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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Way down in Hotlanta we get another reminder. Readers pointed this out to me and then I saw it referenced elsewhere.

The 12 year old is one Zyion Charles. Five other yoofs were also shot in the exchange of gunfire. It happened near Atlantic Station, some sort of destination deal with shopping and entertainment. Seeing as how there were two shootings at Atlantic Station just last month and also that they have stores like this one, “The Sistah Shop”…

…..that attracts shopperz and yoofs of colour, there has been a major crackdown on unaccompanied minor yoofs. In short, if you are a yoof Looter-American you are not permitted at Atlantic Station without an adult. Of course that rule is flaunted by the yoofs and their mamas who don’t keep track of their feral young’ns. Last Saturday night a couple groups of unruly yutes got into a little of the ol’ argy-bargy as Colin Flaherty used to call it and were kicked out of the Atlantic Station, whereupon they decided to continue their lively discussion about the sexual habits of each other’s mothers on a nearby bridge until, as always happens, guns came out and lead was slung.

Cue the tearful mama and the hordes of lawyers descending to sue Atlantic Station because these ferals shot each other outside of the property instead of on the property. God bless America!

The pictures of li’l Zyion from the story show a kid wearing Hilfiger in one pic, posed in front of a Range Rover with iPods in his ears ($100 or more depending on the kind). He looks like a chubby little feller, kinda sweet and innocent, but later we learn that he wasn’t so sweet and innocent….

Deerica Charles, who is Zyion’s mother, told Atlanta City Council on Monday that she had begged for someone, anyone to save her son, before it was too late.

“I tried y’all. I called the police office almost 30 times — 30 times within the last two years,” Charles said.

Charles said she knew he was heading down the wrong path: “I called the police on my son. I know my son was coming out late, I called the police several times. I said could y’all please lock my son up.”

How many times did your mom call the cops on you when you were between 10 and 12 years of age? I assume that for most of my readers as well as your humble proprietor and spinner of yarns that the number was zero. Another obvious question, where is the father of young Zyion? Jail or dead or just took off? Don’t know. What we do know is that his mama apparently decided that anyone and everyone else is responsible for keeping her little boy in line, everyone but her.

We get a different spin from a simply hilarious article from the Daily Beast: It’s Sickening How Many Guns Were Sold on Black Friday

It is as delightfully and predictably faggy as you might expect from one Michael Daly. His weepy screed about how many guns were sold on Black Friday centers around the tragic tale of Zyion Charles, described as “12 year-old Zyion Charles, was caught in the crossfire and died after being struck by a stray bullet”. You might think Zyion was just a bystander wandering by with an ice cream cone, if you didn’t already know his mama called the cops on him 30 times in 2 years, begging the police to take her son into custody. Oops. I wonder how many of the guns used in the shooting by a crowd of yoofs, almost all under 21, were legally purchased on Black Friday or any other day? Probably not many. Then he shares this delightful little tale:

According to one news account, the twins’ mother, Deerica Charles, had promised to buy Zyion an iPhone Pro if he maintained perfect attendance at school up to the Christmas break. The pledge that can now never be fulfilled assumed a tragic irony when the killing prompted Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens to call on parents to keep track of their kids with cellphones.

An iPhone Pro costs upward of a grand. Since the kid has been referred to the po-leece by his own mama on average more than once a month, does it seem like good parenting to bribe your kid to show up to school? At age 12? With the promise of a nearly $1000 phone?! Gee Wally, I am shocked that a mother of the year candidate like that ended up with a little criminal for a son.

Li’l Mike Daly also tossed in this rather important line:

At the time of Saturday’s shooting, 26 off-duty police officers were on hand to supplement 10 security guards.

At this outdoor entertainment, shopping and dining venue there were 10 security guards and 26 off-duty cops on hand to try to keep order. 36 security professionals. There were Siberian gulags in the Soviet Union that didn’t have that many guards but in order to keep the yoofs from gunning each other down three dozen security personnel were on hand. In malls when I was growing up, I rarely even recall visible security personnel at all, much less 36.

I guess I should be more sympathetic. I can’t imagine losing a 12 year old child to something as stupid as a ruckus between teenagers. On the other hand, my “sympathy for stupid shenanigans” reservoir has completely run dry. What would Zyion Charles have become in 3-4 years when he was adult sized? Maybe a National Merit Scholar, more likely to the point of near certainty he would have become a full-time criminal and burden on society, committing crimes until he got locked up for something serious, killed someone else or was killed. I not only simply can’t pretend to care, I find myself feeling a bit of relief that he didn’t live long enough to hurt some innocent people. Maybe that makes me a bad person, but definitely I don’t care.

