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The Enemy Is Already Inside The Wire

While I don’t carry any water for the Catholic church as an institution, I do have many friends and families who are members of the Roman Catholic faith. It must be incredibly difficult for them now as it is clear that the church in Rome is utterly corrupted from the highest levels down to many local parish priests. The situation in the RCC today would make Martin Luther double his 95 Theses.

Jorge Bergoglio, the man who styles himself “Pope Francis” and is supposedly the “Vicar of Christ” along with dozens of other titles, is an obvious Marxist. He comes from South America and appears to be steeped in the worst excesses of the Marxist revolutionaries who caused such lasting chaos in South America for decades and little that he does seems to make much sense as a Catholic. I often quip that he has thrown into doubt the old retort “Is the Pope Catholic”?

The latest outrage from Bergoglio’s Vatican is the defrocking of Frank Pavone, a clergyman who heads up the group Priests For Life, a man that has long been an outspoken opponent of abortion. It was revealed that Pavone was “defrocked” in November, meaning he can no longer function as a priest in the Catholic church. According to the Catholic News Agency….

Father Frank Pavone, a well-known pro-life activist and national director of the organization Priests for Life, has been dismissed from the clerical state for “blasphemous communications on social media” and “persistent disobedience of the lawful instructions of his diocesan bishop,” CNA has learned.

In a Dec. 13 letter to U.S. bishops obtained by CNA and confirmed by multiple sources as authentic, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, the apostolic nuncio to the United States, wrote that the prefect of the Dicastery for the Clergy issued the decision on Nov. 9, adding that there was “no possibility of appeal.”

“Father Pavone was given ample opportunity to defend himself in the canonical proceedings, and he was also given multiple opportunities to submit himself to the authority of his diocesan bishop,” explains a separate statement attached to Pierre’s letter. “It was determined that Father Pavone had no reasonable justification for his actions.”

Certainly Frank Pavone used some salty and even naughty language at times from what I can tell but does his language and alleged “disobedience” justify being defrocked? There seems to be a definite double standard here, as Abby Johnson, a former clinic director with Planned “Parenthood” who later became a pro-life activist, points out…

James Martin is not only a flaming faggot, he is a far left political activist pretending to be a priest. Given the Catholic Church’s past with homosexual child abuse, you would think that Martin as an open homosexual would be defrocked before Pavone but you would be wrong. I will never flinch from my belief that there is an indivisible link between homosexuality, especially male homosexuality, and pedophilia. Pedophiliac sex with minors is the means by which homosexuals reproduce the next generation of homosexuals, as many fags have admitted to being molested by older boys or men as children. When a young boy is sexually traumatized at a vulnerable age, it is understandable that his sexual behavior is warped and for many of these young boys they grow up to be sodomites as adults and in turn abuse minors.

The Roman Catholic church is riddled with openly homosexual “priests” as is the Catholic hierarchy and especially the seminary system (see Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church for an excellent if stomach churning account of how deeply the seminary system is corrupted with homosexuals). It is so bad in some places that non-faggot seminarians drop out rather than be subjected to sitting alongside promiscuous homosexuals who are training to enter the priesthood. With a priesthood full of homosexual degenerates who have access to young, and often vulnerable, children taught to respect those priests as authority figures, it was inevitable that the RCC would have to deal with a homosexual pedophilia scandal (see: It Was Homosexual Abuse)

Back in the day I argued, and still believe, that the nature of the allegedly chaste Catholic priesthood is largely to blame. Becoming a priest provided homosexual Catholic men with a way to get away from the incessant questions about getting married, and indeed in Catholic circles decades ago it was quietly understood that being a priest was a great way for a homo to be a faithful Catholic. Unfortunately it doesn’t work as intended and never has, as the history of Rome is filled with stories of popes, cardinals and priests with mistresses, whores and illegitimate children.

Today many bewildered, faithful Catholics look at their church and wonder what the hell happened.

I have never cared much for the RCC but this is a prime example of what I’ve been saying: /we/ have no allies in the halls of power. None, not even in the “conservative Christian” ranks. The once allegedly stalwart evangelical leaders are running for cover to avoid having to get gainful employment, even the guys who were considered ultra-faithful like Doug Wilson and Al Mohler are cucking more and more, and the denominations are nearly as corrupt as Rome.

