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A White Christmas?

Despite being pretty far north and relatively close to Lake Michigan, we don’t often have snow on the ground for Christmas. It is just as likely to be 42 degrees and rainy, maybe even more likely than snowing. Our snow tends to come mostly in January and early February with December typically being more mild. That looks like it might not be the case this year.

We are right in the center of the “blizzard conditions” band. It also is threatening to be the coldest Christmas in many years for us.

As long as the power stays on, we are looking at a hunkered down and drinking hot chocolate Christmas weekend. That actually sounds pretty nice.


  1. TBC

    It’s the usual schizo weather in the forecast here in South Central Texas. Thursday’s forecast, for instance, calls for 69 as a daytime high and then 18 overnight. It’s all that anyone around here can talk about these days, the deep freeze on the approach. No one has yet forgotten February of 2021 when the entire state of Texas ground to a halt with a week of freakishly cold temps and icy roads that the towns were utterly incapable of dealing with.

    Just like it was then, we’ll get a handful of overnights dipping below freezing, and then it will pass and we’ll be back to mid-70s before New Year’s. The occasional sharp cold snap here is just another unsubtle reminder from Mother Nature about who is actually still in charge. Gaia laughs at our “man-made global warming”.

    • Arthur Sido

      Sadly no, I wonder when singing about a White Christmas will be considered hate speech. Then again, around these parts it is always a White Christmas whether we have snow or not.

      • anonymous

        The song “White Christmas” will never be hate speech. It is from a movie that intentionally glorifies war, and was one of the first steps to erasing Christ from Christmas and turning it into just a winter season holiday dedicated to consumption. And, if you don’t like the song, you are antisemitic ’cause the composer…

  2. Exile1981

    We have had -23C temps and blowing snow for a week, school buses didn’t run today because its below -30 with wind chill.

    Its going to be a very frosty christmas.


  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    It is forecast to be the coldest it has been on the upper gulf coast, by far, in the 4 years I have lived here. Last two “winters” I don’t believe there was a single day it didn’t get over 50. I didn’t move here because I enjoy cold. There’s not much I miss about living in south Florida, but sometimes, like now, I do miss the weather.

    There is going to be a plague of burst pipes across the deep south for Christmas. A plumber’s bonanza

    • Thomas Jefferson

      Having grown up in the Detroit area during the 60s and 70s, ice hockey at an outside or backyard rink was something I looked forward to – no longer. Living in the FL panhandle for the last few decades is my cup of tea, and hopefully where God will take me from.

  4. Gryphon

    On the Eastern edge of the Virginia Piedmont, we are looking at Rain right around Freezing, where just 10 or so Miles away in the ‘Uplands’ there will be Ice and Sleet, the worst possible Weather in regards to the Power being knocked out. Oddly, the Transformer behind my Barn is the very last one on a dead-end Line on the edge of the Electric Co-Op System around here. Wires on the Farm itself are Underground, but that is fed from a single 33Kv. Wire that goes for several Miles along a Wooded Road. I have two Generators to keep the Wells and Water systems running, and the Electricians for the Co-Op know they can let us go for a Week without complaint.

    And it ain’t Cold until my Horse puts his nose through the Doggie-Door in the Kitchen…

      • Gryphon

        We suffer from being on a ‘Line of Demarcation’ where as little as 2 Miles in any direction (mostly Northwest to Southeast) can be Snow or Ice/Rain. Has to do with Geography, and applies to Thunderstorms in the Summer as well… most Days I can see Yuuuge Storms tracking East, 5 Miles North and 20 Miles South. Eventually, we get Rain, but generally don’t suffer much of the dangerous Wind and Lightning. Horses are Terrified by Ground-Strike Lightning, but make the right Move, of going into a Wood-Framed, Steel-Roof- and Siding Shed. Even with the Doors Open, the Faraday Effect at that High Voltage keeps them Safe.

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