy. They need to keep the machines running but the market for ARs and AR parts is really super soft right now. 

Watch the prices fellas, we might be on the cusp of a buying window that hasn't been around for a few years now. I ordered some ammo today and will keep doing so while prices are on the downswing, as I keep urging people to realize we are in a pretty good place for now to stock up on ammo and firearms. The near future isn't so bright, the credit card tracking of gun stores is just the latest salvo and at some point the tide will turn again, returning us to the times when you couldn't buy anything for any amount of money.

Texas Forever Dude!

Texas is considered by many to be the ultimate "red state", the conservative bastion that will never go blue because Texans are rugged, independent cowboy types. Like most conventional wisdom, it is mostly bullshit. A new report came out about the population of Texas and was reported in the Texas Tribune, painting a bleak picture:
This shift has been coming for a long time.....
Texas joins California and New Mexico as states where mestizos are the racial group with the highest percentage of the population. In both states mestizos are approaching an absolute majority, in New Mexico especially where the mestizo population is at 47.7% and climbing. In other states like Nevada, Hawaii and Maryland the White population has dropped below the 50% mark. That means that in 6 of the 50 states making up the Union, heritage Americans are no longer a majority. The article continues:
There are a couple of critical data points in those paragraphs:

- "...Texas had gained nearly 11 Hispanic residents for every additional white resident over the previous decade"

- "The latest census estimates showed that 49.3% of Texans under the age of 18 are Hispanic."

- "The new census estimates showed Hispanic residents are more than twice as likely as white residents to live below the poverty level."

We know a few things about mestizo voters, especially outside of Florida's relatively conservative Cuban diaspora. They tend to vote Democrat by a 2-1 margin and they also tend to be far more radically leftist than other Democrat voters. I wrote about this in 2020, The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw, when I pointed out that mestizo voters were significantly more supportive of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries than other groups. Biden won the nomination largely on his massive support from black voters while Bernie Sanders received over 50% of the mestizo vote, almost 20% more than he received from any other racial demographic. 

Again what this tells me is that the future of Democrat party politics is going to be far more radical than the past. While black voters have mostly lived in America for many generations, most mestizos came here after 1965. In 1970 there were only an estimated 8.9 million mestizos in America but in the latest census that number had exploded to over 62 million, an almost seven-fold increase. Those voters are going to favor much larger government, especially given that they tend to be a lot poorer than Whites. As they gain electoral clout they are going to figure out pretty quickly that they can vote to rob heritage Americans of their wealth. Mestizos are generally a lot smarter than blacks who have been easy for Democrats to manipulate but mestizos are cagier. They will want something in return for their votes.

Of course these are "official" numbers, the real number of mestizos is much higher. A news story yesterday shows just how much higher it might be:

Those are just "migrant encounters" so that doesn't capture the illegal aliens that slipped in without being noticed. 

Immigration authorities have already logged two million border encounters this fiscal year, a record high. The previous record holder was the 2021 fiscal year, which saw just under two million migrant encounters.

That is over 4 million "migrant encounters" in just the last two years. At 8,000 "migrant encounters" per day over the course of a year it works out to nearly 3 million and it is safe to assume that there are at least double that number when you add in illegals who slipped past the swamped Border Patrol. Six million illegals per year and that number is growing.

The southern border is essentially as wide open as Kamala's mouth when she was fellating her way up the political ladder. The little stunts of sending illegals to the Vice Presidential residence and to Martha's Vineyard are cute but not really meaningful, not when compared to the millions of illegals that enter each year and starting squirting out anchor babies. In Texas as noted above, essentially half of all residents under 18 are mestizo and that isn't going to change for the better. 
Less than one third of births in 2020 were to Whites. Think about that for a second. Texas has the second largest population in the country and more than 2 out of 3 births in 2020 were to non-Whites. Going back to 2013 White babies were only 35% of births. What percent of the under-18 population in Texas is White? Certainly less than 40% and that means that each year as new voters in Texas turn 18 and older White voters die, the electorate is growing browner by leaps and bounds. In 2018 Ted Cruz barely beat Beto O'Rourke, a spastic dimwit, only receiving the slightest majority of votes (50.9% to 48.3%). 

