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Torba Gets It (Mostly) Right

Tip of the hat to Mike at Cold Fury for this, as I don’t see Torba’s posts on Gab all that often. Too much whack-a-doodle stuff to sort through but he has been Naming The Name lately. A lot.

Torba is 100% on the VOOOOT MOAR HARDERER mockery bandwagon.

With sufficient Senate seats stolen to ensure that the Democrats will retain control, maybe 50-50 if Herschel Walker wins the run-off in Georgia leaving Kneepads Harris as the tie-breaker, it is looking like the Republicans will take a very slim majority in the House when the expectation was for a 40-50 seat tsunami. In general the longer it takes to “count the votes”, the more likely it is that Democrats will “win”. Trump officially got in the race last night with a speech that was one of his best for about half the time but once he announced he should have shut up but as usual he droned on and on for about twice as long as he should have. They already beat him once via widespread cheating and you can be sure they will do it again, just as they did last week.

What would make the rational person think that 2024 will somehow be a free and fair election? Torba did a subsequent long form post as a follow-up: The Path Forward: Build and Balkanize

On this subject though there seems to be a mass consensus across every generation from young to old: between election fraud, citizen disenfranchisement via decades of illegal aliens invading our country, and the Regime’s total control over the flow of information and censorship of any dissent: Republicans have zero chance of winning the Presidency in 2024.

Millions of people are waking up to the reality that a small percentage of the population controls 98% of the flow of information and news to the people. This is incredibly important. No other political issue matters more. He who controls the media controls the minds of the masses. It’s that simple.

Quite right. We are ruled by a tiny elitist minority that hates us but they also control every powerful institution from media to government, business to entertainment, religion to education.

We have to remember that the people in power are rootless cosmopolitan globalist elites. They don’t see themselves as Americans. They see themselves as “global citizens.” They have no pride in our country. They hate it, they hate us, and they want to humiliate Americans while extracting as much of our resources, labor, and military power as possible.

I think everyone knows what “rootless cosmopolitan globalist elites” is code for. When the people in charge don’t see anything especially praiseworthy about our nation and in general hold (at best) disdain for the people of this nation, it is inevitable that they will view our society as something to loot rather than to cherish and protect. The ruling elite see the U.S. just as every other colonizing occupier saw the land they ruled: as a resource to be exploited to the maximum.

Back to Torba, this is where he starts to go off the rails a bit.

Voting harder isn’t going to cut it. We have to build. The existing system will collapse. It’s not a matter of if, but when. When that happens we need to have Christian infrastructure in place to fill the power vacuum. The Amish have had it right this entire time. Their communities are growing and thriving. They will continue to do well. We must become a form of neoamish, building sovereign communities and families away from Babylon. Technology is okay and a good tool. It’s something we can use to our advantage to communicate, build, and engage in commerce with one another.

I get what he is saying and I understand as I look back on my more religious days but his vision is incredibly myopic, similar in some ways to “The Benedict Option” pushed by uber-cuck Rod Dreher some years back. The main problem is that the proportion of the White population that is Christian is plummeting and even within that religious affiliation, an awful lot of those people are either functional leftists that believe in the racialism fed to them via pop culture or are so enslaved to the dispensationalist school of theology that they refuse to notice who is invariably entangled in every anti-White, anti-American, anti-Christian movement.

On the other hand, the people who are pro-White, red-pilled, awake to what is going on, are not monolithically Christian and I am not sure even a majority are nominally Christian. Something I rail against regularly are the people who declare that unless you are a Christian, you can’t be on /ourside/ or those that say if you are a Christian, you can’t be on /ourside/. Both sides of the argument are counter-productive. I saw a race aware pagan the other day declare he had no interest in being on the same side as race aware Christians, making me wonder just how many professed pagans that aren’t weirdo leftists really exist in America. A few thousand maybe?

What I am saying is what I keep saying over and over. If we keep finding more ways to divide ourselves now as the fight is just beginning, it is a lock that we will lose and none of the shit we are dividing over will matter. There are too few of us as it is, making enemies of one another while the real enemy picks us off is foolish.

If you want to restore the Confederacy or build a Christian theocracy or form a nation built upon druidic principles, that’s great and we can have those conversations….but later. We know that our last real free and fair election happened some cycles ago and that the path forward is one of fire and blood. I’ll take just about any one of /ourguys/ versus almost any of Their guys but /ourguy/ versus 10 of Theirs? Or 20 or 50? I don’t like those odds. We need every White guy we can get that is race aware and willing to do what must be done.

Torba and many others think we are in a “Christian versus non-Christian” fight but that isn’t accurate at all. They don’t care about black Christians or mestizos Christians, the only Christians They really hate are White Christians and They hate them because they are White, not because they are Christian.

He is right about the need to balkanize and form a parallel society but it must be based on race far more than religion. If you are on /ourside/ then I don’t much care what you do or don’t do on Sundays. We will have the luxury of going our own way based on all sorts of things once we win but right now we are losing. Not just losing but getting our asses kicked left and right. You think DeSantis winning re-election proves otherwise? Just Google “DeSantis wailing wall” to see Ron bending the knee over in Israel. You can do the same with pretty much every prominent Republican including Orange Man Bad.

