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Hopefully They don’t nuke this video and give me another strike….

The part that really struck home was talking about how important it is in colder climates to be cautious about who you mate with while in warm climates it doesn’t matter as much, and how we have seen that play out in our own society for decades. It is also interesting how substituting government for fathers has led to more White women being careless about getting knocked up by losers that can’t/won’t care for them.

As an aside it ties in nicely with my prior video about Ancient Apocalypse and the timeline of human development.


  1. Xzebek

    The easy availability of welfare and related support- all from government- has markedly reduced pickiness in women choosing with whom they will mate. When the father of their children was to be the source of support and head of the household it required women to be much more discriminating in choosing a husband/father/mate. Not so much any more and this has been one of the greatest sources of societal decline.

  2. saoirse

    The “Out of Africa Theory” holds prominence not because it’s the most viable theory of human origins but because it’s the most politically correct.
    Not only has it been shoehorned as fact into all western universities, it cannot be challenged or modified, as the censoring of the offshoot “Cold Winters Theory” – and others – proves.

    I find it very difficult to believe that the distant ancestors of “modern” (term used very loosely) negroidals climbed down from the trees and started a very difficult sojourn into Europe, attaining a high degree of sophistication and white skin the farther north they went. What abject bullshit! Sorry Jared.
    The true origin of the caucasian race is still an open subject but shitlib dogma threatens to bury any and all research in favor of pseudoscientific Afrocentric agitprop.

    The following is an excellent intro to race and evolution from Renegade Tribune. The author, Patrick, has written other great articles as well.

  3. John Wilder

    And the current welfare state has been lowering the number of offspring from the best educated and economically fit, and magnifying the offspring of those who merely subsist on welfare.


  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    My takeaway is that most of us in our cushy society are devolving. Since hardship spurs evolution, and here there is none. However, individuals engaged in very technical/intellectual activities may lead to further brain evolution, and athletes continue to evolve stronger bodies.

  5. Danny

    Storing up food for the winter? CANNIBALS! Teaming up to organize a hunt? EXTREMISTS! Learning how to plant, grow and harvest food? POLLUTERS! And if you deny that human beings evolved from a slimy glob of some sort of fish that crawled out of the ocean onto dry land, you are SPREADING MISINFORMATION!

  6. Saami Jim

    I liken the theory of intelligent people planning ahead for winter, to this saecular winter fast approaching for this fourth turning.
    Those who perceive and plan for this saecular winter will have a much higher chance of survival than those who do not.

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