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The Family That Slays Together Stays Together

A heartwarming tale from Tallahassee.

On Sunday there was a lightly publicized mass shooting at Florida A&M. Florida A&M University, also known as FAMU, is an HBCU or historically black college or university. Some folks were playing a little hoops on an outdoor court when a fella decided to shoot into the crowd of over a dozen people. Travis “T.J.” Huntley, a 20 year old black guy, was killed and four others were wounded, including a 16 year old.

The police apprehended their suspect in pretty short order

21-year-old arrested in connection with FAMU mass shooting

The suspect in question is 21 year old Da’Vhon Young Jr….

The Tallahassee Police Department has arrested a man in connection with the mass shooting on Florida A&M University’s campus Sunday afternoon, which killed one man and injured four other people.

Da’Vhon Young Jr., 21, of Tallahassee, faces four counts of attempted murder and one count of premeditated murder, according to court records. He was arrested Wednesday “following a swift investigation,” TPD wrote in an online case update.

Pretty standard stuff so what’s the big deal?

Later in the story we read that “Jr.” didn’t fall far from the tree…

A 40-year-old old man with the same name, Da’Vhon Young Sr., was arrested in late October on a charge of second-degree murder.

In “late October” so just over a month ago the apparent father of Da’Vhon Young Jr. was also arrested for murder, not for shooting into a crowd of people but for strangling a hooker. This is a story sure to tug at the heartstrings….

In that case, according to records, Young Sr. picked a prostitute in Valdosta, Georgia, and brought her to a Tallahassee motel. Soon after, another man entered the room, leading Young to believe that the man and woman were planning to rob him, court records say.

“[Young] attacked the female by holding her by the throat with his left hand,” an arrest affidavit says. “Young stated that the unknown male ran off, but he continued to attack the female.”

Young eventually strangled her, court records say. After realizing she was dead, he put her body in a plastic container, which was found the same day in a wooded area off Wiley Road, near Apalachee Parkway, police say.

He “eventually strangled her” and then figured out she was dead. I am assuming drugs and/or alcohol were involved.

On the bright side, both Jr. and Sr. were arrested for murder in Tallahassee so with any luck they will get to serve their time together. I love seeing a family brought back together.


  1. Zorost

    I wonder if its like that plot twist with St Floyd of Fentanyl, with the father and son not knowing of each other until after their arrests.

  2. jerry kimbro

    I like your witty article. The subject is appalling and chronicles what I believe is a new low ground in Tallahassee’s troubled criminal history. You can finally just be shot for playing basketball on a school’s grounds. Tallahassee is a shithole. No doubt.

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