In short, everywhere we thought we could trust is already overrun by the enemy. The mantra of “local, local, local” exists because only a step beyond local means running into enemy territory. It is an unpleasant, black-pilling reality but that doesn’t make it less of a reality. With a few exceptions you can only really rely on those you can see face to face and with almost no exceptions you can’t rely on organizations broader than the immediate local scope.

We didn’t have many friends to begin with and the list is growing thin. Act accordingly.


  1. Clown car driver

    I don’t know, bro. Even local local local I don’t think I have very many friends. At least the kind that matters. I haven’t been to a church in many years that hasn’t already adopted the Frankfort school approach. Many are ran by men who make your gaydar go beep beep beep beeeeeep. Then there are the hipster pastors. Then the women pastors. Dude was giving a talk last time I was there, was a missionary working in Zimbabwe. I’m like you mean Rhodesia? Hmmm wonder what happened there. Constantly begging for money and volunteering in Haiti, and the darkest of Africa. Fuck, what about our area? Fuckers od’ing in the streets, fucking heroin and fentanyl all over the place, and you expect me to give a shit about Zimbabwe, especially knowing it’s history?? “Conservative ” locals and church goers don’t get it, and would consider me the bad guy if they knew what I believe. I don’t know man, I really don’t. BTW, I don’t live in an suburban blue area either.

  2. Charlie E Hargrave

    For me, local extends to my property line.
    The catholic church is, and has been, a pox on humanity from the get go.
    Torn on going to the local church in the boonies where we moved just over a year ago. We moved here just in time for township trustee elections. The mailings were quite negative and obviously some nasty politics going on.
    Which make zero sense in a community this small btw. Turns out the biggest mudslinger in the race is the pastor.

  3. Steve S6

    Bergoglio isn’t the Pope (#266) anymore than Biden is President. Pope is a for life position and Pope Bendict XVI (Ratzinger, #265) is still alive.

    The RCC has also been defrocking Priests who have held Traditional Latin Mass when ordered not to, even though the congregation wanted it and they also held modern Mass. Many of those Priests continue to serve their congregations that want to be, just not as official RCC Priests.

    It’s not only the RCC that has issues at the top of course, and not the only organized faith bleeding membership. And yet they don’t make changes to correct course. Sad.

      • mike

        Catholicism is big on following petty rules that were invented by Popes and only luke warm on following directives of Christ. It always turned me off that they have a military rank structure and have the notion that the higher you are on that structure, the closer you are to God, nonsense.

    • Milton

      Bergoglio- a fraud parading around as if he were the pope, the human leader of the church Jesus built
      Biden- a fraud parading around as if he were president, human leader of the free world

      The rest of us- a bunch of sinners who have a responsibility to the Creator of the Universe, to love him, and to acknowledge what we know he has done. And to do his will on Earth, which sometimes might include providing death to tyrants, in its season.

      Peace to all men of good will.

  4. Locust Post

    This post is so true. Many years ago, as a 16-year-old a priest tried to pick me up. At confession. My instinct said–watch out–stay away–and I’ve never returned. I’ve felt guilt about this ever since. I’m 66 years old now. I wish I had a community. I do have faith. Everything as far as I can tell continues to be phony and fake. The only way out is to do what you can do as an individual man who might have a family and get some influence at a tiny, local level. And pray. And incrementally build family and whatever community you might have. The larger, and most of the smaller local institutions, are long gone.

  5. anonymous

    You cannot possibly understand how painful it is for a devout Catholic to watch this, let alone endure it. You all are on the outside, and have the support of a background of centuries of lies against the Church to bolster your opinions, as well as the results of the bad shepherds that have infested the Church for its entire existence. I understand this, and do not hold it against you. But for those of us, who are watching it happen, suffer it, have to see the destruction, and still try to keep and spread the faith, the pain is close to unbearable.

    Please consider; the Church is a rare garden planted in the wilderness. She has Our Lord as Her Founder, the Holy Spirit as Her Guide, and the Father watching over Her. Yet She has to exist and toil within this fallen world, so afflicted by the prince of this world, our sinful human nature, and the results of man’s free will. The wheat and the tares will grow together until the end of time. It is our task to continue in our service to God.