If Democrats had run a semi-serious challenger, Cruz might well have lost that race. Then look at the largest cities in "red state" Texas. Houston, the largest city in the state and the 4th most populous city in America, has a black Democrat mayor. The next largest is San Antonio with a leftist "independent" Jew/mystery meat mayor. Then Dallas, black Democrat. Austin has a Jewish mayor. Finally at number 5, Fort Worth, there is a Republican White chick mayor but then we go right back to non-White in El Paso, a mestizo guy. You get the picture. 

Far from a rock solid "red state", Texas is on the verge of flipping to the Democrats maybe as soon as 2024 depending on who is running. Trump won Texas in 2020 with only 52% of the vote, down slightly from his 2016 win. In 2012 loathsome Mitt Romney managed 57% and in 2008 McCain won 55%. "Texan" George W. Bush won the state in 2004 with 61% and 59% in 2000. The trend line is not favorable. 

With Whites not having enough children, liberal Whites fleeing to Texas from California and mestizos cramming into every nook and cranny, it is just a matter of time before Texas becomes as reliably blue as California and Massachusetts. Other states will follow in short order. While my state is still 75% White, others are charging to the 50% mark. Florida is only 51.5% "White alone, not Hispanic or Latino" according to Wikipedia and it is the 3rd most populous state. Georgia is down to 50.1% "White (non-Hispanic)" as of the 2020 census. Arizona? 53.4% White (non-Hispanic). While blacks have remained about the same percentage of the population for decades, hovering in the 12% range since 1990, the mestizo population has been exploding. 

The black population is far louder, more annoying and violent (so far) but the mestizo population is what will cause America to tip into third world status as they continue to gain political power. Despite fleeing the disaster of Central and South American politics, most mestizos seem content to replicate those terrible political systems they fled from in America. The future of North America looks a lot like El Salvador.

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Seethe Baby Killers. SEETHE!

Much big mad and many Handmaid's Tale costumes in Indiana this morning as one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country goes into effect. Our new law is the first passed since the end of Roe v Wade and is pretty decent:

The Indiana ban includes exceptions allowing abortions in cases of rape and incest before the 10th week of pregnancy and to protect the mother’s life and physical health. It also allows them if the fetus is diagnosed with a lethal anomaly. The ban will replace state laws that generally prohibited abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy and tightly restricted it after the 13th week.

Under the new law, abortions can be performed only in hospitals or outpatient centers owned by hospitals, meaning all abortion clinics will lose their licenses. Any doctors found to have performed an illegal abortion would be stripped of their medical license and could face felony charges punishable by up to six years in prison.

There are still legal challenges to the law, mostly being filed to placate abortion supporters and for fundraising. For example:

It was filed by the Indiana ACLU. How is it a violation of religious freedom to ban abortion? What religion is this infringing upon?

The lawsuit filed in Marion County court by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana on behalf of five anonymous residents and the group Hoosier Jews for Choice argues that the ban would violate their religious rights on when they believe abortion is acceptable. They are citing a state law that then-Gov. Mike Pence signed over the objections of critics who said it allows discrimination against gay people.

Ah. Who knew that infanticide was a critical component of Jewish religious expression? The article continues...

The ACLU’s lawsuit contends that the new abortion ban would violate Jewish teaching that “a fetus attains the status of a living person only at birth” and that “Jewish law stresses the necessity of protecting the life and physical and mental health of the mother prior to birth as the fetus is not yet deemed to be a person.” It also cites theological teachings allowing abortion in at least some circumstances by Islamic, Episcopal, Unitarian Universalist and Pagan faiths.

This is part of a pattern...

A similar lawsuit has been filed in at least one other state. A synagogue argued in June that Florida’s abortion restrictions violates religious freedom rights of Jews. That case is still working its way through the courts.

Noticing patterns is racist and antisemitic of course.

Regardless, Indiana has made all of the worst people in the state super mad and that makes me chuckle nearly uncontrollably. "Birthing people" are going to die! Well in abortion babies die nearly 100% of the time so I like those odds.

Now if we can just work on reversing Obergefell and repealing the 19th Amendment....

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

It's Like Watching Myself On Youtube

If I was less handsome and masculine. Tucker is out here starting his segment with talk about time preference and a lack of impulse control.

