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The New Unpardonable Sin

In the list of sins in the Christian faith, a few have always been more prominent than others. In the Catholic tradition there are what are commonly called the Seven Deadly Sins: pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. These are not necessarily spelled out in the Bible but there are clear connections that can be made from Biblical teaching to support the list. Whether you accept the Bible as authoritative or not, the “seven deadly sins” are all things that are generally bad.

Something that should go without saying is that Christianity didn’t originate last week. It’s been around for nearly 2000 years. During that time some very smart men have wrestled with lots of issues. You don’t have to agree with them but you cannot deny that many of these men were simply brilliant.

What is odd is that in 2022, and really for the last decade or so (longer in “mainline” denominations), there appears to be a new list of deadly sins that have no relationship to the sins that the church has understood for two millennia. Chief among these sins is “racism” and all associated specific forms, like “White supremacy” and “kinism“. What is kinism you might ask? On Wiktionary it says:

From Infogalactic linked above:

Kinism is the belief, or promotion of the belief, that the social order for humanity is tribal and ethnic, and focuses on a duty to love one’s own people, or kin. Kinists advocate the idea that extended families should live together in large groups segregated by race or ethnicity. They believe the ideal and normative social order for families – and by extension communities, states and nations – is an exclusionary one defined by race and blood, not propositions or borders, and that this natural order forms the proper and lasting bonds of affection and loyalty for society.

A statement like that would have been utterly unremarkable for virtually all of Christian history. Christians have cheerfully warred against other Christians from different nationalities and ethnic groups for most of the last 2000 years, especially in Europe. Caring for your own family or kin, even extended out, is commended throughout the Bible. The Israelites slaughtered other non-Jewish people all over the place and one of the greatest sins committed by The Tribe in the OT was whoring after false gods from other races. Paul commands that Christians provide for their relatives:

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. (1 Timothy 5:8 ESV)

What is especially noteworthy in these definitions of “kinism” is that they are not specific to any one race but you will be shocked, stunned and dismayed to discover that only White clergy and theologians are accused of being “kinists”. This would seem odd in a normal world. Take a look at the public statements and the webpages for prominent black clergy. You will see an awful lot of overt hostility toward White people and “Whiteness” and very clear preference for the concerns of blacks. Does anyone call “Bishop” Talbert Swan a “kinist”? Or Obama’s “pastor” Jeremiah Wright? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Of course not. Just as only White people can be “racist”, only White Christians that have a deep and special affinity for their own people can be “kinists”.

The New Woke Commandments

Sure, I don’t have a dog in this fight anymore but because of my prior association with the “Reformed” Protestant tradition and the simple fact that many of my longer term social media friends still fall into that category I keep tabs on the latest news from that world. Sadly almost all of the news is pretty awful. Wokeism, a code word for normies that mostly means “anti-White”, has infested most Christian institutions and prominent Christian voices (other than John MacArthur). There seems to be precious little fight left in most of them, the general sense is a hunkering down to keep from being noticed and targeted. Even the Mormons, not a Christian group under any definition of the term but generally a conservative religious outfit, came out in support of a Federal bill to “protect gay marriage”.

The latest kerfuffle involves a guy named Thomas Achord and a different guy named Stephen Wolfe. Both are guys I have had contact with on various social media platforms over the years. Stephen recently published a book titled “The Case for Christian Nationalism” and his book sits currently as the #1 Amazon seller in the “Social Issues & Christianity” and #3 in general the general Political Science category so it clearly is getting some attention. When you start to get attention in today’s Christianity and especially when you speak positively about Something Awful like “nationalism”, it upsets the mealy mouthed evangelical gatekeepers. Wolfe has wisely made himself difficult to “cancel” but that didn’t stop the Soyboy Stasi from trying to find ways to get to him through others.

The other in this case is Thomas Achord. Another writer and the co-host of the Ars Politica podcast with Stephen Wolfe. As they are friends and Stephen is a designated WrongThinker for his views on nationalism and Christianity, the Soyboy Stasi decided to go after Achord and they got the scalp they were after.