    How long would a natural garden keep growing in the face of weeds, birds, rabbits, moles, deer, boars, droughts and ice, and other natural enemies if it were untended? If Our Lord founded a Church, watched over it, yet still let the men who manage Her exercise their free will, and often fall to the temptations of wealth, power, sex, etc., what would you expect to see? Your natural garden would still have bees pollinating it. It would still have sunlight and precipitation. The roots of the plants would still gather nourishment and moisture from the soil. And even the depredations of the animals would both soften and turn the earth, as well as spread the seeds and provide fertilizer. All from God’s providence. Your natural garden might not look like much, but it would not be the wilderness. And if you added the hand of a human caretaker, it would come back from the damage, and would be much improved. If you added a human destroyer, it would be worse.

    The Catholic Church is a Divine institution. She has lasted for millennia, and has seen both glory and devastation. There is no “human” institution that has lasted so long, and despite current scandals, there is no sign of Her disappearing any time soon. As the Church of God, she has endured so many attacks. Governments, Islam, The might of Rome, other empires, heretics, persecutions, and so on. The worst damage has always come from within. Luther, Calvin, Arius, all were Catholic priests or bishops. Many of her greatest saints were poor sinners: the Apostles that ran away from Our Lord’s passion, St. Peter, who denied Him, Mary Magdalene, a dissolute sinner who repented at His feet. The greatest minds in western civilization came from the Church; St. Augustine, St. Anselm, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bellarmine, etc. The Church kept the knowledge of the ancient world alive after the fall of Rome, and spread this throughout the world. And not only scientific and technical knowledge, but also the understanding that life has value, that men have dignity, that women are not property, and all the other values that everyone just seems to take for granted, not understanding that if it were not for the Church, the pagan understanding of society would echo that both found in today’s ghettos and corporate boardrooms, where women are bitches and ho’s, violence is power, desires are the only rule, and might makes right.

    Yes, the Church certainly has power, and this power is often diverted to bad ends. One can divert a river to run a mill or irrigate a garden, or one can cause floods and mayhem. It is no accident that the devil is ceaseless in his efforts to corrupt the church. We have all heard of Black Masses, but who has ever heard of a black revival meeting, or other such distortion? The Church that can found Hospitals and Universities can certainly be abused to spread heresies and other damage across society. A living room prayer meeting cannot have that reach. Unorganized religions, by definition are unorganized. There is no doctrine, catechism, or set teaching, and no way to pass it on if there were. You and your families can stand with Christ or fall away, and the impact of your unorganized religion won’t have much affect beyond you. On the other hand, one St. Francis of Assisi can change the course of History.

    As the left always eats its own, it is interesting to watch the media always beat up on the Church for the existence of homosexuals in Her ranks and their predations upon the poor young men who they victimize, but at the same time, they promote homosexuality in your schools, your governments, your corporations, and even within your families. Now they are promoting pedophilia, even though they used that as a cudgel against the Church. Still, the only large organization that recognizes the evil effects of homosexuality is the Catholic Church. Her problems only prove the point. Despite what the media portrays, and never excusing the hierarchy of the Church for their failings, homosexual predation of the young is far more prevalent, both by percentages and by raw numbers, in the Jewish religion, protestantism, Islam, public schools and government services, where it is often promoted.

    The Church will survive this perverted generation, this pope in shepherd’s clothing, and the society in which She has to both minister and survive, and from which She has to, against all odds, raise up the future’s Saints, and again guard both the knowledge and morality of civilization, for the upcoming generations.

    There is no doubt that our civilization is falling into paganism and ruin. There is no doubt that that fact is reflected in the current hierarchy, and this is a cross the Church will have to bear. But Our Lord’s promise is unshaken, and His Words will never fail.

    I know that many of you will come back with accusations, derogatory remarks, counter points, and other comments. I won’t have any answers for those, whether true or false. Many complaints I will agree to be true and feel the pain and indignation much more than you might, since it has to do with my Church. I will only ask that you try to be the person that you would see the Church be, if she were to satisfy whatever requirements you would have of Her.

    And please, have a Merry Christmas.

    • Frogdaddy

      Eloquently put. As a catholic I’m proud to have someone like you in the ranks. I’ve fallen away, but this gives me hope. I’ll share your words of encouragement.

    • Steve S6

      Understood. I have heard many Catholics when asked why they left the Church answer, “I didn’t, the Church left me.” Many here I’m sure feel the same way about America as far as the human element ruining things. May God straighten both out.

      Merry Christmas.

    • Captain Coleman


      The Church is the sole deposit of Faith and always shall be.

      That there are horrifically evil people on the inside- there always have been. Remember the one who left supper early…. But the Church still is, and no one can change that.

