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You Won’t See This On The Evening News

While everyone knows it, no one says it for fear of being called a mean name. Jared Taylor isn’t like everyone else.

In case my upload is deleted, or if you just prefer to read: Latest Interracial Crime Stats

In 2021 there were 480,030 reported incidents of black on White violent crime versus only 69,850 White on black. That works out to 1,315 black on White violent crimes per day, or 54 per hour or almost one per minute.

The most important graph in the video is this one….

We find that when whites commit violence, they choose other whites 84.5 percent of the time, blacks just 4 percent, and Hispanics 11.5 percent of the time. Violent whites restrict their violence almost exclusively to other whites….

…When blacks and Hispanics commit violence, whites are their most frequent victims, followed by their own race, and then the other race. So, it’s all very well to worry about black-on-black violence, for example, but according to the NCVS, there were actually 121,000 more cases of black-on-white than black-on-black violence. Hispanics attacked about 2,400 more whites than they attacked fellow Hispanics.

I didn’t expect that, but when it comes to violent crime while blacks love to hurt other blacks, they actually like hurting Whites even more. Some of that might be because there are just more Whites but as Jared points out, blacks often have to seek out Whites to victimize.

However, do you think for a moment that the kind of blacks who rape or rob or beat up white people live in places where there are five times as many whites as blacks walking around?….

Of course not. They mostly live around other blacks. They have to hunt for white people to attack. I have no doubt that this lopsided figure – blacks 35 times more likely to attack whites than the reverse – is due, at least in part, to constant media repetition of how bad white people are and how much we owe blacks. That justifies anger, which justifies violence. I suspect it’s also in part due to white passivity. All too many whites don’t fight back, and that also makes them tempting targets.

blacks go after Whites, believing us to be easy marks that won’t fight back. Often they are correct. You go after a black and they will lash out but a White person more often than not will rely on the police to save them. That is going to be an even worse idea in the near future as police are overwhelmed and discouraged from pursuing black criminals in the name of “equity”.

As America becomes more brown and black and less White, violent crime is going to go up and especially violent crime targeting Whites. It is inevitable at this point. That isn’t just my virulent racism talking, it is simple observation of several intersecting trends.

Feel free to share the Youtube video as my website is verboten on Facebook and on a lot of public/corporate wifi networks.


  1. Mike_C

    As always, the root problem is who stirs up and enables (via lawfare, judicial activism, and propaganda) Blacks. I’m not saying individual Blacks have no agency. I’m saying that certain non-Blacks are consistently the ones who have weaponized Blacks.

    Some people get it. Fewer people will hint at it “out loud” as I’m doing. (Yes, I AM being cowardly by not naming the enablers.) At times it’s infuriating that people focus on the symptoms and refuse to see the cause. One reason I’ve given up on a number of blogs. (NOT a dig at you, AS.)

  2. Xzebek

    They are culturally and genetically inclined towards violence. They have poor impulse control and receive societal messages that they are victims because they don’t have what whites have so they are justified in taking it by force. Too few of them are able to thrive in a western society with western values. So they don’t. They become a negative burden. That is why they are so often incarcerated. Unfortunately, this situation will not improve but will get worse.

  3. JackDup

    On a side note, I noticed Safelite auto glass who had a commercial out with black guys fixing car windshields for months, has now went with the happy clean-cut white guys fixing your windshield commercial. Who would trust black guys fixing your windshield? Not me.

  4. Saber 7

    Avoid at all cost and never interact with the african, the jew, the muslim, and the orc. Nothing good ever comes form interactions with them. Move NOW to white neighborhoods, preferably in Red States. This place, FUSA, will make the Balkans look like an amusement park when heritage white American males finally stand their ground, that is if they ever do.

  5. saoirse

    Two more reasons the cops are useless are 1: The amount of them (whites) that took a knee and/or looked the other way during riots and events like Charlottesville proves how far they’ll prostrate themselves to maintain their pensions.
    2: Police agencies, on all levels, are falling all over themselves to hire “minorities” who won’t give a damn about protecting white people and will undoubtedly aid and abet their fellow muds when the opportunity arises. They see whites as either feeble wimps to be exploited or as white soopremacissts in need of removal.
    Cops eagerly do the dirty trench work for the elites and will spearhead their woke agendas.
    For a good example of things to come, look at what the police in Europe and Australia/NZ are capable of doing!

  6. George Watkins

    Great report. Statistically pure. Zero bias. And yet, look at yourself, and your initial perceptions, and questions, while listening to the brief. We, as a society have been so brainwashed, and programmed, it would be a very small step to programmed synchronicity through luciferase activation of programmed mRNA alterations from the fake vaccines. Scary times!


    To quote the Heath Ledger-Joker meme of awhile ago:” Things are not getting worse, they are just getting more obvious.” I posted a story on WRSA in August, 2014 about “Bump Day”. That was when the Ferguson, MO fiesta was in full swing. It is a long story so I will not bore you with it. Stay away from Negroes. Stay away from Latinos. Stay away from crowds and Blue Hives. Everything is slowly but surely disintegrating. Plan accordingly.

  8. anonymous

    You all are not seeing the forest for the trees.

    These stats simply show how racist white people are.

    They simply will not stoop to associating with Blacks and Other Minorities, not even when it comes to crime.

    On the other hand, this also demonstrates that Blacks cannot be racist, since they embrace diversity, and will extend their egalitarianism and openness to others, even to the extent of welcoming them into their ghetto crime waves.

    They obviously have no bias, nor prejudice, towards any other racial category. All are equally welcome to become victims. Indeed, it seems that they have been actively promoting diversity, and may be one of the least discriminatory groups of committed criminals observable in the U.S.A.

    I think that Jared Taylor had best be checking his white privilege. Diversity is our strength, and it is only the whites, hiding behind morality, property rights, tradition, and the common good, that seek to overturn or disrupt these benefits.

  9. Jonny

    Hispanics are not a race and race isn’t the problem.

    It’s the GHETTO CULTURE of decadence and lies. Every group has it’s knee-grows. Move away from these places.

    • Arthur Sido

      But only one grows, blacks, are so wildly disproportionately represented as perpetrators of violent crime. There is crime in the poorest regions of Appalachia of course but not of the sort of wanton violence we see in black hoods.

    • 3g4me

      Culture doesn’t spring out of the ether nor is it ingrained in magic dirt. Culture is the revealed preferences, beliefs, and behavioral mores of a group of genetically closely-related people. Culture comes from DNA; culture IS race.

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