With our Enemy already holding the high ground in virtually every place, we really don’t need to make ourselves any weaker.

Blut über alles


  1. Steve S6

    Quit fighting over the unconstitutional federal government. That fight is over and lost, thanks to uniparty. Take back the States and let the States take back their powers from the federal government. Good yarn on this is Tom Kratman’s “State of Disobedience”.

  2. Fido

    I think it’s more urban vs rural. Not so much where you live, as where you *want* to live… your love of nature, freedom, independance, responsibility. A good measure is what you do when you get hurt: is your first thought to call for help?

  3. Umglick Goyim

    I have commented before that you can ask your smart phone what jesus’ real name is and find out it is Y’shua. I do not do this to proselytize. My point is if it is this easy to find truth, but very few ‘christians’ will even pay attention to His real name, the name of the one they call their Savior, what intelligent person thinks they will be ready to fight for such Truth? And what ear tickling nonsense that they profess has any value to help in the situation we are in? Organized religion is one of the biggest problems in Amerika. The profound level of deceit sold with donations to a basket has neutered the christians from having an effective voice. All with tax exempt status. Whitey is on his own, jezeus is not coming to save the day…

  4. saoirse

    That “race aware pagan” you saw realizes, (as does this one that regularly comments on your blog) that the jew is the nemesis of the white race and that christians can never defeat the jews if they’re bowing down to one, and his ministers, at the same time.
    If there are “a few thousand” of us it’s a few thousand more than the christians can muster right now, so curb the condescension!
    Christians have had centuries to stem the tide and have failed miserably. All of what you have seen transpiring since 1945 has been done on their watch.
    How do you fight a side-by-side racial war when the overwhelming majority of white nationalist christians prioritize their religion first, country second and family/race third?
    Sure, some would step up to the plate as you request but the others are much too arrogant, vain and sanctimonious to turn our back on. One had the gall to say we can fight with them, provided we take a back seat and do things “their way”.
    I gave up on them after constantly being told that pagans were godless, therefore inferior, and wouldn’t be needed; that their Gawd and Jeeeezus would carry them to victory over the leftist onslaught. Thirty years on the only effort they’ve made is drawing lines in the sand and boldly pontificating….. and of course praying.
    The pagans I associate with always put Odinism/Asatru/Cosmotheism below the survival of the white race. How many christians there are willing to permanently subordinate theirs will tell you how many are available for a real fight!
    Anyone interested in excellent critiques of the folly of christianity/white nationalism should visit Cesar Tort’s website – along with Renegade Tribune and National Vanguard (once linked to here but no more apparently).

  5. Jay L

    Good work today Arthur. I lurk on Gab a lot, though I don’t have an account, and I share the same view of Torba. I appreciate what he’s done and continues to do, but his Christianity-over-all rhetoric leaves me feeling conflicted. Though I left “the Flock” some 30 years ago, I still hold most of the Christian values I was raised with. But I don’t want my Gov as an extension of the Church! There were plenty of good reasons for me to leave the Church, but you don’t get that same opportunity with the Gov. I seem to recall that being a problem in the past, causing some upstarts to run off and start their own country…Then again, I went to public school so I’m probably remembering it wrong. I believe the approved “history” in ’22 is that those pesky Europeans ONLY came to North America to exploit and enslave dark people. Cuz they didn’t have anything else to do and had all that excess superiority to spread around.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    This notion that there remains some way to save our country or some portion of it is about as comical as the vote harder next time trope.

    it…. is…. gone

    Save yourself. Save your family. Do that however you think best. There is no solution for all of us.

  7. NA

    Torba’s proposed solution is a society based on Christianity (“any position of influence or leadership in the movement you must be a Christian”). While more Republicans are Christian (82%), so are most Democrats (63%). Source:

    Probably over half of Christian churches in the U.S. today are woke and gaily flying rainbow flags and celebrating teen castrations and might well support putting those smelly gun-owning deplorables in camps. Also black Christians overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

    Our esteemed host’s proposed solution is a society based on race more than religion. While more Whites are Republicans (63%), so are over a third of Democrats (35%). Source:

    Probably over half of majority White school boards in the U.S. today are woke and gaily flying rainbow flags and celebrating teen castrations and might well support putting those smelly gun-owning deplorables in camps. (Also my impression from exit polls is that most younger Whites are not just Democrat but leftist Democrats.)

    I admit the parallels between the two aren’t exact but there may be something there. You may want to check out Jim of Jim’s Blog, who is arguing for a “Gnon” movement to unite Christian and non-Christian /ourguys/. Basically join forces against the left and agree to put theological arguments aside until we win:

  8. Leo

    Pretty much all of my Protestant friends, associates, and acquaintances worship Israel as if it was The Lord Himself.

    It’s mind boggling. They REJECTED the fulfillment of prophecy, and killed Him. Now they get treated as if they’re above Him by those who profess to love Him as their Lord.

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