      Our Blessed Mother told us there’d be days like this.

  6. LGC

    The word isn’t pedophilia, it’s pederasty. Men who are attracted to boys.

    Funny how that word fell out of favor about the time the fag movement exploded in power.

  7. Jim Wetzel

    “A living room prayer meeting cannot have that reach. Unorganized religions, by definition are unorganized. There is no doctrine, catechism, or set teaching, and no way to pass it on if there were. You and your families can stand with Christ or fall away, and the impact of your unorganized religion won’t have much affect beyond you. On the other hand, one St. Francis of Assisi can change the course of History.”

    Ever heard of Scripture? The living, inerrant word of God, which does not return to Him void? Ever heard of the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all light and truth?

    I really do feel sorry for serious Catholics, because of the heavy burden placed upon them by their all-too-human organization. And then along comes the brave “Anonymous” here, whose arrogance causes me to fail to feel sorry for him at all. He deserves to have a priesthood of pederasts riding his shoulders. And he’s sure got a pink mafia ruling over him.

      • Steve

        I was thinking the same thing, Captain Coleman. Despite the fact that Anonymous probably agrees with most of the 95 Theses. Most Catholics I’ve discussed things with are batting somewhere in the neighborhood of 85. Most agree you can’t buy your way into heaven, for instance. Until one starts discussing the inherent contradictions, like all humans fall short, yet God keeps one man from not falling short, that when discussing matters of the spirit, he is inerrant. The other is, of course, that Protestants are inherently unsaved since they chose to rebel against God’s chosen spokesman.

        It’s almost as if Catholics excised the part about, “Call no man father for there is only your Father in heaven, etc.”

        • BFYTE

          Try reading the verses after that Steve O. Any idiot can quote a verse,mits the CONTEXT that matters. Are you really taking the position that this verse should be taken literally? Are you retarded? Call no man father? Even your own? How dumb are you?

  8. anonymous

    Hmmm. Scripture. Wasn’t that the book that was written, collected, codified, and approved by the Catholic Church? Didn’t you get the list of books based upon the Church’s authority? Or did you find the list within the scripture, itself?

    The Catholic Church gave you scripture. Outside of the Church’s authority, you are lost. God’s Church is a visible church of true teachings, not an invisible church of true believers. Since the “reformation,” there has been a new protestant denomination started on average of about 1 per week. More than 30k, so far. All of them profess to be lead by the Holy Spirit. And all of them have conflicting teachings. Must be some catch there, because the Holy Spirit would not contradict Itself.

    Yes, there is a lavender mafia of homos infiltrating the Church right now. You get to enjoy yourself, casting aspersions on us from the outside. We get to suffer it and pray that God cleanses His Church again. Being outside the Church is great for criticisms, but not so hot for salvation.

    Again, have a merry Christmas.

  9. Gryphon

    ALL of the ‘christian churches’ are nothing but political ‘control mechanisms’ that prey on the Ignorance of most people. I have increasingly come to agree with those who say that the ‘christian’ religion was/is at its Roots a creation of the “jews” to control the ‘goyim’, the non-jew.
    When you look into the ‘Babylonian Talmud’ you find the Racist basis of it, and its connections (through the ‘old testament’) to the christian ‘bible’. The ‘church of rome’ may be to some extent a continuation of the Dregs of the Roman Empire, with its Faggotry and Perversion, but it sure isn’t anything resembling the christianity it espouses.

    And FFS, stay away from any ‘church’ that is a 501(c) CORPORATION that is subject to all ‘laws of government’. Those were the first ones to close at the Orders of the jews running the pandemic/biowar Scam.

    • Steve

      I don’t think it’s at all a coincidence that the first people called, “Christians” were Paul’s church plant in Antioch, as revealed in Acts 11, I think.

  10. KDOG

    I read Ann Barnhardt’s blog regularly. She is a Catholic, and writes often about the Roman Catholic Church and the ‘antipope’ Bergoglio, and the corruption in the Vatican. Although I skim over most of that stuff, she also has a lot of excellent analysis on the Corona scam, and political and financial subjects. She definitely knows the big picture.

  11. Jim Wetzel

    “Hmmm. Scripture. Wasn’t that the book that was written, collected, codified, and approved by the Catholic Church?”

