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Why Normies Are Important

American Partisan linked to this video and it was fascinating. 

The Northern Ireland “Troubles” are one of the models I think might reflect what a “lukewarm” civil war might look like, not a fight between two state powers or the state vs rebels, but two groups of citizens that hate each other and engage in warfare against each other while the state tries to keep a lid on it. It is eerie watching British soldiers dodging from cover to cover while school kids wander by. 

Something the commentator, Peter Taylor, said really struck me as powerful. The Provisional IRA had 3 “battalions” or around 1500 fighters, “enough to keep the British soldiers in a state of constant alert”. Belfast in the 1970s had a population of a little over 300,000 so 1,500 fighters is less than one half of one percent of the total population. Throughout the video the British soldiers are either peering around corners or scrambling from one wall to the next. The lesson? You don’t need to go toe to toe with a heavily armed professional military to be effective against them. A movie I recommend for dissidents is In The Name Of The Father, a movie adaptation of the autobiography of Gerry Conlon. Conlon was accused and wrongly convicted of an IRA bombing in 1974. This is the opening scene where we are introduced to Conlon after he inadvertently starts a riot in Belfast and the civilian populace springs into action to hide them and hinder the Brits.

Belfast in the 1970s was a mix between a Catholic majority and a sizable Protestant minority that were engaged in a civil war, with the British military called in to try to keep the peace. What made the British military’s job so very difficult is that you didn’t really know who was a “Provo” and who was a civilian. We saw this same pattern repeating throughout recent history, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. 
Among /ourside/ it is easy to sneer at the “normies”. I wrote last year in my post About Normie:
I will freely admit that more and more these days I find myself with this attitude:

Normies are only useful as meatshields, living between me and the savages, and they will give the animals some early soft targets to focus on when things first go sideway
But as I also wrote, we were all normies once. 
Here is another point. Eventually more and more normies will fall into line but most of them won’t be kinetically involved. That doesn’t mean they are useless, far from it. Friendly non-combatant normies provide a lot of camouflage for the rest of us. Unless the government decides to start levelling entire towns, normies can do a lot to provide cover, logistical and material support and a myriad of other ways to be involved that don’t involve wetwork. If They do decide to start killing civilians wholesale, that will simply bring more people over to /ourside/. 
So we need normies on our side, even the older or infirm or women. Those are people less likely to attract attention, so some munitions hidden in the barn of an 83 year old widow are less likely to be found than your arsenal in the gun safe. They can provide food or shelter, and definitely intel. A young mom pushing a stroller isn’t going to attract much attention but she has eyes and ears and can pass unnoticed where a 25 year old lone male is going to get lots of scrutiny. Unarmed non-combatants can make or break an insurgency….in Minecraft of course.
As an aside, the scenes above reminded me of the questions of arms. The Provisional Irish Republican Army, especially earlier on, used a mishmash of weapons they could scrounge, from Lee-Enfield’s to AKs to Barretts. Even in America, despite the declarations of Certified Gen-U-Wine Shooters to the contrary, most people had a fairly limited arsenal back in those days and it was worse in Northern Ireland. Later in The Troubles they started getting better gear but in the early days it was a hodge podge of firearms and calibers, plus a whole bunch of improvised explosives. 
Sure a 30-06 hunting rifle is incredibly deadly in the hands of a sniper but in a pitched battle a bolt action rifle with a 4-5 round capacity isn’t as handy as a magazine fed rifle with 30 round mags you can drop and replace in seconds. The same is true for a .357 magnum revolver versus a 9mm with a 17 round magazine. 
That’s why I am an advocate of having extras on hand in compatible calibers and parts. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a Bear Creek or Anderson AR as your primary or secondary AR (or tertiary perhaps), having some extras stashed away isn’t a bad idea for when Normie The Neighbor sees his brother get killed and decides to join the fray. Watching society collapse and the rule of law ending is about as red-pilling as you can get. 
One more thing from a different video (can’t embed it, see it here: The Troubles | The Maze Prison | H Blocks | Provisional IRA | Prisoners | TV Eye | 1978). As part of the fight against the Provisional IRA, the UK passed a special law, Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1973. As the video linked describes, “it does suspend fundamental civil liberties” like the military being able to arrest you and detain you, the police furthermore being able to detain you for days on end, bail not being guaranteed and courts where you face only a judge rather than a jury of your peers.
Sure you have all these rights but then again they can take them away in an “emergency”. 
That is Northern Ireland, this is ‘Murica! Don’t pay attention to the “Patriot Act” or to the people who are locked up because of “January 6th”. We have rights!
Bullshit, you only really have the “rights” that they haven’t taken away yet. That piece of paper under glass at the National Archive only means what it says as long as they are afraid of us. If you suspect, as I do, that in some manner the U.S. government allowed or perhaps even caused the deaths of 3000 Americans on September 11th in order to use their deaths as a pretext for war and the curtailment of our civil rights, what aren’t They capable of?
Returning to the original point of the post. 
Whatever comes, most of the people we know, friends and family and neighbors, will sit it out. They won’t pick up a rifle or throw a brick. That doesn’t mean they can’t help. It is frustrating, hard work but cultivating relationships even with old people or others you know won’t be combatants can pay off in spicy times. 


