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I Don’t Know What This Place Is But It Isn’t America

From the “school shootings you won’t hear about” files.

Black mask, black hoodie, black North Face jacket but the shooter is apparently colorless?

Two boys killed, two other teens wounded in shooting outside Juarez High School on West Side

Brandon Perez, 15, and a 14-year-old boy whose name has not been released were pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital. Both suffered gunshot wounds to the head, according to Chicago police.

Two other teens, a 15-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl, were in good condition at the hospital, officials said. The boy was struck in the thigh and shoulder; the girl suffered a graze wound, police said.

Obviously no one cares about this shooting of brown kids by what appears to be a fellow brown kid based on surveillance photos.

Not all that newsworthy to be sure, just another day in Chicago, but I got curious and looked a little closer. My interest was not in the shooting as much as the school they were shot outside of.

The name of this school, in Chicago, Illinois here in the United States of America, is Benito Juarez High School. Like me, you might wonder who the hell Benita Juarez was and why he has a high school named after him. Wikipedia provides an answer to that, archived by me this morning:

Benito Juarez Community Academy, (commonly known as Juarez High School), is a public 4–year high school in the Pilsen neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, Illinois, United States. Juarez is named for Mexican president Benito Pablo Juárez García. The school is a part of the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) district. As of 2014 it is the largest high school in Pilsen. It was designed by architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez.

A high school in Chicago named for the guy who was the President of Mexico from 1858-1872. WTF? Remember when American schools were named after American presidents? It is located in the Pilsen neighborhood, named after a city on Czechoslovakia as the neighborhood was once full of Czech immigrants but by the 1970s was majority mestizo.

I guess it makes sense based on this…

Benito Juarez Community Academy opened in 1977 and as of 2017 has a 94 percent Latino student body. The school is decorated with murals and statues that portray Mexican culture and famous leaders.

Ah, a high school in America full of mestizo kids and adorned with murals and statues celebrating Mexican heritage, the country that the families of many of these mestizo kids fled from for being a shithole. Here is the senior leadership team of Benito Juarez Community Academy from their website:

Juan Carlos Ocón, the Principal, joined by Nicholas Aquino, Angel Roan, Fawda Rantisi and Santiago Marquez. That is quite the All-American apple pie line-up. An American high school with no actual Americans in senior leadership and virtually no American students, but paid for by the tax revenue collected from heritage Americans. That really captures the spirit of “America” in 2022.

It is a jarring reminder that our country is gone. Not going, but gone. I follow a local school district Facebook page to watch for weather delays and cancellations and they often post pictures from their various schools. Some of the schools on the extreme end of the district are still overwhelmingly White but when you get closer to Fort Wayne? It is common to have a dozen photos from a school, especially elementary aged kids, without a single White kid in the picture.

According to Wikipedia, the L.A. public school system (2nd largest in the country) is…

As of the 2011-2012 school year, in its enrollment breakdown by ethnic group, 72.3% of its students were of Hispanic origin, of any race; 10.1% of the student population was of Non-Hispanic white ancestry; 9.6% of its students were African American, while Asian American students comprised 6%, including a 2% of students of Filipino origin that formed 2.1% of the student population and Native Americans and Pacific Islanders together comprised less than 1%.

That is a decade ago, so I went to the Los Angeles Unified School District official website and found this:

Both the White and black percentages are falling while the mestizo population continues to climb with nearly three quarters of students in LAUSD being of mestizo background. New York City’s public school system, the largest in America with over one million students, looks like this according to the DOE website:

The largest school district in America is under 15% White, with Whites being the smallest racial group in the city, trailing Asians by 2%. NYC also has “universal school choice”, so White, Asian and Jewish students tend to be concentrated in the very best schools while the mestizo and black students are warehoused in the rest. Also of note, around 3/4 of students are “economically disadvantaged”, or what we used to call “poor”, and one in five students is “disabled”, presumably meaning chronic behavior problems.

The third largest district, Chicago, is more of the same…

I won’t bother going through other cities in any detail, you get the point.

