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Who Didn’t See This Coming?

Sure, Herschel Walker was a flawed candidate in a lot of ways. Sure, he was only picked because he was a big time football hero and he’s black, which is typical GOP thinking: pander harder to minorities and they will flock to the Republican party. Spoiler alert, that never happens.

I’ll keep pointing out the obvious because obviously most normiecon Whites refuse to get it. Herschel was an awful candidate, and yes there are a lot of carpet-bagging northeastern lib’rals that have moved to the South, etc. and etc. But one factor overwhelmingly contributed to this loss: White displacement and replacement.

Let’s review once more the demographic situation, all information following was pulled from Wikipedia.

In 1990, Georgia was fairly overwhelmingly White….

…but as you see that percentage has been in a free fall. By 2010 the White percentage was under 60% and this includes mestizos. blacks have slowly increased in their percentage as have Asians, mestizos and people of “other” or “mixed” race. While Bill Clinton “won” Georgia in 1992, he only received 43.47% of the vote while George H.W. Bush pulled in 42.88% of the ballots, less than a percentage point behind, while Ross Perot claimed 13.34%. No Democrat would win Georgia again until 2020 when Biden allegedly won the state by less than 12,000 votes or under one quarter of a percent.

In 2020 there was also a census and it revealed that Georgia is at best still majority White by the slimmest of margins.

It is reasonable to assume that two years later Georgia no longer has a majority of Whites.

Two other noteworthy factors from Wikipedia….

As of 2011, 58.8% of Georgia’s population younger than 1 were minorities (meaning they had at least one parent who was not non-Hispanic white) compared to other states like California with 75.1%, Texas with 69.8%, and New York with 55.6%.


Georgia is the state with the third-lowest percentage of older people (65 or older), at 10.1 percent (as of 2008).

Add those together and you have a state with a lot of young people and those young people are already majority and increasingly non-White. Each year more older Whites die, more non-Whites turn 18 and the voting population continues to skew dramatically to the left. While Biden barely “won” Georgia in 2020, it is almost to the point where Georgia will be written off just as Virginia, once a reliable Republican state where Reagan, H.W. Bush, Robert Dole, and W. Bush, all won rather handily, has been written off. The Commonwealth is now off the table in Presidential elections and not at all competitive. Virginia went for Biden in 2020 by more than 10% and that shows no sign of abating. North Carolina is heading that same way, from reliably red to muddled purple but Georgia? Georgia is lost.

As states like Georgia and Virginia cease to be competitive, it means the electoral map for Republicans gets more perilous. Each state that drops out of contention means the margin for error gets smaller. If 2024 is a rematch between Biden and Trump, I think Trump loses. If it is Trump versus a decent, non-demented Democrat? He loses huge. There just aren’t enough White voters left to win the states he needs. Maybe DeSantis could win but I think nominating Orange Man Bad is a guaranteed loss.

Losing elections is the most glaring example of White displacement. Like it or not, the GOP is the party of White people, especially middle and working class Whites. It wins or loses based on White turnout and getting Whites to vote their own self-interest, which is a tough sell as we aren’t supposed to even recognize that Whites have a unified racial self-interest unlike every other racial group. They will not be able to carve off enough non-White support to win elections nationally without lurching so far to the Left as to cease to be recognizable as even a perfunctory opposition party.

While normiecon Whites were fighting battles (elections), the neo-Bolshevik Left was fighting a war (demographics). As Herschel Walker’s loss reminds us, the Left already won the war. All that is left now is mopping up pockets of resistance.


  1. MrFoxPlease

    Depressing but true and here in NC we have a FUCKTARD senator in Tillis who thinks amnesty is a great idea. Conservative politicians only conserve one thing…their own wealth.

  2. Jay L

    It’s a damn shame that politics has been reduced to a color-matching excersize. Naturally one would vote in their own self-interest, but if one’s self interest is ONLY picking a candidate the same color as themselves regardless of ideals, intent, experience, etc. why do we even bother? National (and State) politics have degraded to the point of High School student councils – It’s a popularity contest and nothing more.
    I try to tell myself none of this stuff matters, the Powers That Be are gonna do whatever the hell they want to do – according to THEIR own self-interest, so I shouldn’t care. But I do, and it pisses me off constantly and makes me loathe my fellow “countrymen”.
    Walker was a terrible choice to be sure, but Warnock is a charlatan. An utter bullshit artist. That ANYONE voted for that guy just shows you how ridiculously stupid the populace has become.

  3. Greg

    I’m starting to think that elections need a disclaimer, like lottery machines: “For amusement purposes only.” Not to be taken seriously. TINVOWOOT

  4. JackDup

    Georgia Presidential election results for 2012

    Mitt Romney 2,071,000 votes
    Barrack Obama 1,777,000 votes

    Georgia 2016 results

    Donald Trump 2,089,000 votes
    Hillary Clinton 1,877,000 votes

    Georgia 2020 results

    Donald Trump 2,461,000 votes
    Joe Biden 2,473,000 votes

    Democrats gained 600,000 votes in 4 years

  5. KDOG

    Hey Arthur,

    I realize this is off-topic, but saw the following headline on my news feed and was hoping you could do a post on it:

    “Walmart CEO warns company will close stores if theft doesn’t slow down”

  6. LGC

    There’s not much point in analyzing something that’s clearly and obviously rigged and fraudulent. It’s dead Jim, no point in beating on that dead horse anymore.

    The demographic change and the cheating is all leading to the same dark place.


  7. Nolan Parker

    Saw a short clip of some lefty bitch going on about how Walker simply wasn’t intellectually up to the job. And nobody had the balls to mention biden or Fetterman.

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