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The List Keeps Growing

If you look up shameless grifters, the first entry should be Dennis Prager. The same would be true for controlled opposition. Prager makes a living doing hokey little videos for normiecons about “conservatism”. For Prager, “conservatism” is mostly synonymous with “what is good for Jews”. The guy has never had a real job doing anything productive as far as I can tell and while he talks the talk about moral values, he has been married three times. And there was the incident where Prager U’s official Twitter account congratulated Dave Rubin and his “husband” for purchasing some babies (see: American “Conservatism” Summarized In A Single Screenshot). He allegedly was in “therapy” for a year after his first divorce, making me suspect that Dennis might be doing a little swinging both ways. With “conservatives” like Dennis Prager, who needs liberals? Prager is a pressure valve “conservative”, toeing the line that has been drawn for him and giving Boomer normiecons a place to vent their spleen at them damn lib’rals while never, ever straying beyond the limits set by those same lib’rals.

So just recently, Dennis Prager went to the internet to declare the latest Unpardonable Sin

Archived at:

It is a central tenet of moral theology that there are gradations of sin. To argue that God views stealing a towel from a hotel and raping a child as moral equivalents renders God a moral fool. And doing that to God is a sin. If we mortals perceive the universe of difference between such actions, it goes without question that God does, too. The idea that we have greater moral clarity than God is logically and theologically untenable.
In the pantheon of evils, among the worst is Holocaust denial.

We are going to need some additional stone tablets at this rate.

Prager is doing the bidding of his handlers here, targeting new Public Enemy Number 1.5, barely closeted catamite Nick Fuentes. As the “White” sidekick of Kanye West and one of the latest faces of “antisemitism”, Fuentes is the piñata for Them to whack in public to scare off normiecons and serve as a warning to any that might get out of line. Fuentes is mentioned twice by Prager:

There may not be a more documented single event in history than the Holocaust.

Yet, some people, including an American named Nick Fuentes, aggressively deny the Holocaust, asserting that a few hundred thousand Jews, not millions, were killed….That man is one of millions of reasons Fuentes — and those who ally themselves with him — will go to hell. If there is a just God.

Prager’s audience will of course eagerly lap this up, even though I assume the vast majority of them are some flavor of conservative Christians (that already ignore Prager’s multiple divorces and remarriages). I wonder how many of them will consider this: while the New Testament makes no mention of “Holocaust Denial”, it certainly does address the fate of unbelievers including Jews who reject Jesus. Spoiler alert, I hope Dennis saves a nice seat in hell for Fuentes.

Imagine the hubris of declaring that the existence of God rests on whether or not that God will consign Nick Fuentes to hell, not for being a homosexual but for “denying” the Holocaust. I put the scare quotes around denying because you don’t need to deny the Holocaust, but simply to question the narrative or to suggest that there might be some embellishments around the official numbers and stories is the same as claiming that no Jews died in camps at all.

That is what pisses me off. As a very amateur historian I enjoy learning about the past and especially to examine more controversial topics. When someone tells me that a topic is off-limits for discussion and examination, it makes me assume that there is something we aren’t being told. That is sloppy reasoning but it is an unfortunate reaction to a lifetime of discovering that what we know to be true very often isn’t.

His latest screed simply reinforces for me that Dennis Prager isn’t someone to be taken seriously as a thinker and in fact ought to only be taken seriously for being a controlled gatekeeper, working to prevent normiecons from asking inconvenient questions. Like most of the grifters of Conservative Inc. he is someone you should mock and belittle at every turn.


  1. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Ha, news for you. They are all grifters trying to keep being relevant. Their income depends on it. I give very little tiny credence to any on the web providing bread and circuses. I come here and other places for a little bit of the commentary but mostly for the comments to help discern the truth as best I can.

  2. Umglick Goyim

    I have read that there were less than 500,000 jews total in all of germany according to germany’s official census at the time. Some were certainly killed, as well as some blacks, some gays, some handicaps etc… But not possible at all there were 6 million of anyone killed in concentration camps. Their egregious lies make all of it questionable, even though some of it is certainly true…

    • Gryphon

      I’ve seen Census Documentation from the ’30s that showed less than 6 Gorillion ‘jews’ in all of Europe. Much of that data came from the jewish organizations themselves. So yes, the “Official Narrative” is a little difficult to defend, never mind making it “Unquestionable” as (((they))) Do. Then if you REALLY want to ‘set one off’, mention that 30-50 Million Christians were Murdered by ‘jewish’ (bolshevik) Communists before WWII. And that most people in Europe were Aware of this- like some members of My Family, who Bugged Out of Western Russia in the early ’20s.

  3. SirLawrence

    One of the biggest sources of headwind for both our side – and my own ability to stave-off despair, is the two-fold effect of our collective addiction to media and its corralling and gatekeeping of nascent dissident minds.

    Normies gonna normie, hence the name – and sheeple gonna sheeple, but in an already small subset it is draining to see them finally head our way only to turn the wagon around half-way and instead encamp at the big tent with the poisoned well.

