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Get. Rekt.

In a rare bit of good news from the courts, a bakery in Ohio that was slandered by the leftoids at Oberlin College for having the audacity to object to a Looter-American getting a little reparations in the form of a purloined bottle of wine just scored a major cash haul. Like $36 million.

The story is painfully predictable.

In 2016, Allyn Gibson, the son of Gibson’s Bakery and Food Mart owners David Gibson and Allyn Gibson, chased and tackled a Black student who was suspected of stealing a bottle of wine on Nov. 9, 2016. Two students at Oberlin College, who are also Black and were friends with the student who stole the bottle, got involved in the incident, which became physical.

The Looter-American steals a bottle of wine, not the first theft from the store I suspect, and the son of the owners tries to intervene because he is sick of people stealing from his parent’s store, and of course because he is White and the thief is black it must be “racism”. The college got directly involved…

Oberlin College students protested outside the bakery following the shoplifting incident. During a protest, former Oberlin College vice president and dean of students Meredith Raimondo handed out flyers stating that the bakery was a “RACIST establishment with a LONG ACCOUNT of RACIAL PROFILING and DISCRIMINATION,” according to court documents.

College resources were also used to print flyers and buy food and other supplies to support the protesters. The school also stopped buying food from the bakery.

I wonder if Meredith Raimondo ever considered that the “racial profiling” was the result of certain races fitting the profile? I doubt it. She looks exactly like you would expect….

You could market that face as a guaranteed cure for prolonged erections resulting from the use of Viagra.

The students of colour, the thief and his two buddies who of course jumped in to attack Allyn Gibson because he was White and in a scuffle with a brotha, ended up pleading guilty to charges of theft and assault. Thanks to this homely bitch and others at Oberlin causing real financial harm to Gibson’s Bakery, the school lost a lawsuit and multiple appeals and finally wrote the check for $36 million.

It is pretty rare for Whites to win a victory in courts these days. Take for example this:

In many courts there is already a separate set of legal standards and burdens for Whites versus everyone else. It is a sort of “separate but equal” judicial system without worrying about the “equal” part. The new SAFE-T act in Illinois is a prime example of gaming the system to keep black habitual criminals out of jail (see: Rhodesia 2.0: Now With Even More Murder, Mayhem And Starvation!), a bill that was partly pushed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, because of course it was. That will go into effect in neighboring Illinois in less than two weeks and I suspect it won’t take long for it to push more Illinoisans to move across the border into my state. I can’t imagine how letting people charged with 2nd degree murder and kidnapping out of jail without any sort of cash bail can backfire.

It is always nice to see far left outfits like Oberlin getting rekt but these little moral victories don’t mean all that much in the grand scheme of things. Still, celebrate where you can I guess.


  1. Forward Yes We Can

    Undocumented reparations in this case, redistribute the wine in the spirit of egalitarian equity and take the loss. (Honk!)
    Just read that comrade commissar Hancock of the glorious peoples republic of Denver in Commierado has declared a state of emergency with the city “broken” due to a few busloads of future lifetime CPUSA voters from Texas.
    Destroyers destroy and creators create, twas ever thus.

  2. Steve S6

    It was actually around $25m, the balance is interest for Oberlin f’ing around with appeals which they ultimately lost. And yes, the payment has been processed. Pity David (dad) didn’t live to see the end of it, though he was around for the initial court verdict against Oberlin.

  3. saoirse

    Oberlin is one of the biggest social Marxist hovels in the country and it’s good they got a hard kick in the ass!
    Would be nice if the Gibson family donated some of that money to groups that defend the white race.
    Won’t hold my breath!

  4. TechieDude

    My youngest went to Oberlin. Its’ $64K a year. Although with scolarshops and grants she only paid 1/3 or so. The music conservatory is the only thing of value there. That’s where she went. Those are the only normal, or halfway normal students there. That said, been there a lot. Been to Gibsons a bunch.

    It’s literally a bucolic tiny town surrounded by farms. If the college wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be any jogger americans for miles around.

    One time I was up there, I was reading about how they gave a jogger, who played bucket drums in the hood, a scholarship, and he was saying that having to learn music theory was rayciss.

    I’ve done a lot of work at various colleges and universities around the country, and one thing sets Oberlin apart. No hot chicks. None. It was an astonishing thing to see. Usually college campuses are festooned with hot girls. The daughter that went there and I were talking about the dating scene there and she said she had all sorts of guys interested in her. I told her “No shit. You see your competetion? You’re Heidi Klum to these guys” She didn’t know who that was and got pissed at me when she got a look at her. Don’t know why.

    I heard the best line the other day – that Oberlin is a finishing school for homely white rich liberal girls. Yup.

  5. Charlie E Hargrave

    The settlement was originally higher, but Ohio law limits it to 25 million.
    oberlin college never once admitted wrongdoing. Not once.
    The raimundo witch just shuffled to another college to wreck havoc.
    Libs will neither acknowledge wrongdoing, nor correct it.

    We cringe when we have to drive thru there.

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