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The ‘Burbs Aren’t Far Enough

Suburbs exist in large part as a response to the northern migration of blacks to cities in the Northeast and Midwest, in places like Detroit and Philadelphia. As blacks moved in and brought their unique brand of criminal mischief with them, Whites first gradually and then rapidly moved out of the cities we built, abandoned their ethnic enclaves and moved into the supposedly sterile suburbs. While the cities collapsed, the suburbs featured tidy lawns, BBQs and decent schools.

There are lots of problems with suburbs (although they are often exaggerated wildly in pop culture) but one problem is becoming more apparent. There is too much urb in the suburbs.

The ‘burbs work because you can still reach the city for work, shopping and entertainment. Unfortunately that proximity works both ways. I wrote a few times about the impact on malls (see: The Mall Of (No Longer) America and also: Exiled From The Cities We Built), the short version is that public transit and cars meant that the problems of the urban areas could get themselves to the nice suburban malls and cause a ruckus.

It’s not just the malls anymore.

We go to a frequent location, Buckhead outside of Atlanta, Georgia for yet another infuriating story.

The victim is 77 year old Eleanor Bowles and apparently she interrupted a car thief in the act of stealing her Lexus SUV. Of course the thief did the reasonable thing and stabbed her multiple times, killing her. The guy that was arrested the very next day for a slew of offenses including murder is one Antonio Brown and you already know what the mugshot looks like:

I try to avoid using the word nigger in my posts but in this case no other epithet seems appropriate. Look at that dead-eyed nigger mother fucker.

This wasn’t a late night robbery, according to local news 11 Alive in Atlanta….

Officers said they believe the crime likely happened between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. and are working to determine how the suspects gained entry into the gated community.

How did this dead-eyed piece of shit gain access to a gated community? Someone let him in and I would hazard a guess that they might have done so out of fear of being seen as “racist” if they didn’t. Or maybe he just jumped a fence.

I haven’t stolen many cars, approximately zero in my lengthy criminal career, but it seems to me that a minor trespassing charge would be better than a murder charge coupled with stealing a car, so maybe if a 77 year old woman interrupted my crime I would try running away instead of stabbing her to death. He looks like he should be able to overpower an old lady, so knocking her down might have been an option. There are lots of ways to go that don’t involve stabbing an old woman to death, but Antonio Brown chose the “stabbed an old White lady to death” route and now at 23 years of age is looking at doing the longest possible stretch in the slammer.

This piece of shit will be eating three squares a day at taxpayer expense for the next 50+ years or until Governor Stacy Abrams pardons him because under her future administration killing White folk won’t be a crime. Georgia has the death penalty for now but even if he gets the needle, he will be on death row for decades, and more likely his lawyer will talk him into copping a deal to avoid death. I wonder how many other crimes he has committed in his less than two dozen years on this earth, it is without question that is a big number.

What should be startling in this case is the sheer cruelty and brutality it requires to stab an old lady multiple times to death because she interrupted you stealing her car. It isn’t startling because we see this sort of wanton violence over and over and over, like Brandon Jacobs, a 29 year old black man, who murdered an Uber driver named Yolanda Dillion (a 54 year old black woman), because “he woke up in the morning and decided he was going to kill someone”.

Many of us remember Landen Hoffman, a 5 year old White boy, thrown from a balcony at the Mall Of America by Emmanuel Aranda, a black man who had been repeatedly acting erratically at the mall but was allowed to keep returning. I wonder if that has anything to do with fear of the mall being labelled “racist” for protecting shoppers? Aranda also was “looking for someone to kill” that day. The examples of their violence are too numerous even for me to document thoroughly.

Returning to the original point. Just being in a different zip code from our more violent and vibrantly diverse fellow “Americans” doesn’t mean much these days. They are straying from their neighborhoods and attacking decent people because they have wrecked their own ‘hoods and perceive, correctly, that affluent White neighborhoods are soft targets. It is getting so a Looter-American can’t even jack someone at a gas station in Phillie anymore, what with the professional armed guards standing watch with ARs while your victims pump gas:

You need to be paying attention no matter where you are or get so far away from anything that draws them that they don’t wander into your area of operation.

The mostly peaceful, high trust society our forefathers built with their own sweat and blood is long gone, partly by our own neglect but mostly because Someone Else has been working to undo what our people created so They can replace it with a new nightmarish society that they rule. Let the time of reckoning come soon.


