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The Feel Good Story Of 2022?

Another heartwarming tale to warm the cold embers of my heart.

Woman shoots, kills suspect with own gun in attempted carjacking, police say

More criminals masterminds at work! The story gets better when you read the details.

According to the report, two women were sitting in a parked car in the area of Coleman Street and San Miguel Avenue waiting to go to a party on Saturday, Nov. 19.

While they were waiting, a car parked directly in front of them. Three men got out with guns pointed at them and yelled at the two women to get out of their car, the women told police.

One man pulled the woman in the driver’s seat out of the car, got into the seat and tried to drive. The woman told police that the car is push-to-start and the man appeared to have trouble getting it started.

He put his gun in his lap while he tried to start the car, and the woman said she grabbed it and ran away. Within seconds, a man tackled her from behind. She turned toward him and fired the gun at least once.

While on the ground, she said another one of the men started shooting at her, the report states. She pushed the man who tackled her off her and ran south as the other man continued to shoot at her. She said she hid in a nearby house’s yard and heard someone yell out that his friend had been shot. She came out of hiding once the police arrived.

The man who was shot was pronounced dead at the scene, and police described the shooting as a case of self-defense in their report.

One of the men was arrested, 18 year old Jaylen Morrison….guess who….

The ever-predictable dead eye/vacant expression. Hilariously Failed Carjacker is probably the best his mama could have hoped for.

It is a safe bet that the as yet unnamed accomplice that was killed looks an awful lot like Jaylen. A third criminal mastermind was also arrested….

Another person was inside the apartment when Morrison was arrested, according to the report. That person told detectives he was in the car with Morrison during the carjacking.

That was kind of him, making the cop’s job that much easier by admitting to being in the car.

It is remarkable that people this stupid managed to make it to adulthood without stepping off a cliff or drowning in the toilet.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    I’d like to know more about the woman who perforated the homeslice. Is she black? Sounds like a whole lot more gumption and initiative than I am used to seeing in today’s whiny, overly-entitled White females.

    And under the circumstances, why in hell does it even have to be mentioned that she is NOT being charged with capital murder, when it was homeslice’s gun that she ventilated the stooge with AS he was in the process of committing armed robbery? That much should be a given.

  2. Umglick Goyim

    So the three hoodlums with guns could not hit either woman, but one woman takes their gun and kills one of them. I hope, but will not hold my breath, for a Medal of some type to be awarded her… She is a hero in any case!

  3. Differ

    Doesn’t look like Nevada has felony murder statute.
    “Morrison is facing charges of 2nd-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit robbery, attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with the use of a deadly weapon, and attempted grand larceny of a vehicle.”

  4. Jim Wetzel

    Completely off topic: I note that the Z-man shamelessly stole your blog title to use as his podcast title for today. Maybe give him a gentle suggestion that royalty payments are in order? (Joking, of course, although I did listen extra-closely at the beginning, to see if he mentioned your blog.)

    • Moe Gibbs

      Channel 2′s Michael Seiden was at the scene after the shooting and spoke with witnesses who said they heard several gunshot wounds.

      Okay, we got cops who can’t hit a target right in front of them, and witnesses who can hear “gunshot wounds”.

      Please, please let me off the ride, mama. I’m gonna be sick…

  5. anon

    Umglick Goyim:
    It’s a given the homies were shooting “Gangsta Style” pistol turned 90 degrees from
    vertical, so the sights were not being utilized. (See the YouTube channel Fenomen
    “How to shoot Gangsta Style”). Just ‘spray n pray’.
    May all our enemies shoot ‘gansta style’

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