Piece by piece, bit by bit, even the small pleasures of life like going out shopping or grabbing a bite to eat are being lost to us for the simple reason that too many people living in this country are violent and out of control. We had such a good thing going but thanks to the actions of a small cabal of people determined to destroy our civilization and the gleeful participation by a larger group, we just can’t have nice things.

The whole thing is on the verge of collapse and the sooner the better.


  1. West South Africa

    Did they ever catch the jogger that shot the 6 year old girl in the park over the summer as reported by the Fox5 teevee channel?
    Two killed and four injured was the total with surveillance cameras showing the shooter.
    ATL is a no go zone just like drinking caustic toilet cleaner Coca-Cola is not recommended and never stop in Memphis for gas unless heavily armed.
    Only the mountains and deep forests eventually.
    Living among vibrants you must never show weakness and not be afraid to snap back even with N bombs.

  2. Umglick Goyim

    The sooner the better, indeed! I almost have a hard time saying that I am ashamed that I now feel this way, but seriously, sometimes it is best just to crash and burn so the phoenix can rise… The sooner the collapse, the sooner the recovery for those who are left. I mean still standing…

  3. Xzebek

    The kid basically died of what is natural causes in that demographic. Homicides and overdoses due to violence and poor impulse control. Sadly, had this kid not been killed he likely would have ended up as you described- a criminal killing others until jailed or killed himself. The subculture of chimps in which this happens is unfortunately expanding. Greater violence is coming. Which brings me to my comment about black Friday gun sales. First of all screw Mike Daly. I am saddened to say that I insufficiently added to that total by only buying 1 gun on that day. To make matters worse it’s just a little “get off me” gun. North American Arms Pug in .22 wmr.
    If I’m ever to become a certified “shooter” I’ll have to do better than that. Maybe I’ll get a banshee for Christmas.

  4. J. Smith

    Urban math. -1 = -6. Could be wrong on my urban math, i had read each amish male sperm donates an average of six kids to queen-laquisha and friends, most illegitimate. T-shirts?

  5. Castle

    This is why I support abortion. Pay now or pay later for prison after they have killed someone. If you are truley pro life jogger abortion would be mandatory

  6. 3g4me

    Not a single quibble. Like you, I cannot summon any concern about one feral killing another – it means one fewer for us to feed and, more importantly, one fewer able to breed (although for that to have any real impact it’s the sows that need to be targeted). And I, too, have repeatedly commented on the continual shrinkage of any public space that is safe or enjoyable for Whites. Public pools, amusement parks, parades, county fairs were lost long ago, although as usual normie Whites have yet to notice (and their children suffer and die as a result). Libraries – lost. Malls – lost. Public movie theaters – lost. Banks, grocery stores – maintain situational awareness at all times and be prepared to suffer diversity and incompetence in silence. Despite a concerted, decade-long attack on museums and national parks, the non-Whites cannot be made to care . . . and so they have been subverted. By anti-White Jevvs and air-headed, color-blind ‘nice White ladies’ they exhibits have been removed, the placards changed, the docents indoctrinated. And they will be maintained as the preserve of the cloud people.

    There really is nothing left to save but yourself and your family. I mourn the architecture, the inventions, the statues, the art and literature and scholarship and history – but there is nothing I can do on more than the personal scale. So buy old books, save what mementoes of White history you can, have children, and raise and educate them yourself. And prepare them to live in a failed state and hostile environment.

  7. Moe Gibbs

    Nothing ever changes but the date.

    It is quite telling when the brood sow itself begs the evil po-leeze to please come and po-leeze her own devil spawn. I recall some pre-teen Whites in my youth who were clearly headed down the wrong road, but they were a mere handful, and nothing anywhere near as viciously anti-social as today’s feral blacks. There were even White ‘gangs’ in my neighborhood (euphemistically known as ‘fraternities’) but the worst of their ‘banging’ was wearing identifying jackets and having dust-ups with other ‘fraternities’. An occasional switchblade brandished, but no guns.

    What the baby mama in this story is saying, quite plaintively, is “Save us from ourselves”. Sorry, black America, no can do. You lowered yourself into that ring of hell. You can damned well get your own bad self back out.

  8. tim L kies

    The sad thing is, you cannot even protect yourself with a firearm, or the liberals will eat you for lunch. I have a friend whose son was a Memphis cop. Last time I spoke with her, he was retired on permanent disability from his cop job. I felt the relief in her voice. No doubt she was glad that he made it out alive.
    She dated my oldest brother in high school, and was a beautiful white lady. I only met her when I started playing music in my 30’s in a rock band. Strange life sometimes.

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