  1. mike

    Time of Reckoning is close, and they are going to male it easy by acting like savages throughout.

    This kind of crime described above was bound to happen. Scenes like it will be more frequent and brutal as we go along. I am actually looking forward to seeing it happen to the high holy elite blue zones like Beverly Hills and Westchester NY that did so much to help get us into this mess. The enemy has made an art form out of ignoring the facts and realities of the real world and forcing everyone else to seemingly agree with them. It will be a pleasure to watch their carbon being recycled by their own pet creatures.

  2. Steve S6

    Got that right. Fella I knew moved out into the country (been a while back). Before closing asked the Sheriff his position on criminal trespassers. “You got a backhoe?” Closed on the house right after.

  3. Danny

    Trying to figure this out, It’s affluent, peaceful neighborhood. But – it’s real close to a major city full of savages. Savages, I say. So people need to figure out that they are currently threatened every day by criminals. And they need to harden up.

    It’s a shame we have to live this way – I hate it that I trust no one. And make no mistake – the bad ones know exactly who they are targeting. However ignorant they may appear, they are cowards who would never expose themselves to danger – or death.

    • SirLawrence

      I don’t see people waking up to any threats even when visited upon them. People in the burbs are heavily invested in that lifestyle. It is an end-state of success. There is nowhere else to go in their world view.

      The ones who contemplate leaving are all stuck in the maths of trading-up that underpins the subruban life. Moving rural, working class is out of the question unless/until they hit some numbers that allow them to move to rural-lite where they do not have to give up any aspect of the “quality of life” and nice things that define their lives.

      They want a monkey-branch that doesn’t exist except for those with great real estate arbitrage and/or wealth already. And most of those are the kind that rural folks don’t want around, what with their great ideas about equality and social progress.

      It was telling that when boomers started leaving the burbs, they “downsized” back into the cities. Sure, some retires rural-ish to states with low/no income taxes, but this was also at the cost of leaving their families. It is this psychological relationship with their economics and contingent social status that will ultimately have their heads on vibrant pikes. Both of those interrelated things are anchored in the city.

      Those two dynamics are defining features of the suburbs. They also reflect the most elastic psychological conditions of the Whites who live there.

      The labor arbitrage model behind the burbs has been in decline for 30 years yet none of that has altered their mental model. In fact, most right-wing conservative fathers still send their daughters to state U to get debt and stds and then indenture herself into the same urban suck, but with this time no feasible trajectory to exit the daddy-subsidized urban studio and find a suitable beta provider and move to the burbs. That broken feedback loop is being ignored in favor of outrage over some tranny beating girls at swimming.

      Sunk cost and progressive striving.

      The burbs exist as a passive outlet for natural racial preference aka racisms. That passivity is ingrained in what remains of White culture. As are the contortions they will do to avoid overt racisms of any kind. But unlike true working-class rural areas, the burb culture is decidedly city centric in its orientation. The commute is one of the tributes paid to the cloud city, but the rising cost of commutes and all other tribute has been ignored because to acknowledge it would be to reckon with their ego-investment in the urban prog status to which they have invested everything.

      The suburbs exist as both a social and economic arbitrage of “quality of life” that the cities no longer provide absent great wealth. The suburbs are where the conspicuous consumption of progressive status strivers flourishes but since they are really just city-lite, the same rot is taking hold. While they may lack the visible decay and open degeneracy of the cities, the social-cultural status is still that of progressive striving. People who claim to despise the pozz and yet refuse to quit working for, consuming from, and handing their children over to – that same pozz, lack the spiritual and psychological mettle to separate physically.

      I have many friends in various suburbs living the good life who are super pissed about all the socialisms, tyrannies, covids, etc. but the only thing they have more of than reasons to hate the culture of zog are reasons why they can’t leave it.

  4. Xzebek

    The wisdom of Ol Remus proven again. The crowds are advancing unchecked to areas where they could previously be avoided. The only 2 actions are to continue to move farther away from the cities or to check the crowds. That checking will be violent but it will eventually happen. It’s just a matter of how far we will be pushed before we say no farther.

