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Welcome To “Red Wave” Tuesday

Today is the long awaited and foretold day when the mighty GOP smites the evil DEMONcrat regime and sets things right again in America. I would not be surprised if the “red wave” does indeed manifest but on the other hand I wouldn’t be surprised either to see the old “4 AM switcheroo” again when Republican leads disappear overnight.

Either way, the bigger issue is that no matter who wins, the other side is going to claim the election was stolen. Hell, the Dems are already declaring that Orange Man is going to steal the 2024 election. In short, the only “legitimate” election will be an election where your side wins and any time the other side wins, it is illegitimate and stolen.

That is a hell of a way to run a “democracy”.

We have had questionable elections before but never one where it was already predetermined that a loss = stolen across the entire electorate. The quaint tradition of casting your vote and then either celebrating a win or glumly accepting a loss is gone. It will be interesting to see what happens either way. Should the red wave come to pass, I think Creepy Joe Biden’s days may be numbered.

Also of note, for the first time in 32 years of being eligible to vote I am planning on sitting this one out. I gave up trusting the system a long time ago and I simply refuse to place my stamp of approval on the process by participating in a farce. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch the election results, I definitely will, but as an outside observer.

Let the games begin.


  1. JackDup

    Lots of outsiders have gotten in the game, 184 military vets running for the house and 12 running on the senate side. I am going to vote. Not much going on in North Dakota as far as the election goes, we are voting on legalizing marijuana, I am voting no on it for my own reasons. It was 77 degrees here last Wednesday and now we are expecting 15 inches of snow this Thursday.

      • Umglick Goyim

        I also sat this one out. It also concerns me that lucifer directly tempted Y’shua in the third chapter of Matthew, offering Y’shua the power to appoint all world leaders, and Y’shua did NOT reply that satan was offering something he did not control, but instead replied that we are to love Master YHWH our Elohim alone, and Him alone do we serve. So based on that, I either vote for satan’s pick, or the loser… And since ‘wisdom is vindicated by her deeds”, with the clear results being democrats and republicans both complicit in the destruction of our country, they are like two nasty bullies on either side of a fence slinging shit at each other until the camera is on them, then they pause to smile and say how bad the other guy is. Two parties in washington, non stop parties, lots of sex, but we the people are the ones getting screwed… Peace.

  2. Billybob

    The first time since I turned 18 that I won’t be voting.
    I recently asked myself, after voting for ?? Years am I better off or worse off ?
    Freeer or less free, paying more or less tax?
    So much for that.

  3. Ol’guy

    It’s a Uniparty…
    Whats the point of “voting”

    How do I know this?
    I haven’t seen or heard any Republickins bring up the Terrorist Antifa and BLM seizure of American Cities.

    I dont see the Boies rolling on them.
    I dont see the Mil rolling on them.
    I dont see the there bodies stacked up from unknown “accidents”

    What I see is Complicity.

    No…i have real stuff to do.
    Making sure shtuff is set

    • Arthur Sido

      The Republicans with a couple of exceptions operate under a set playbook with approved talking points, they are just as useless and perhaps even more so because at least Dems are open about hating us

  4. DeplorableGranny

    Arthur this is the only thing I have disagreed with you on. Vote, make it a little harder for the evil bitches and bastards to cheat.

  5. Charlie E Hargrave

    We have no trust in the electoral system whatsoever.
    Our only desired result in voting is that perhaps there will be enough votes once again to make the democrats cheat so blatantly that the world sees it yet again. Hopefully opening a few more eyes to what they are doing.

    We are also way past the point of caring a whit which way the vote goes. We are hunkered down and biding time.

  6. saoirse

    Aside from referendum and tax issues on the ballot, this will be the fourteenth straight year I’ve not voted for any politicos – local, state or federal. Even their “debates” are rigged to allow only uniparty participation. Two wings on the same vulture. Maybe I’ll still be stoned enough from today’s surgery to look at the final results this evening. Could never do it sober!

  7. Anonymous

    There’s an article or two out there about a “red mirage” clearly indicating that they will cheat after the votes come in.

  8. 3g4me

    Good on you. My husband and I agreed last night that, while nothing will change regardless of who ‘wins’ the election, it still might be amusing to watch the opposition’s gnashing of teeth if said ‘red wave’ materializes. Either way, though, the important point is to separate oneself from the system and its processes. “Come out from her midst, my people!”

  9. LGC

    I too continue to sit out. The lesser of two evils……….well. It’s not like it even matters. The Republicans are just the washington generals. What we the people want is completely ignored.