Tucker knows, everyone knows, that when you talk about time preference and lack of impulse control, you are of course talking about blacks. When you combine no impulse control and high time preference with a natural predilection for violence and a lifetime of being told nothing is your fault? You get American blacks. 

As Tucker points out, you can't get away from it simply by moving to a smaller city. Crime is exploding  there as well, like Asheville, in Western North Carolina that he singles out. He mentions the new mayor of Asheville, one Esther Manheimer. According to Wikipedia, Ms. Manheimer was born in Denmark and is the former director of the American Movement for Israel. Well of course she was. E.S.T. She is also mostly concerned with "equity" and "climate change" and her Vice Mayor is this rocket scientist.

Yes. Sheneika and a Jewish broad born in Denmark are running Asheville right into the toilet. Who could have seen that coming? In fact the entire city council of Asheville looks like this.

A Jewish chick mayor, a black chick vice Mayor, two more black women, an obvious dyke and two more White women (although the last one looks like a "Fellow White"). What a clown car of woke bullshit and aging estrogen. 

Asheville has less than 100,000 people and "only" 10% are black but that still is enough to have crime running out of control. 

We have always had lots of blacks but now they are running out of control, acting on their natural impulses like we haven't seen in a long time. Someone is weaponizing them, enabling them to run riot in our cities and when they are (rarely) arrested, they just walk right back out the door and commit a new crime. It is easy to pinpoint the black criminals, we see them everywhere on TV and social media, but the people who are behind letting them slip the leash are harder to see and even harder to name because most normies of both political parties refuse to notice what so many of Them have in common. 

When Tucker starts to name the name, then we will see how long he is allowed on the air.

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

The Ingratitude Files: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Something true for the last decade: blacks can only perceive existence when viewed through the lens of perpetual oppression. That blacks are not oppressed in any sense in 2022 or for the past quarter century, and in fact are by a wide margin the second most coddled minority in America, doesn't matter. Every interaction with Whites and the broader society and culture is an opportunity to be offended. This is especially true for the tiny minority of blacks that have a platform, read mostly by self-loathing Whites. People like pseudo-intellectual Ibram X. Kendi, a man possessed of sufficient intelligence to be a front line supervisor at an low tech assembly plant but not much else, make an incredible living selling White hatred to White people. 

As a choice example, I give you Alden Loury. He is the "senior editor of the race, class and communities desk" at WBEZ in Chicago. WBEZ is an NPR station, go figure, that airs some popular NPR shows like This American Life and Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!. I would guess that WBEZ's donors are close to 100% White, Jewish and Asian but they eat up crap about how racist White people are.

Mr. Loury spends his days talking about "race and class", code for "how dey be doing us wrong". In other words, his job is to seek out and find black people being wronged by White people, because no one is going to send money in during the NPR pledge drive if the news is about how race relations are OK and blacks aren't really being oppressed. 

It has to be a bit of a challenge finding oppression in America in 2022, so if you need to stretch the definition of oppression. Oh does he ever. Allow me to demonstrate:

It is a pretty standard "rags to riches" tale at first. He moved from Auburn Gresham to a nice suburb. Auburn Gresham sounds like a shithole, full of murders and drugs and of course lots and lots of black people. The new place he lives, Kenwood, sounds "nicer" in a relative sense.

My new community of Kenwood, part of the greater Bronzeville area, was vibrant. Homes were being renovated, Black-owned businesses were opening, and the Black elite were visible, cruising in high-end vehicles and walking up to their $700,000 homes.

I’d never lived in a Black community with as much electricity, wealth and prosperity, and with few of the social ills often found in Black spaces. I didn’t want to live anywhere else.

Well no one wants to read about that so the very next line....

My peace was shattered one day.

Shattered how? Was there a drive by shooting? One of his kids murdered in the crossfire between rival gangs? Someone broke into his house? Did his dog get run over by a White guy driving a pick-up truck?

Nope, something far, FAR worse: A White guy tried to help him. See, he got to talking to a White retired teacher and in the conversation his daughter mentioned to this retired teacher that she wanted to be a psychologist. That is when something terrible happened.

When my middle daughter told him she wanted to pursue a career in psychology, his face lit up. He wanted to connect her with a friend who was a psychologist. We traded contact information. Within a couple of days, he emailed his friend’s information.

