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This Is Comforting

Email we received from Indiana-Michigan Power (AEP) this afternoon.

How delightful. No I did not turn anything down but then again we weren’t running the dryer or much else outside of the basics, lights and computers. Anyway, it is a sign of our crumbling energy grid, and infrastructure in general, that a winter storm has the utility panicking. Either that or it is a psyop to prepare us for rolling blackouts.


  1. Locustpost

    No doubt a sign of the future. We had a rolling (forced rationing) electric blackout today in NC because of a short power supply with outside temperatures of -6. We fired up the backup wood stove and adjusted here and there and it quickly became apparent what needs some attention for the future. This is a warning shot in my opinion and personally we’re going to do more things to become less fragile.

  2. mike

    Use it. have backup, let the grid fail. All the new barbarian invaders from the tropic regions should get a real eye opener even if the grid does not fail. If it goes down for a while like it did in Texas a few years ago, they will all start drifting south. After all, there are plenty of free handouts in Los Angeles, why freeze when you don’t have to.

  3. Greg

    I am always amazed at the people who go around turning off lights, but think nothing of running a good, long hot shower (electric hot water). Any form of resistance heating (electric furnace, clothes dryers, water heaters) are the real energy hogs in a home.
    A good way to really learn to appreciate energy requirements is to try off-grid RV-ing. I can run the lights in my trailer for weeks for the energy in making one pot of coffee.
    As to what the purpose of the psyops is, it’s simple. They want the public to live in fear. And if they can’t get that, they’ll settle for depression (it’s paralyzing either way). Well, as I learned in self-defense long ago, fear can be turned to anger like flipping a switch–it’s the same endocrine response. I choose to work on managing my simmering rage, and not believe anything by anyone unless I can verify the facts myself.

    • KDOG

      “As to what the purpose of the psyops is, it’s simple. They want the public to live in fear.”

      Ding ding ding, winner, winner! My wife finds it very odd that our state’s energy provider, every time there is even a minor storm, warns customers to expect power outages. This was not the norm even as recently as five years ago.

  4. Skipperdaddy

    Yea we had rolling black outs here in east TN. When I woke up my water had froze because my pump light and the trickle couldnt drip without the pump. Fired up the diesel Kubota and hit the water manifold with a heat gun got it back up. When I heard TVA was “cycling the grid” so the Titans Nigger Football team could play against another wife beater Nigger Football team in Nashville just stayed on the genny. I heat with wood and this time of year do most of my cooking on it too. Last year put in enough solar for lights and cooking. Enjoy Christmas everyone. Its gonna get worse, like BTO said, you aint seen nothing yet…….

  5. Steve

    Couldn’t have anything to do with the fact they didn’t bother stocking anywhere near as much coal at the Michigan City plant this fall as they usually do, could it? Green idiots.

  6. Steve S6

    There is nothing wrong with your set. We control the horizontal, we control the vertical.
    WE CONTROL YOUR ELECTRIC ya damn peons, and don’t forget it!

    Yeah, TVA we’re calling BS.

    Bureaucrat regulations: Energy Star appliances, LED bulbs, etc ad nasuem. And they still say they can’t provide enough power. Well, take our tax dollars, create real jobs and build more. That’s your job politicos, or are you saying you failed us again?

    Nah, totally about controlling the populace. OTOH if they were trying to foment revolution, what would they be doing differently? Jus sayin.

  7. Bad Dancer

    Let us start a Christmas tradition of gathering round the local burning AEP offices and singing carols. They “strategically shut off” our power whilst leaving the nearby ritzy subdivision totally blazing with light and heat. Just like they did in the summer when they targeted poor areas and left the high dollar homes unaffected.

    Thankfully we had the thermal blankets up and heaters going as soon as they sent out the warnings of their tomfoolery so no undue hardship.

  8. 3g4me

    We got the verbatim message here in Texas. I already had our various solar ‘generators/batteries’ fully charged and ready to use if necessary, along with the Buddy propane heaters, wood for the fireplace, etc. But none of that has been needed this year. Anticipating next year in our new mountain home, with God’s grace and blessings, enjoying our wood stove (with mini-split assists if necessary) and well water, as well as whole-house tied-in Generac.

    It is a comfortable feeling, knowing I’ve prepared for weather beyond my control. We were not prepared in Feb 2021, and those few icy cold days finally woke my husband to the need to prepare, and we then finally had the financial means, so I can only be grateful for the temporary discomfort.

  9. FeralFerret

    Here in west central Missouri, I got a similar email from the natural gas supplier:
    “During the next 48 hours, please conserve energy by turning your thermostats down to 65-68 degrees and limiting your natural gas use. Doing so will help maintain the integrity of the natural gas pipeline system.”

    Got another email today say I could go back to normal. Didn’t see anything from the electrical provider.

  10. Gryphon

    Heard the same message from PJM on the Radio here in Virginia, and had 2 Nights with 6 F. by 0500 in the Morning. Generator and Transfer are Manual Equipment, turned on the Engine Heater for the Diesel. (not good to leave it on constantly, causes condensation in the Oil)
    Still not going to let my Horse into the kitchen at Night.

    Interestingly, about 25 Miles from me are close to two dozen of those “Data Centers” (more under construction constantly) that collect and store for the Gestapo Agencies all Communications from the Internet and Phone providers. Hundreds of Megawatts being used, and No Chance of those places having “Rolling Blackouts”…. Interestingly, since they all have Hundreds of Megawatts of ‘backup’ Diesel and Gas-Turbine Gensets, were the Grid ACTUALLY have ‘trouble’, these places could be put Offline and then there would likely be no need of Rationing to the Peons….

    • KDOG

      That’s an excellent question. We (United States) should be manufacturing our own electrical transformers, pharmaceuticals and a whole lotta other critical items.

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