    I actually had a state legislature candidate come by the house this year. (small pop VERY red state in the midwest). His top issues are moving the taxes around (nope, can’t really reduce any services so it’s just which taxes not reducing the burden), mental health issues in “public” schools and Ag (which should be left alone just like it is in his opinion. Even though we are down to about 3 crops here from 100’s 50 years ago.

    Yep, that’s the strong conservative candidate in a strong conservative state.

    Why bother?

  10. Jeffrey Zoar

    Alleging election fraud is usually more of a moral judgment than a legal one. Not so much I know you did, but I know you would. It’s pointless to hypothesize how a republic (or “democracy”) that has reached that stage where neither side trusts the other can survive, because it is already dead. It is an empire now. We are resident subjects, not citizens. I will go vote today anyway, because I don’t have anything better to do. And I care about who is on the school board.

  11. Steve S6

    Of course none of this would be a problem if the Federal government had never been allowed to overstep the enumerated powers in US Constitution v1.0. There wouldn’t be enough power to be worth fighting over. Doing the necessary reset is going to be costly at this point.

    • 3g4me

      The magic constitution is merely the written record of the beliefs and culture of its writers. Without that shared heritage and morality – and more importantly, the power to back it up – it is mere words on paper. There are no magic papers to save you. Change the people, change the culture – and it’s not merely third world mystery meat people. Ellis Island changed the county – to the ‘nation of immigrants’ myth that your famed founders would have found incomprehensible. There is no ‘reset’ to the past available – there is only going through, and forward. And any future attempt to recreate the mythical murrica of old will fail if it is again based on enlightenment myths about human nature. There is no equality in nature, and there are no ‘natural rights.’ Hierarchy and power have carried the day throughout recorded history.

      • Zorost


        A piece of paper will never mean more or less than what the people with guns say it means. Our system was intentionally set up that way, which is why we have so many low level elected positions that have a lot of power over people: sheriff, DA, judges. If people feel a certain way, they’ll elect people to those positions that feel similarly, resulting in localities having very different interpretations of the same laws. Appeals courts have the same function.

        The problem is we let in a bunch of aliens who push for alien morality. When a black goes free for killing a White in a big city, that isn’t a failure of the legal system. That is how it is supposed to work, local laws reflecting the local people. The failure was in letting such “people” in our borders.

  12. Greg

    From deep in The Peoples Republic of Orygone, I’ve been saying for two years now that my next ballots (we get ours in the mail) would go straight to the shredder. And for the primary I did just that. But I am having to swallow my bile and get my pathetic little check marks in this time for a couple of local issues. We have a local sheriff who was going to retire, but decided he needed one more term to stand up to the dictators of the state. We’re going to support him for that.
    We also have an anti-gun measure that simply has to go down. It’s blatantly unconstitutional on its face, but if it passes, the corrupt court system will tie it up
    I have no real hopes for a Republican governator for the state, but even a dead cat would be better than the power deranged demonrats currently in control.
    Most other politco’s I’m leaving blank. I don’t know who they are, and R or D behind their names means nothing to a Uniparty. We are long past the use of the first three boxes, and only the fourth will effect any real change. I do not look forward to the sporky times.

  13. Max M. Wiley

    I have been at “not my monkeys, not my circus” for a while.
    Although it appears the clowns are going to get pinned on me whether I like it or not.

  14. why

    I was raised with “don’t vote? Don’t complain.” Utter BS!! IF you DO vote, you’ve agreed to the process, and therefore complaining of outcome makes one a sore loser (ASSuming everything was fairly done). Much like agreeing to a coin toss.

    I still vote but only do write-in. Anything except “withdraw consent” is still tacit approval of the process.

    Withdraw consent is my write-in at ALL opportunities.

  15. Trout Stalker

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    I too, am sitting this one out, been avoiding msm and politics since the magic negros 2nd win..literally quit watching and listening too, any/all msm mouthpieces.

    I served my time, being told that as a soldier, i was helping others and other countries, all bullshit.

    I expect this to be rigged too, far too much for the demorats to lose….

  16. Mike Hendrix

    “I gave up trusting the system a long time ago and I simply refuse to place my stamp of approval on the process by participating in a farce.”

    Annnnd BINGO. “Consent of the governed,” is it? I prefer to withhold my consent instead. What I would truly LOVE to see is for voting turnout to drop from its already-dismal 47-49 percent to around 15 or 20. Once that happens, there is simply no way even the most credulous among us can go on pretending that American “elections” are anything but the obscene, fraudulent joke they’ve been for most of my life, if not longer.

  17. Matt

    I vote the local stuff. They had 2 tax levy bills on the ballet. One for the schools and another for the city. If I have to live within my means so should you. Schools get more money every year and the kids get dumber. If we got a return on our investments we might be willing to vote yes.

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