I’ll take a moment to say this: I don’t really know Thomas Achord. We have interacted on social media periodically for a number of years but have never met or directly corresponded apart from a handful of comments on social media posts. I doubt he would affirm much of what I believe and proclaim. He doesn’t need me nor did he ask me to come to his defense. He’s a pretty smart guy and a responsible family man.

Anyway, Achord was the headmaster at a private classical Christian school, Sequitur Classical Academy. From what I can tell it was an academically rigorous, faithfully and genuinely Christian school. But Achord is friends with Stephen Wolfe and engaged in his own public WrongThink so the Soyboy Stasi went after him with a vengeance. Some tweets that were published under pseudonyms came to light, there is some confusion because he initially denied they were his and later appears to have taken credit/responsibility for them. I haven’t seen the tweets in question and don’t have any interest in doing so because it is really irrelevant. What is relevant is that the Soyboy Stasi went after his personal life and his place of employment. Thomas recounts what happened next in a post on Medium:

Nevertheless, the outrage has gone so far that my place of employment heard of it and called to discuss the matter. I had a cordial and mutual conversation with the board and we agreed that it would be best for me to resign this past Wednesday evening. I love my (now former) school and everyone there. I want the best for them, which truly is to be free of the storm of slander and accusation. I think it is the duty of a leader to shield his people from possible harm or trouble, even if it may stem from himself.

Thomas Achord is now unemployed after what appeared to be dedicated service at his school, with a family of small children and another on the way. What is especially revolting is that the people who managed to ruin his life claim to be Christians but apparently didn’t bother to treat Thomas as a fellow believer, as there are very specific patterns for dealing with people that are in sin within the church. Hint, slandering them online is not one of those remedies. In a world full of actual degeneracy and actual evil, these people made it their mission to ruin someone because of some social media comments that hurt their feelings. Many of them look like this guy, one Joseph Elijah McGowan.

McGowan just oozes masculinity, doesn’t he? Unfortunately he is the sort of “men without chests” that C.S. Lewis wrote of in his 1943 book The Abolition of Man.

We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.

These sorts of “men” fill evangelical churches today and worse they fill many pulpits and academic offices at seminaries where future ministers are trained. When compared to men like Johnathan Edwards or Charles Spurgeon, or the martyrs of the Christian faith, they are exposed as small, vicious and ignorant despite their boasting of academic achievements. Is it any wonder that fewer men attend Christian services with each passing year when intellectual purse dogs like that guy are yipping at better men, all for the sake of a few upvotes on social media? I left a snarky comment on one of his clout-chasing Facebook posts and he responded like Pavlov’s dog with the “LITERAL NAHTZEE!” comments until I pointed out that calling me a racist or Nazi or whatever didn’t bother me in the least, especially from a little bitch in his 20s who doesn’t know shit about shit. Anyway, it provided a few moments of amusement for me and probably put little Joe there into a frothy mess of self-righteous arousal.

What is done is done. Thomas didn’t ask for my opinion or advice so I won’t offer it. However there are some important lessons to be learned here.

First and foremost, I’ll say again that there is no true anonymity on the internet. You can mostly hide your tracks if you are careful but there will always be ways to track you down. If you say it online, you had better be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Second, this is another reason why you need to cancel-proof your career as best you can. A year ago you might have thought someone who was at a small, private and very conservative Christian school would be insulated from being cancelled but in 2022 that isn’t the case.

Third, own up to what you say and never, ever apologize to the mob. In his second post when he sort of admits that the tweets were his, Achord wrote this:

After some deep reflection and consultation, I believe this period of my life was a spiritually dark time marked by pessimism and anger and strained relationships. The twitter account reflects a despairing man angry with the whole world….I maintain that I have trouble recollecting tweets (and the entire account) in this period, and I think this helps explain why.

