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The Difference Is Biological Not Cultural

The argument that race is just a “social construct” only holds up as long as you don’t do any actual investigation. This is a great video from Jared Taylor at American Renaissance.

In short, the biological strategy of blacks is to start breeding young and breed prolifically, while for Whites and Asians it is delayed and focuses more on child rearing than sheer numbers.


  1. anonymous

    That could be true, as far as it goes.

    But the American black went from having strong families and building businesses in the 40’s and 50’s to an apparently complete breakdown in the 60’s and on. The 60’s and on introduced the welfare system, the sexual revolution, the loss of religious sense, the removal of God from the classroom. Black communities were uprooted to provide for cheap labor in northern factories, and this disrupted solid ethnic communities in turn. Degenerate music (from jazz to rap) glorified promiscuity, violence, drug abuse, and misogyny. Good jobs in northern factories were exported overseas, robbing these families of dependable income and the intuitive relationship between responsible behavior and reward. Instead, media portrayals of success for blacks are being equated as becoming a sportsball star, a music star, or a drug dealer were all that were offered to the black youth. Anything else was discredited as “acting white” or “not keeping it real.” Currently, the revolving door justice system is churning out “customers” for for-profit prisons, as well as ensuring ongoing lucrative employment for police, judges, attorneys, prison guards, parole officers, bail bondsmen, welfare administrators, child protective services, housing and urban development programs (HUD), teachers unions, and on and on.

    And good role models for blacks are destroyed (Bill Cosby) or derided as oreos and uncle toms (Thomas Sowell, Ben Carson, Walter Williams). The “leaders” of the black community are all corrupt in one way or another, and are without exception puppets that are controlled by other ethnicities and promoted for purposes that are destructive of the black population in general.

    It is undoubtedly true that the black race has certain talents and certain challenges with which they must deal. But, to a large extent, they have been screwed over by outside forces which they do not understand and have a difficult time fighting.

    The Irish had similar challenges, a lot of slavery (or so similar as to make no difference) a lot of prejudice, a lot of poverty, and a history of being oppressed. The reputation of the Irish in New York at one time was horrible. But so much of that has changed, and changed so significantly, that we barely recognize it today. If the blacks had their own Bishop “Dagger” John Hughes, what could be made of these people?

    Any idiot can see that there is massive, massive problems within the black community. The same idiots can see that the programs that are intended to help out are ineffectual or worse. Additionally, most of the day to day suffering within the black community is absolutely self-inflicted. But that is all against a background of a hard environment.

    How are you helping someone who is given affirmative action and set asides, when the result is just baked-in failure. Someone who is not particularly smart, but the factory jobs are gone, and the current jobs are high tech and require high IQ? Someone who has poor impulse control, but has been told all their problems are inflicted upon them by Racist Whites who rob them and oppress them? Someone who may have tendencies toward anti-social behavior and is raised with no father, no strong family structure, no community roots, no role models, no discipline, few opportunities, and is rarely held responsible for his behavior or the results of his actions?

    Yes, one can certainly accuse blacks of this and that. And make very strong case that it is true.

    But they are just the canary in the coal mine.

    That is happening to all the communities in the US. The blacks show the results of our sick society first, being perhaps the most susceptible, but the same rot is spreading through all ethnic groups here, and we are all succumbing to it.

    Opiate addiction, sexual depravity, crappy music, movies, television, poor work ethic, loss of religion, crime, welfare, job loss, debt, alcoholism, materialism, consumerism, Porn addiction, poor personal health habits, little desire or effort for self-improvement, divorce, loss of family structure, loss of communities, and so on.

    All of it is affecting the white communities, as well as Hispanic, Asian and even Muslim.

    And who is pushing the depravity? The porn, the drugs and alcohol, the bad music, movies, and media, the exportation of jobs, or the importation of foreign cheap labor. Who is pushing feminism, socialism, communism, divorce, welfare, the destruction of the family? Who is tossing God out of schools and public life, removing Christ from Christmas. Who is pushing homosexuality, transgenderism, and pedophilia?

    Is it just the trend? Is it just inevitable? Or is there someone or something behind all this?

    • saoirse

      You know good and well who’s behind all of this but you’re afraid to name the jews – the same gang that invented your god!

      • anonymous

        Not afraid, but rather trying to point out that in this case culture has a bigger impact than the video implies.

        After all, blacks are human, not oysters. The r/K distribution seems to be a valid point, but the distribution from oyster to primate is much more pronounced than the distribution between human races.

        We can see that blacks have had strong family and tribal ties, and that the current problems that inhibit strong black families is not simple genetics, but include their personal decisions AND strong and intentional outside influences that lead them to their plight. A plight from which Whites and others are not immune.

        It is not enough to say “It’s ’cause they’re niggers.”

        Nor is it enough to say “It’s not the niggers, its the Jews!”

        It is more of a Socratic attempt to get people thinking more deeply about what is going on in our society (a society we share with blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, etc.), and get them to wake up just a bit more.

        Our society includes everybody. To get it to turn around and get back to sanity will also need to include everybody.