  5. Moe Gibbs

    I heard about those armed guards at gas stations, but in my mind, “armed guard” conjures up images of tall, buzz-cutted, square-jawed White guys. Like the ones we would engage guarding the entrances to military facilities I used to contract for. Ex-Special Forces, no-nonsense bad-asses who won’t even crack a smile as they bind you up in a full nelson and toss you like a sack of potatoes off the base or into a holding cell to await your fate. I do NOT envision black skin and would really have to question where their loyalties lie.

    A piece of modern, sophisticated gear such as the buck in the photo to the right is cradling is likely just as much a liability to him as it is to anyone around him. I could be dead wrong, but I’ve heard too many stories about such types shooting themselves in the foot (or the junk) to put much faith in their ability to be cool and competent in a crisis. Just as I avoid going to the black cashier at Walmart, I avoid the dark-skinned “security” types like the plague.

    If I might propose a caveat to dear ol’ Remus’ sage advice, avoid blacks in crowds. In fact, funk dat. Just avoid blacks.

  6. Steve S6

    Those guards are just for show. They won’t be able to shoot people unless there’s a clear threat of severe bodily harm/death, and even then the legal shit they will go through will ruin their life. The only thing the gas station could do effectively would be hire off duty cops in uniform with power and protection of law behind them. I know a mall in Columbus OH that did that (off duty cops) due to all the issues there and not wanting to wind up closed from the gang shit.

      • Bob Barker

        The sole purpose of the Wal-Mart “greeter” was theft prevention. It has been shown that simply acknowledging the presence of someone greatly reduces the likelihood they’ll steal. The thought process is along the lines of “I’ve been seen, and someone might remember me.”

  7. KDOG

    Dude’s mugshot looks like a dead-eyed, criminal version of Prince. WTF.

    I miss Ol’ Remus, and his simple advice, especially, avoid crowds. My A.O. has gotten a lot more crowded over the past several years.

  8. Jennifer

    The stabber just hopped a fence. The gates are just for show, to deter vehicles. The joggers have raided our vehicles in the past by doing just that- pull up outside, hop a fence and just wander the neighborhood.
    As an aside, when you look at the local jail mugshots, make note of how many violent and homicidal inmates have faces that are distinctly bilaterally asymmetrical, with one eye noticably higher/lower than the other. It does make me wonder if the visible anomaly is a hint to the pathology within. Apart from the dead eyed stare, this jogger has the same feature.

  9. Seamrog

    I happened to be in this neighborhood last night at a very exclusive club that was hosting an event I had to attend for my work. Otherwise, I would never go near it, and never do, unless I absolutely have to. Buckhead is not a suburb of Atlanta – it is literally next to third world shithole Atlanta. It is the urban area where the wealthy live. The Governor’s Mansion is right down the street.

    Buckhead used to be where young adults would go for weekend bar scenes. Still has great restaurants. Loaded with sodomites, and since they extended MARTA (subway and buses) right into the middle of it, the hoodrats have terrorized it ever since – for decades.

    Right in the fancy malls, at the gas stations, and in their homes.

    Buckhead exists within the city limits of Atlanta, and they want the hell out. There are very serious efforts to become their own city, and therfore, have their own police force. The state legislature has to approve of it and currently, not enough of the legislators care more about allowing citizens to protect themselves than being labeled a ‘racist.’

    Buckhead is white. Atlanta is black. Atlanta’s blacks go into Buckhead and rape, murder and rob. They take the train or bus or a very short car ride and rape, murder and rob.

    The club I was in was very high brow. All white people who are quite wealthy. Everyone working in the club – the valets, the servers, bartenders, the bus boys were all young blacks. I self-parked, thank you very much and carried under my suit.

    I was less than two feet from the slick-willie, self-serving mayor of Atlanta last night, and could’ve done the city a tremendous favor, but I’m not rotting away the rest of my life because these dumb white people won’t come to their senses and get the hell out of there.

    City or not, when the EBT cards stop working, Buckhead will burn and you will see the smoke from the suburbs.

    • 3g4me

      Seamrog: Sounds like what I’ve read/heard of South Africa – So many Whites there slaughtered by ‘their’ farm workers or house cleaners or other savages let in by the nannies. But too many Whites – there and here – are made uncomfortable by White servants and are accustomed to ignoring the black ones as just part of the background. It’s all part of the ‘Nothing bad will ever happen to meee’ mindset, the normalcy bias, that pervades GoodWhites and Joe and Jane Normal as well. They’re convinced that where they live is safe, and their kids’ public schools are free of critical race theory and/or trannies. They live in a delusion and they refuse to let it go.