Maybe, maybe not. I don’t remember everything I have tweeted over the years or wrote on my blog but if I wrote it, I take full credit/blame for it. What is worse is that he attributes what he wrote to “spiritual darkness”. That is not going to appease the Soyboy Stasi and will simply embolden them to go after others. At the end of his first post he wrote:

An addendum: I will not be following up with anyone to defend or explain further accusations, “evidences”, or claims against me. The people who are doing this seem to have infinite time and resources on hand. They seem honestly to enjoy digging up, making up, slandering, and harming. They are good at it. My name is already defiled; I am already jobless; and my wife and children and unborn child’s lives are all now in jeopardy. What else do they seek at this point? Is it not enough? Must they beat a bloody corpse? I appeal to you, if not as Christians, then at least as fellow humans: you have accomplished your objective. Please now leave me be.

That is like chum in the water for these people. They are petty people who delight in petty torments, lacking the intellectual chops to confront an opponent on the merits of his argument, and they certainly lack the testicular fortitude to confront someone man to man, face to face, in real life. Instead they hide on social media, sniping from the margins, but when they get a “win”? Come on man, asking for these hyaenas to treat you with human dignity, much less Christian charity, is like asking Joe Biden to not sniff a room full of 9 year old girls. The sheer joy of smiting a “racist” is the closest thing to paradise they will ever experience.

It is a tough place to be these days. If you hold any attitude regarding race that isn’t within the ever-shifting guidelines dictated to you by the same people that hate you and desire your extermination, you are in danger of losing your job, your friends and even your family. When you are a Christian it is perhaps even more dangerous, because the Christian church in 2022 is riddled with the cancer of wokeness, Cultural Marxism, critical race theory, and White self-loathing. If you aren’t safe from these parasites at a place like Sequitur Classical Academy, then you aren’t safe anywhere in your own church.

Using my real name on social media for over 18 years has taught me to cautious about what I say but to also stand by my statements. While I have modified my positions and admitted when I was wrong, I don’t apologize or regret anything I wrote. My blogs have always been a way for me to work out what I am thinking in a public way, and that makes you take a bit more care. When anyone in the world can take a peek into your thought process, it makes you consider what you saying before you press “submit”. More food for thought for you, my readers. Be sure you mean it and are willing to stand by it before you publish it. There is no propitiation for the unpardonable sin of not hating your own race.


  1. Max M Wiley

    Rule #1 when dealing with bullies, online or otherwise: never show weakness, never back up, never apologize. Be ready to take it to the mat or the parking lot, figuratively or literally, at any time, win or lose.
    To arrange your life in such a way means meeting certain criteria, like being ready for battle on a moment’s notice and not saying anything you aren’t willing to back to the hilt.

  2. 3g4me

    Very true and sad diagnosis of the state of modern Christianity. I can think of countless similar examples (purportedly Christian schools/students upset that the school tries to fire an unmarried pregnant teacher, or an openly homosexual teacher, expel a degenerate student, etc.). I used to be a regular reader of the now defunct but archived kinist blog I didn’t agree with everything they wrote or believed, but a lot of it was golden – and would be totally appalling to most of today’s professed ‘Christians.’ Well worth reading a lot of their posts – particularly comparing the European Christ with the African/Asian.

  3. EasyCo.

    Huh, Rod Dreher takes the credit for exposing the evil nazi and, wait for it,…


    (From a man that left his wife and kids behind to live in Hungry.)


    All of the posturing, bloviating and propaganda by the Marxist-Infanticide Party and the Dead Elephant Party will come to naught. Their brainwashing will be moot when all the Mall Zombies run out of Nacho Cheese Doritos and Pepsi. Sooner rather than later, when the world-wide economic “hiccup” really gets really rolling, humans will revert to their tribal roots. The cohesion right now is tentative. Vaxxed Sheeple are dropping dead in ever-increasing numbers. Commodities are getting scarcer and scarcer. The bread and circuses cannot last forever.
    I have read Selco’s account of the Yugoslavian meltdown. Ours will start in the Blue Hives when “the people of color” decide to take what they want. As Mr. Bracken has opined: Bosnia times Rwanda. Get ready, my friends. Bleib ubrig.

    • Matt Bracken

      I just commented above, then scrolled down to the next comment, what a nice surprise.
      Along with Mr. Sido, I have used my own name everywhere on social media since the early 2000s, with the original exception of Free Republic, where I have been Travis McGee since January 2000, but never concealing my actual ID.

