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If You Needed More Inspiration To Hit The Gym

How about this?

What’s the most surprising thing you learned in your research?

It was super interesting reading the reflections of fitness enthusiasts in the early 20th century. They said we should get rid of corsets, corsets are an assault on women’s form, and that women should be lifting weights and gaining strength. At first, you feel like this is so progressive.

Then you keep reading, and they’re saying white women should start building up their strength because we need more white babies. They’re writing during an incredible amount of immigration, soon after enslaved people have been emancipated. This is totally part of a white supremacy project. So that was a real “holy crap” moment as a historian, where deep archival research really reveals the contradictions of this moment.

Who knew that physical fitness, another means of self-improvement, was grounded in White supremacy? That sure as hell makes me want to workout even more.

Even better, this dumb broad, Natalia Yael Mehlman Petrzela, is allegedly a “historian” and on the faculty of far-left The New School with a “famous alumni” list that reads like a who’s who of lefties and especially those of The Tribe. She looks like she might be part of that same Tribe and a little investigation revealed that she is Jewish on her daddy’s side and Argentinian on her mama’s.

But reading the quotes from her interview, she sounds like a chick who never grew emotionally or intellectually beyond pre-adolescence. “This is totally part of a white supremacy project.”? Like totally dude, fer shure! What kind of Valley Girl crap is that? She finds things “super interesting” and had a “holy crap moment”. Pretty much exactly the level of discourse you would expect from a female “academic” in 2022.

Not only does she have a mouth that puts the Joker to shame, Natalia Yael Mehlman Petrzela is dumb as a bag of hammers. On the other hand, if getting fit, hitting the gym, lifting weights, etc is really founded in White supremacy, it kinda makes me want to hit the gym even more often. I am not sure who her audience is, although I can guess, but I am all in favor of her readers staying away from the gym to avoid the taint of “White supremacy”.


  1. Don W Curton

    Funny, I had the same reaction when I first saw that headline elsewhere. If that’s White Supremacy, then I definitely need to get me some more of that!

  2. Jay L

    I saw the headline for this story yesterday but didn’t click it, knowing it was gonna be horseshit and bad for my blood pressure…

    That being said, my gym on any particular day is MAYBE 20%YT. I wonder if I should tell the 50% that is Hispanic and the 10% that are blaque that they should go home, cuz they are participating in white supremacy? The remaining 20% that are Asian will probably figure it out for themselves… /sarc

    Thank goodness for “journalists” like this, making our world a safer place by shining a light on all these nefarious YT boogiemen!!

  3. Danny

    That chick who wrote the article has no idea what hard work or a “workout” is. And she has a lot of nerve (stupidity, actually) to name anyone a “white supremacist.” The name-calling and significant identifying can only mean one thing — fear — downright fear of the caucasian people.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    White people sticking up for white people is the most forbidden and most feared thing in our society

    It’s hard to win new converts to the dissident ranks. The red pills usually have to be self fed somehow. But one of the most effective ways to plant the seed, maybe the best way, is to take opportunites to point out how, to question why, it’s ok for every other race to stick up for itself. All except one.

    This doesn’t work on nihilistic woke leftists. They are already gone. “Pearls before swine.” But it can work on Civnat G. Normiecon

    • Arthur Sido

      That is the sweet spot, those White guys that are already edging this way. It is why I have some level of tolerance for people like Tucker Carlson and Mike Cernovich, they are pretty mildly red-pilled but they are gateway drugs for people to embrace race realism and learning to take our own side in a fight.

  5. saoirse

    If there were statistics on how much blatant disinformation/agitprop eminated from jewish sources (via authorship and/or media company ownership) you would see numbers upwards of 80% – running neck-and-neck with nig = crime stats.
    Kikes poison everything they touch. Nigs destroy everything they touch. Some sort of natural mathematical constant perhaps.
    The bitch’s mother could be an Argentine jew, there’s plenty of them over there.

    Regardless, my former gyms in the shithole we left were all 90% mestizo/greasy spics. None of those shitbirds had any idea what gym etiquette was and most of them were roid boys or obnoxious macho/machita losers. I got sick of them, built a decent home gym and said adios mf’s just before the scamdemic hit. The gym up here in the great white north is all white with a few woke teenagers and Indians. Like night and day, literally!
    Let the 14 words and 88 precepts flourish across the land!
    Happy lifting.

  6. Greg

    My wife is the gym rat, and I only encourage it. I don’t do gyms. The last one I tried was in college, and us lil’ white boys were run out by the bassetball team. I built my own in the garage with a squat rack and enough weights to leave one bar on the rack and another for deadlifts. I don’t do bench presses as I don’t have a safety cage, but military presses and push-ups do enough arm work. Squats and deadlifts do almost everything I need, and at my age, simply maintaining muscle mass is the crucial factor.
    Way out here in flyover country, we don’t have much of a diversity problem. We do have a distinct underclass to keep the local sheriff busy, and most of them are deliberately imported secion 8 types. They tend to recognize that most of the rest of us are a logging and ranching culture, and you can count on most of us carrying, concealed or open. Between our dominant culture and the harsh weather, it tends to keep the riff-raff pretty low key.

  7. Mike Austin

    Well now! I guess I am a “White Supremacist” since I work out every day walking a few miles with a pack, doing muscle work and riding one of my bikes 15 miles. Good to know!

    But then…I am half Mexican. I am so confused!

  8. anon

    Remember those articles about math/logic/etc being racist too?
    There are tons of reasons for self-improvement, but nothing wrong with doing things to spite those who already hate you.
    There is still a little time to prepare, stock up, train, make connections with likeminded people, and so on, though who knows how it’ll get worse or how it will, like the substation shit in multiple states, looting during bad weather, some rabid animal put down in self defense, maybe bank runs or some other economic disaster forced on us, or other wild cards out there.
    I would try to be ready to rock before the end of the new year, or if you got the ability, before the summer. If nothing happens, you are still prepared, and if something does, you can do what you deem necessary…Might take years for this to break down but again who knows what’ll happen.

  9. kŏm′ən-tā″tər

    I thought it must be an article from The Bee – at first glance I thought “the author” was Nigella Lawson.

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