As these students get older and graduate, they will become voters who will reliably in turn vote for more left-wing policies. Chief among these policies will be further looting of the diminishing White population and even more mass immigration from non-White nations. The obvious problem is that there are already not enough Whites left to prop up the country and as the non-White population grows while the White population shrinks, it will be impossible to maintain these enormously expensive social services including public schools. The New York City DOE annual budget is a whopping $38,000,000,000. 38 billion for a single school district. Sure, NYC schools have 1.1 million students but even so when you break that down it comes to $34,545 per pupil. 34 grand per student and if you take an average class size of 25 students it works out to around $863,000 per classroom (NYC has laws regarding the maximum class size)

What is also noteworthy is that in these large public school systems, not only are the students overwhelmingly non-White, they are also generally overwhelmingly poor. These kids are being warehoused and provided for by the school district for meals and what amounts to daycare at enormous expense. A sane people would question the utility of pouring hundreds of billions into inner-city schools to “educate” pupils that for the most part will never advance beyond the most menial of vocations but of course we aren’t a sane nation. Not anymore.

Whitney Houston once sang in her famous song Greatest Love of All: “I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way”. Someone should have taught her as a child to not mix cocaine, Bendryl, cannabis, Xanax and muscle relaxers but I digress. But I agree with Whitney, the children are our future. That future is not looking very bright. The children of America’s future have very little promise. That might come across as cruel but so be it, the truth is rarely kind.

I don’t know what this place is but it isn’t America, not in any meaningful sense. If “America” can be described as any people living in the legal boundaries of the United States, utterly and intentionally divorced from the historic heritage American people, then it ceases to mean anything at all. I don’t think any people has ever had a front row seat for their own destruction quite like my generation has witnessed.

A school shooting in front of a high school full of mestizo kids named after a 19th century Mexican president should be something that happens in Mexico, not in America, but here we are. We need a new name for this place because it isn’t America.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    34k per student and 863k per classroom tells me there is a lot of grift going on

    That grift may look above board too, in many cases. Such as the “administrator” who does nothing productive but collects a six figure salary.

    Also consider that in many of these school districts the kids are getting 2, sometimes 3 meals a day at taxpayer expense. On top of the EBT benefits the family gets.

    Having done both, I can say that I would rather live around a bunch of mestizos than a bunch of New York Joos and Jersey shore castoffs


      Word. The grift is everywhere no matter which “public school system” you are cursed with in your A/O. I saw it first hand when I worked as a Teacher’s Aide at a high school in Kootenai County, ID. I did not even last the full school year, it was so bad (long story). Until the debt buck completely collapses, the corrupt, inept, syphilitic-thinking system will just keep on keeping on. The good news is that every time some Vato Loco or Gangsta Rapper shoots up a “public school”, thoughtful parents opt-out. The balkanization will continue to accelerate. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

    • Zorost

      “Disabled” students are part of the grift, which is why there are so many. Diagnose someone as disabled and federal funds are increased.

      • Exile1981

        A long time ago the school wanted to diagnois one of our kids with ADHD, they even without our permission had a stafff phycoligist write a report / diagnosis that then a doctor used to justify a prescription for meds without ever seeing our kid. The report was so riddled with ‘errors’ i’m not sure she ever actually talked to our kid. We refused the oresciption and pulled the kids. Found out from a teacher that for every 3 kids with ADHD in the school they get funding for another teachers aide.

        All about money.

  2. Chongo's Taco Wagon

    Beandip Lives Matter?
    Be thankful you experienced legacy America and try to get by in this hollowed out world shopping bazaar welfare colony.
    Forward! Yes we can, Si se peude!

  3. Max M Wiley

    The majority are “poor” because anyone above a certain income level doesn’t send their children to public schools, they send them somewhere to get a real education. Leftist politicians tow the public education line in public because it is a key component of their power base but if you check you will find they all send their kids to private schools.
    Warehousing is a good term, as is adolescent daycare, but unfortunately it also comes with a heaping helping of indoctrination into Globohomo. This in reality makes it a form of reverse education, as the country would be in a better place if they grew up ignorant rather than steeped in that madness.

    • pyrrhus

      Yes..and I speak from experience in saying that every family in Chicago with a little money or that can get into the Catholic schools, sends their kids to private schools…The public schools, with the exception of four test-in high schools, are a complete zoo, and quite dangerous….

  4. GenEarly

    New Name, USSA
    New Relocation, Out of the Cities, and democRat States

    John B Wells, Caravan to Midnight, says We are on the South African Pogrom of eliminating Whites and a Modern Culture.

