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A Glimpse Behind The Curtain

I was just crapping on Tucker for race cucking and then he went and did this….

This isn’t new stuff, there have been “conspiracy theories” around the assassination of JFK for decades. Hopefully what it does accomplish, besides sending the right sort of people in paroxysms of fury, is to make a simple point to the simplest among us:

We don’t have any say at all in our real government.

Elections, the Congress and Presidency, the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Those haven’t meant a damn thing for my lifetime and certainly much longer than that. There is the kabuki theater we see on TV and then there are the actual rulers that make the decisions without the slightest input from the peasants.

If there is any truth to these claims at all, and I certainly think that is possible and probably likely, then we must at least entertain the idea that a significant chunk of the U.S. government conspired to assassinate the duly elected President of the United States (and I know his election itself was shady). On his Subscribestar the Zman suggests that the CIA continues to hide these files for a slightly less malevolent reason than actual complicity in murdering JFK:

While that has to be in the domain of possible answers, there may be a better and far more plausible reason to hide these files. It may help illuminate a pattern of behavior that goes back to the dawn of the Cold War. That is the CIA was spending most of its time spying on Americans, rather than foreign agents. What those files would reveal is the scope of domestic espionage at the time.

Technically orgs like the CIA are not supposed to spy on Americans but you have to be pants-on-head-retarded to believe that. So at best the CIA doesn’t want you to know they spy on us and at worst they don’t want you to know they killed a President. That isn’t a great set of choices. The Oliver Stone film came out in 1991 but a lot has changed since then. My comment on the Zman’s post:

The difference between the 1990s and now is that many people, myself included, no longer dismiss out of hand virtually any “conspiracy theory”. 9/11, the Las Vegas shooting, JFK, Pearl Harbor. After seeing what we have only glimpsed of late, is there anything too wacky to at least not consider?

Just recently we have also seen that the “domestic” arm of the Deep State, the FBI, was subcontracting overt violations of the First Amendment to a private company, Twitter, and few people who consider themselves “liberal” seem to care: New Twitter Files Show FBI Flagging Accounts for Company to Target and THE TWITTER FILES: Twitter… The FBI Subsidiary

A quick civics lesson. The Federal government is expressly forbidden from censoring political speech but rules are for the peons, not the rulers, so they got around it by simply having a “private” company do their dirty work. It doesn’t really matter who is in the White House, four years of Trump getting hoodwinked and outmaneuvered at every turn proves that, but it does make it easier for Them when their preferred patsy is in the public eye. As always I assume that what we are seeing is just the very tip of the iceberg and that what goes on deeper is far worse and more sinister.

We live in a time when Alex Jones no longer seems like a loon and instead looks more like a prophet. We will never know the truth about JFK but we might be starting to see the first glimmers of the truth about the ruling class and their thugs and assassins in places like the CIA, FBI and ATF.

Tucker still cucks too often on race but by pointing this out to his Normiecon audience, he helped redeem himself in my eyes. Just a little bit.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Miles Mathis convinced me JFK didn’t die that day. That it was a body double in the car. The autopsy photos were really what convinced me. That wasn’t him.

    It adds up to me in the sense that all the JFK “conspiracy theories” over the years were not only tolerated but I believe often promoted by the regime, in regime media. Thus misdirecting you from what really happened, taking your eye off the ball by getting you to believe he had died. That way everybody was asking the wrong questions. Tucker just more of the same.

    The deep state is as aware as we are that it had to pull back its mask to get rid of Donald. The limited hangout is their tried and true way to deal with that.

  2. Greg

    For a really amusing debunking of Oliver Stone’s movie on JFK, check out the chapter in Penn and Teller’s book “How to Play With Your Food”. They set up a range test using fiberglass tape wrapped melons to simulate a head, put them on fence posts, and proceed to shoot with a Manlichter carbine. In every shot, the melon blasts off the fence post BACK toward the shot. It is the ejecta from the back that provides the impulse.
    As for Alex Jones, I’ve been saying for years that he may be a nutjob, but he’s been correct more than he’s been wrong. Do check out Dr. Robert Malone’s Substack column on 5GW– it really is a war for your mind.

  3. Max M Wiley

    I am convinced that the leftist powers in American politics at that time – what we now recognize as the Education, State Department, and Intelligence Agencies nexus – were instrumental in getting JFK elected. They expected their quid pro quo and as a decent, patriotic American JFK refused after getting burned by their cockamamie schemes once too often.
    He was taken out so as to advance LBJ, who proceeded to give them everything they wanted.

    • Arthur Sido

      Not many people know what a disaster LBJ was, I doubt you could find 1 out of 100 people off the street under the age of 50 who could even tell you that Johnson replaced JFK.

  4. Gryphon

    I have long been convinced that the majority of “conspiracy theory” peddlers are actually just .gov disinfo agents, spreading (sometimes wildly) Contradictory ‘theories’ about any given ‘event’. This is very effective in Confusing and Diverting any one Individual from reaching the same Conclusion that others do. There was even someone who claimed that the “Alex Jones” trial was entirely Fake; like one of those “Court” shows.

    At this point, IMO, it is just a waste of Time to attempt to “Find the Truth” about most “Events”, it is enough to know that they are Fake/Propagandized/Lies and the ‘Official government Story’ is False. And it is an even Bigger waste of Time to Argue with Anyone over the “Conspiracy Theory of the Week”

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