    For the subset who are along the continuum of awakening, I find it incredibly tedious to keep up the nudging and encouraging when up against the massive reach of the gatekeepers, coupled with the conditioning toward media and personality cult that people just can’t seem to shake.

    Your principle of non-aggression judeo-Christian values are not welcome on my land.

    Time and again I will check in with friends who are claiming their awakenings, yet who will champion the likes of Prager, Jordan Peterson, and the stable of black grifters and other invaders who simply repeat twits of what has been plainly discussed among our men for eons without fanfare.

    So, I have become increasingly rigid in my gatekeeper filtering. Anyone who says “judeo-Christian” in a positive light. Anyone who says, “happy wife, happy life”. Anyone who says, “they are trying to divide us, don’t let them divide us.” And anyone who prefaces their point with ” I am not anti-[black/woman/gay/moselm/etc]”. e.g. “I am not anti-immigration; I am anti-illegal immigration”. The prefaces are an act of submission, cowardice, dilution of principles, and/or accepting the framing of the enemy.

    At this point anyone who cannot plainly state their affirmative position about our people and our once-nation and the Truth in general without first taking the knee is put on double gatekeeper probation until proven otherwise.

    • 3g4me

      “So, I have become increasingly rigid in my gatekeeper filtering. Anyone who says “judeo-Christian” in a positive light. Anyone who says, “happy wife, happy life”. Anyone who says, “they are trying to divide us, don’t let them divide us.” And anyone who prefaces their point with ” I am not anti-[black/woman/gay/moselm/etc]”. e.g. “I am not anti-immigration; I am anti-illegal immigration”. The prefaces are an act of submission, cowardice, dilution of principles, and/or accepting the framing of the enemy.”.

      Very well said. I have a similar and perhaps longer list of phrases that immediately tell me all I need to know about the speaker/writer. Yes, most of us started out believing some of the lies and we each have our own individual journey that led us to question the official narrative and prescribed mores , but I have no patience with those who still cling to the tattered and bespattered remnants of civnattery or churchian “God is love” or “There’s only the human race.” Observe. Notice. Deduce. Decide. Reality is not rocket science; the medieval peasant had a far better understanding of human nature and the natural world than the average ‘murrican. Acknowledging my own sins and failings and need for grace in no way compels me to ‘love’ those who choose to wear blinders and condemn themselves and their children and grandchildren to misery, torment, and extinction.

    • Zorost

      “…but in an already small subset it is draining to see them [normies] finally head our way only to turn the wagon around half-way…”

      I used to be the same way, then a great realization came to me. Normies will always be normies, they are genetically incapable of anything else. It is a waste of time to try to convert them; casting pearls before swine, as the saying goes.

      Instead, we need to take advantage of their normie-ness. Try to get local and state political power by promising them things normies like, then once elected give them some of what they want to keep them happy. Then spend most of our efforts doing the things we always intended to do but couldn’t say out loud. What are they going to do if they figure it out? They are normies after all. This is basically the modern political paradigm. Even the Founders saw this, which is why they tried to prevent normies from voting.

      To try to wake up normies is a form of fantasy, of trying to cope with the knowledge of what needs to be done by pretending there is an easier way. Pretending that all we need to do is wake up X% of normies, and suddenly Change will happen and all we have to do is sit back. Never going to happen.

      • SirLawrence

        Agree Zorost. Poor phrasing on my part. The already small subset is those who would claim to be “awake” or at least well on their way in that process. Not normie in the basic sense, as they will normie till the savages have them on pikes.

        I try to avoid the holiness spiraling that plagues the prog-left by giving some time and mental maneuvering room for those who have made part of the leap across the great divide but have yet to land on our side in practical terms.

        I have no desire to proselytize normies, but we need real communities and so I also can’t dismiss out of hand where there is potential. There are just so very few opportunities or forums in which this mutual vetting can occur in real life.

        Harnessing and using the normie weight is a good local strategy. But I am still in the stage of just finding men I can trust.

        I have a few good friends in this camp with whom I can speak freely, exchange wrongthink content, and discuss the reality on the ground without debating the fundamentals. Yet they keep getting pulled back into the talisman gatekeepers – or other constitutional hopium dens.

        But whats worse IMO, is that they seem unwilling to change much in their actual daily lives to bring congruence with their supposed awareness. They still live in blue states suburbia, talk of vacations and college for the kids. They hate the “tyranny” sure enough but will not divorce the beast themselves. For a couple of them it is literally “I hate clown world; clown world pays me really well.”

        This is also something that I find all the way down into the most hardened dissident. Of course, their rationalization is that they will take money from the hive and invest it in the local ‘community’ of our guys. So many robin hoods apparently. But somehow there are very few actual examples of this at work. In fact, solving these basic economic and social challenges seems to be guarded like some kind of trade secret.

        When I measure the dissident heart by what a man has given up in order to anchor his family against the tempest, there are very few of us.

