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Miniseries Review: Ancient Apocalypse

When I read from some leftist twit (but I repeat myself) that a random Netflix show was the most dangerous program on Netflix, I of course had to watch it.

Ancient Apocalypse is an 8-part miniseries that looks at ancient sites around the world and posits a common theme: what if some advanced humans had lived long before it is assumed but they were wiped out by some global calamity, leaving only a handful remaining who passed on some of that knowledge to other early humans? Hosted by Graham Hancock, it’s an interesting thought exercise. There certainly are plenty of weird, unexplained mysteries in ancient human history made all the more tantalizing by the similarities they appear to have despite being separated by enormous distances and often vast oceans.

As an obvious example, the global flood appears in many ancient mythologies which suggests that there could have been one. That of course doesn’t mean that any one of the many mythologies is correct, there are all sorts of problems with literal interpretations of these myths but we would expect that. Something happened, and it appears to have been devastating while remaining a poorly understood part of the shared history of humanity.

For me, the series was as I said interesting but then again I am not an archaeologist or even someone who has studied these topics with much vigor. For professional archaeologists? The response seems to be incredibly familiar, and has the same tone that we got over and over about “the science is settled!” on topics ranging from “climate change” to Covid “vaccines”. That just gives Hancock’s theories more credence to me, when someone tells me I am not allowed to ask questions it generally means I am going to ask a lot more questions.

I downloaded one of Hancock’s books, Fingerprint of the Gods – The Quest Continues, just for fun but more because it annoys “scientists” when someone not in their sacred/secular priesthood starts poking around to see the man behind the curtain. It’s a fun watch if you don’t take it too seriously and if you can watch it without financially supporting Netflix. I’ll leave it to the reader to figure that out.


  1. pyrrhus

    There is definitely something there…too many artifacts much older than the current narrative allows…e.g. it has been conclusively established that the Sphinx is more than 10,000 years old because it displays water erosion, not wind erosion

  2. Exile1981

    On the great flood, there is a theory that it relates to the mediteranian. At sone point the straits of gibralta were actually closed and included a waterfall of salt water pouring hundreds of feet down. Then the wall collapsed and the ocean rushed inwards. They estimated that if you were one of the thousands of early humans living on the shore of the inland sea you would have had to walk fast away from the shore as it started to rise quickly. The estimate is a month… 30 days is how long it would have taken to rise. They have found remains of early villages deep under the med suggesting that the water rise was rapid.

    • Gryphon

      The Flooding of the Med Basin seems likely to have been due to Tectonic Plate Shifting, resulting in a Breakthrough of the Atlantic Ocean, that had been Rising for some Time due to Glaciers Melting over Thousands of Years. People living in the “Low Place” may well have been Aware that they lived below Sea Level; ‘preppers’ building Backyard Boats may have been a ‘thing’.

      There is also some Geologic Evidence that with the Melting of the last “Ice Age” Glaciers, there were instances of Massive, Sudden flooding when Water, trapped by Geography in places it shouldn’t have been, could have easily and completely Wiped Out entire civilizations.

  3. saoirse

    It’s a well known fact that the usual suspects have been hard at work trying to revise or outright obliterate history as it pertains to white European cultures so it shouldn’t be surprising that they are just as adamant about perverting pre-history as well.

    Arguably, this all began with the “Out of Africa” theory of mankind’s origins and has noticeably ramped up to the social Marxist disinformation we see today.

    Three good examples of left-wing historical flim flam are the Kennewick Man debacle, the Cheddar Man agitprop and the wailing that took place regarding the Solutrean Hypothesis.

    From Nordic-looking mummies in China, red-haired giants in Latin America and caucasians in Windover, Meadowcroft and Topper in the U.S., evidence of an ancient white presence far from Europe is appearing – and then rapidly being obfuscated and spun into the deceitful web that is wokeness! Politics and “science” spearhead the fraud.

    White history does not begin with the Greeks and Romans – nor the Mayflower.

    Hancock writes some very good stuff!

  4. Steve S6

    In the event of a next calamity what knowledge that will likely be left will consist of warnings about allowing liberals out of the house without adult supervision.

  5. Mike_C

    There is a person called Asha Logos who has a series of videos on YouTube called “Our Subverted History”.

    Some of you (cough, Saoirse) might particularly enjoy the one-off video called “Our Fight Against the Malevolent Hatred of the ‘Eternal Rebel’”.

    Yes, the Subverted History vids are long to watch. I’ve had them on and just listened while doing certain kinds of actual work. Sure I’m missing something, but also getting something out of them.

  6. Last Days to the Rodeo

    I lived in the Bible Belt of Tennessee for more than a decade. As bad as the “I don’t need to prepare because ‘muh Rapture” crowd was, the “Earth is only 6000 years old” group was equally insufferable. Millions, if not tens of millions of years of being inbred alien spawn is my guess.

  7. saoirse

    LOL, geepers how thoughtful of you!

    Looked for part 1 of the “Subverted History” videos and it wasn’t there for some reason. Looked at some of his other stuff. Very similar to the banished “Way of the World” channel, now on Bitchute. Both are very accurate in their presentations, but in a milquetoast sort if way.

    Watched your recommended video and found most of it to be patronizing bullshit. When someone posing as pro white/west utters pacifist claptrap like “resist the urge to hate” and “operating from a position of love is infinitely superior to one of hatred, animosity or anger” along with “imbibe and spread beauty” well, he’s really just a milksop talking out of his ass.

    But what would a real pro-white thinking person – condescendingly referred to as a hateful eternal rebel – expect from someone that displays a WW1 German ‘Gott Mit Uns’ buckle with a single SS Siegrune above and the SS motto below, along with copious amounts of pious Deus Vult bullshit?

    Hate is a beautiful and life preserving emotion. It’s what ensures the eternal existence of our people – the ones who still have the intestinal fortitude to summon it that is. Matthew 5:44 is part of why we’re in this disaster!

    So, why don’t you take the time to peruse the contents of Renegade Tribune and History Reviewed. I’ll assure you that they’ve got a whole lot more integrity than your boy!

    • Zorost

      Are you really going to try to compare e-penis about whose pro-White content creator is the best? Let me guess, you are a boomer who is proud of his guns and swears he’s ready to resist to the end, but you don’t like to talk much about your diabetes or how you can’t leave the house without wheezing and having a heart attack.

  8. Bear Claw Chris Lapp

    Bread and circuses in case you forget Obummer and others are affiliated with the organization. I would pass on a show of that type.

  9. Zorost

    I love the contortions “the Experts” have to go to in order to explain how Gobekli Tepe was built by hunter-gatherers.

    G Hancock’s books are great, I highly recommend them. He has a lot of vids as well.

    The default position should be that humans had previous high tech civilizations, and the burden of proof is on those who dispute it. Anatomically modern humans have existed for ~300,000 years or so, yet only stumbled upon agriculture ~10k years ago? Independently stumbled upon it 5-7 different places over a couple thousand years, at that? Yet nothing at all for the previous 290,000 years of our existence. Furthermore, within that 300k years there were something like 12-15 events which if they happened today would plunge us back to the stone age.

  10. JosefK

    It’s funny, I have been reading Mr Hancock’s books for many years now. No one has said boo but he makes a tv series and it is presented on the , arguably, biggest streaming platform on the planet and the vitriol suddenly appears. Almost as if any encouragement for independent thought is seen as a threat. Fancy that.

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