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Here It Comes

Multiple reliable sources are saying the final pistol brace ruling has been presented to Biden’s handlers and will be released very soon.

This has been in the works for a long time but now that the midterms are over and low-IQ Herschel Walker has been sent packing in Georgia, it is time for them to do this thing. It will be met by immediate lawsuits and hopefully some judge will issue a stay but you can also expect to see a sudden run on AR/AK pistols.

In other gun-news, Captain’s Journal is returning a database error and an empty screen with this message,

Hopefully just a technical glitch and not a nuking.


  1. Gryphon

    Banning the (generally useless, IMO) “Pistol Brace” is not much of a problem. If they use the applicability of a Gun to use one as the basis to Ban or require ‘registration’ of that style of Gun as a NFA Item, well, “Washington, You have a Problem”.

  2. Tree Mike

    The 2nd amendment makes all legislation regulating “arms”, null and void at the time of executive signing of the bill. Also applies to all laws, regulations, rules, restrictions.

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