        That said, I do succumb to small bouts of cope or wishful thinking because I have been on my own for over 15 years in this process and had brewed up some hopium of my own that the discomfort of late would finally cleave them from the fallen normie stump and I would truly find my brothers.

        Meanwhile rural living is orders of magnitude better than blue state life, yet the normie plague is arguably stronger here as the absence of friction have them lulled into complacency.

        Sure, it’s all vote republican, go to church, 2A enthusiasm, and mind your own business, but most have no idea what’s coming – and are pretty well steeped in civnattery. Had a neighbor wax on about zero tolerance for racisms. wtf. I’ve seen this movie play out in several other states already.

        Anyhow, the holidays always have me going a bit soft. The hallmark towns are gone, that’s for real. But to be fair I’m also not the handsome town handyman with a Harvard Law degree and millions in the bank that I keep secret until the strong independent woman from the city falls for the quaint american dream and the real me.

  4. AZFloyd

    “When someone tells me that a topic is off-limits for discussion and examination, it makes me assume that there is something we aren’t being told.” It means to me that the person is full of shit and they know they are full of shit because they can’t defend their beliefs.

    I thought jews didn’t have an afterlife in their religion. So this con artist is threatening the stupid goyim with something he doesn’t believe in. Well if the goyim are stupid enough to believe it, they deserve all the misery that comes their way.

    “The prefaces are an act of submission, cowardice, dilution of principles, and/or accepting the framing of the enemy. ”

    Exactly. I can’t stand the term “judeo-christianity”. You either take a knee to Jesus or don’t.

    Whites are being culled and I’ve come to the conclusion most of them deserve it. Many, if not most, whites are more interested in virtue signalling than virtue. “Hey faggots are fucking my kids, but at least I am not an anti-semite.” Fuck white people: good and hard….because you earned it.

    I have no more sympathy for fellow whites than I do for a bleating sheep that stands there and takes its beating. Take your shot white man…oh and pay your taxes, send a donation to the ADL, and vote harder.

    • Zorost

      I consider myself to be a White Nationalist before any thing else. Yet I agree with what you said; I’m not trying to save every individual, I’m working towards creating a system that will allow Whites as a group to live the way we wish. Many simply won’t make it, and many shouldn’t make it. I’m fine with that, as this is about the species not individuals.

  5. Matt

    “When someone tells me that a topic is off-limits for discussion and examination, it makes me assume that there is something we aren’t being told.”


    Climate change
    Covid / Vaxx

    The list is long.

    Ben Shapiro is another one that rubber me wrong. He comes off as too slick by 1/2.

    Also, notice how no other genocides seem to really exist (unless convenient). Ask about the Armenians and get tome interesting responses

  6. Clown car driver

    I used to drive myself nuts with the ” we gotta wake ’em up” ” they just need this information “, read these books, can’t you see what is going on?” routine. Gotta save America! Cmon man! You all know, you’ve all been there. But for fucks sake, the more I look around the more I find myself thinking what a bunch of selfish faggot douche nozzles. Look at these ” leaders”, these ” thinkers”. Nothing but grift, dishonor and a strange variety of obtuse arrogance. Welcome to planet faggotron, muh nigras.

  7. canis lupus

    the germans were meticulous record keepers. The red cross were regular visitors to the camps. When the ussr went tits up
    they opened up the papers.
    Red Cross records were about 280,000
    dead jews in total…so has been a lot of exaggeration. Largest cause of deaths was typhus.
    Biggest eye opener was learning about the rhine Meadows.. Eisenhowers death camps..
    I think a lot of the finger pointing had been.. look at him. not me

  8. Don Curton

    Romans 3:10 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”,

    James 2:10 “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point, he has become guilty of all.”

    If we as humans decide that some sins are worse than others, that does not necessarily mean God sees it the same way. He was pretty clear about that. It’s actually discussed in the Bible. A lot. I mean, at least in the New Testament portion. So I’m thinking Prager is wrong biblical. Took me 2 minutes to find the above as well as a dozen other examples.

    And yeah, lots of questions about the “most documented event ever”.

  9. Captain Coleman

    Tried to leave a comment there- hell no. They won’t post it!

    So much good in the comments here. The usual wailers on this subject have all the answers, all the time, and don’t you DARE question.

    But when we look at all the “evidence” and see much of it was (appropriate for the time) propaganda and PSYOP, and that most of the amazingly “top THIS shit!” horrific events went on in the “Death Camps” in the Soviet zone of occupation… frankly, I DON’T have all the answers. I just want to know the truth. What did the Germans do? What was info ops to demonise our enemies and ennoble our image and cause? After almost a century, it’s time to re-examine it all, and get the story as close as we can to the truth.

  10. saoirse

    Jew grifter Prager was just written about over at Unz. The comments section is the best part.
    Here’s to all the WW2/haul-a-co$t revisionists that suffer unending derision, financial ruin, censorship, violence, ostracization and imprisonment to expose one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on the western world!

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