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Another Hot Take From Dennis Prager

Is there anything They didn’t do, or at least take credit for?

Hanukkah saved monotheism, and thereby made the creation of the Western world possible. Maybe people of every faith — especially faith in Western civilization — should light a menorah for eight days.

That might make sense if you think that Western civilization is the result of monotheism. It wasn’t and isn’t. The building blocks of Western civilization came from the ancient Greeks, a polytheistic society, and the Roman Republic/Empire was polytheistic for some 800 years before Constantine converted to Christianity and forced the Roman Empire to follow along. On the other hand, there are billions of monotheistic believers in the world in places like the Middle East, Pakistan, South America and Africa and look how awesome those places are.

Dannis Prager’s declaration is also pretty interesting given that for most of what we know as Western civilization, the nations making up Western civilization were kicking the Jews out of their country on a regular basis. They have been expelled from nations so many times that there is a whole Wikipedia page devoted to listing them out: Expulsions and exoduses of Jews

Imagine being such poor residents that everyone tries to get rid of you and you not getting why they kept kicking you out for thousands of years. It reminds me of an old joke:

If you go to a bar and the bartender kicks you out, maybe he is an asshole. If you go to 109 bars and get kicked out of all of them, maybe you are the asshole.

Notice that Dennis Prager isn’t arguing that Jews made significant contributions to Western civilization. Instead he is declaring that Jews via Hanukkah made Western civilization possible. To put it another way, he certainly is suggesting that without Jews, there never would have been a Western civilization. Once again, it is fitting that the term chutzpah is a creation of the Jews as they exemplify it.


  1. Don W Curton

    Uhhh, the only Jews worth mentioning for credit of western civilization is Jesus and his apostles, the very Jews that most other Jews rejected. It was the act of opening up Christianity to the Gentiles that allowed monotheism combined with Greek and Roman culture to create what we now refer to as western civilization. Absent Christianity, the Jews would be a sad little footnote in history, overshadowed by most all other cultures.

    Jeez, talk about the ego of that guy.

  2. Johnny Taopi

    The Jews are spoiled rich kids. Nevertheless, they remain as sons of their father. There are so very many valid criticisms of the Jews. Nevertheless, they remain as sons of their father.

    God decreed this about the Jews: “I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you.”. That is a promise that stands for all time. Doubt it at your own peril.

    I’ve noticed this in history: those who oppress Jews always come to ruin. A true fact.

    Nobody is more pissed off and exasperated with the Jews than God, himself. He has sent them innumerable troubles. Yet, he is their father. God, alone, has and will humble them (they rejected their Savior). He doesn’t need anyone’s help.

    Refusing to acknowledge the incredible blessings that have come via the Tribe only proves a lack of insight and wisdom. Again, I say: doubt it at your own peril. The Jews are God’s chosen people. Whether you like it or not.

    • Zorost

      There is this new thing I’ve been hearing about called “Christianity.” Part of it is that God sent His son to earth to save humanity, and when the Jews murdered Jesus they stopped being His chosen people.

      Out of curiosity, are you jewish by any chance?

  3. saoirse

    Hopefully it really will be 6 million of those vermin biting the dust this time around. What the hell, make it all of them! No loss to anyone anywhere!!
    The entire world will breath a collective sigh of relief as has never been heard before.

  4. Moe Gibbs

    Who, or what, is a ‘Dennis Prager’ and why should I care what he has to say?

    No, never mind. Don’t answer that. I prefer to revel in blissful ignorance. I didn’t grow up on a farm, but I can smell bullshit from a country mile. Judging by those quotes alone, this guy clearly stinks.

    Hanukkah, hmmm? Isn’t that the Jewish holiday where the kvetching cabal gathers to weep and wail, rend their garments and gnash their teeth for the thousands of years of undeserved, deliberate persecution by the entire rest of the world?

    Oh, wait. That’s every Jewish holiday.

    • Mike_C

      I get what you’re saying, but Prager matters because of his “Prager University” online lectures, and because he/PU are regarded as a valuable teaching resource by (normiecon) conservatives.

      And while this commentariat knows, think of how many of your normiecons are all about muh Ben Shapiro (see Ben pwn some lib! Hahaha! We’re winning! Derp.), muh Dennis Prager, and for that matter muh Dave Rubin. By Thor’s hairy ass, if that’s the intellectual vanguard of the right, no wonder it’s doomed.

  5. Gryphon

    “Christianity” and its monotheistic god, ‘yahweh’ is a creation of North Africans (sand niggers, if you will). It has No Validity, in any context, to White Men from Europe; its Introduction (by force) by the remnants of the ‘roman empire’ into Europe Destroyed the indigenous Cultures, and their understanding of the World-Plane, and God’s Laws of the Universe.

    Christianity, as a creation of the ‘jews’ remains under their Control, used against the White Man; notwithstanding the Fact that those Khazari/Ashkenazi adopters of the perverted “babylonian talmud” have no Cultural or Genetic relationship with its Originators.

    Once you have done some Investigation of the ‘talmud’, and understand its systemic Racism, starting with “The goyim (non-jew) is an Animal in Human Form created by yahweh to Serve the jew” you can begin to understand the depth of the Problem faced by anyone who does not recognize the ‘nature of the beast’ and continues to participate in the Religious, Social, financial, and Political environment that (((they))) created and control.

  6. Max M Wiley

    During the time that the basis for western civilization was being laid, Jews were denouncing Jesus to Herod, trying and failing to push the Romans out leading to the sack of Jerusalem and the destruction of the second Temple, and retreating to Yavneh where they reinvented their religion into the legalistic mess it is today (Talmud). The Jews of today are not the Jews of the Old Testament and Christians need to stop thinking of them like they are.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    Prager has always been a tool, but he really seems to be reaching lately. Just a couple of weeks ago he put up that “If holocaust deniers don’t go to hell, there is no God” column

    Perhaps his mind is starting to go. He’s 74, it happens.

    • Stilicho

      I think it is more attributable to desperation. There has been a lot of Noticing going on lately. More than I can recall from any earlier time.

  8. Stilicho

    Hannukah and the Macabean rebellion were all about the Jews resisting Western Civilization. The Jews were resisting the Hellenization of the Levant under Alexander’s sucessors. Save it? The Jews tried to kill it. The past 2,000 years of history strongly suggests they never stopped trying.

    • Mike_C

      Hanukkah and the Maccabean rebellion isn’t about “bravely resisting their Greek-Syrian oppressors” (always with the oppression, and for no reason at all!) as we are generally taught. It was an internal faction fight between Jews who wanted to assimilate, and those who wanted to remain “a people apart”.

      There’s an interesting “alternative history” novel or series to be written about what the world would be like had they assimilated.

      In that vein, several people brought up the 1914 Christmas Truce recently. I was moved by the 2005 movie (Joyeux Noël). But the big picture is: think on what could have been, and for one brief shining moment was. And think on who have done the most to take that away from you, not only for profit and power, but also out of sheer twisted resentment and hatred.

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