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We Wuz Tycoonz And Sheeit!


  1. A Bigger Printing Press

    Monopoly rule number eleven is what we live under.
    The SHTF will weed out vibrants and the cultural enrichment.
    Gibs me dat play money mofo!
    Dayam, they won’t accept it for blunt wraps and lotto at the bodega, be all wayciss and sheeit.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    This reminds me of a family game of Monopoly one evening, way back when I was just a young engineer. My even-younger sister had been awarded the position of banker. After a while, my late mother observed that my sister was, uh, appropriating cash from the bank into her individual supply. Said my mother, “That’s cheating — why did you do that?” Replied Little Sister: “I wanted to win!”

    Sometimes, you ask a direct question and you get a direct answer.

    Of course, since we were White, no rounds were touched off by this incident. More exciting to be diverse, clearly.

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