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Merry Christmas!

Regardless of your beliefs about the Christmas story, I hope each of you has a wonderful day full of family and cheer! We have snow on the ground and it looks a lot like Christmas ought to look.

I chose the Christmas truce illustration for the message it conveys to me: no more brother wars. That has been a recurring theme here and one I plan on revisiting a lot in 2023. We can and probably should have discussion and disagreement but we can no longer be at each other’s throats on command while They laugh at our deaths. No more.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to my people today!


  1. TBC


    And yes, indeed, let us leave aside the petty squabbling between fellows, between generations, between countrymen.

    Have a very Merry Christmas, Arthur and all my brothers and sisters of kindred spirit.

  2. AZFloyd

    Merry Christmas Arthur. Thanks for your blog. It really helps us dissidents out here know we ain’t alone. And thanks for staying on message.

  3. 3g4me

    Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for providing this forum and your wise words. And thanks for all of God’s bounty, including the rib roast slowly cooking in the oven.

  4. Big Country Expat

    Merry Christmas my Brother From Another Mother! Hope all is well, and you and yours have a wonderful holiday! Here at the Redoubt, it warmed up to 37, and the wind has died down quite a bit. Ribeyes on the grill and double-baked taters for Dinner tonight, and DC is -still- in jail! A very nice Christmas INDEED!

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