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Three Name Alert!

The cops released the name of the alleged shooter in Colorado as one Anderson Lee Aldrich….

Cops identify suspect in Colorado LGBTQ nightclub shooting has photos they are verifying but it sort of sounds like a White guy. He used a “long gun” according to reports….

Police have identified the suspect in Saturday night’s mass shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado, but are still investigating whether the attack was a hate crime.

Police say Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, used a long rifle to carry out the attack and was already subdued by patrons at Club Q by the time officers arrived. Authorities say at least 5 people were killed and 18 injured in the attack, though they warned that those numbers are not final.

Here we go. According to Heavy, the guy sounds like a loony tunes youngin’….

A Man Named Anderson Lee Aldrich Was Previously Involved in a Standoff Following a Bomb Threat

In 2021, a man named Anderson Lee Aldrich was accused of being involved in a bomb threat situation with weapons in the Lorson Ranch neighborhood of Colorado Springs, a press release says.

According to the June 18, 2021, press release from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, the reporting party “said her son was threatening to cause harm to her with a homemade bomb, multiple weapons and ammunition. The reporting party was not in the home at the time when she made the call and was not sure where her son was.”

Say it with me “…was known to police”.

Three names, young guy, already had a run in with the cops that indicates the guy was probably on or ought to have been on some meds. Lots of the expected elements are in place, mugshot probably coming soon once “law enforcement” gets their stories straight.


  1. SirLawrence

    Colorado is really good at converting these events into 2A infringements that make the women who run that state have goodfeelz. The nice white libertarian folks just never learn, but at least their wives will be more comfortable welcoming refugees knowing that those black rifle mags can only hold ten rounds.

      • SirLawrence

        That is a big part of it. There is a combination of factors that primed them for the Dem steal and subsequent cascade into progressive rot.

        “Best places to Live/Raise a Family/be young ‘professional'” lists are a curse. Then there is “live and let live” libertarian delusion that intoxicates most of the western US with a moral self-license to never oppose anything in the culture war that would put them at odds with progress – and to embrace the blank-slate paperwork american ideals that open the doors for invasion because muh economy.

        CO is where Saint Barry was anointed. Everyone sighed a great relief there because they could never be called raciss again – and the gibs would flow. When joined with the pozzed ‘christian’ niceness and low tax and legal weed expression of rebellion, the only thing left is to keep doubling down on the prog agenda.

        Once goodwhites accept the frame of the left, they are trapped. They have agreed to the terms: be racist or promote egalitarian progress. Goodwhites never indict themselves. And so, it keeps doubling down. I see the same thing in other rural red states with outsized blue hive influence. OR, WA, MN, WI, MI, are obvious, but states like TN, SC, NC, ID, and even MT are building up the same conditions.

        But yes, too much inflow from california, but also a lot of “investment” from tech, government/MIC, private equity, and the rest of the rent seeking, regulatory capture monster.

        This invites all matters of bugmen with federal strings attached. As well as the “well educated” young professional workforce, aka armies of snowflakes, soymales, and special people looking to carve up the carcass with their bespoke urban laptop life. Tack on the great outdoors REI instagram recretion carnival and the rural red counties get a lot of their bread buttered by these same knuckleheads too. Its a tragedy.

  2. Glenfilthie

    Why…. why, this is HORRIBLE!!!!

    I can’t possibly tell you how SAD I feel about this tragedy!!! All those trannies, pedos, and perverts- gunned down before they could enjoy the finer froots of life!!! May their souls rest with Beelzibub, Gaia, or Toucan Sam!!! Thoughts and prayers!!! I will go down to the pub and buy a round for the house to show my grief and sadness! We will not be divided!!!!!

    Up here in Canada the liberals made their first serious gun grab when Marc Lepine flipped out and went into a feminist studies class and gunned down a bunch of shitlib skanks. The evil white patriarchy was responsible, of course – and HAD to be disarmed!!!

    20 years later it came out that Marc Lepine was not a white man – but a young half-breed goblin. His mom was a fwench whore, and his dad was a sand monkey. That little detail was hushed up for years by the media slobs.

    My give-a-chit meter is busted. When the rainbow crowd dies en masse…given the culture war they have started… I will call it a win for the good guys.

  3. Billybob

    Maybe one day in 2nd grade he went to the library.
    Three monsters grabbed him and read him some story books.
    He has never been the same since……..

  4. Gryphon

    “Media” coverage on this seems weak… that would make me tend to believe it’s not a “Scripted Event”, and also, as many have speculated, it may just be a fag that had a grudge against the Bar or Patrons. If this ‘disappears’ quickly, that would be the most likely explanation. It’s like the “Latest School Shooting” at UVA, that turned out to be ‘groid-on-‘groid Violence related to the F’ball Team.

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