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Windy City Three-peat!

Those wacky Chicagoans, dem sumbitches did it again! For the third year in a row Chicago has tallied at least 700 homicides (and counting, 702 as of this morning).

Photo from Hey Jackass!

More than 2000 Chicagoans murdered in the last three years, the vast majority of them blacks killed by other blacks. Also from Hey Jackass!

The mestizos are quietly climbing in the percentages but blacks still dominate. On the other hand, if you are White or Asian, Chicago is a pretty safe city at least from a gettin’ kil’t standpoint. Never fear, the beneficent leaders of Chicago have a plan to reduce crime: hope no one notices!


An alliance of seven Chicago news outlets has taken its concern about the city’s plan to suppress police scanner activity to the public, publishing an open letter Tuesday to the Windy City’s readers, viewers, and listeners.

According to WGN 9, Chicago’s police department and Office of Emergency Management (OEM) have begun transitioning to encrypted radio frequencies so the public can no longer listen to police activity in real time.

Chicago media outlets have decried the change, saying it will impact journalists’ ability to warn the public about safety threats in real time and cover events as they occur. Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s administration reportedly has refused to meet with members of the Chicago media to discuss their concerns.

The letter references a daytime shooting last week at a Chicago courthouse and police district where the perpetrator fired more than 40 shots and escaped. The media’s letter said the public did not learn about the crime as it was happening because of the new police scanner system.

How long before They demand that news stations stop reporting most violent crime period? If you notice, you might say something or worse you might think something. Can’t have that!

It should be leading news on every channel that one of the largest cities in America, dubbed the “Second City”, has experienced well over 700 homicides every year for the last three years, averaging around two homicides per day, every day. That is just homicides, when you count other crimes the picture is even more bleak…

Over 3,400 people shot so far this year, or a shooting more frequently than once ever 2 1/2 hours.

Over 1500 carjacking in the Windy City and arrests in less than 7% of them, although that is a significant improvement in arrest rates over the prior years but again, Chicago is closing in on 5000 (reported) carjackings in three years.

You shouldn’t need to be told this but just in case:

Stay out of cities and avoid crowds.

Ol’ Remus was right.


  1. Steve S6

    So about 1 of every 180 blacks get shot and 1 in 885 blacks gets “killed to death” (h/t Feral meme).
    Still well below the replacement (birth) rate, i.e. ain’t gonna fix itself.

  2. Sean

    Yowza, if you see or hear something in Chicongo, don’t let it be known, because to commie trolls in govt., no news is good news. Feel sorry for them, I really do. Worst place to live in the midwest.

  3. Trotsky's Pick Axe

    Those rampaging Amish youth in MAGA country Chicongo are relentless.
    Stop by the memorial plaque at McDonald’s where Barry kissed Big Mike back in 1985.
    Honk, honk!

  4. Xzebek

    Chimps are incompatible with civilized society. They came here as beasts of burden and haven’t advanced much beyond that. And they are dangerous beasts.

  5. Moe Gibbs

    So now maybe we will get the answer to that age-old question, If a dindu murders another dindu and it doesn’t get reported, did it even happen?

    Raising a glass to Sweet Home Chicongo, the homey-cide capital of clownworld!

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