    I agree, but Redoubts only last for awhile; Where do the survivors go in 30 years?

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      It’s the same basic CRT philosophy driving it as in South Africa, but the big difference is there are a LOT more whites here thus it’s not going to play out the same way. Even if whitey submits completely.

      If anything, this probably works in the regime’s favor since there are more whites to keep things relatively functional

      The fundamental flaw in their strategy is that they are not importing the group that they are promoting. Mestizos and South Asians are not necessarily going to be on board with the regime’s exaltation of all things black. Whereas in South Africa blacks are something like 85% of the population, here they are unlikely to get over 15% in our lifetimes.

      I’m not saying this adds up to anything necessarily good. I’m just saying it isn’t going to add up to what the regime thinks it will. If it’s really thinking anything at all besides throwing an immigration hail mary to offset declining white birth rates.

      • Zorost

        I’ve been saying for a few years now that eventually the Left will abandon blacks. Browns and yellows make much better peasants, especially in a more tech-oriented society. From what I’ve heard, the Left has already abandoned them in the big cities, where browns are rapidly replacing them.

        This is SOP for Leftists, as the trouble-makers that are so useful when they are out of power become problems once the Left is in power. For example, look up what happened to Mao’s Red Guard after the commies came to power.

        • Arthur Sido

          You can see this coming down the road with the Democrat primaries. blacks have stayed steady at about 13% of the population but mestizos are exploding as a percentage of the electorate.

    • Sane Max

      It is entirely possible I am wrong about this, because if I was smart as I’d like to be I’d be rich 🙂 but, in 30 years, I think the backlash will have had its 21st birthday and things will be a lot better.

      In the meantime my wife and I are doing our very best to make sure our children understand what is at stake, and we are also trying to provide them with a financial stake to work with, because being born of two white parents, they get absolutely no melanin-enhanced freebies paid for by others. Not that I would want to be subsidised by others, we should stand on our own 2 feet.

      If I am entirely wrong in my prediction which of course is possible, at least our children are aware and wary.

  5. Matt Bracken

    “We need a new name for this place because it isn’t America.”
    Amexica? Not inclusive enough.
    Amerizuela? Closer.
    Afrizuela? Ameristan? Amerafrimexistan?
    Very good comments above. I mostly agree with John B Wells of CTM about our planned genocide, but we still have more whites by % than South Africa. Also, our federal system still permits us to tribe up where we can gain local strength. It’s not a panacea, not by a long shot, but it’s probably our best feasible course of action. Don’t be the last white on your block (soon to be roasted over a spit at the multi-cultural block party).

    Move far away from blue hives, AKA Democrat Party Vote Harvesting Plantations. [Especially in Rat-run blue states. Governors have a LOT of power, and will have more at crunch time.]

    Pick a state with long-term survival potential, be it Idaho, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, or wherever. First, find out where your local tap water comes from. If it runs on grid-powered pumps, don’t move there. In a pinch, could your new zip code grow enough food to feed itself? Important questions before relocating. Move to the most conservative part of that conservative state and get active in local politics, that is where you can still make an impact. Continue to lay in survival food and ammunition, you’ll need it regardless.

    • Luke

      Love the idea that is America but this ain’t it. As the author said “its not going its gone.” You posted a video today of some white kid getting the shit kicked out of him. I didn’t watch it because I can’t. I’m actually scared to scroll back down because I might. It doesn’t do me any good and makes me angry. I left a comment though about the root cause. I used to blame the youfs and they are scum. However the real problem is the “people concentrated in the best schools” as the author of this piece described. They are the ones pumping the hate to unbelievable decibels.

      We need to smarten the hell up. Need to be thinking how do we get the feral to attack the master. As of now I do not believe there will be any sympathy for them (masters). I think society has reached critical mass regarding the victimization card. I obviously don’t mean the feral youfs. They could pretty much do about anything and anyone who interrupts that will be held to account in the court of public opinion.

      Like I said…..this where we must be smart! We can win this info war!….thanks for all you do sir.

    • Zorost

      Good suggestions.

      There is no place to run to where we will be left alone. We need to regroup in a few places, and get organized. Organized to resist federal overreach, not just live in a cabin in the woods hoping that we get to the be the last ones loaded onto the cattle cars.

