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Chi-Com Rom-Com

Just a quick video to share, Mike at Forward Observer thinks signs might be pointing toward the long anticipated invasion/reunification of Taiwan happening in the next 30 days.

Lots of people have warned that this was getting close and I would argue that the U.S. military is at it’s least prepared and capable right now, especially in contrast to other world powers, than it has been in my lifetime.

An invasion of Taiwan could easily draw the U.S. into a shooting war with the first near-peer military since Korea and China today is not China of the 1950s. Not only is their military closer to ours in technology, rather than simply relying on human waves, but our economy would collapse if the Chinese consumer goods (and lots of other stuff especially pharmaceuticals) experienced a major disruption. It could also lead to Russia doing some crazy stuff believing (rightly) that we can’t fight a war in Europe and the Pacific at the same time.

Something to keep an eye on.


  1. anon

    Taking long enough. Figured they would do it last year.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the regime tried to do the same shit there as in ukraine, however the logistics would be far worse, no friendly countries attached by land to funnel weapons, ammo, and “mercenaries”.
    Because of that, could end faster, or the regime might be a lot more involved directly. Either way, yet another drain, mass unnecessary bloodshed. We have too much on our plate locally as it is, and it’ll get worse.

  2. Exile1981

    They will do it during chinese new year, that way most people in tawain will be celebrating and defense forces will be slower to respobd.

  3. saoirse

    No worries. Muh military – a major part consisting of dykes, trannies, fags, nigs, mestizos, dweebs, feminists and careerist ass kissers – will put the fear of Liberace into all those ruthless, steely, callous and cold-blooded fighters from Russia, and China. You’ll see!!

  4. Greg

    I have presumed that the CCP wants Taiwan’s chip fabs intact and undamaged, and their preferred method is not a kinetic hot war, but an economic takeover. Taiwan, for it’s part, no doubt has deadman switches in place to trash those factories if an invasion goes hot. The CCP may be evil bastards, but they are NOT stupid, unlike most of our so-called “leadership” class.
    I also operate on the assumption that EVERYTHING I see or read about beyond my local AO is disinformation at best, and most likely garbage not worth a care otherwise.

    • Mike Hendrix

      “I have presumed that the CCP wants Taiwan’s chip fabs intact and undamaged, and their preferred method is not a kinetic hot war, but an economic takeover.”

      Why not? It worked out well enough for ’em here. For several years now, whenever anybody brings up the likelihood of the ChiComs invading the US, I’ve just laughed and said, “Why on Earth would they bother? They already own us as it is.”

    • Mike_C

      Yeah, the Chicoms almost certainly want TSMC intact. (I once met Morris Chang when I was a sniveling EECS grad student, and while Hsingchu was already A Thing back then, it wasn’t what it is now.)

      The ROC armed forces are shot through with PRC agents. And the gundecking is off the charts. Neither bides well.

      @Mike. I take your point about Chicom influence, but I’d suggest that another high-IQ, paranoid, super ethnocentric group really owns the US. And while the Chicoms are bastards, no doubt about it, they are not the ones who are pushing deviance across the board, nor do they support even one of the three pillars of the post-Christian West. (The legs of that unholy tripod are: Holocaustianity, Negrolatry, and Buggery.)

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Shortly before Russia moved into Ukraine the prospect that they would do so was the big story in the msm. So of course I didn’t believe it, considering the source.

    The msm isn’t really banging the drum about this. They are talking about Chinese military “incursions” but nobody seems to be worried that an invasion is imminent.

    The best war gaming I’m aware of says the US would win a battle for Taiwan but at high cost. Like half our air force.

    • Arthur Sido

      I don’t think we have the stomach for something major, like losing an aircraft carrier. What we will do if the shooting starts is anyone’s guess but I would be pretty worried if I were in Taiwan and we were relying on the U.S. to back us up.

  6. Zorost

    One important fact when examining this is that some faction(s) within TPTB have been building chip fab plants in the US. Which seems to indicate they are planning on the chip plants in Taiwan going offline. Perhaps they are already set to blow 9/11 style as soon as China lands its first soldier on the island. Whether any actual missiles hit those plants or not.

    • Arthur Sido

      Schemes within plots, all the time. OT for some reason your posts always have to be approved, I have no idea why as most automatically approve once I approve them the first time.

  7. AZFloyd

    ….The best war gaming I’m aware of says the US would win a battle for Taiwan but at high cost…..

    I dont belive this for a second. America is a paper tiger and isnt going to be fighting anyone. Yhe 1991 and 2003 campaigns took months to build up the logistical tali because all our crap is expensive and fragile.

    And all our stuff is crap. The F35 is a piece of shit. Ships are just sitting ducks. Abrams are heavy and maintenance hogs. our air defense is a joke. and they moved to make Marines basically light infantry.

    Who the fuck is going to fight this war?. The 82nd Airborne Carpet-munchers? With their highly lethal pronoun book and military grade double headed dildos. Niggers, faggots, pedophiles, and 3rd world floatam and jettsam make for shitty armies.

    • Arthur Sido

      The only thing that makes us still dangerous is the sheer mass of stuff we have built up over the years but if we have to use them against a real enemy? I have little confidence that most or even a majority of it would work as intended.

  8. Gryphon

    I agree with those who think Chinamart will sloooowly, by Financial/Political means, take back the Province of Formosa. But if they feel they have to “Invade”, I think they will have to commit to a serious, Combined-Arms Blitzkrieg in order to prevent the FUSSA from sending enough forces to make an effective Defense of the Island. China is not like Japan, small and Resource-Poor, and Ballistic Missiles that can Target Ships at 1000+ Mile Range prevent even a small Reinforcement Fleet getting there at all.

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