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Stop Voting For These Assholes

“Providing assistance for Ukrainians to defeat the Russians is the number one priority for the United States right now according to most Republicans. That’s sort of how we see the challenges confronting the country at the moment,” McConnell said during a press conference with Senate Republican leadership.

Yes, the Republican Senate minority leader seems to think that pouring endless dollars into Ukraine to line the pockets of Zelensky is what “most” Republican voters really are concerned with. Not the border, not inflation, not violent crime. Nope, what they really care about is a regional conflict in a country most voters couldn’t find on a map.

Of course he doesn’t actually believe that is what Republican voters want, but the critical thing to understand is this:

McConnell and 99% of D.C. Republicans don’t care what Republican voters think or want.

They don’t care what you want, they don’t care about what is important to you, they don’t care about you at all other than as worms they expect to show up every other year to vote for them. They not only don’t care about you, their feelings toward you are a combination of derision and revulsion.

Stop voting for these assholes.


  1. Steve S6

    I think the RHINOs get counted in by the Democrat vote cheating machinery. Only reasonable explanation for their long time reelection. I don’t believe they actually win the elections. Of course the RNC Inc. doesn’t leave voters much choice.

    • Steve

      I doubt it, @Jeffery. The “conservative” talk show I listen to while getting coffee went “rah-rah, Ukraine” this morning, and they could only get one person to call in supporting it. All the rest of the calls were America First types. And this is in Chicago, where it’s hard to tell the libs from the conservatives. Witness Adam Kinzinger, who didn’t get re-elected primarily because they eliminated his district.

  2. Danny

    That McCOnnell guy is a smacked ass if I ever saw one. Just another completely idiotic worthless asshole on the dole and will be forever. Every time I see his face, there’s a burning hatred that arises within. Sort of like when I see Obamas face.

  3. Jay L

    Will this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? I’ve seen nothing but disgust and hatred for “our” gov’t since the news broke about this latest spending bill. The vast majority of people seem beyond pissed off…but will it amount to anything? I don’t know a single person that would put Ukraine on the top 10 list of importance, much less stating its our #1 priority. I look forward to traveling to KY one of these days for no other reason than to piss on Mitch’s grave. I just hope he suffers an extremely slow, excruciatingly painful death soon. Like 2 minutes from now…

  4. saoirse

    McConnell and 99% of ALL Republicunts don’t care what Republicunt voters think or want – but those retarded sheep keep voting for them.
    Obviously the Blue Grass fools like having a blue ass.
    Israhell, banks, the military, big business and their political careers are the only things they care about.
    Mitch the bitch appears to have removed his teeth so he can blow a few of the wealthy VIP’s that own him.
    All of those bastards hang from the same gallows as the democraps, no exceptions!

  5. george

    Not to mention the massive suffering our leaders are inflicting on the Ukraine population as well as the Russians. They start the war in 2014, fund it all along and get rewarded with money laundered for their criminality.


  6. tyler durdin

    It’s bad… in FL last election I could have voted for brown shit sandwich Rubio or black shit sandwich Demings, both are different flavors of the same thing. Kind of like pulling your hand off of a hot stovetop is an involuntary thing, voting against the Ds is the same even though we get stories like this out of it.

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