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Back To The Mall Of Mogadishu

Never been there but geez, why would you shop at the Mall of “America”?

Two days before Christmas and they still can’t stop shooting each other. According to local reports from the Star-Tribune, it was the usual triggering event, two groups of yoofs in an “altercation” and of course one of the Looter-American yoofs pulled a gun and capped a different yoof.

(Bloomington Police Chief Booker) Hodges said during a late-night news conference that the shooting involved an altercation between two groups of young men and that the individuals involved fled the scene immediately after the shooting, which occurred about 7:50 p.m. on the eve of Christmas weekend.

“We had 16 officers working today in the mall. Sixteen cops,” Hodges said. “And they still decide to do this. I’m at a loss.”

There were 16 cops in the mall and Nordstrom even has a sign indicating no guns allowed, so how did this happen?

It mostly happened because you are not allowed to remove groups of basketball-American yoofs who clearly have no business in Nordstrom because that would be “racial profiling”. Back in simpler, happier days, if a bunch of black kids were wandering around high end stores, security would impolitely and obviously follow them around until they left but can’t do that anymore so now we have malls with 16 cops still having rowdy yoofs shooting each other.

I might have to change the name of the blog to Mall Thoughts as they are such a frequent topic of conversation.


    • Chris

      “ Back in simpler, happier days, if a bunch of black kids were wandering around high end stores, security would impolitely and obviously follow them around until they left but can’t do that anymore so now we have malls with 16 cops still having rowdy yoofs shooting each other.”

      They really are a pia.

  1. Mike_C

    I blame systemic racism. Clearly the yoofs couldn’t read the “bans guns in these premises” sign. And that’s because public schools in communities of color are underfunded and don’t respect African culture. All part of the plot to keep the Black man down.

    Also, “bans guns in these premises”? What does that even mean? Probably written by a product of a diverse and vibrant public school.

    • Captain Coleman

      It was us. While we were warming ourselves at our White Supremacist Association meeting on our flaming cross and coming up with better prizes for cops who hunt down black children who are between physics class and delivering dinner to their grandmas, we decided it was time to hood up, robe up, and gallop off on our trusty steeds to cause this violence. We forced the yoofs to do this by our mere presence.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    That sign with the pistol barred-over is just comical. Absent metal detectors with armed operators vetting all who enter the store, what does that sign even mean? It is delusional magic thinking to suppose that a mere sign suggesting that guns are not welcome on the premises will have any effect on anyone at all, let alone that contingent to whom rules no longer apply. Might as well put up a sign banning nappy haids.

    Bricks ‘n mortar retailing is doomed. I’m surprised there are any malls left.

    • MN Steel

      Not that it matters, but the “law” states that the sign has to be 187 square inches with contrasting 1.5 inch Arial lettering, be 4 to 6 feet off the ground AND within 4 feet laterally from the door, and:

      “(i) the requester has prominently posted a conspicuous sign at every entrance to the establishment containing the following language: “(INDICATE IDENTITY OF OPERATOR) BANS GUNS IN THESE PREMISES.”; or

      (ii) the requester or the requester’s agent personally informs the person that guns are prohibited in the premises and demands compliance.”

      The worst that can happen if you carry into an establishment that “bans” firearms is they can ask you to leave, and a misdemeanor ticket for trespass if you’re a retard and come back armed.

      Basically, if you’re not going into federal property or a courtroom, it behooves you to conceal carry at all times. Subd. 17 has the signage,.

    • Differ

      So the sign doesn’t even comply as far as I can tell as it doesn’t indicate the entity which is banning the guns on premises….
      Is it the Mall operator, the store or the local authority?
      I guess the stores were handed the signs by a third party and simply posted them without question.

  3. Razorback

    Just another black Friday at the Maul of ‘Murica.

    Know what I haven’t heard a single mention of yet this season? Kwanzaa. Were it not for my very own holiday tradition of tweaking the liberals in my fambly by going around the house, crooning, “It’s beginning to look a lot like KWAN-ZAA!” there would be no mention of that wakandafied joke ‘holiday’ at all, it seems.

    What, have the AWFLs and limousine liberals of the left coast stopped celebrating the African “first fruits of the harvest” already?

  4. Xzebek

    It cannot be expected that feral chimps will act like anything other than feral chimps.
    They won’t “evolve” in any sense to be able to participate in a Western society. I’m beginning to think that the rabid animal solution is the only solution. There is no cure for the disease.

  5. Steve

    Ban mass transit. Without busses, most of these yoofs would have to terrorize Lake and Cedar, occasionally spilling over into U of M, where the profs who think all this Somali enrichment is a good thing would get a good close look at it.

  6. Baltbuc

    Back in, probably 1978, as a little white boy I went into an arcade and Big Boss had his eye on me. Not sure why, because I had a quarter buried deep in my pocket. I honestly would have played one of the arcade machines. But I did not see a game I liked. Big Boss stalked me and as I walked out, he mildly kicked me in the ass. I turned around and my buddies gathered up. As usual, nobody did shit.

    Moral of the story, I guess, is that Big Boss has to be careful who he kicks today.

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