    • Steady Steve

      You speak of it as if it’s a bad thing. Just a winnowing of the chaff. Got preps? Got tribe? You are probably good in that case and we will come out of it a stronger people.

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    The moral bankruptcy of the church, as an institution, was completed with its eager participation in the plandemic. Some individual congregations excepted.

    But for many centuries now, hasn’t the church functioned largely, perhaps even primarily, as a vehicle to virtue signal? It’s just that nowadays the accepted virtues are changing.

    • Matt Bracken

      Tyrants can always find tame and timid preachers and priests to carry their water for a tiny sinecure and safety. It was ever thus.

      • Zorost

        One of the things I’ve found so shocking is just how cheaply people have sold their body and souls. So many who are supposedly on our side claimed they had no choice but to take the vax because of their job, as if the only options are take the vax or be forever unemployable. There are plenty of jobs that didn’t require the vax. Taking a pay cut was utterly unacceptable.

        I wonder how much that Sequitur church was really risking by supporting him, or even just ignoring the accusations. Lose some money? Get nasty emails?

  6. wyomarine

    Every single time you encounter some anti-white psycho babble, it leads back to another author from the Tribe. Every single time. Point it out to folks and you get that deer in the headlights look, followed by some sarcastic remark, but they NEVER bother to look it up and prove you wrong. Fools who love to embrace their brainwashing.

  7. HW

    Ah, churchianity, hive of the milquetoast ministers of love and prosperity, devoid of salt, and fire.
    Spew them out, and seek only the divine counsel of the Word, who came not to bring peace, but a sword.
    A starting place may be the work of Mauro Bigliano…

  8. Locust Post

    What a sad story. I feel sorry for Mr. Achord but I am also surprised that an adult man with a wife and kids is so clueless about his own place as an outsider and the vulnerability that comes with this. I’ve come to believe that today’s churches are no place for men. The way I express this to others is to ask a question. Given a choice, would a family man want to spend his Sunday day off getting the family dressed up to go listen to the LGBT affirming minister?

    This family guy walked away a long time ago…and took his kin with him.

  9. Reader


    One more plug, I found what I recently read.

    On not being motivated totally by hatred of the left (although a right man must hate their predilections and what is favored by the Left)

    “… If he is mainly motivated by his hatred of, say, the Woke Left, he will end up like modern conservatives, bashing trans swimmers who stand head and shoulders above the female competition while at the same time praising Dave Rubin, his sodomy & gay mirage relationship, and two stolen children from hired “surrogate” wombs. It’s all death and judgment and unregenerate emptiness and inheriting the curse of covenant breakers.

    More to the point, that moral cesspool is hardly worth fighting for. Perhaps that is why, deep down, so many Americans don’t believe in borders, because they know what constitutes “Western Democracy” today is hardly worth defending.”

  10. Fritz

    Kinism is Biblical. Never apologize for taking a Biblical stand. Never justify yourself to Christ’s enemies. They called Jesus “insane” and “demon possessed” and He just carried on. Let the dogs bark; men have work to do.

  11. Steve

    So kinism is an issue to some of these faux-theologians? Have any of them bothered to read about how He treated the Syrophoenecian woman? Forget about “What Would Jesus Do”. If they can’t handle “What Did Jesus Do”, they have nothing to add to the conversation.

  12. TechieDude

    Being careful about what you say is contingent on your situation. Mine? I work for a big rainbow wokecorp. And it would be hilarious to recount the stories on my humble blog. For instance, being asked to help a diversity hire and an older woman both over their heads. It took hours of my time to sort them out doing a task that had it been assigned to me, I’d have killed it in an afternoon. Oh the stories I could tell.

    But if it were to happen, you better bet there’d be no struggle session.

  13. saoirse

    Just as you can never defeat the jews by bowing down to one, you’ll never save the white race by following the tenets of a universalist religion, deeply corrupted from it’s inception!
    Read Karlheinz Deschner’s “Christianity’s Criminal History”.
    Visit Cesar Tort’s “The West’s Darkest Hour” to learn how christ-insanity is toxic to the survival of the west and it’s people.