  1. Anonymous

    It's incredible to think that after the Russia hoax and the Plandemic, among other things, there are any normies left. But I know there are. I've seen them. Talked to them.

    I don't expect them to be much use. If they can still be in denial after all that, they can deny anything at all. Useful only for hiding among.

  2. Anonymous

    Never underestimate the power of normalacy bias (thought I was going to quote RAH didn't you?). Just look at Scott Adams.
    Steve S6

  3. Xzebek

    I have great hope for the conversion of normies. While the old and infirm may only be able to be of informational assistance (and that is vitally important) I believe that the militarily capable will come around in greater numbers than we expect. I think it is important to have "extra" weapons available for these "late to the party" participants. They may never qualify as certified "shooters" but the more people on the trigger the better. Coincidentally the spare ones I have are Anderson /PSA AR's. I've actually found them to be reliable. YMMV. My first preference is FN and Colt but I'm not going to stockpile those for normies!

  4. saoirse

    The shit Brits (and their propaganda arm, the BBC) used the "catholic vs. protestant" bullshit to cover their almost complete partisan support of the latter. The feud is between nationalists that want to throw off the reins of a brutal colonialism and reunite with the Irish free state and loyalists that want to sustain partition (and their entitlements) by sucking up to their enablers in England.
    Most of the non-combatants that supported the PIRA (and INLA) could not in any way be compared to today's normies. They risked very serious repercussions for even the slightest infractions or for even speaking out but carried on anyway.
    There were of course the carbon copies of today's willfully gutless deadbeats (the SDLP and their cronies immediately come to mind), always wailing about the violence and gushing about the need for peace talks and reconciliation despite the blatant fact that (like Palestine) those methods were always rigged heavily in favor of the status quo.
    Normies will never be anything but trouble for anyone willing to put everything on the line to be free! If they haven't, with all that's transpired since 9 11, been persuaded to go beyond whining and voting then they never will be – dead brothers be damned!!

  5. Anonymous

    PSA has sales all the time for guns as well as red dots and other accessories, and the blem stuff is still good if you need to arm a couple more for cheap
    Also a good choice for uppers and parts for the price if you are into making your own lowers, hint hint figure that out sooner than later.

  6. Don Curton

    Read about the raiders, bushwackers, etc. in the pre-civil war Kansas and Missouri. They knew who the friendly "normies" were, folks that'll leave the barn door open, maybe set some food out, tell the local sheriff they have no idea who might have spent the night on their place, etc. They survived by coasting from one friendly farm to the next while planning the next raid. Old things are new again.

  7. lgc

    I have believed for a long time that it's going to go like the Troubles. A very small group of people tying down enormous groups of military/pd/etc (not that there's any difference anymore). And as They continue to crack down and create enemies among the unenlightened it will be vietnam/afghanistan/etc all over again. It's not gong to be groups of 20 year old militia living the woods in groups (wolverine) but more likely Grandpa taking his tool box off to the building next to the local PD going to the top floor, taking one shot, and then walking calmly home after fixing whatever it was he was supposed to fix.

    The numbers I always heard was about 500 fighters in an ISLAND of about 5 million.

    Also the Irish have completely gone to sleep again in less than 25 years. Completely joined the globalist gang. I"m sure there are still a few awake ones, but not many.

  8. Anonymous

    My plan is to be an S2 (intel) and S6 (commo) resource….I can go kitetic if need be, but those are skillsets i've been working on for many years now, courtesy of NCS and others.

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