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Welkom in Suid-Afrika

Following the end of apartheid in South Africa, a commission was formed to enact vengeance bring about “justice”. It was called the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and it was allegedly a way to bring to light the crimes of the apartheid regime and provide the perpetrators of “human rights” violations the chance to confess and request amnesty.

The commission resulted in very little truth and even less reconciliation if the ongoing vicious farm attacks are any indication. In spite (because?) of this, the T&R Commission model is hugely popular with “racial justice” types who love the spectacle of public hearings and making wrong-thinkers apologize and grovel in public. Canada had their own Truth and Reconciliation Commission to provide an outlet for the conquered Indians of Canada to bitch about getting conquered.

You can be sure that similar efforts at Truth and Reparations Reconciliation are on the menu for America as the White heritage American population shrinks. The largest effort to date was just passed into law in, of course, New York City

NYC overwhelmingly passes three ballot measures proposed by the Racial Justice Commission

Boy, a “Racial Justice Commission” sounds an awful lot like a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”.

This commission is exactly what you would expect to see. It won’t do anything to improve the lives of black New Yorkers and it sure as hell won’t do anything to stem the tide of black violent crime in New York City. As a probably unnecessary reminder from my post, New York Shitty, blacks represent the majority of murderers in the Big Apple by a significant margin and are above or close to an absolute majority of the perpetrators in every violent crime category. From the story:

The first proposal residents passed will add a preamble to the city charter that acknowledges the city has a “grave” history of “injustices and atrocities,” while declaring the city will be “just and equitable city for all” and that “diversity is our strength.” The measure passed with 72.3% of the vote, according to the unofficial results from the city’s Board of Elections.

Another proposal, which passed with 69.8% of the vote, approved the amendment of the city charter to establish an Office of Racial Equity that will be headed by a chief equity officer. The newly created office will be tasked with a racial-equity commission that will guide the city’s racial justice priorities and require all city agencies to produce a racial-equity plan every two years.

The third proposal, which passed with 81% of the vote, requires the city to establish a cost of living metric that will “provide a clearer picture of the racial wealth gap” in New York City, which will “guide the City’s decisions as it develops and administers programs and services.”

The middle one is the key. You need an official “Office” to give cover to what will amount to a giant slush fund that will be funded by the taxpayers of New York and distributed to “community activists” and black clergy. NYC is about 31% White, 15% Asian and 28% mestizo with the remaining being blacks and “Other Non-Hispanic”. According to Wikipedia, the GDP of NYC proper is over $800 billion and the metro area combined is double that. The city budget of NYC is around $88 billion and is overseen by a Haitian guy named Jacques Jiha.

He received his doctorate in economics from “The New School“. I hadn’t heard of it before but it is supposed to be “a home for progressive thinkers” so you can be sure it is chock full of neo-Marxist economic theory. That’s a big pot of gold for greedy fingers to dip into.

Bottom line, this new “Office of Racial Equity” is going to be completely unaccountable because who is going to ask hard questions about a city department charged with righting the centuries of a “grave history of injustices and atrocities”? It will be small enough to escape much notice but that is relative because in New York you can loot millions from the tax paying citizens without attracting much attention.

At the end of the Fox story we see this:

The de Blasio-created commission behind the measures released its report in December, with its leaders arguing that the proposals were merely “steps toward justice” in the city.

“Uprooting structural racism is not a onetime event,” the conclusion of the report read. “The Commission heard many recommendations that for various reasons were not included in the final proposals. The Commission knows much more work still needs to be done.”

The single most critical factor in the fight for “racial justice” is to absolutely, positively make sure you never achieve racial justice. Otherwise these people will have to find some sort of gainful employment.

With more radical leftist non-White, far-left Whites and lots of “fellow Whites” assuming control of the key positions in large urban centers, as well as the Federal and many state governments, the entire system is going to start to become little more than a way to siphon off the productive labor of Whites and funnel it to politically connected non-Whites. That has been the case for a long time, ever since the “Civil Rights Act” but now it is taking on a whole other level.

Meanwhile in corporate America…..

1 in 6 Hiring Managers Have Been Told to Stop Hiring White Men

From the article:

I am sure no one is shocked by this, the entire Human Resources/Personnel apparatus is full of bitter middle aged women who drink boxed wine by the gallon. But don’t worry, while many hiring departments are overtly discriminating against White men, their hearts are in the right place.

The good news is that the vast majority of hiring managers ‘somewhat’ (30%) or ‘strongly’ (67%) believe their company has overall good intentions when it comes to DEI initiatives.

Well that makes it all OK then!

The country we knew and loved is gone and all that is left are competing tribes squabbling over scraps of the corpse. The future looks a lot like a backwards South Africa with an apartheid system in reverse, only this time there are half a billion guns. This should be loads of fun!


  1. Silverback

    ‘Quiet quitting’ is the new corporate buzzword. Phoning it in, babysitting the clock, putting in 8.00000 hours, breezing in late on Monday morning and blowing out early on Friday afternoon. Since my employer of several decades now deems me a toxic [White, male] menace, yet refuses to offer me enough incentive to leave, I intend to milk this cow for every drop.

    Train the new guys? Sorry, Patel, UberKaren, Shit’tavious, TransMarie. I don’t ken yer lingo.

    OT: Hey, whaddayaknow? is a valid email address on your new site.

    • Leo

      Glorious. Before I retired (as early as I could due to the covidiocy religious cult and die-versity n shit yo) I had interviewed for several other jobs. It was clear that they had filled out their actual diversity quotas and actually required someone who could interface with other agencies doing very sensitive strategic work. Some of the questions, as read by the interviewers, were unintelligible- they could neither read nor could they grasp the ideas in the prepared questions. It was entertaining.

      I was hired, but… alas… I decided to retire instead.

  2. JackDup

    Unfortunately, this disease is spreading like an out-of-control cancer. Hotel staff and management is trending in this direction. Go to a hotel run by blacks and you will find it to be filthy, and the service is awful, and I am talking about high end hotel chains like Hilton. Police chiefs seems to be another place where they promote low skilled blacks.

  3. 3g4me

    Just shared this with a friend whose husband is considering early retirement (at wife’s urging). He’s being offered a bonus to do so, and if they can pin down the details and ensure it will be a lump sum option, it will be their best bet for the future. All big corporate offices will be letting people go – particularly older White men. Get as much $ as you can out of them and then relocate, minimize expenses, work part-time for less, and get whatever putative government bennies (ponzi SS) that you have coming to you. Get something before the diverse maggots finish eating the corpse of historic White America.

  4. Jay L

    I do believe we’ve reached the stage where “going Galt” is the only option left to us, short of Northern Ireland x1000 for the next 30 years. We just need to get out of the way and let them burn it all to the ground, then come back to rebuild once they’ve eaten each other. These destroyers are quick to criticize and condemn, but they are incapable of running anything of value, much less building it from the ground up. Let’s just let them “step on their own junk with golf cleats” as Aesop would say… Rebuilding from where we are now will be a lot easier than when the nation was raw and untamed. Our people did it once before, our people will do it again. The madness cannot hold, /we/just need to stay out of it and stop putting band-aids on their mistakes. Let ’em fail, let’ em turn on each other. Let ’em get the bitch slap from Reality they so richly deserve!

  5. saoirse

    Cue in the leftists all singing their rendition of The Carpenter’s hit “We’ve Only Just Begun”.
    Putting a Haitian in charge of the budget is hilarious.
    Whites choosing to stick around those shithole cities/states will get what they deserve from their new and improved Checka commissars. Let the show trials begin!
    It’s not about how many guns there are, it’s about how many people are willing to use them.

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