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“Racism” Is A Solution, Not A Problem

Although Tucker Carlson is one of the few voices of any prominence that takes on issues like wasting money in Ukraine, or Covid-19 nonsense or even the occasional tepid defense of Whites, he still cucks and cucks hard on race all too often. His video last evening is a prime example…

While he addressed the very real issue of Whites being looted of our wealth to bribe black and mestizo voters, without using that language, he also reverted back to declaring multiple times that the only difference between a White person and a black is “skin shade”. He even tossed in a couple of Boomer-level references to “NAZIS!”. The whole “Democrats are the real racists!” thing is dumb because it is utterly ineffectual. You can never out-racism the Left. For the average Normielib, the indisputable fact that they are Goodthinkers and Allies Of The Downtrodden And Oppressed is an article of faith for them. When you accuse them of racism it doesn’t even register, it is unthinkable. Worse, it reinforces the idea for Normiecons that this is a viable strategy, keeping them from realizing that it isn’t and that the only truly viable path forward is racial tribalism.

Ya see, what /ourguys/ get (most of them) and Normies on both sides don’t is this:

They don’t see racism as a problem in need of a solution but as a solution to a problem that needs solving.

What is the problem that needs solvin’?

How do you convince White people to surrender what they have built in favor of people who have proven through thousands of years of divergent development their inability to self-govern or to form civil societies?


Convince those White people instead that there is something wrong with them and that those other groups are only the way they are because of what White people did to them.

Hopefully you can see how that explains an awful lot of the cognitive dissonance of modern society, it explains why some out of shape White Boomers sightseeing in the U.S. Capitol without permission for a couple of hours is an existential threat to our society but tens of thousands of murders committed by blacks is actually the fault of those same White Boomers. In the very same newscast the average Normie will be told that the greatest threat to America are “White right-wing extremists” while before and after that segment they see mugshots and surveillance photos of black and brown criminals committing wanton acts of unspeakable violence.

Not only is the average White American, even the diehard Republican voter, not racist in any tangible sense, they are also significantly less racist than the average American of any other racial group and the difference is enormous. Those same non-racist Whites are by and large convinced that they are racist or at least that most other White people are racist and that non-Whites can’t be racist at all.

It has been a clever and tragically effective strategy. How else can you explain why the race that won the game of life across the globe is running at full speed to surrender everything their forefathers have won to people that lack the basic intelligence and creativity to discover technology our people figured out hundreds and hundreds of years ago? Why else would Europe allow itself to be overrun with Muslims and black Africans who contribute nothing to Europe but rape, murder and ignorance? Why else would America throw open our doors to every mestizo and Desi in the world, while entertaining “slavery reparations” for people that were never slaves to be paid by people that never owned slaves?

When the single significant voice of mild sanity in the “conservative” media refuses to speak the truth about race, why would you expect to see anyone else in the limp-wristed “political right” in America do anything more? Tucker is a smart guy, or at least a clever guy, so he knows what is up but even Tucker knows that speaking the truth about race means losing his cushy gig at Fox News and he simply isn’t willing to do that.

The racism scam is the single most effective political maneuver in modern history. It has turned the natural order of things on it’s head and is on the verge of defeating the West, not by open conquest but via subterfuge and convincing the White race to commit collective suicide. You have to admire it in a way but that doesn’t excuse the evil They have committed nor the reckoning They deserve.


  1. Viktor Rosta

    And yet we repeat as parrots, “Equality, equality, equality.” And the Soviet propaganda system helps us to believe that equality is something which is desirable. Democracy, as it was established by fathers of this country, of this system in the last century, is not equality. It is the system where different people, unequal people, have a chance to survive and help each other in constant competition and constant perfection. Not in equality, which is superimposed from a godfather or nice person in Washington, D.C. And the absolute equality exists in Soviet Union, quote-unquote “equality.” Everybody’s equal in dirt. Except some people are more equal than the others in politburo.

    Yuri Bezmenov

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    The pertinent question now is, how enduring of a religious faith is the cult of wokeism? Because if it’s very enduring, then it’s all over already, and there’s nothing left to do in that case but look out for #1. If it’s more of a passing fad, then there is hope for a new white society, but unfortunately geographically diminished from what was before. That part of the equation is already settled.

    There is no defeating it, because it has all the power. 100%. We have none. Either it dies out on its own, or it doesn’t.

    • Gryphon

      Judeo-Communism always Collapses- it is Incapable of Creating, Inventing, and Producing. It is successful in its Parasitism of White Nations only so long as enough Intelligent White Men exist to ‘Make Things Work’ and support the Parasites. Once the balance tips, the Parasites, no matter how much “control” they (think) they have, no longer have the ability to ‘Make Things Work” and the whole thing Collapses.

      We are at that point, now.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        Collapse usually takes a long time. A process, not an event. Easy to discern historically, hard to discern in real time. Collapse means things just get inexorably worse. But it doesn’t necessarily mean a different group comes to power.

        I also tend to think collapse is wishful thinking on the part of dissidents. Like one day it’ll suddenly be a free for all. I’m not seeing it.

        I believe we’ve been in a state of collapse since 2020 at the latest.

        People wonder when South Africa will collapse, guess what, it already did. It’s been a 30 or 40 year process. I’m not trying to make a South Africa analogy for USA collapse, except for the timeline.

        If one morning we are suddenly lawless and the currency suddenly worthless you can tell me how wrong I was, I won’t mind.

        • Gryphon

          I agree that “Collapse” is a Process, except that like an Astronomer will tell you, the Overweight Star hits the Event Horizon and Disappears….

  3. saoirse

    Crocks News/Cucker Carlson = A limited hangout that appeals to the cognitive dissonance crowd – and it ain’t just boomers that lap it up!
    They seek the confirmation bias they need to stay fat, dumb and happy.
    Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil is their motto, especially when it comes to preserving their race and children.
    Personal gain, along with bread and circuses seize the day every day.
    Despite the daily abominations that are painfully obvious, things are still too rosy to force them from their physical and mental cocoons.
    Even Vegas couldn’t make odds at what it would take to prod them into reality.
    They’ll either remain complacent and provide canon fodder or _______________

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