    • Arthur Sido

      Along those same lines, my urge to others to insulate themselves from the worst of the “woke” corporate workforce crap. Getting out of the Big Business employment trap is critical.

  6. Angrybee

    Bracken, Mike Adams, Black Scout, Hagmann. Etc
    White hats, patriots and many truth tellers.
    It comes down to individuals. No one will save us.

  7. Roddy's Rowdy Piper

    There’s no way you can discern the ethnicity of the shooter from those photos. It could have been someone whose incotestable interest it’s in, defending America’s sovereignty regardless how futile the effort.

  8. Brownie Rabbit

    I quit a good paying and secure job in California to return to Montana almost 20 years ago, because I felt that the place had deteriorated to such a point that it became intolerable in general. So that I am not considered a racist, my first girl friend here in Montana was Inuit, and my best friend in Montana was Blackfoot.

    In NW Montana there are very few minorities and life here can be described as somewhat similar to life in the 1950’s. It is not all ‘good’ here, as libtards have moved in and Californians have driven up the price of housing to astronomical levels, yet as the country continues to ‘balkanize’, the relative homogeneous make up would mean less civil unrest. And because the presents of people creates problems, the low population density, especially here in remote parts, is almost as low as North Dakota as most of the land is National Forest. And if we agree that an armed society is a polite society, and because we are perhaps one of the most heavily armed states per capita, there might be maintained some level of law and order.

    In a worst case scenario, this part of the country would have fewer problems, and because of the freedom minded people, we might have thriving black markets. Our exports would not be limited to wood products, electrical power, beef and wheat, and fresh water. If we are indeed in the End Times, there are remote locations where people might endure until the end, ala’ the villages depicted in The Postman. BTW, Kostner reportedly lives in Idaho.

  9. Frank speak

    Ain’t news, you just refuse to step off the porch. To worried about your 401ks while the communist rape and mutilate your sons and daughters.

  10. k

    Mexican school name?
    There is a school here named after a south african terrorist.
    Funny thing is there are not a lot of blacks, so who picked that name?

  11. Thomas Jefferson

    Matt and others made great comments, I will pile on. A secession plan needs to executed sooner rather than later. Once established in the reddest part of your red state the cleansing must begin. This train needs to get rolling before the regime gets so strong, rewrites the rules and separation is beyond difficult. Right now, the waters are such that local governments are moldable. In 20 years, the Californication of many “Austins” will be well under way and you will have waited too long to form the required, local ODA teams. Without your local ODA/QRF teams formed you will have zero security. Without security, you will be grist for the mill. Form your local ODA/QRF teams with constitutional republic leadership and clandestine/Mossad-like skills to mete out justice (current LEOs simply act as agents for the grain mill you’re in). Then take back municipal, regional and state governments. Leave the “Federal” plantation peaceably while you can – with military bases left in place – Florida and Texas will be the economic COGs for your grandchildren. If you lose them, economically you will have little chance of survival. You must act quickly before Gates/Soros and the other minions of the money crowd/CFR/WEF get the bow of the ship under water. May God be with us in the days ahead.

  12. Jaybo

    Shocked i say! Read the Book friends. It is why this country is not mentioned in bible prophecy. Because it ceases to exist as a country.

    Only one thing is true, if you are a Believer we win.

  13. EllaMentary

    Remember Mexico??? The place ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE LEAVING?? what’s so great about Mexico you have to glorify it if you flee from it..

  14. Danny

    Please allow me to suggest the name “People’s Democratic Republic of the Western Hemisphere” — where the blast furnace of diversity forges the steel of equity.

    It is time to gird one’s loins.

  15. Original Grandpa

    …brownie rabbit, Montana is full. But we hear the Dakotas are nice…
    (please, we only have a few liberal asshats here, but don’t tell everyone else.
    ffs, the effing Californians found out because someone told…) Most folks who think and believe like we do already know, and are either here already or afraid to lose their cushions. And of course “it gets cold”. Duh. Cold is one of the things that works in our favor.
    …trying to keep the secret,
    Original Grandpa

  16. Get Freight

    You’re right on the grift being salaried administration. When you have a school district head at $200K and 6 assistants at $100K. Then continue that pattern down the organization. It is amazing any money reaches a classroom.

    Then, add the lowering standards in curriculum, in teacher performance, tenure, etc.

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