Holy shit, what an asshole! It gets worse. The White didn't burn a cross on his lawn, he did somethig unspeakable.

About two weeks later, he came by our home unexpectedly. Somewhat puzzled, I greeted him at the front door. He said he was concerned that my daughter hadn’t followed up with his psychologist friend. I told him I hadn’t spoken with her about it, so I was unaware of where things stood. He said that he’d hoped the connection would help her.

“I just want her to make something of herself,” he said.

I froze.

In a split second, I was awash with anger.

I took a moment to gather myself. “I’ll discuss it with her. Thanks for stopping by,” I replied curtly before closing the door. I had to end the conversation and put a barrier between the two of us before I exploded.

In a nutshell this White guy offered to help, went out of his way to make an introduction, told his psychologist friend to expect to hear from this young lady but Alden Loury didn't even bother mentioning it to his kid. It seems that the issue here is a complete lack of courtesy on Mr. Loury's part but no, the off-hand and completely inoffensive comment by the neighbor (assuming it happened the way he recounts which I doubt) so enraged the "senior editor of the race, class and communities desk" at WBEZ that he had to shut the door "before I exploded", presumably into a fit of violence. He even admits that the guy made the comment innocently and with the best of intentions but it still nearly cause Mr. Loury to assault him....

People who’ve never endured racial stereotypes have a blind spot. They should exercise caution when interacting with people who have often experienced racism. What might seem an act of kindness could actually be a microaggression that causes severe pain and frustration.

Get that? Being kind to black people might itself be a "microaggression", or what we used to consider "a minor irritation not worth flying into a rage over". White people must "exercise caution" when dealing with black people, because you never know what might trigger them. Weird that when I say the same thing I am called a racist but Mr. Loury and I agree on this issue: blacks are easily angered and likely to overreact, often violently, so you should really just avoid interacting with them at all. 

He ends his essay with a longing for the good old days of authentic blackness which means drug dealers, violence, poverty and stupidity. 

I think back to Auburn Gresham: Despite its struggles, it still felt like a refuge. As an undeniably Black space, I felt like I could be me — free of the fears, misconceptions and judgments of others.

Kenwood provided an improved quality of life, but moving there still came with a cost — perhaps one that I, as a Black man, might never be able to avoid.

There is an old saying that I often heard growing up, one that is "racist" but like most things that are "racist" it is also true: you can talk the black out of the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto out of the black. 

This guys flees a neighborhood, a "black space", full of blacks and the inevitable crime and violence that goes with "black spaces" to a nice neighborhood full of a lot of Whites and fellow blacks who fled authentic "black spaces". Kenwood is the location of Barack Obama's multi-million dollar home in Chicago as well as the home of Louis Farrakhan. Affluent blacks move to this neighborhood to get away from the ghetto blacks and to live among Whites and other blacks who fled the 'hood. According to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Kenwood is 66% black....

Almost 60% of residents have a bachelor's degree or higher, although the media household income isn't that high. It looks like a refuge for blacks that want to get away from "authentic blackness". According to Wikipedia the area makes 1970s Moscow look reactionary.

In the 2016 presidential election, Kenwood cast 7,639 votes for Hillary Clinton and cast 251 votes for Donald Trump (94.19% to 3.09%). In the 2012 presidential election, Kenwood cast 8,712 votes for Barack Obama and cast 331 votes for Mitt Romney (95.63% to 3.63%).

A retired teacher living in Kenwood with a friend that is a psychologist is likely a "fellow White" but is almost 100% certain to be a flaming liberal. That makes me suspicious of the entire story but even if it happened like he said, it still is a raging case of ingratitude and shitting on someone trying to do something nice for the sake of clicks and clout on social media. Hell it certainly sounds like this guy is advocating complete racial segregation and even physical and political separation to avoid any chance of "microaggressions", something I am all in favor of, but I wonder what he would do for a living, because black folks aren't going to pay him to write juvenile essays about how bad White people are because they tried to be nice to his kid.

When your job is fomenting racial unrest like Alden Loury, the demand for racial injustice far outweighs the supply so they are left with creating "injustice" from the most innocent of interactions with White people. Honestly there is simply no upside to interacting with them at all, even your nicest and most well-intentioned gestures can and usually will be thrown back in your face.