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Not much of a blizzard so far, maybe a couple inches of snow with some mild drifting.

Now the cold on the other hand…

That is no joke, I just went out to warm up my truck and mother effer it is cold. Going to run a young lady to work, we’ll see how the roads are.


  1. LGC

    pfffffffffffffffttttttttttt We didn’t get that WARM yesterday (the HIGH was minus 8). It is however supposed to warm all the way up to 5 (above) today. TBH we haven’t been above freezing in like 3 weeks. I don’t live that far north. It appears that the winds have died down though, so that’s nice.

    It appears we have solved global warming.

      • KDOG

        I live in New England and the weather has been alternating between warm and rainy, and sunny and relatively colder, for what seems like several weeks now. And the wind … like every few days … this has been the windiest December I can remember in my lifetime. The wife swears TPTB are tampering with our weather, just like they tamper with our food supply with all the GMO crap.

        BTW, Art, do you use an engine block heater?

  2. Mike Austin

    It was -17 with windchill yesterday here in Oklahoma City. I went out for a 2.5-mile walk, and as I was dressed for it, I was warm—but the wind! 30 mph and painful on any exposed skin. Makers Mark helped.

  3. George True

    Last night I spoke with my sister and her husband who live in Mason City, Iowa. She said the high temp there yesterday was nine degrees below zero. Here in Phoenix, AZ :vit is forecast to be 70 degrees on Sunday and nary a cloud anywhere.

    As nice as that may sound, I find it kind of depressing. Not saying I would prefer the sub-zero temps that are assaulting the Northern half of the lower 48, but at least 40’s or 50’s and a few clouds would at least make it feel more like Christmas.

  4. Jim Wetzel

    I made a trip out, after clearing the driveway at my place, both to see what the road were like and to see if Common Grounds in Grabill was brewing coffee today. Results: Common Grounds is indeed making coffee (hurrah!), and those roads are no bargain whatsoever. Driving my rusty ’07 Ford Escape, a vehicle of relatively light weight and large sail area, on Schwartz Road was something that called for close attention and significant caution. As you will have noticed, that wind is something fierce.

  5. Gryphon

    Slightly East of Warrenton Virginia, I had 2 inches of Cold Rain over 24 Hours that stopped about Dawn. The Cold Front held off for a few Hours, enough to get the Horses Dry and Brushed Up for the Cold. Now the Wind is 20 Gusting to 35, Temp has fallen from 35 to 25 at Noon. When the Wind dies down at Sunset and the Sky is Clear, we will see at or near 0 F. overnight.

    Unlike most of the Ukraine, the Power is still On.

    • Bacon

      In the same area as you. Further northwest, the county actually got some snow and ice. Made work awful, but it got done. Apparently the geniuses were out in droves, crashing on I66 as usual.

  6. Xzebek

    0 right now in NW Montana. -30 last night. It’s going to moderate next week. End of December and beginning of January is our coldest time.

  7. Coelacanth

    Saw 50 briefly in the snow midday. Low double digits down here on the Delmarva peninsula tonight and the stars are very clear. Glad I changed the battery in my truck yesterday morning, as it was OEM and 8 years old. The little woodstove in the living room is keeping the furnace from running too much bu is gulping logs.

  8. Steve S6

    Rolling power outage, TVA mandate, around E. TN. You’d think we never had a Blue Northener. And while cold it’s not as bad as your locale Arthur. Inquiring minds and all that ya know?

  9. DeplorableGranny

    Arthur – Just read Indiana and Michigan is facing rolling black outs. Deadly weather out there without a good heat source. Praying for all of you. I will never buy a home without a wood burning stove. I actually have an extra in case they are outlawed which I expect eventually.

    • Steve

      Best plan is to figure out multiple ways of making rocket stoves. It’s pretty easy to bring my uninsulated shed up 40 degrees with an armload of sticks.

      Far and away, the easiest that’s useful indoors that I’ve come up with uses a few sections of stovepipe. And it’s still fairly cheap and doesn’t take much space to stash a bunch of them away. If you squirrel away a bunch of firebrick, bonus!

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