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Money For Nothing And Your Baby Mamas For Free

We have investigated how much money you owe us and it turns out the answer is: a lot.

In case they take this down, you can see it on Bitchute here.

It is sort of like asking a little kid how much ice cream they should be allowed to eat. Make no mistake, massive “reparations” are definitely coming, we already have dozens of de facto reparation programs but an overt cash distribution is on the horizon, probably in the next five years. When it comes, it will be preceded by a warning explaining why even a huge cash payment won’t mean reduced violent crime and social pathologies in the black community.

Even if your forefathers never owned slaves, most Whites didn’t, and even if they came here after slavery was outlawed, it is still your fault that black women are fat and black men keep shooting each other.


  1. Xzebek

    Unfortunately, they are not shooting each other with sufficient efficiency. If they were they would be, in the words of pre-conversion Scrooge, “decreasing the surplus population “.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    No, no, California, that is not how you do it. You tell your duskies and your swarthies that you can afford either reparations or reconquista, not both. Then you sit back and watch your blacks ‘n browns duke it out, and may the better grift win.

    Or how about this – give Cali back to the cholos and let them be the ones to drop the bomb on the deserving descendants of all those non-existent 19th century California plantation pickaninnies.

    Either way, gonna need a truckload of Reparation H for all the butthurt.

  3. Gryphon

    I may have said this before here, but if I have to Pay for Slaves, they better be showing up here on my 400 Acres, so my Overseer can put them to Work. Mowing Grass, Trimming Weeds, Grooming Horses and picking up Horse Apples, stacking Hay Bales and Shoveling Snow from the Sidewalk. Smarter Ones can be trained to use Machinery, reducing the Numbers Needed to get the Work done.
    And No, there’s not a word of Sarcasm in that statement.

    • anonymous

      You’ll get that the minute the divorce courts declare that your ex still needs to cook and wash your socks in order to receive alimony payments.

  4. Jay L

    When this comes to pass, and I’ve no doubt (((they))) will do their best to make it happen, that is when I “Go Galt” for good… I’ll be damned if I pay ever MORE taxes for the distribution of purple hats and Cadillacs to the most undeserving, undesirable portion of our population. I’d rather live the life of a pauper than support the dindus even further. Unless “reparations” is a one-way ticket to the Dark Continent, there is NO CHANCE of a return on our investment.
    Someone needs to explain to these idiots there is no such thing as a free lunch…

    • Arthur Sido

      I would definitely support reparations in the form of one-way, first class tickets to Africa accompanied by the surrendering of their passports and the revocation of their citizenship.

  5. Bear Claw

    Clown world bread and circuses again waiting for the newsomeshit for president announcement for resident and he will win. You heard it here first.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    In a land of unlimited currency, no purpose to spend it is beyond the pale, its worthiness judged only by the whims of the ruling class who control the printer. As causes considered to be deserving of funding go, we haven’t seen anything yet. We are in sort of a race, between the soundness of the currency, and how many absurd things can be found at which to throw it. The latter will never give out. So we just have to wait on the former. I know not which will be the last preposterous government spending program we see before the currency is worthless. But I don’t think this is it.

  7. Danny

    It’s my understanding that “welfare” is reparations writ large.
    So … that’s not enough? Generations, I said generations, sucking the tit?

  8. Zorost

    There is a group of people that is virtually guaranteed to descend from evil slave-owners, therefore the reparations for slavery should be paid by them. Who? Blacks.

  9. Zorost

    Time for some gnowledge:

    “A policy analysis released by the Cato Institute in April shows that despite nearly $15 trillion in total welfare spending since President Lyndon Johnson began the “war on poverty” in 1964, the poverty rate in the United States has remained relatively constant.”

    [IIRC the study was adjusted to 2017 dollars]


    “How expensive would it be to colonize Mars?
    between $100 billion and $10 trillion”


    It’s not just the money that has been spent, but the opportunity cost of what that money could have been invested in.

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