      There is NO situation in life where allowing a black to get close to you is a good idea. Not in life, not in work. Certainly not in your neighborhood or home. And these White victims’ last words will be to recertify their nonrayciss bonafides, while their surviving family and friends all rush to forgive their killers.

  10. Jeffrey Zoar

    Although your point is well made, I don’t think anybody would call Buckhead a suburb of Atlanta. Maybe 70 years ago it was. But it’s pretty much a residential part of downtown. And it’s been covered up with black folks for a long time. That’s where the Ray Lewis murder case happened. Just to name one.

  11. 4hawks

    The dangers in life are infinite, and among them is safety .~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Unfortunately, she got a terminal dose of cultural enrichment behind those gates of ‘safety’. Mozambique drill to GO at the drop of a hat. Tick Tick Tick.

  12. Zorost

    “Time of Reckoning”

    Do you mean when blacks are more of a nuisance than benefit to the Left due to their assumption of total power, at which point the Left will exterminate them? We’ll still be living in a dystopia crawling with pajeets and squatemalans, ruled over at the top by jews.

    There will be no mass hysteria where we finally get to act in spite of never having gotten organized with our neighbors, including in local and state government. If there is no organization on our side, everything will continue to slide as the Left wishes it, with nothing to seriously challenge them.

    Collapse is nothing but a coping fantasy.

  13. West South Africa

    Mexcrements and Latrinos push them out to the fundamentally transforming into urban suburbs.
    There won’t be any open field or meadow left to keep the Ponzi going.
    Two lane roads and stop lights for every strip mall entrance just don’t work anymore with the tens of thousands of added unity hive collectivists.
    There could be a collapse of the former suburbs when mommygov can no longer subsidize everything.
    Replacements don’t care about any laws such as no chickens in the yard or homeowner’s association rules about out buildings either.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      The restaurant patron holdup was not an uncommon crime in South Africa 20 years ago, but this is the first time I can remember seeing it in this country.

  14. Gryphon

    Much of what is called “Suburbs” has increased in density to the point that any County adjacent to a major City is just an Extension of it – like the place described in this article. These areas now intersperse Industrial, Commercial, Retail and High or Low-Rise Residential Blocks with the remnants of the traditional ’50s/’60s “Subdivisions” of nice houses on substantial Lots, owned by Whites. “Subsidized” Housing full of niggers, mexcrements and squatamalans (and now lots of mystery-meat ‘refugees’) are side-by-side with ‘upscale’ Houses/Townhouses/Condos. “local government” has become Huge, Remote, Unaccountable, and run by communists and jews that have “Agendas” that are hostile to the White Middle Class that pays the Taxes they feed off of.

    While I live only slightly “further out” from places like that, I tend to think that if things ‘Fall Apart” that the Suburban Areas directly adjacent to the ‘Hives’ will absorb most of the initial Chaos from the Brown Hordes. once that starts in earnest, it will be the signal that it’s safe to Shoot on Sight any ‘looter-americans’ that filter out.

  15. Rando

    Gated communities are a joke. There was a guy I knew who lived in one, and whenever I came to visit at least one of the gates was disabled and stuck open. There was another one where a portion of the wall was actually suspended in air over a small pond. You could easily move under it if you didn’t mind getting wet. If nothing else you could sneak in after someone else enters if you time it right. Then there’s hopping over the wall, which given how low they are isn’t difficult at all. And often these walls are right up against people’s properties, making patrolling and watching the interior side of it logistically impractical.

    I live in a burb, and fully expect things to turn into a warzone if the EBT cards stop working. Oh well, I have no spouse or children, so might as well be on the front lines for American Civil War 2.

    • mike

      “Gated communities are a joke…………….”

      Good points. These places were meant to merely discourage casual non-resident entry and unauthorized trespass. They are an emotional security blanket for the residents more than anything else, which they gladly pay a premium for. The bad actors know the limitations of this security. It will be interesting to see how the high end places of this sort weather the human wave of looters. The fate of the ones in the Georgia/Carolina Lowcountry that sit astride shanytowns ought to be entertaining come SHTF. The normies there worry more about having enough golf balls rather than enough ammo. Being killed while trying to hold off a murder gang armed only with a 3 iron will be more typical than not.

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