        • saoirse

          Socratic? More like the egalitarian bullshit uttered by Robespierre.
          Do you think this pleading for more thought and “sanity” will get the untermensch to reach across the aisle, or is it whites that must again initiate this fools errand?
          Making lofty appeals only works on people with a conscience pal.

          It would be interesting to see where you and your family fit in on the progressive stack’s pecking order. Even white liberals get sent to the back of the bus.

          The enemies of conscious whites have been thoroughly revealed, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a thousand times. There is no bargaining with people openly hell bent on our destruction!

          • anonymous

            You are obviously a troll.

            “God was invented”

            “Enemies of conscious whites”

            Tell us, what exactly is your plan to save all the conscious whites from their enemies? How will you rally and protect them from their neighbors, co-workers, the folks they run into at the grocery store and the gas station?

            Through politics? Through violence? Through on-line denigrations?

            You can’t pray to an “invented” god. You can’t ask the Jews for help. You can’t turn to the politicians. Seems to me, based upon your own statements, that you are shit-out-of-luck.

            I bet you are fun to be around.

            • saoirse

              Yawn… triggered little bitch!
              Sure, righty o’. Just hold your breath and I’ll have your answers back in a jiffy so you can keep playing your kumbaya parlor game of back-and-forth.

    • Chris

      Solid Points Sir, I stand partially corrected.

      A “De-Evolution”…has definately occured though.

      The 60’s, 70’s and I would dare say part of the 80’s brought about this Line of Thinking that if you were trying to get ahead….better ones self…you were a Idiot,Square…pick a descriptor.
      That you were cool…The Stupidor you behaved and piss on Education.
      For damn near every color and race.

      At least imo as I think back

    • 3g4me

      Anonymous writes a wall of words full of half truths, distortions, and excuses. No, the black fambly was NOT ever strong and stable, nor were black establishing businesses. The black illegitimacy rate has always been multiples of the White rate going back to when it was first tracked in the late 1800s. The number of black children, regardless of technically ‘legitimate’ birth, who’ve been raised in a stable family with both biological parents is miniscule. Of course, while that is infinitely preferable for White children, it makes little difference for blacks. Many of those fathers (and now grandfathers) were/are criminals and rapists – the wonders of DNA are solving more and more old crimes all the time, and those kindly old black grandads . . . aren’t.

      To blame all of blacks’ dysfunctional culture and lives on others is to deliberately avoid the obvious. What you label mere ‘tendencies’ are biologically hardwired in most of them. They are semi-sentient creatures of appetite. Those appetites are stimulate by gaudy visual effects, noise, sex, and violence. If their environment does not provide these, blacks create their own stimuli. They are certainly used as foot soldiers by others who are equally anti-White, but black violence is endemic wherever there are blacks, throughout recorded history, whether Jevvs were present or not.

      • anonymous

        What a silly reply. No blacks ever had a strong family or started their own business? And you accuse me of distortion and lies?

        “Semi-sentient creatures of appetite” Ever meet a black person? Have you even ever left your house?

        Of course tendencies can be biologically hard-wired. Everyone (but you, it seems) knows that behavior and traits are accounted for by both genetics and environment.

        Genetics are what they are, so far, nobody has shown much evidence that genetics can be changed. Environment can certainly be changed, but there is a question to how much that can create adaptive changes in current behavior. Both genetics and environment affect a person. The question is how much and why. And that question won’t get answered here.

        I wrote: “most of the day to day suffering within the black community is absolutely self-inflicted.”

        And you interpreted that as: “To blame all of blacks’ dysfunctional culture and lives on others is to deliberately avoid the obvious.”

        What is so wrong inside of you that you must hold forth such contempt for other humans? Even to the extent of denying their humanity?

        Even if they were mere animals, we still know that you get a different sort of dog if you beat it every day, neglect it, and starve it, vs loving it, training it, and properly caring for it.

        Makes me wonder who beat, neglected, and starved you?

    • Zorost

      Blacks were more likely to have strong families back then, but still nowhere near the levels of Whites. Which as always shows there is a stronger genetic basis than cultural.

  2. Steve S6

    Ah, the old nature vs nurture argument. As with dog breeding (not to compare otherwise) the actual answer is… both. Nurture can ruin regardless of nature, on the other hand nurture can only enhance nature not fix a broken one. Concept in dog breeding is “pick of the litter”, i.e. what looks to be the best puppy by nature out of the litter. Corollary for plain bad breeding is “pick of the shit is still shit.” Blacks have fallen ill to a lot of bad breeding since the 40s & 50s mentioned above. And worse nurture. Great Society for ya. Talking American blacks only.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    Racial differences are not a big mystery. The big mystery is why so many whites are hell bent on not only denying them, but on subverting our entire civilization in the name of elevating those who are never going to amount to much.

    Blacks are not the enemy. The enemy is the white left.

    • 3g4me

      Absolutely remove the White left – but that still leaves blacks as innate enemies of White civilization. They are incapable of conforming to White standards or meeting even White averages re intelligence and behavior. They are consumed by envy and resentment and driven by appetites. Why on over-simplify this to either/or? Both are the enemy; both must be removed.

    • Zorost

      Because Whites tend to follow the rules, and for many decades now the rules have been created by a group that wants to destroy Whites.

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