    Hmmm. There were several councils in the first few centuries AD that addressed canonicity, the last being Carthage in 397. Thought experiment: if a science-fiction time machine could somehow transport Clement, Ignatius, Hippolytus, or Polycarp from their time to this, and they had a little chat with “Pope” Francis and his boys, would they be saying, “Yes, this-here’s the Church Universal, the real article!”?

    I kind of doubt it.

    “Didn’t you get the list of books based upon the Church’s authority? Or did you find the list within the scripture, itself?”

    If by “the Church” you mean “the extended body of Christian believers from the time of Jesus’ apostles until now,” yes, I do depend on that distributed authority. If you mean the RCC? No (except to the extent that some RCs are indeed Christians, which many are).

    ” … the Holy Spirit would not contradict Itself.” Why the blasphemy? The Holy Spirit is a person, not a thing. “He,” not “it.”

    “You get to enjoy yourself, casting aspersions on us from the outside. We get to suffer it and pray that God cleanses His Church again. Being outside the Church is great for criticisms, but not so hot for salvation.”

    Ahem … who waded in here and cast the first aspersion? Even young boys know, or did when I was one, that if you start a rock fight, some rocks might come back your way.

    As for my salvation, that’s an accomplished fact, thanks to Jesus. Just curious: in your opinion, is anyone saved, apart from the RCC? How about the Orthodox: are they damned, too?

    • anonymous

      Mr. Wetzel:

      Those councils were Catholic. The participants were priests and bishops. They were organized under the direction and assent of the Pope. It is the authority of the Church that set down the books of scripture. I am glad that you recognize that.

      It is absolutely true that the Holy Spirit is a person. The third person of the Holy Trinity. But it is also a spirit. A spirit has no sex, that only pertains to natural flesh and blood creatures. God the Father is also a spirit, and, again, has no sex. I may have erred according to tradition by saying the Holy Spirit cannot contradict “itself,” but I did not err theologically. The Word was made flesh, and so is a He. Jesus Christ is both God and Man. The Father and the Holy Spirit did not partake in the incarnation. If you search scripture, you will find both female and male attributes assigned to the Holy Spirit. No blasphemy was intended on my part.

      I’m not sure what aspersions I cast that offended you so. Can I not defend my holy mother the Church? Can I not support her, and be her advocate? I do not make the Church’s teachings, I can only do my best to abide by them. I don’t know what you believe, nor do I know how you practice your faith. I hope you do well to the best of your ability. But there are many christians who proclaim once saved, always saved, and so do not know the struggle to love Our Lord by keeping His commandments (all of them). There are many christians who denigrate the Church and Her Authority, especially the narrow doctrine of Papal Infallibility, ironically by setting themselves up as their own arbiter of truth and blasphemously swear the Holy Spirit as a witness to their all-to-human protestations. No need for humility or obedience if one is always saved and carries a pocket holy spirit with them.

      There is no easy path. The road to salvation is steep, narrow, rocky, dry, and strewn with thorns, poisonous fruit, deceptive side-tracks, tempting variations, and many opportunities to rest from the struggle, to stop advancing, and to turn back.

      I believe that most Catholics will not be saved. The same is true for protestants, the Orthodox, Islam, pagans, and the Jewish people, and all others. Our greatest gift and our greatest danger is free will. But I believe that God wants them all to be saved. I may not make it, and I can see that simply from my own behavior. But I will not turn back.

      The Gospel, the Good News, is NOT that all are saved. Rather, it is that Not All are damned. We bought it in the garden at Adam’s sin. We were all destroyed in Adam. But it is God’s benevolence, goodness, generosity, mercy, and love, that gives us the second chance.

      I believe that members of all of these groups I mentioned, according to their merits, good will, and God’s mercy, may be saved through His Providence. But I also believe that it is incumbent upon each individual to seek Our Lord, and coming to the knowledge of Scripture and Tradition, to join His Church as the best and only way to ENSURE eternal life. I do not believe that any man, knowing and understanding that the Church was set up by Our Lord for his salvation, can attain his salvation by remaining outside of Her.

      But I am Catholic, so that all goes without saying.

      We are celebrating Christmas. The culmination and affirmation of the Good News. Christ has come to redeem us!

      I hope you and your loved ones have a most blessed Christmas.

  12. Jim Wetzel

    Mr. Anonymous: talking face-to-face might be productive. This online business has, I think, exhausted whatever value it had. Merry Christmas (in about 36 minutes). My wrapping is done — hurrah!

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