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I Don’t Call Them Looter-Americans For Nothing

While much of the country was caught in the grip of a serious winter storm, hunkered down or often helping one another, the looter-Americans in Buffalo, New York took the opportunity to enjoy some 100% off pre-Christmas sales.

Footage Shows “Looting Across Buffalo” As City Plunged Into Chaos After Blizzard

Lots of looting at Family Dollar/Dollar General stores of all places apparently. My favorite is when the blacks are videoing fellow blacks coming out of a store but the owner comes out with a gun, and one fella quips: “The Arab just caught these niggas” and the black wahmen watching from a window are screaming to their fellow Looter-Americans to run a’fore the Ay-rab shoot dem. Here is a scene of one Family Dollar store after the polite folk made off with the free stuff.

They do love to wallow in destruction and chaos. As Rahm Emmanuel said, never let a good crisis go to waste.

I guess I was too busy spending time with family and not being a piece of shit to even think about running over to the local Dollar General to loot the place.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Next headline will read, “Dollar General closing stores in underserved majority-black communities is proof that racism is alive and well in America”.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      That really puts a crimp in the dollar store business model if they have to close their stores in the hood. Their whole game is about being in the places where Wal Mart and Costco aren’t. In the towns too small to have a Wal Mart. And in the hood where it’s walking distance for the poor people who don’t have cars.

      So they will hold on as long as economically feasible

  2. Exile1981


    You’re missing the point while you and most of us were celebrating Christmas, they were celbrating Kwanza. There are diferences. Christmas honors the birth of our lord and savior; Kwanza honors the memory of a rapist.
    Christmas is celebrated by giving gifts to those you love and cherish as a thanks for them being part of your life; Kwanza is about stealing anything not nailed down for yourself.
    We light candles to celebrate Christmas; they commit arson to celebrate Kwanza.
    Christmas involves drinking eggnog and eating fruit cake; Kwanza is celebrated by drinking the cheepest beer you can steal and eating chips
    At Christmas you try and give more to those less fortunate; with Kwanza you honor it by demanding reperations and stealing mobey from relatives.

    • Anonymous White Male

      “Kwanza is celebrated by drinking the cheepest beer you can steal and eating chips”

      That is so racist. Kwanza is celebrated by drinking the most expensive beer you can steal and eating chips. Sort of like the Seinfeld episode where the shelter dwellers wouldn’t eat the stumps on the muffins cuz da tops is betta.

  3. Xzebek

    Unless and until the historical penalty for looters is employed- shooting them on sight- we will continue to experience this. The chimps will act as feral animals whose impulses must be curtailed by immediate and devastating force.

  4. 3g4me

    Buffalo is officially 45.8% non-hispanic White. That means in reality it’s likely closer to 42%. Most of those Whites are probably too old or too poor or too stupid (we have our bottom 10% like any other group) to relocate. The city’s ‘smart’ fraction’ has been overwhelmed and cannot carry the rest of the population. A hint of the near future for AINO as a whole.

    While upstate NY has traditionally been majority working class White, it has changed dramatically and most people’s assumptions about it have not. Blacks (and mestizos) have flooded many northeast locales en masse and dramatically changed the environment as is their wont. The current blizzard has demonstrated though, that without Whitey to keep their heat on (and pay for it) and maintain their sailfoams and rides, they cannot survive in northern climes. I’m aware there are Nigerians even in Iceland (the fault of slore White women opening their damned legs), but if we stop feeding and housing them at our expense, many of them will die.

    I did see a comment recently (cannot recall where) that I agree with – the non-Whites among law enforcement will be a big problem come any sort of crash. They will inevitably join together and attract the smarter of the gang factions and they will prey on others. Neither economic crash nor natural disaster will entirely rid us of their problematic presence.

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