  14. tim L kies

    I attended Bible College in around 1984. Thinking that I was going to become a pastor, I quickly saw the reality of just what had already begun, in the supposedly conservative Christian schools of the day. The Spurgeons and Tozers et al. were passe, and instead, nearly every single prof. wanted to force the Pastoral candidates to seek to find a new and different way to interpret the Bible.
    Even in a simple speech class, I saw better grades handed out to people who gave sermons out of a Readers Digest article, instead of the actual Bible.
    I think that it had already started long before I came along, the leftward movement of the church. And then one can only wonder, is it any surprise that people have left the Christian Church in droves? The modern church movement that seeks to tickle the ears of people, like a replacement for the movie theaters, or concert hall, might seem fun, but it leaves people empty, who come to the Church needing to be filled. I know, lofty platitudes, and grandiose talk from the church of old times. But it is just a way of expressing what is missing from the people’s lives and hearts today.
    As far as not backing down from an argument, once you have begun, on the one hand, I agree, but I have to say, if I am shown that I am wrong, I will always change my mind. But I must be shown by facts, and not opinions. It is a sad thing that with the social media we have today, some of the Christians use it for evil, instead of for good. Knowing so little of the situation, it is hard to speak much on it, but I do understand a bit on church discipline, and that is one thing that I find troubling, when people attempt to misuse the proper method, whose goal should be restoration, and not punishment, and ridicule. I have seen it done before in that manner, and it is what caused me to have a problem with a denomination and not be able to remain with them.
    I wish you the best, and pray that you will stay safe.

  15. Spingerah

    Seven years ago was the last time i attended any type of church service, it was to support my motherinlaw who is quite elderly
    In the front pew was a lezbian couple hanging all over each other, it seemed to me to be an intensional FU! To the rest of the mostly older attendees. The Female pastor didn’t bat an eye.
    Woke wasn’t a term then.
    I read the Bible completely for the first time in Afghanistan of all places, went to bible study with a few other guys in Iraq the next goaround. That was the extent of my christian education. My formal education isn’t much more as is obvious to anyone who has read any comment i have ever made.
    My wife & I did send our children to private christian school because there was no comparison in the level of education verses public schools in our area. We worked extra jobs and side hustles to pay for it, worth every penny, especially at elementry level.
    We did have to deal with some early wokery nonsense in their middle school but by then i believe they had gotten all of what they could and needed, good thing because private highschools available in our area were out of our reach at the time. They all went on to exellence, AP classes, running start etc. And are making us proud.
    Anyhow many times i had prayed for Christs forgivness years went by with me asking & I felt nothing. I don’t think i knew then that Jesus isn’t obligated to make you feel anything. It came out of the blue, undescribable feeling of knowing i was loved and saved. I am thankful is all i know.
    I pray for my wife to know this, and for everyone in the world as well.
    Thank you to all of the commenters who share their knowlege and perspectives here and other sites i see some of you on. Mr. Bracken very prolific.
    We all know this crazy train has to derail soon and are working steadily to be prepair to resist and keep alive our progeny and the knowlege the evil want’s destroyed.
    We will fight and fight to win.

  16. Tim Stebbins

    Christian churches are awash with congregants who hold beliefs and worldviews that are diametrically opposed to the teachings of Christ. That list is a long one and need not be gone into in a short comment.

    Suffice to say that behaviors and beliefs that were proscribed completely or severely restricted throughout human history are now celebrated by an increasing number of Christian denominations. About 60 years ago, western civilization began the slow suicide of trading 5,000 years of human striving and 2,000 years of Christian progress for the myriad of false gods that now litter our cultural landscape. We have, indeed, stared too long into the abyss. Militant narcissism, mental illness masquerading as “my truth,” and the increasing rot of sexual deviancy have brought us to the edge of the yawning abyss that now stares back at us. The final denouement of our degenerate and corrupt culture will be spectacular in its banality. It cannot come too soon.

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